Treehouse Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Status? – Holiday Edition…

There have been numerous reports about a new wave of COVID-19 compliance dictates from the state ministry of social conformity.  Specifically, there are reports of rules about not allowing your family to gather for Thanksgiving, and/or limiting the number of guests; and/or requiring masks to be worn inside; and/or even forcing guests to bring their food.

All of this sounds like abject nonsense; however, there are also reports of local police and law enforcement being empowered to “enforce” the COVID Compliance dictates.  However, as with California Governor Gavin Newsom, do not expect the COVID tyrants to adhere to their own dictates. [STORY]  Rules are for the proles comrades.

So with all of that said, what is the current state of COVID compliance dictatorship in your state, county, city, town or neighborhood?

What are the rules around you for this holiday season?

There is a good argument to be made that forcing people to stay apart is one outcome of purpose for COVID-19.  The enforced non-assembly rules are historically a part of all totalitarian states, and given the severity of the recent election manipulation we can find a good reason for the ruling class to want to avoid talking to each-other.

73 million people voted for President Donald Trump.  No amount of manipulation by the ruling class is going to change that.  Their effort to destroy populism will not succeed.  Even as we are currently blocking the avalanche of their lies, internally there is a growing resolve.

Don’t forget to provide citations to local articles about the rules being proposed or announced by the Ministry of COVID compliance in your area.  Despite our current tenuous status, CTH is still assembling the library of truth.

Live your best life.



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