The Rope of Hope

People born into a pit are not aware that they are in one. Some may become content with where they are. Others may feel that there must be more to life and try to find it. Where are you in this allegory?

rope of hope

rope of hope

Comic strip by Wayne Vincent

In Hosea 2:15, God promises a rebellious Israel that He will one day restore her to Himself and bless her.

I will give her vineyards and make the Achor Valley a door of hope. There she will respond to me as in the days of her youth, like the time when she came out of the land of Egypt. (Contemporary English Bible)

The Valley of Achor means the valley of trouble. The word hope in the same verse comes from the Hebrew word for a chord or rope. It literally means something offered to someone to bring them out of their troubles.

This same word for hope is also found in Joshua 2:18 where an amazing turnaround is experienced by a woman called Rahab.

When we [Israel] come into the land, you [Rahab] tie this red woven cord in the window through which you lowered us. Gather your father, your mother, your brothers, and your whole family into the house with you. (Contemporary English Bible)

In this verse, the Hebrew word for hope literally means a cord or rope. Rahab had been a prostitute in Jericho but displayed faith in God by hiding two Jewish spies on the roof of her house. The spies told her that if she hung a red cord in her window, she would be saved from death when Jericho was attacked.

Hanging the red cord was Rahab’s act of faith in God’s promise. It gave her a strong hope in the promise that God would save her from what was to come. It was also a sign to God that she believed in Him. Because of her faith, the Lord accepted Rahab and her family, and saved their lives.

Jesus is our red cord. He guarantees our salvation. As we trust in Jesus, we receive His presence and the assurance of God’s acceptance. Let us all take a firm hold of Jesus by faith to experience the fullness of His life in our daily lives.


Photo by Susanne Jutzeler.

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