The way Kamala giggles at the end is so disturbing…

Save yourself, your family, and your finances. If possible, move to a more conservative area of the country. Devote an hour a day to “remedial home schooling,” such as Dr. Mary Grabar’s “Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History that Turned a Generation against America;” reading for parents: Rebecca Friedrichs’ “Standing up to Goliath: Battling State and National Teachers’ Unions for the Heart and Soul of Our Kids and Country,” which releases in Feb. 2021, Dr. James Dobson’s “Bringing up Boys” and “Bringing up Girls,” John Taylor Gatto’s “Weapons of Mass Instruction” (he is a NY State “teacher of the year”), Bruce Shortt’s “The Harsh Truth about Public Schools,” and so on.

Depending on reading level/age, the “Rush Revere” series, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza,” Frank Murphy’s books such as “Babe Ruth Saves Baseball,” Brian Kincade’s “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates” (young reader’s versions), R. C. Sproul’s bedtime stories on audio/cd, Patricia Pingry’s “A Treasury of Old Testament Heroes,” William Bennett’s series such as “The Children’s Book of Heroes,” “The Children’s Book of Faith,” and “The Children’s Book of Home and Family,” and “Flares of Memory: Stories of Childhood During the Holocaust” may be helpful.

Would also suggest a trial one-year membership in They, like Prager U. and Hillsdale College, are offering free online history, etc. courses, as well as informed commentary by Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, et al., available on demand 24/7.


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