The Herron-Harriman Model

(L) Nathan Pusey, Jackie Kennedy, and Averill Harriman, Photo: (R) Dr John Herron, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The search for our political Top Dogs remains unrewarding. Recall Dr Richard Day saying in his 1969 speech that decisions are sometimes made by persons whose name you would recognize but who are not in government. Whistleblower Kay Griggs said something similar when she was interviewed for 8 hours by Pastor Strawcutter.

I‘d like to offer a pattern to look for when you suspect that a person is Way High Up. In my book Prosecution for Treason, I devoted a page (p 64) to the amazingly multifaceted career of Averill Harriman (1891-1986). He could fill any position where an Insider’s discretion may be needed.

Later, when I was composing the book Deliverance: How a Royal Commission and Pizzagate Reveal Society’s Hidden Controllers, I devoted a page to the Australian Dr John Herron, AO (1932-2019). He had been implicated in the Chelmsford Hospital Deep Sleep treatment and matters involving Aboriginal groups.

It strikes me that there must be many others who are selected early, perhaps in university, to go far. Then they seem to be dropped into any slot where trouble is happening or is expected. Their training causes them to “know what to do.”

Below I will print the relevant two pages. I don’t intend that you look for any connection between Harriman and Herron; I doubt if they ever crossed paths. The point to look for is the ease with which such men could move from one post to another.

Actually, Harriman and Herron did have one job in common; both served for at least a short time as ambassadors, surely a job for Way High Ups, or their most trustworthy servants. Herron’s ambassadorship was to the Vatican.

Career of Averill Harriman – Items from Wikipedia
[I show the years in which Harriman began certain jobs]

1913 – graduated from Yale, member of Skull & Bones
1915 – VP of his father’s railroad company (Union Pacific)
1917 – at age 26, founded a shipbuilding corporation
1920 – Chairman, W.A. Harriman & Company (banking)
1925 – Partner, Georgian Manganese Concessions in USSR
1930 – married Marie Norton, ex-wife of Vanderbilt Whitney
1931 – Senior partner, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co (bank)
1933 – THE BIG EMPTY BOX *(i.e., the year 1933 is not listed in the Wikipedia article)
1934 – Administrator, FDR’s National Recovery Admin.
1935 – Co-founded Today (merged with Newsweek in 1937) [Reader, are you feeling exhausted? We’re only halfway.]
1937 – Chairman, Business Advisory Council
1941 – Chief of Management, US War Production Board
1941 – US Ambassador to UK, and ‘special rep’ to Churchill
1943 – US Ambassador to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
1946 – Cabinet member: US Secretary of Commerce
1948 – US Coordinator of Marshall Plan, in Europe
1950 – Special Assistant to President Harry Truman
1951 – Director, Mutual Security Agency (a forerunner of NATO)
– Candidate, Democratic nomination for US President
1955 – Governor of NY (replaced in 1958 by Nelson Rockefeller)

*1933 –‘unmentionable.’ Averill, with his bank (Harriman and Co), and John Foster Dulles with his law firm (Sullivan and Cromwell), were busy pushing Adolf Hitler into power in Germany! Harriman treasonously continued to help the Nazis after war was declared by the US in December 1941, according to Anton Chaitkin’s Treason in America (1984).

Now for John Herron’s “Resume”

It is too bad for Australia that Herron died last year, as that closes the book on his participation in the mind control experiments he conducted. I mean we will not be able to interrogate hm. In the following list, you can see how easily he was able to be protected, by being “an important person.”

Medical positions:

–research fellow, Qld Cancer Fund, 1963-68

–Qld branch president of Aus. Medical Association, 1989

–chief surgeon at Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Brisbane

–volunteer doctor in Rwanda after genocide, 1994 –chairman, National Council on Drugs, 2009

–chairman, Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Foundation –Fellow of Edinburgh College of Surgeons

Political career:

–president, Qld branch Liberal Party, 1980-84 and 2001

–elected senator in Commonwealth Parliament, 1990

–Minster, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (1996-2001)

–Ambassador to Ireland and the Holy See, 2002-2008

Herron’s military involvement includes:

–reservist, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps, 1958-82

–reservist squadron leader, RAAF, 1982-1988

Among his many honors:

–Knight Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of

–Knight of Order of St Gregory, of the Holy See, 2012

–“Doctor of the University” honorary degree from Australian Catholic University, 2012

Note: seeing Dr Herron associated with the Australian Medical Association, the Cancer Fund, and the volunteers in Rwanda sparks a notion that those organizations may have a Tavistock interest in the control of society. Certainly that is the case with the American Medical Association and American Cancer Society.

Ever Tempted

Despite my saying that this article is intended only to make a model of the careers of High Ups, I now bow to the temptation to say more about Herron’s being protected from prosecution.

In 1988 the state of New South Wales mounted a Royal Commission into Mental Health Services. It investigated Dr Harry Bailey of Chelmsford Hospital. The RC managed to avoid all mention of Bailey’s connection to the CIA-sponsored work of Dr Ewen Cameron in Montreal. (See Gumshoe’s coverage of recent Canadian lawsuits concerning the Deep Sleep treatment.)

At we find this 1991 notation by barrister Michael Sexton, writing “Chelmsford and the Role of the Coroner”:

“Inquest into the death of MIRIAM VICTORIA PODIO, died 12th August, 1977 at Chelmsford Private Hospital. Coroner’s opinion forwarded to the Attorney General on 4 March, 1982, stating, inter alia: ‘I have formed the opinion … that a prima facie case of Manslaughter (Criminal Negligence) has been established against Dr Harry Richard Bailey, Dr John Herron and Dr Ian Donald Gardiner.’

“(On 28 March 1983 the Attorney General informed the Minister for Health that an ex officio indictment had been filed against Dr Bailey, and on 23 March 1984 that no proceedings would be taken against Drs Herron and Gardiner. On 9 May 1985, a Magistrate hearing committal proceedings against Dr Bailey ruled that he should not be committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter.) –”

I mean come on, you don’t think a man with two knighthoods, an honorary degree, and military serve would be prosecuted, do you? And with volunteer service in Rwanda?


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