Watch: DC Cops Respond to Violent Protesters with Tear Gas, Flash Bangs

Police officers in Washington, D.C. were forced to use tear gas and flashbangs in an attempt to get control of protesters. Protesters became violent while damaging police cars and attempting to loot a local Walmart.

Large groups of protesters gathered around various parts of DC to demonstrate against the death of 20-year-old Karon Hylton. The young man died in a moped crash while fleeing from the police. On Friday, police officers spotted Hylton riding an electric scooter without a helmet and tried to pull him over, the CBS affiliate WUSA9 reported. Rather than stop, Hylton fled down an alley and crashed into a passing vehicle. Demonstrators claim that a police vehicle struck him instead.

As protester marched down the streets, they began to turn violent and began vandalizing police cars.

Protesters then tried to loot a local Walmart only to be met with a heavy police presence.

As the demonstrations escalated, DC Police began using tear gas and flashbangs in an attempt to control the crowds.

Activists documenting the protests themselves also captured the sound of the flashbangs going off. (sound at 50-second marker)

Earlier in the day, protesters smashed windows at the DC Police Headquarters as Hylton’s mother arrived with protesters asking for justice, Breitbart News reported.

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Women’s March Underway in D.C.: ‘Trump Is an Unstable Penis’

The anti-Trump Women’s March is underway in D.C. and in cities across the nation Saturday, as self-described feminists gather to protest both President Trump and his Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

“We’re holding socially distant actions across the country to send an unmistakable message about the fierce opposition to Trump and his agenda, including his attempt to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat,” the Women’s March said in its official call to action.

A collection of anti-Trump signs have been spotted across the nation’s capital, including a lewd banner reading, “Trump is an unstable penis”:

Signs reading, “Dump Trump and his gang of Putin,” “Free Melania,” “My favorite season is the FALL of the patriarchy,” and “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” were also spotted in the crowds:

Similar scenes could be seen in cities across the nation:

Notably, the official website of the Women’s March also states that it supports the Black Lives Matter movement’s call to defund the police, asserting that it is a “feminist issue” because “black, poor, immigrant and undocumented women are disproportionately targeted, abused and murdered by police.”


10 Major DC ‘Consensus’ Lies President Trump Has Shattered Forever

President Donald Trump has shattered many things over the past four years, and many of them for the better, especially within Washington DC. Even the fact that a real estate mogul and government outsider swept the Republican primary then defeated his establishment Democrat opponent represents quite a political shakeup.

With every major social institution cutting against conservative values and the media waging a slanderous anti-Trump campaign since 2016, exposing falsehoods has also become a theme of this administration. Here’s 10 Washington lies Trump has shattered.

1. The Press Does Not Choose Sides

The Trump era has exposed the press for what it is: an army of propagandists and saboteurs advancing narratives designed by Deep State Democrats.

Hillary Clinton did collude with Russian agents. President Barack Obama did spy on the Trump campaign and transition team. Former CIA Director John Brennan did manipulate intelligence to remove evidence that Russia backed Clinton. James Comey did use the fraudulent Steele dossier to secure FISA warrants. Joe Biden did use political leverage on Ukraine to drop a criminal investigation into his son. A Chinese spy did chauffeur Sen. Dianne Feinstein for 20 years. And Biden’s family did take millions of dollars from the Chinese government.

These facts have been ignored by a mainstream media too busy using anonymous sources to advance one lie after the next in order to damage an American president they despise. With few exceptions, reporters are political operatives, and finally, a Republican leader has called them out for it.

2. There Is No Deep State

With the release of FBI agent William Barnett’s 302 interview describing the prosecution of Gen. Michael Flynn by the special counsel’s office as nothing but a means to “get TRUMP,” the evidence of vast misconduct by members of the federal government to orchestrate the removal of a legitimately elected president is undeniable.

Obama’s administration illegally unmasked and leaked the surveilled communications of Flynn and other Trump associates. Comey targeted the president in private meetings while pretending otherwise. Andrew Weissmann used the Special Counsel’s Office to protect Democrats’ “Russian collusion” narrative while attempting to entrap the president for obstruction of justice.

