These 2 Battle Ground States Back in Play

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President Trump refuses to concede the race to Joe Biden. He’s convinced massive voter fraud took place in several battleground states and lawsuits are currently pending. Arizona and Nevada may turn red after all.

Trump fighting against voter fraud

Reports of voter fraud are pouring in across the country. Dead people voting. Mail in ballots from Republicans being tossed in the trash. Voting machine glitches that turned red counties blue. Republican poll watchers being locked out of polling centers.

Mysterious late night ballot dumps causing a surge in Biden votes. Republican ballots being invalidated in Arizona. Late mail in ballots being back dated to make them eligible. Something stinks, and the American people are pissed.

President Trump and many of his supporters are convinced the Democrats, mainstream media and big-tech are colluding to steal the election from him. But he’s not going down without a fight.

The Left-wing media is once again calling the President a dictator for pointing out the fact that the electoral college decides the election results, not the fake news.

Here we are almost a week after the election and several states are still counting votes. North Carolina and Georgia are reporting 99% of votes calculated.

Trump appears to have a victory in North Carolina and Biden is ahead in Georgia. Georgia Republicans are now demanding a recount. “The Georgia Republican Party and The Donald J. Trump for President Campaign daily continue to receive hundreds of reports of voting discrepancies and errors statewide. Millions of Georgians doubt the process for counting ballots in this state.”

More states up for grabs

Early in a the race Fox News called Arizona for Biden, despite many votes still unaccounted for. Trump is currently trailing Biden by 12,000 votes with 98% of counties reporting.

However, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit after “Sharpie Gate,” an incident where voters in Maricopa County voted in person using the supplied sharpie marker only to have their ballots invalidated. Voters were furious, many of them showing up to voting centers with firearms to protest this apparent fraud.

One Arizona poll watcher witnessed approximately 80 instances where a ballot was rejected while being fed into the machine. When questioned, poll workers gave vague or confusing answers to why the votes would not be counted.

“Poll workers struggled to operate the new voting machines in Maricopa County, and improperly pressed and told voters to press a green button to override significant errors.”

The Trump campaign has also filed a lawsuit in Nevada demanding all illegal ballots be removed from the totals. In August, the Nevada Legislature passed a bill to send a mail in ballot to all 1.7 million of its registered voters.

Many are now claiming their ballots were stolen and mailed in illegally. “We firmly believe that there are many voters in this group of mail-in people that are not proper voters,” a campaign spokesman told reporters.

The Trump campaign also met with a woman who showed up to vote in person on election day, only to be told she already cast a ballot by mail. The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our election process this year.

An unprecedented number of mail in ballots were sent in and election officials are trying to make sense of it all. The President warned us this would open the door to mass voter fraud and it appears he was right.


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