The World is a Giant ILLUSION – We Show You HOW!

The World is a Giant ILLUSION – We Show You HOW!


Did you see the episode I did with Adam ‘the illusion’ last night showing you HOW everything in professional sport is scripted and coded and the links to the pope, royal families and occults?

Truly mind blowing!

We pulled apart

The World Cup
Euro 2020 final
Champions league
NFL including everything around the recent heart attack
Historical events around royal family

All coded through gematria and numerology. Truly fascinating.


In 2020 Adam began to truly question his reality after going down the rabbit hole and writing a book called “The Illusion”.

He studied a range of topics from psychology, social constructs, the monetary system, to topics such as gematria, numerology, and symbolism.

The aim of his work is to show you that we live in a scripted reality, which all connects to the biblical prophecy. The knowledge he presents will truly question your whole reality.



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