Eric Ciaramella and Alex Vindman appear to have used their national security positions to turn a Biden Ukraine scandal into a Trump impeachment. While prosecutors and judges have harassed Trump associates for four years, Americans continue to wait for the conclusion of John Durham’s investigation into this Deep State-attempted coup. There is no longer any doubt that a two-tiered system of justice exists, one for hunting Republicans and one for protecting Democrats.

3. Democrats Own Black and Hispanic Votes

Establishment Republicans predicted that Trump’s candidacy would destroy inroads with black and Hispanic voters for generations. Instead, the president has increased Republican support from both communities. Trump has proved that protecting legal immigrants, providing the conditions for robust economic growth on Main Street, and treating all Americans equally and without condescension — rather than as members of special racial classes — is a formula for success.

Democrats have taken black and Hispanic voters for granted for 60 years. Biden insists that voting for Trump proves “you ain’t black.” Americans of all colors and creeds are waking up to the reality that Democrats have used them for their votes and given them nothing in return.

4. MeToo Is About Protecting Women and Children

Who is Tara Reade? If she had accused a Republican of sexual assault, she would be well known. Because she alleges that Biden attacked her, she has disappeared from the MeToo movement, just as Democrats have ignored Juanita Broaddrick’s allegation of rape against Bill Clinton for decades.

The Me Too movement has little time for big-dog Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent sexual trafficking of young girls or the numerous Democrats, including Bill Clinton, connected to the “Lolita Express.” The movement does not care about Democrat donor Ed Buck, who is accused of injecting young black male prostitutes with methamphetamines before sexually assaulting them, leading to the deaths of two of his victims.

The MeToo movement imagines Republican crimes everywhere, while burying documented crimes by Democrats faster than Sen. Bob Menendez can allegedly engage in underage prostitution in the Dominican Republic and get back to New Jersey.

5. Climate Change Alarmism Isn’t About Raw Power

Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States have fallen more than in any other country in the world since 2000, as America has adopted clean coal technology and transitioned toward natural gas for electricity generation. The free market and energy innovation, not international governance, have accomplished this feat.

Regardless, climate change alarmists continue to insist that only a United States shackled by the Paris agreement will save the planet from a temperature increase of less than one degree Celcius over the next century while ignoring China’s role as the No. 1 polluter in the world. This is, of course, due to Democrats’ desire to control more and more of American life, including through outlandish policy proposals like the Green New Deal.

6. Free Trade Requires Wrecking U.S. Manufacturing and Enriching China

Until Trump ran for president, few on the national stage questioned why fidelity to free trade required American towns throughout the Midwest to be sacrificed, so Wall Street companies could use slavery by proxy in China to slash labor costs. Few American leaders looked at those destroyed Midwestern towns and wondered if aiding and abetting illegal immigration across the southern border might be adding insult to injury.

Most of Washington looked the other way while Middle America suffered more than at any time since the Great Depression. Most of Washington laughed when these Americans asked for good manufacturing jobs to come home.

Trump didn’t laugh. He immediately understood that Americans had been abandoned so Wall Street and Washington insiders could make fortunes on the greatest intercontinental transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Trump asked Washington why America shouldn’t have the best blue-collar workforce on the planet, and nobody had an answer.

7. Defending Unborn Babies Is a Losing Political Issue

Trump is the first sitting president to speak at the annual March for Life rally in Washington. His presidency has unapologetically defended the lives of unborn Americans, and more voters are recognizing the fight for life as the most important civil rights issue in America today. During his tenure, Trump has appointed numerous judges who will uphold the constitutional right to life, and the pro-life movement was a feature of the Republican National Convention in August.

8. Judges Are Nonpartisan

Federal judges have overturned Trump’s legal orders at a faster rate than during any other presidency. While Obama somehow had the power to legislate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals into existence, Trump somehow lacks the same power to undo Obama’s overreach.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has gone to great lengths to argue that there are no “Obama judges” or “Bush judges,” but after watching Judge Emmet Sullivan’s persecution of Flynn, Americans know too many judges have become political operatives and too few still adhere to the Constitution as written.

