The Truth that sets us Free

As you may know Toby and I have been in deep despair at the state of our world. Becoming conscious to the reality that right now we are living through the ongoing genocidal occupation of The Sovereign First Nations of this great land. Waking up to this horrifying reality has been very painful, realising that we have been part of funding and enabling the system that is right now targeting The Original People of this country for destruction – along with the many other ongoing attacks and crimes against our wider community as a whole.

State funded child trafficking through the Department of Child Protection and the Family Courts.

The 5G, 6G energy frequency control towers (an energy weapons system)

Geoengineering and weather modification

The COVID bioweapon jab

The fear porn propaganda being pushed out through all the corporate controlled channels

The deliberately engineered economic hardship and mass debt enslavement of humanity

There’s a lot of evil that goes on and is passing for ‘business as usual’ around here, which we can’t ignore. Our conscience will not allow us to carry on participating in this evil slave system of abuse and destruction.

In our desperation to find a way to opt out of evil, opt out of slavery, opt out of fuelling this soul sucking, life destroying system, and opt in to truth and freedom; We have prayed for Divine Direction and Protection and Intervention.

We stopped paying the commonwealth bank, when this COVID fraud began

We stopped paying the tax office

We stopped paying the corporate councils

We stopped paying SAPOL and their ridiculous revenue raising fines that cause completely unnecessary financial hardship to our already struggling community

We cannot in good faith pay these criminal organisations that are all conspiring in the ongoing genocidal occupation of The Sovereign First Nations. These Globalist controlled criminal corporation are right now waging a war against our entire human family and our living Earth. It’s evil operating in plain sight.

We cannot fund our enemy and expect their crimes against us to stop.

The banks are operating criminal debt slavery rackets.

The corporate imposter governments are conspiring with the banks and the big pharmaceutical companies deploying a depopulation and genetic modification bio weapon against our families and community.

The local councils are allowing and enabling the roll out of the energy weapons towers; while also conspiring to perpetrate and perpetuate the COVID fraud against our communities.

The police are armed corporate controlled thugs committing crimes against our community to benefit themselves through their employment, at the expense of everyone else. Police are especially violent and abusive to The Original First Nations People.

These are all criminal corporations that exist and operate unlawfully on the sovereign First Nations Land, with no permission, they have no right to be here.

They are sucking the life out of ‘we the people’ with their endless claims against us. Charging us money for the right to live in a free country. That has been wrongfully claimed through genocidal occupation.

None of this is anything close to what our Creator designed for our humanity and our living Mother Earth.

The Original First Nations Elders and law men and law women know the true Earth lore. The real law of this land, which starts with respect and responsibility. All natural humans have our Creators lore written onto the tablet of our hearts. The Golden Rule, to love and look after each other as brothers and sisters.

We’re meant to know ourselves as both a universally unique and free individual as well as an inseparably connected part of the whole of all of natural life and all of Divine Design.

We’re divinely gifted with the natural ability to be conscious loving creator and co-creator beings. We’re meant to be dreaming and co-creating our most beautiful dreams together to bring to life our real-world Heaven on Earth.

But instead, these non-human, for profit and power corporate entities have conjured up a hellish nightmare version of reality where war, poverty, homelessness, hunger, human and child trafficking, murder, rape, wide scale environmental destruction are all considered ‘normal’ and business as usual.

There’s nothing normal or healthy about what’s passing for normal in our very sick version of reality currently. It’s straight up evil operating in plain sight. Which we need to admit to ourselves and each other in order for us to agree to make positive change.

Our prayer for the truth, has led us to know that now is the time for us to come together in the full light of truth, with The Original First Nations People of this sacred country. To give The Original Sovereign People their proper place of respect and honour. For us to learn to listen, deeply listen to the words of truth and wisdom and the beautiful dreams of The Elders for us all and for this country that they love so deeply.

They are dreaming of peace and freedom and real-world goodness for us all. They are dreaming of us remembering our shared humanity and helping each other to end the evil and the slavery, and ending all the massive environmental destruction and degradation of fracking and other corporate mining. Ending the raping and pillaging of our Mother Earth. Ending the genocidal occupation of The First Nations lands by these predatory non-human corporate entities. Restoring Divine and Natural Lore, so we can all be real world free. Coming together with respect to be responsible for what it is we’re co-creating now, and for the most naturally happy, healthy, free future for ALL of our children, and their children’s children and so on.

When we started to wake up to the real evil that has been dominating and dictating and destroying our human peace and freedom for so long. We didn’t know how badly The Original People have been suffering for the last 233 years. Some people still have the completely disgusting attitude of dismissing or ignoring the ongoing crimes against The Original People of this country. It’s this attitude of uncaring and inhumanity that holds the entire slave system in place.

