The God delusion: men seeking womb transplants

Last week, I stumbled over the Daily Mail article titled: EXCLUSIVE: Womb transplants for TRANS women are ‘very likely in the near future’, claim top fertility experts… so here’s how world-first op would be carried out.

The detail involves taking the wombs of dead women – or those who have had hysterectomies – and inserting them into biological men so that they can carry children to term while dosed up on a cocktail of hormones. If the child survives, they would be birthed via c-section.

It was at this point that even the most trans-inclusive people online started to take a few steps back. This is not what society at large had in mind when the ‘love is love’ campaign started.

Many would argue this Frankenstein procedure is not being performed in the interests of medical care. We’re no longer talking about repairing injuries or even restoring disfigurement with previously controversial face transplants.

Pushing technical boundaries for restorative care is one thing, stitching wombs into men in an attempt to create new types of humans that defy the natural order is quite another. This is before we talk about the serious risk it puts the children of these experiments under…

The #TrustTheScience community isn’t doing itself any favours with this sort of endeavour. Remember, these are the same medical practitioners that wag their fingers at women who eat fish while pregnant or accidentally have a glass of wine. Those women are endangering their children and worthy of scorn… If micromanaging nutritional intake is so important to the foetus, surely being the wrong gender would cause a few critical issues?

One fertility expert claims that thousands of women have given birth with this surgery and only a small tweak would be needed to perform the same procedure on men. When it comes to women, we can argue back and forth about the ethics, but at the end of the day, those women are replacing a damaged organ. Their bodies are designed in every other way to carry children.

Men cannot carry children. They are not mothers. If we can force the issue with a dead woman’s womb, a cocktail of drugs, and a team of surgeons – it’s not a ‘medical marvel’, it’s a dystopian biological experiment akin to cloning human beings or splicing genes (which sent a Chinese doctor to jail).

‘As we increasingly recognise a history of inequality and discrimination for transgender women, we must question whether it is acceptable that transgender women are denied access to clinical trials based on their gender identity and trans status,’ said Dr Rebecca Flyck.

Yes, biology discriminates – as it should.

If you are a man, you have no business carrying a child, regardless of how womanly you feel inside. It is the height of selfishness to endanger children for no other reason than a grown man’s feelings. It is wrong, at a cellular level.

‘Further, as studies accumulate revealing high levels of depression and sucidality in transwomen and demonstrate the emotional impact of reduce procreative ability in this population, we must consider the potential benefits of bringing uterus transplantation to transwomen.’

How about we discuss the insanity of using artificially induced pregnancy with a dead woman’s womb to treat a severe case of depression? If someone is suicidal, they would not be allowed to adopt a child – so why would the medical profession encourage a highly dangerous medical procedure involving a child as treatment?

I cannot be the only person that feels this is an abuse of scientific advances.

It is also an insult to women. Instead of trying to find ways for men to have children, why doesn’t the medical community first focus all of its time, money, and effort into making pregnancy and childbirth safer for the four billion women alive today?

Women, even in the first world under the best medical care, still die during childbirth. Over 800 perish every day while giving birth. A shocking number almost die, while others suffer extremely painful injuries (1 in 3) – many of which are life-changing leaving women to pay for their children with embarrassing and debilitating conditions.

If the medical community can make men pregnant, why can’t they make pregnancy safe for women?

The Daily Mail article states:

‘This extensive operation involves crafting a neovagina using tissue from elsewhere in the body, such as the penis or a section of bowel, and provides a base to attach a transplanted womb. This process would also likely involve the removal of the testicles to stop the production of male hormones that could interfere with a future baby, with sperm being frozen for potential future fertility treatment. Theoretically, this could see transwomen get pregnant with their own babies, similar to biological women who can do IVF using their own pre-harvested eggs.’

It was tried once before with transwoman Lili Elbe (Einar Wegener) in 1931, who died from post-surgery infection three months after the operation. It was one of many surgical procedures carried out on Einar as part of an attempt to transition into Lili. The first included removing the testicles, then another to implant an ovary, and the third to remove the penis and scrotum. The transplanted womb was rejected.

The conversation about transgender wombs in the modern era has gone a lot further than most people realise.

A doctor in New Delhi, Dr Narendra Kaushik, was preparing for a trial procedure back in late 2022 for a transgender patient. He was building on the work started in Sweden (2014) and America (2016) where doctors performed uterine transplants in biological women. Since then there have been over 90 transplants resulting in 50 children – all to women. It is considered extremely dangerous.

Kaushik told The Mirror:

‘Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible and that includes being a mother. The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant.’

A surgeon from the London Transgender Clinic said:

‘Once the medical community accept this as a treatment for cis-women with uterine infertility, such as the congenital absence of a womb, then it would be illegal to deny a trans-female who has completed her transition. There are clearly anatomical boundaries when it comes to transwomen, but these are problems that I believe can be surmounted and the transplant into a trans-female is essentially identical to that of a cis-female.’

I disagree. No matter what surgeries take place, you cannot ‘create’ a woman. Women are born. Men are born. While mimicry is possible, the medical community is not following the science if it maintains that men can become women through surgery – even if ideologically driven politicians manage to coerce speech into pretending it is true under threat.

Artificial childbirth should not be considered a serious or ethical solution to patients suffering from depression, not least because that child will then be born into a situation (if they survive unharmed) where they are the ‘salvation’ to their parent’s psychological condition.

‘There isn’t an ethical reason why they should be denied access to the procedure,’ said Jacques Balayla – an obstetrician and gynaecologist at McGill University.

Really? None at all?

Balayla was the lead author on The Montreal Criteria and uterine transplants in transgender women research paper.

‘A woman who is born without a uterus and a transgender woman who transitions because of gender dysphoria have a similar claim to maternity if we consider them to have equivalent rights to fulfil the reproductive potential of their gender. And I think that we should.’

Except that a woman born without a uterus has a physical injury while the rest of her body is designed for the purpose of carrying children. A man who seeks a uterus for emotional gratification is not in the same conversation – or at least, shouldn’t be.

This is the point in which ‘inclusivity’ crosses over into butchery of basic ethics. The accusation that this type of behaviour is akin to ‘playing God’ is accurate. We are not fixing injuries anymore, we are patch-working humans. It sits in the same arena as bio-engineering human DNA – which is a conversation rife with various medical institutions demanding a revision of laws preventing gene editing.

While it is sad that transwomen want to give birth but can’t, that is a biological fact that they must learn to live with. There are many women who cannot give birth who seek alternative means of becoming parents. Many in the trans community use surrogates to safely carry children and so are not being denied the right to children, only to endangering unborn children. Childbearing is not a right, as proposed by the activist community, it is a gift that some do not receive.

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at donor-box.


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