9. Democrats Aren’t Purging History or the Constitution

When some Republicans joined with Democrats to tear down Confederate flags and monuments, Trump warned that the emotional purge was just the camel’s nose under the tent. Since then, the “1619 Project” has rewritten American history, Antifa and the Black Lives Matter organization have targeted statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for destruction, and Democrats openly call for Congress and the courts to ignore the Constitution. The political left’s “Cultural Revolution” against America is in high gear now, and it is not going away.

10. The Obama Administration Was Scandal-Free

Obama’s deliberate sabotaging of the peaceful transfer of power by orchestrating a “Russia collusion” hoax that nearly took down his successor is one of the most egregious political scandals in American history. His administration’s efforts to use a cabal of high-ranking intelligence and law enforcement officers to conduct a disinformation campaign designed to implicate a sitting president as an agent of a hostile country can be described as nothing less than an attempted coup.

Along with “Fast and Furious,” the IRS targeting of conservatives, the cover-up of the administration’s culpability in Benghazi, the use of consent settlements to coerce companies to underwrite Democrat slush funds, and the Department of Justice’s cover-up of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server and pay-to-play schemes through the Clinton Foundation, the Russia hoax secures Obama’s legacy as a singularly corrupt American president.


Rep. Ken Buck Denounces ‘Ridiculous’ DC Monument Removal And Renaming Recommendation

Rep. Ken Buck, a Republican representing Colorado’s fourth district, criticized the recent recommendation by the District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions (DCFACES) committee to Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser that historical statues, monuments, and schools be “removed, renamed, or contextualized.”

“I think their recommendation is misguided. Not putting our history in context is a serious mistake,” Rep. Buck told The Federalist. “No one would survive the test that the commission has set up.”

The committee reasoned that the historical figures represented participated or promoted “slavery, systemic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities and violation of the DC Human Right Act.”

“It’s ridiculous on so many different levels. The left is missing the point,” Buck said.

In a recent opinion editorial piece for Townhall, Rep. Buck argued that he agreed with the fact that Americans should contextualize historical figures like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but he believes it should be done by examining and celebrating their achievements for our nation instead of amplifying their mistakes.

“The Revolution and political philosophy in this country is truly unique and has to be celebrated,” Rep. Buck argued. “Taking down the Washington Monument or images of Benjamin Franklin is mischievous. All of us are flawed and should be judged in a balanced way, but our founders were truly genius in the country that they set up.”

According to Rep. Buck, acknowledging the “flawed” parts of America’s past is part of learning history, but using it as the basis to cancel founders and other leaders in America is wrong.

“Our historical figures may have been or were flawed in many ways, but to deny their accomplishments is a mistake,” Rep. Buck added. “The left has to try to erase our history so that they can rewrite our future. And I think it’s a mistake to allow them to do that.”

In response to the committee’s statements that over 80 percent of the DC population they surveyed “expressed strong support to remove or rename assets where the namesake’s legacy was inconsistent with or did not align with the District’s core values of equity, opportunity, and prosperity,” Rep. Buck said the DC mindset doesn’t reflect America as a whole.

“I took a survey of my immediate family and found that 80 percent of them would support me for reelection,” Rep. Buck joked.

“I don’t know who they surveyed but I think that Americans are very proud of George Washington and his accomplishments and Thomas Jefferson and then we should be very thankful that we have the freedom given to us by those founders to express ridiculous opinions like that,” he added.

While President Trump received backlash in 2017 about his comments concerning how to determine which history stays and which history goes, Rep. Buck says he believes the president was right to question the process.

“President Trump was correct in his argument that we’re taking this too far,” Rep. Buck stated. “And I think that we should be honest and open about our discussion of history, but we should never try to erase history or cancel history.”

In order to preserve American history and the freedoms many of the historical figures mentioned in the recommendation helped create, Rep. Buck emphasized that education about American values like civics, rights, and the Constitution will have to begin in the home.

