Trevor Lawrence: Let us play football, damnit!

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence is not ready to give up on the 2020 NCCA football season…

In a set of tweets posted Sunday evening, Lawrence said it would be safer for players to return to campus and abide by restrictions set in place to protect the team. He argued that players could be more susceptible to passing it to older family members if they stayed home. The Heisman Trophy favorite also noted that many players come from tough neighborhoods where the coronavirus is not the only concern.

And President Trump agrees…

During the deadly second wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, Georgia Tech still managed to play seven games, six at home and one on the road that was rescheduled for Pitt. It was the only game that was modified because of the pandemic. The team, led by John Heisman, played games in front of fans.

Reaction on Twitter…

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