Talking to the media after the fraud court issued an unlawful warrant for my abduction Nov 2nd 2021




To whom it may concern

RE: Adelaide Magistrates Court Lawful Sovereignty

My name is Solange (Soli) Ellen Goodes, of Ngadjuri Nation, 15 Mugge Rd Sandy Creek, SA. I am writing on behalf of my husband Toby Graham Lockyer and I.

On Thursday the 23rd of September 2021 my husband Toby and I were attacked at our peaceful family home by a militarised SAPOL operation. That was widely publicised through the mainstream media as The Sandy Creek Stand Off.

My husband Toby and I are both peaceful people, who have been working in unpaid service of our community to bring people honest information. To end the 233 years of ongoing genocidal occupation of The Sovereign First Nations, through the restoration of Divine and Natural law.

We are both whistle-blowers against the criminality of the death cult and the debt slave system that has laid false claim to our human family and our living Earth.We are in standing with the truth, and working to help co-create real world peace and freedom for all who want to live together as brothers and sisters in our one human family governed by love and good conscience, via The Golden Rule.

Toby and I are both severely traumatised by the SAPOL attack on our family, and the 22 days and 21 nights of completely unlawful, isolated imprisonment I was subjected to, and that my family, friends and community suffered through following the attack, at the order of the Elizabeth court.

We do not have any faith or trust in the existing ‘justice system’ which is part of a corporate fraud operating here in The Sovereign First Nations without any lawful sovereignty, without any real jurisdiction to law.Toby and I are both declared parties to our People’s Treaty and People’s Peace Alliance, and are lawfully protected under international law, as well as under Divine and Natural law, the real law of the land here in The Sovereign First Nations.

You are hereby notified that as of October 13th 2021, a complete cessation of claim to jurisdiction by all systems of corporate government, and law on this continent, to the real Original Nations, the Inter-National Land Law Bora Courts, and The People has been declared as a matter of public and historic record.

As such we are under no obligation to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court, and we both choose not to for our own peace and protection, and as a matter of conscience and good faith.We ask that the court respect the truth, as is the real law of this Sovereign First Nations Land, and leave us in peace now and in perpetuity.

In truth,

Solange Ellen

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