It seems the majority would rather be ruled over by child trafficking predators in a criminal system of fraud, than to surrender to the truth and come into standing with the real law of this land.

Since we have woken up to the truth of the ongoing genocidal occupation of The First Nations lands, we have been listening and learning as much as we can as fast as we can about the country we live in, Ngadjuri Nation. Getting to know The Original People of this land and what’s going on in reality through their experience. They are holding the truth that sets us all free here, the remembering of who we are as naturally free human beings, where we are now, and where we’ve all come from.

They were here living free natural lives as, self-governing men and women of their Sovereign First Nations, for tens of thousands of years before the criminal, predatory slave system invaded and laid false claim to everything. Stealing everything from The Original People and the other convicts and slaves they shipped in. Stealing the power from the free people and harvesting and hoarding the power to benefit the predatory few at the expense of the whole, and at the direct expense of the truth.

The entire existing system is a criminal fraud that has no right to be here, no lawful sovereignty, no right to govern, no jurisdiction and no honest authority. Those assuming authority are doing so based in lies and the ongoing crime of genocidal occupation.

We the People, living in these Sovereign First Nations Lands, together have the power to bring ourselves into standing with the real law of this land; to annex all existing systems and system workers and infrastructure to now be held to the law of this land, so that we are now governed by the truth, by the honestly informed will of we the people. Where we all have a voice and we all get a say. No more being ruled over by an all powerful few from the top down.

In the current predatory power structure, the most ruthless, selfish and predatory become the ‘top dogs’. In the natural law of this land the people choose to collaborate with people that are most trusted and trustworthy and who love their people and care the most about making sure everyone is cared for and everyone is doing well.

Remembering how to be naturally free and self-governing by the Golden Rule and the real law of this land is a process. We’ve been so conditioned as slaves for so long, under constant mind-control from the media and frequency control technology. We need to now be unlearning / deprogramming ourselves from all of the bad information, trauma, fear and abuse. As well as starting to dream New Beautiful Dreams of peace and freedom. This is what our energy and attention need to be going into co-creating now.

We’re in limbo at the moment as we witness the COVID control insanity rage on and escalate. It’s a horror show watching people be deceived into submitting themselves to the experimental bio agent. Fearful system followers walking around masked up as gagged slaves under the draconian dictatorship that the fearful bow down to.

Seeing parents mask their children or submitting their child to the experimental genetic modification shot because the pedophile cult is lying to them is beyond horrifying to witness for those of us who know the truth. Knowing that our children are the ultimate targets for The Satanic State is traumatic.

How to cope with the insanity that is passing as the deranged ‘new normal’ right now?

We’re connecting and collaborating with other conscious loving co-creators to focus on peace and freedom. Grounding in our natural Earth energy and our shared humanity to find our naturally healthy free way forward together.

The truth is we are barely coping. Every day is a struggle and not knowing how long the collective is going to allow this evil to continue; Or how much more suffering and trauma there will be before we collectively wake up and restore sanity is very torturous. The Original People of the First Nations have been suffering through this evil for 233 year of genocidal occupation now.

It’s especially painful knowing that we already have lawful remedy. The solution is already available to us all right now, through coming together in our own real ‘sorry business’, human heart to human heart reconciliation with The First Nations People. To restore the real law of this land so we can all be real world free together now. Through our #PeoplesTreaty internationally across all First Nations of this Great Land. Or our People’s Peace Alliance as our wise Original Ngadjuri Nation Grandfather Louie has shared with us here.

When we come into heartfelt resonance with the powerfully loving hearts of The Original People to feel what they are going through, and their people have been going through for 233 years. To care and to take responsibility for doing our part to come together to help each other end this evil now. From this place of standing united together in the truth of our shared humanity and with respect for the real law of this land, we the people have the power to reimagine everything for the better together now.

This is what we’re working on full-time as there is nothing more important as the spiritual war for and against human life on Earth rages on. This is how we’re coping, by doing our best to share the truth of what we’re learning. To bring people together to restore Divine and Natural lore through honest conversations and doing what we can to love and look after each other.

We’re holding our People’s Treaty fire here on Divine Ngadjuri Country, at Sandy Creek South Australia.

We’re listening to our Elders and learning the real law of the First Nations that we live in and work in.

We’re working as part of our People’s Treaty volunteer admin team at the international level across all First Nations.

We’re working on getting the word our about our Native Tree Planting 4 Kids month across all First Nations this September.

Locally, we are holding pack a picnic, freedom days for families each Sunday in September at our little freedom farm here in divine Ngadjuri Country.

Everyone of good conscience, who loves truth and freedom is invited to declare yourself a party to our People’s Treaty conversations and positive change projects and initiatives to come be part of co-creating our real-world Heaven on Earth.

#PeoplesTreaty, where the decisions are made by the will of the people


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