Treehouse Thanksgiving Questionnaire….

We have a rather unique situation here…  The digital U-Haul is loaded after our eviction from WordPress/Automattic for violations of community ‘wrong think’ and questioning narratives against the interests of Big Tech.   After a decade on the platform we are sweeping up the porch and saying farewell to the WordPress community.

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The CTH family is disappointed at the business position of Automattic, but we are also excited about the new home we have created.  CTH 2.0 is going to be awesome, liberating and even better.  We are so blessed and fortunate beyond my wildest imaginings.

Right now we are patching the holes in the walls and running the vacuum while our long-time friends stop by to express their anger about our eviction. Simultaneously, those who moved away to the big city are coming back to visit and express their support.

I cannot go into details, mostly because I haven’t yet decided whether to accept a proposal for a grand exit – or stick to our customary & understated simple wave farewell, but the big city folks want to use this eviction as a warning of sorts.

Apparently, the youthful rebellious spirit within those who sold-out to mega-media conglomerates and bright lights has been triggered. A spirit we at CTH retain.

Out there in the land of the MSM right now there is a group of ‘journalists’ ideologically reminiscing for a time when the counter-culture was fighting for the truth; damn the consequences and without care for wounded feelings, delicate sensibilities or financial livelihoods.  They reflect on a spirit we have retained and protected within our CTH community. A spirit we will never stop safe-guarding from enticement and compromise.

We are rag-tag misfits, we are proud of it, and -if needed- we clean up well.

We are a crew more comfy eating pizza from box on a tailgate than trying to fit in with a new media outlook of highfalutin’ big technocrats.  We are, quite simply, the rebel alliance.

All of that said, a question for each of you would be:

How did you find yourself a member of the CTH community?….

What was it that brought you here?…

And why did you stick around with this group through whatever endeavors you found of value?

A notable disclaimer.  Your answer(s) may end up in a very large spotlight; so think about whether you are comfy with that before you share anything.  Your comment responses are always private, but also likely to be read by some very influential big city types.

An update on CTH 2.0 will soon follow.  But for now, as we sit on the porch and reminisce about a decade of discussion on this platform, there are a bunch of folks who want to know why CTH matters to you.

If you feel like sharing your answer, write it in the comments.

Every response is entirely OK.

I have never known a better group of cyber-friends than this community.  I have never known a larger and deeper group of experience than exists right here. I have never known a better team at assembling details, granular and specific details that outline the truth, than this crew.  For that, I am blessed and incredibly thankful… Especially today.

So if you’re comfy, what brought you here?

Love to all,



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