Trump vs Biden OR Freedom vs Tyranny?

Editor’s Note: Three videos to provide entertainment and comments for the day.

Many suggest that a vote for Biden is a vote for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and for Big-Tech to move into the White House — and with that the end of free and democratic speech.

Tucker on the mainstream media.

[embedded content]

Chris Uhlmann is a good example of what Tucker describes.

Uhlmann calls President Trump as “making the world a more dangerous place” in his devoid-of-facts opinion video “Why the world needs a Biden win.”

[embedded content]

Interesting that Uhlmann ignores the fact that past administrations were the war-mongering administrations, and that Trump has more or less stopped the war agenda.

This video is about Nigel Farage calling Trump “the bravest person I know”

[embedded content]


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