The U.K. drops mask mandates and vax pass orders — what do Canadians think?

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The United Kingdom is free! Well, not completely — but compared to Canada, the U.K.’s plans to end forced masking and vaccine passports come January 27 means they are far more liberated.

So what do Canadians think about the U.K.’s decision to decriminalize bare faces indoors and stop forcing businesses to discriminate against people who have not taken two COVID injections?

In this report, I hit the streets of Vancouver to break the news of the U.K.’s new-found path to freedom and ask the people what they think about it.

Hopefully, Canada will soon follow suit and put an end to segregation and loss of bodily autonomy in our country. But even if they announced the end of such mandates, that doesn’t change the fact that they were allowed to happen in the first place.

So if you’d like to take action to help us try and set a legal precedent that would work to stop governments and employers from getting away with such tyrannical orders and policies, please donate what you can at We’ve partnered with The Democracy Fund to help them hire fierce lawyers who are working on over 20 different COVID-19 vaccine-related cases. You can learn more about those cases here.

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