Thread #2 – 9:30pm Election Results and Discussion…

We anticipate several threads with tonight’s historic election results; therefore threads will be numbered sequentially. Remember, the media manipulates the “early calls” as part of their narrative engineering. Close states with Biden leads will be called for Biden, close states with a Trump lead will be held back. A manipulative operation that includes FOX.

Fox News is pouring on pure psychological operations and gaslighting tonight thanks to the legacy of Bill Sammon (Fox News VP Politics), exactly as expected.

Status Right Now: Biden 115 Electoral VotesTrump 129 Electoral Votes

7:00 PM Poll Closing Time for: ♦ Georgia (16 Electoral Votes) ♦ Indiana (11 Electoral Votes) ♦ Kentucky (8 Electoral Votes) ♦ South Carolina (9 Electoral Votes) ♦ Vermont (3 Electoral Votes) ♦ Virginia (13 Electoral Votes)

7:30 Poll Closing Time for: ♦ North Carolina (15 Electoral Votes) ♦ Ohio (18 Electoral Votes) ♦ West Virginia (5 Electoral Votes)

8:00pm Poll Closing Time for: Alabama (9 Electoral Votes), Connecticut (7 Electoral Votes), Delaware (3 Electoral Votes), DC (3 Electoral Votes),Florida (29 Electoral Votes), Illinois (20 Electoral Votes), Maine (4 Electoral Votes), Maryland (10 Electoral Votes), Massachusetts (11 Electoral Votes), Michigan (16 Electoral votes),Mississippi (6 Electoral Votes), Missouri (10 Electoral Votes), New Hampshire (4 Electoral Votes), New Jersey (14 Electoral Votes), Oklahoma (7 Electoral Votes),Pennsylvania (20 Electoral Votes),Rhode Island (4 Electoral Votes), Tennessee (11 Electoral Votes)

8:30pm Poll Closing Time: Arkansas (6 Electoral Votes)

9:00pm Poll Closing Time: Arizona (11 Electoral Votes), Colorado (9 Electoral Votes), Kansas (6 Electoral Votes), Louisiana (8 Electoral Votes), Minnesota (10 Electoral Votes), Nebraska (5 Electoral Votes), New Mexico (5Electoral Votes),New York (29 Electoral Votes), North Dakota (3 Electoral Votes), South Dakota (3 Electoral Votes),Texas (38 Electoral Votes),Wisconsin (10 Electoral Votes),Wyoming (3 Electoral Votes)

~All other State Polling Locations Still Open~

10:00pm ET Poll Closing Time

  • Iowa (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Montana (3 Electoral Votes)
  • Nevada (6 Electoral Votes)
  • Utah (6 Electoral Votes)

11:00pm Poll Closing Time

  • California (55 Electoral Votes)
  • Hawaii (4 Electoral Votes)
  • Idaho (4Electoral Votes)
  • Oregon (7 Electoral Votes)
  • Washington (12 Electoral Votes)

1:00am Poll Closing Time

  • Alaska (3 Election Votes)


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