The affordability of British Columbia’s housing market

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Vancouver is not only Canada’s most expensive housing market, it is also the third-least affordable city to live in the world.

Data from Statistics Canada shows us that British Columbia now also has the lowest fertility rate in Canada, at 1.34 children per woman in 2017, compared to the national average of 1.54. Some analysts are insisting that the immense cost of housing is the catalyst.

Rebel News recently interviewed Vancouver RE/MAX® real estate agent Josh Wong to discuss trends he’s noticed in the Vancouver real estate market, both pre and post-pandemic, what is creating the inflationary bubble that we are seeing in B.C. housing, and what the average Canadian can do to protect themselves from the Bank of Canada’s interest rate hikes.

Any comments expressed by Josh Wong represents his own opinions, and not the position / viewpoint / opinion of RE/MAX.

Watch the video for the full report.

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