The CCP launched a new pension policy and failed to fulfill the previously “government pension” promises

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei

On November 24th, Communist China State Council issued “Opinions on the matter of improving the Elderly support in the new era” (the “Opinions”).

This “Opinion” avoided vital issues such as government funding and policy support for the elderly, but unrealistically and shamelessly stated the government’s “leading role,” “strengthen organization and supervision.” As to the issue of the leading responsible organization that should take care of the elderly, the “Opinions” indicated that the burden would “extend to the community and the family” in such an exploratory model of “community + property + elderly care services.”

It is particularly worth noting that the “Opinions” proposed, as the 20th item, that adult children and their parents are encouraged to live nearby or live together to perform the senior care obligations.

Ironically, the CCP forcefully pushed the Single Child Policy 40 years ago and declared that “the government would support the elderly if each family only raised one child.” The newly released “Opinion” once again proved the CCP government broke its promises.

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