“One of the lessons that we’re learning from COVID is that parents are getting more involved in their kids’ education. I think it’s a good thing that parents are seeing what’s being taught in the schools, and what’s not being taught in schools, and I’m hoping that parents will supplement the education that kids are getting and make sure that they’re learning about history and civics and the values that the parents feel are so important,” he said.

While Rep. Buck says that the committee’s recommendation went too far, he is optimistic the election will reflect the sentiments of the majority of Americans who feel frustrated with cancel culture and the left’s attack on American values.

“I think the end is November 4, when they realized that their efforts have created a backlash among American people and Americans elect conservatives up and down the ballot,” he said.


What I Saw When The Mob Attacked After Trump’s Speech In Washington DC

The highlight of the last night of the Republican National Convention was President Trump’s acceptance speech of his party’s nomination on the South Lawn of the White House. My wife and I attended this magical event. I say magical because the White House was lit up splendidly as nightfall fell over the sprawling verdant grounds surrounding the magnificent building.

The president was introduced by his daughter, Ivanka. Attendees endured a purposeful and loud noise from the street contiguous to the White House to the east. The hooligans making this noise did so to distract the speakers and discomfort the attendees. It went on for a very long time.

This purposeful and high-pitched, overbearing noise would never have been allowed had a Democrat been president. The mayor and the police department would never have permitted such an indignity to happen.

Beyond that, there are “nuisance laws” in every locale in this country forbidding people from taking over neighborhood streets, especially late at night, and creating explosive noises that make it impossible for the residents of the neighborhood to live a normal life. Why these nuisance laws were ignored and denied to the president and his guests was inexplicable.

After the president spoke, there were fireworks and patriotic songs. The attendees were directed to the exits. The last people I spoke to were Sen. Rand Paul and his wife. They went toward the 15th Street exit, which is on the east side of the White House, where we entered earlier that evening.

I stayed a little while longer and, by that time, the Secret Service guided us towards 17th Street, the west side of the White House. Had we gone out the east side, we would have been within a couple of hundred feet from our hotel.

As soon as we left the White House we understood that because of rioters and angry mobs we were detoured to a direction opposite, far from our hotel. Then began our harrowing night. No one from the police force seemed to know for certain what route we were to walk back to our hotel. Some had us moving further west, some further north, some further south.

No one seemed to know what to do, nor did they evince any sense of obligation to help us get back safely to our hotel. As we walked along, we encountered a police officer on the corner of this block or that and the police’s confusion and indecision seemed to grow as the night wore on.

There we were, walking past midnight in a dark town almost aimlessly because the few police we found were offering conflicting responses to our simple question: How do we get back to our hotel? This went on for more than an hour and the response from the police was, in essence, “Move on, you are on your own!” Although we did not enter the full concentration of the mob, as Paul and others did that evening, we encountered stragglers of the mob who were aggressive, swearing, and following us in a belligerent manner.

I kept asking myself: How could this be happening on the streets of a major American city? How could a law-abiding man and his wife be left to fend for themselves against vicious people intending to threaten them?

What type of mayor instructs the police department to be so indifferent to the basic safety needs of citizens and guests in her town, while focusing exclusively on the rights of mob “protesters” to rule the streets? It was as if constitutional rights are reserved for protesters against Trump but not for law-abiding citizens who are conservative.

I was astonished that the D.C. mayor allowed vicious mobs of bullies to assemble right at the gates of the White House. If more had assembled, who would have been able to stop them from crashing the gates and overpowering the few police who were there and rushing into the White House doors? If a Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris had been president, the mayor of Washington DC would have cordoned off a significant portion surrounding the White House to disallow a vicious mob from being within feet of the White House gate. No question!

This was a menacing crowd, hostile, sadistic, with the express goal of frightening good citizens, only a gesture away from violence. The “social justice” mobs are now in control of the streets of the Democrat-run cities of America — neo-brownshirts, allies of their comrades in Portland, Chicago, and New York City, looting, burning, destroying, beating up conservative Americans.

