Taiwan downs Chinese fighter jet? — Raw Video

haha pit critters!

Another of their tactics, in case you’re interested, and just to let them know, I know, is what they did to poor ole Dan the Man. It appears Dan dared to say something friendly to me and they mass downvoted his ass, too. This is a warning to others not to do that cause if you agree with or in any other way get in the way of demonizing their target…you to will be mass downvoted and made to look “unpopular” or fear the consequences of agreement.

Could even be Dan is one of them…don’t necessarily think so but could be. It doesn’t matter. Sometimes they’ll have one of their own say something friendly to their target, me in this instance, and they mass downvote them…as a warning to anyone else who is in agreement with their target.

If you’ll watch their action on the tube you’ll see how they go about it. They do the same thing in conservative forums. They aren’t going to let us live in peace in our own forum…are they? Insidious little worms.

So, just to let you know, my little Soro’s paid for commie downvoting bitches…I can feel your little effeminate, feces smelling, soyboy fingers typing away on your mommies keyboard from across the internet in every little insanity inducing mommies basement.

I’m here to expose you for what you are.


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