Tina from the Bronx… Message for Nancy, Slurrer of the House

Ok. I am laughing as always with Tina. I gotta go pack…I’ll be packing up “stuff” until Doomsday. Evidently living somewhere for 15 years creates Doomsday packing.

But Tina…because of you…I’ve just made a decision. I’m one of the Independents who doesn’t think that voting really makes a hell of a difference…the same Uniparty is in control. Oh, the Uniparty allows the winning candidate some discretion in issues, but so much of the same agenda gets passed.

But Tina…because I love and admire you…although I think it’s a waste of time…I’m going to cast my vote on Election Day for Donald J. Trump.

Love you, Tina!!!


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