Yes, they have heard House Speaker Nancy Pelosi call us Republicans “enemies of the state.” They’ve heard Harris warn that when elected she and her administration will “go after” all who did not submit to the leftist agenda. The hoards put into action Rep. Maxine Waters’s call to “get into their faces and show them they no longer belong in public.”

The DC mayor allowed an affront to President Trump and his guests and, together with others on the left, sent a message that in their America no one can go in public wearing a MAGA hat, leave the White House peacefully if a guest of Republicans, or post a Trump-Pence sign in their yard.

After repeated failures, we got an Uber. We waited on the street corner with a man from Wisconsin who was in a similar predicament. We were far from our hotel and the driver took us in a circuitous route to reach the hotel from a back street where the rioters had not yet congregated. But we were still unable to travel the distance and the Uber driver said he could go no further. This, in America’s capital, where the people of the nation, families and invitees, should be at ease as opposed to targets fleeing a mob the city’s mayor has allowed to own the streets.

We walked towards the hotel with the intention of going through the front door. However, we heard the sound of the “community agitators” streaming toward the entrance. Luckily, we found a side alley that went into a corner door. We rushed in through the door and into the lobby.

Suddenly there was a rush of “peaceful protesters” lunging forward to crash through the doors of the hotel. At the very last minute, Rep. Vernon Jones, a black Democrat from Georgia who had spoken in support of the president, slipped through the front door with his wife. The mob was after him. Thankfully, the hotel security and police stopped the mob from entering the lobby.

It is true that when push came to shove the police surrounded those citizens whose life and body were in direct jeopardy. They did so for Paul. However, it was obvious that short of that, the police would not intervene if it would upset the mob, the new privileged in America. Forget so-called “white privilege”—in today’s Deep State America, it is the anti-Trump, anti-Republican mob that is privileged and hailed.

One thing became clear: Someone, or some group, is financing this. I saw fancy black Suburbans picking up and dropping off people involved in these protests. We were amazed that some were staying at expensive hotels and unloading equipment near the White House in what might be the city’s most expensive underground garage. They are coordinated and organized. Someone is spending money and using hi-tech reconnaissance and planning to destroy America, and using its youth as the army to do so.

It is urgent that law enforcement find out who is masterminding and financing this. It is vital that Americans realize that what is being allowed to happen in our cities is only possible because of left-wing mayors’ acceptance and comfort with it. Now is the time for law enforcement, Congress, and America’s citizens to stop this before they burn down all of America, rob us of our basic civil and human rights, and make us illegitimate strangers in our own land.


Occupy Lafayette Square Protestors Planning 50 Day ‘White House Siege,’ say ‘Things Could Turn Very Ugly’





On Sep. 17, the ninth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, protestors are planning to begin a “siege” of the White House that will last fifty days—right up until Nov. 3. The website for the event is planning to bring thousands of protestors into Lafayette Square to “lay siege to the White House.” The site also warns that “the possibility of a civil war breaking out sometime next year is no joke.”

The organizers are citing two main reasons for the planned occupation: an alleged lack of progress on Wall Street since the 2009 occupation and that “Trump is trying to steal the election . . . and things could turn very ugly very quickly as November 3rd approaches.” One image used depicts the White House on fire and others show large riots directly in front of the building.

The FBI recommended contacting the Secret Service for comment. The Secret Service and the Department of Justice have not responded to this reporter’s requests for comment in time for publication.

The specific demands are not clear but the site raises concerns about President Trump refusing to leave office if he loses and that “white supremacists are waiting in the wings, spoiling for a violent showdown.”

These online ramblings are calling for “#METOOers, #BLM activists, Extinction Rebels, Sunrisers, and CodePinks,” to organize and join in Lafayette Park and to create “pop-up sieges at federal buildings in dozens of cities.”

The site used for the advertisements, Adbusters, is a Vancouver crowd-funded online magazine that gives protestors and occupiers a place to advertise plans.

One of the postings, deemed “tactical briefings,” asked readers to submit demands.

These planned events follow mass protests across the country, including one riot that turned into a murder when a Trump supporter was shot by an alleged Antifa criminal in Portland.

