Taiwan Airspace Yet Again Violated By Intimidating Communist Fighter Jets

Nov. 29th, 2021


In a story by the Mail Online on November 28th, 2021, it tells of how the Chinese airforce has flown another 27 military planes into Taiwan’s airspace as tensions around the South China Sea island continue to rise. This is yet more proof that the communist regime is attempting to intimidate the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense by flexing its military muscle. This latest move comes just days after China’s military carried out ‘combat readiness’ patrols in the direction of the Taiwan Strait as a U.S. Congressional delegation made a surprise visit to Taipei and offered support to the Chinese-claimed, democratically governed island. 

Obviously, this is why the authoritarian regime is acting like a spoilt brat as the US has sent an approved Congressional delegation and this has hurt the feelings of the childish Chinese authorities. China routinely denounces visits by U.S. politicians to Taiwan, and its foreign ministry said it had made a formal complaint to Washington about the latest trip by the bipartisan congressional group, saying playing the Taiwan card was ‘a losing hand’. It is difficult to take the Chinese Military seriously as they act like little emperors, so i suppose we can expect to see many more Chinese fighter jets flying over the South China Sea in a bid to harass and intimidate Taiwan, when in fact all it does is goes to prove what a pathetic, childish regime it actually is.  

To read more about this story please click the link: 27 Chinese military planes fly into Taiwan airspace as tensions in South China Sea continue to rise

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