Transgender Starbucks Employee Caught in Deadly Lethal Game That Will Take Police Lives

Starbucks employee who made
Starbucks employee who made “Blue Lives Matter” drink

On TikTok, a transgender man posted a viral video in which he makes “specialty” drinks at Starbucks. The Blue Lives Matter drink provoked outrage among police officers and conservatives.

The Video

A transgender man identified as Van Greyson Hart posted a video of themselves mixing a drink at Starbucks that they referred to as a “Blue Lives Matter drink”.

The background music in the video is a song called “All I Want for Christmas is a Few Dead Cops”, and the caption for the video is “All I want for Christmas is more dead cops”.

Hart begins the video by saying: “Hi guys, I updated my recipe for the Blue Lives Matter drinks.”

Hart continues, “First, we’re gonna start with bleach, all the way to the third line. Then we’re gonna add ice because, you know, cops love ice… We add more bleach, a little blood of innocent black men, and then we add this special blue ingredient that Starbucks has. We do have it and yes, we are holding out on you.”

A Twitter user shared the TikTok video:

Another “Specialty” Drink

Another TikTok video made by Hart shows a different toxic drink being made. This one, Hart said, is made for a “Karen”.

It contains bleach and broken glass. After making the drink, Hart says: “And there you have it. The All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, White is a Color Too Frappuccino”.

Hart goes by the username “7brooms” on multiple social media sites.


As Hart worked at a Starbucks inside a Target, Hart was technically a Target employee.

Target came out with a statement shortly after the video was discovered: “This video is appalling and unacceptable. We don’t tolerate this behavior at Target, we want all guests to be treated with respect and are terminating the team member who is responsible.”

The Target spokesperson continued, saying: “We also have rigorous food safety procedures in place, which this team member egregiously violated with this behavior. We’re deeply sorry for this disturbing video.”

TikTok has removed the original video, stating that it violated their guidelines.


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