It has yet to be seen how many individuals will turn up to the occupation on Sep. 17.


Jordan and Comer Demand DC Mayor Release Docs On RNC Leftist Mob Attacks





Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter with Rep. James Comer (R-KY) to Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser demanding she release two types of communications and documents: first, any “relating to D.C.’s response, if any, to violent left-wing agitators harassing peaceful individuals,” and second, any investigations on “whether the perpetrators of the recent violence and intimidation…have been paid or otherwise induced to commit these acts.”

The letter cites the intimidation and threats made against RNC guests leaving—specifically Sen. Rand Paul who said the thugs “would have killed us had the police not been there.” It also brings up the mobs that go to various restaurants threatening guests, the fires set, and the assaults on police all done under the Mayor’s watch, and according to the letter, inaction.

“Your choice to surrender the streets of D.C. to violent left-wing extremists and agitators so that they can intimidate, coerce, and assault innocent people places at risk all who live, work, and patronize businesses in the District,” the letter says. “Your actions also highlight the wisdom of the Founders to ensure that the seat of the federal government is not beholden to a particular state.”

The two ranking members, Jordan of the Committee on the Judiciary and Comer on the Committee on Oversight and Reform, discuss the violence and actions of the left-wing mobs across the nation’s capital since the beginning of summer and claim Bowser’s inaction is partly to blame.

“By your inaction in response to their mayhem, these left-wing agitators have become emboldened to be even more aggressive and more dangerous. The recent violent confrontations on District streets and in District businesses dramatically underscore this fact,” according to the letter. “You must restore order and peace to the District before the left-wing violent extremism gets further out of hand.”

The request is for documents pertaining to the District’s response to left-wing agitators tormenting peaceful individuals and any investigations into whether these agitators are paid or influenced by a third party.

The request seeks information dating from June 1 to the present and the information is requested by Sep. 16.


White House Denounces ‘Ludicrous’ Washington, D.C. Plan to Change or Remove Historical Monuments

The White House on Tuesday denounced a proposal from a group appointed by Washington, DC, Mayor Murial Bowser to change or remove historical monuments in the city.

“The radically liberal mayor of Washington, D.C., is repeating the same left-wing narrative used to incite dangerous riots: demolishing our history and destroying our great heritage,” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement, describing the report drafted by Bowser’s request as “ludicrous.”

The report proposes a recommendation that the federal government “remove, relocate, or contextualize” monuments such as the Washington Monument, the Christopher Columbus Statue, an Andrew Jackson Statue, and the Jefferson Memorial.

– DCFaces Working Report

Bowser shared the report on social media on Tuesday.

“This July, I tasked the DCFACES Working Group with evaluating public spaces to ensure the namesake’s legacy is consistent with DC Values,” Bowser wrote on Twitter. “They have delivered the report, and I look forward to reviewing and advancing their recommendations.”

The chairs of the working group said they examined over examined 3,050 properties and monuments and discovered over 153 “persons of concern” that warranted a change.

“Our decision-making prism focused on key disqualifying histories, including participation in slavery, systemic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities and violation of the DC Human Right Act,” they wrote in their report.

But the White House said that the president had no interest in participating in any attempt to dramatically transform Washington, DC, adding that Bowser should be “ashamed” for even proposing the idea.

“President Donald J. Trump believes these places should be preserved, not torn down; respected, not hated; and passed on for generations to come,” the statement read. “As long as President Trump is in the White House, the mayor’s irresponsible recommendations will go absolutely nowhere.”


DC Mayor: ‘Remove, Relocate, Contextualize’ Monuments and Memorials

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has called for the removal, relocation, or contextualization of a number of entities across the city, including the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Columbus Fountain, and a Benjamin Franklin statue.

The Mayor led a group, dubbed the DCFACES Working Group, to review different memorials and schools in the district for renaming and removal. The group was tasked to create a report of their findings in July and this information was released today.

“Since July 15, we have worked with eight working group members and more than twenty staff members to engage residents, examine policy and conduct research in making the recommendations contained herein,” states the report.

“Our decision-making prism focused on key disqualifying histories, including participation in slavery, systemic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities and violation of the DC Human Right Act,” the report adds.

The report goes into lengthy detail about the process and conclusions. Schools and libraries should be renamed, monuments and memorials should be moved or removed, and bridges and highways will get a long look at their names.

Nine public buildings including the Potomac Job Corps Center and the Thomas Jefferson Hall are listed for recommended renaming.

Twelve playgrounds and fields, 7 government buildings, and 8 memorials are listed for renaming or contextualization.

One Twitter user noted the strange order and pointed out the very city is named after George Washington—will Mayor Bowser propose renaming D.C. too?

The full recommendations and report by the Mayor’s administration can be read here.


Extremists Threaten Trump And Call For Revolution, Situation Is Expected To Get ‘Far Worse’ Before November Election

Revolution. This, if anything, appeared to be a major theme flowing from the protesters and rioters over the weekend in Washington D.C. Those calls came from groups claiming to be Black Lives Matter, Antifa activists, leftists liberals and other Marxist, socialist like groups who came to be a part of the march for justice in the city.

Instead of justice and peace, however, the march began to take on the hallmarks of revolutions we’ve witnessed in videos or news in other parts of the world. I was there during the day on Saturday, with Jennie Taer. She is a writer on the website and for the most part we witnessed a fairly normal protests in morning and early afternoon. However, as the day went on the situation slowly began to transform into calls for a revolution and removing President Donald Trump from office.

Some of those calls were actually direct threats to the president. There is a growing fear in Washington D.C. and among federal law enforcement officials that the situation is expected to get worse before, during and after the November presidential elections.

Federal law enforcement officials are mindful and carefully monitoring extremist groups, one law enforcement official told

“It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if these groups were being manipulated by outside forces intending to make things worse for our country before the election. I would bet that’s exactly what’s happening,” the federal law enforcement official said.

Last week, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said the anarchist group Antifa, “absolutely” meets the standards of being designated as a “domestic terrorist group.”

“I think what we see with them individually targeting law enforcement, individually targeting certain officials for certain reasons, that is the definition of domestic terrorism,” Wolf told The Federalist in an interview.

Former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik posted a Tweet over the weekend from the March On Washington D.C., showing a man threatening to rip Trump out of the White House. In the video the man claims his name is John Sullivan, from Salt Lake City, Utah, who says his group is ‘Insurgents U.S.A.’

“We about to burn this shit down,” he says in the video, referring at one point to the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin by 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse, who’s charged with killing two and injuring others during the riots last week. He referred to other white militia in Utah, as well.

“Fuck this shit,” he said. “We out there strapped, we out there ready to burn that shit down, we out there to defend our fucking selves. We got to defend ourselves now too,” he said, getting a group to chant ‘power to the people’ multiple times.

“We got to fucking rip Trump out of that office right there,” he said. “We got to pull him out that shit. Nah, nah, we ain’t fucking about waiting until the next election, we about to go get that mother fucker. I ain’t about that shit, cause you know what time it is…repeat after me, it’s time for a revolution.”

FBI officials could not be immediately reached for comment regarding the threat made to Trump.

In another video a Black Lives Matter speaker threatens to put police in a grave and burn down the White House.

There is no doubt that the situation is going to get far worse in our nation if lawmakers don’t work together to reduce the anger and quell the violence growing in our cities. This means our lawmakers – federal, state and local – must not politicize the increasing dangers in our cities, as Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler has done.

We’ve already witnessed too many lives lost and ten-of-millions of dollars in destruction throughout our communities. Moreover, the majority of Americans are not rioting in the streets or causing destruction but they are fearful of the growing unrest.

There are only 63 days until the election and that doesn’t buy much time to fix a situation that only benefits the enemies of our country.

So if lawmakers on both sides of the aisle truly care about the people they represent then they will work together to attempt to stop this, or they’ll be partially responsible for the bloodshed and violence that we have yet to witness.

The American people can no longer be used in these lawmakers political games.