Washington To Castrate Minors Without Parental Consent As UN Pushes Legalized Pedophilia

Greg Reese – Apr 22, 2023

Laws now being passed to eradicate parental rights when it comes to gender reassignment surgery and drugs


The Washington state Senate just passed Senate Bill 5599, allowing the state to hide children from their parents. No allegation of abuse is required. Just the child’s delusional desire to change the gender of their own body. The bill compels state licensed youth shelters to act as accomplices in castrating children without their parent’s knowledge. And allocates over seven million dollars to pay for the surgical and pharmaceutical castrations.

According to this new law, if a child shows up at a youth shelter in Washington state and expresses the desire to change the gender of their body, claiming that their parents are against it, then the youth shelter is legally obligated to not notify the parents of the child’s location. But rather, to funnel that child into the destructive and horrific world of trans-genderism. Paid for by the state with tax-payer dollars.

And it’s not limited to Washington residences. Any young confused runaway child can make their way to Washington to get castrated by the government without their parents ever being notified.

The agenda to destroy Christian culture and the family was further demonstrated last month when scores of UN judges published The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty.

The document states that these principles should be of immediate relevance to legislators, judges, and prosecutors at all levels.

These principles include the right to abortion and transgender surgeries. They legalize prostitution and all drug use. But the real offense is buried at the end of Principle 16 – Consensual Sexual Conduct, where it states that; sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law. In this context, the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them.

The sociopaths in world government are now openly pressing for legal pedophilia. And the reason was best summarized by Communist/Marxist; Vladimir Lenin

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Yes, The Statute Of Limitations Has Passed On Bragg’s ‘Get Trump’ Case

We have recently learned a few more things about the charges brought by District Attorney Alvin Bragg against former President Donald Trump. One thing is for sure. The D.A.’s team checked some of their basic knowledge of the law at the door.

In New York, misdemeanors must be prosecuted within two years of the date of the offense. Felonies like those Bragg has alleged must be prosecuted within five years or be forever barred by the statute of limitations. These are not new, complex, or difficult-to-manage rules and deadlines. Team Bragg is aware.

The D.A. has charged Trump with felonies for a variety of reasons, one of which is to trigger the five- rather than two-year limitations period on bad bookkeeping crimes. Felonies often bring jail time, which is the left’s fever dream for Trump.

Statutes of limitations are firm dates. There is little leeway for a prosecutor to ask a judge to set aside the statute to allow a time-barred charge to still proceed to trial. Putative criminal defendants have a right to rely on the passage of time as a complete defense to potential charges. Prosecutors must work in a timely fashion and are perpetually on the clock. That does not change simply because their target is an important person.

Bragg is largely also stuck with the formal findings of other courts regarding when certain events occurred on which he premises his charges. Everyone but Bragg, including his predecessor as Manhattan D.A., federal prosecutors, and the Federal Election Commission, had years to charge Trump with crimes within various statutory limitations periods and decided not to do so. Federal prosecutors did, however, charge candidate Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, with crimes related to the same “hush money,” and he went to prison. That was a document-intensive process, and the official papers filed in that case do not help Bragg’s case against Trump.

According to Cohen’s filed-in-federal-court sentencing memorandum, the Trump Organization “falsely accounted for these (hush money) payments as ‘legal expenses’” sometime in 2017. Thus, the D.A. had to bring any misdemeanor charge related to that transaction in 2019 and any felony charge in 2022 to survive a defense motion to dismiss. Bragg’s grand jury handed up charges in 2023 after the five-year limitations period expired.

Time Under Statute of Limitations

Bragg needs to cook up a convincing reason for his failure to timely indict Trump on state charges and balance it on top of his already shaky case. He should not succeed, and this is not a close call. How will the media try to help him? By painting with a broad brush or lying, of course.

CNN has been telling us since 2021, two years before Bragg’s indictment of the former president, that the time Trump spent in the White House would be tacked on to the New York statute of limitations to keep the prospect of criminal charges against Trump alive. Other networks have mimicked that conclusion. Each has focused on the contention that any period following the commission of the offense during which a defendant resided outside of New York will serve to extend the statutory time bar.  I heard and saw this quoted several times last week. In some cases that conclusion is wrong. In others, depending on the source, it is intentionally misleading. Much of the media are taking their cues from the Jan. 6 Committee and its curated half-emails and spliced clips.

The theory is that because Trump lived in Washington, D.C., during his presidency and in 2019 switched his official state of residence to Florida, the felony limitations period in New York City is still open. The time Trump spent away from New York will simply be subtracted from the time that has elapsed since the Trump Organization allegedly misrepresented Cohen’s reimbursement. This is dreaming and relies on only part of the statute while ignoring the rest.

New York law, in fact, addresses this concept in its Rules of Criminal Procedure, which provide that if the defendant was “continuously outside” the state or “the whereabouts of the defendant were continuously unknown and continuously unascertainable by the exercise of reasonable diligence,” the time for the state to bring charges against a person may be extended.

Suppose the D.A. informed you that you were the target of a criminal investigation, and you promptly fled New York to a non-extradition country until the statute of limitation on your alleged crimes expired. Then you came home to Manhattan. In that case, provided you remained continuously outside of New York and purposely hid from the D.A.’s diligent pursuit, the law might extend the statute of limitations and provide the prosecutor more time to indict you.

Does it sound at all like this concept applies to President Trump?

Trump was front-page news for his entire presidency. He was not hiding from anyone. He did not evade Bragg. He loves and lives in the limelight. He was not told until recently that Bragg had empaneled a grand jury regarding Stormy Daniels. Trump routinely visited New York City over the last several years and maintains at least one home and business assets there. If Bragg could not figure out where Trump was from 2016 to 2022, he has bigger problems than this weak indictment. Based on Bragg’s own timeline in the indictment he prepared, the charges he has conferred against Trump are time-barred with no basis for leeway.

Bragg also alleges that the bookkeeping fraud influenced the 2016 election to try to make it a felony. But the indictment contends the fraudulent ledger entry occurred in 2017, post-election. A person cannot retroactively affect an election. D.A. Bragg has also suggested that even if the limitations period expired on the crimes he has charged, alleged lies about the related events might also extend the time for him to charge Trump. The indictment does not include legal support for that position, which continues to stretch sense and jurisprudence.

On one hand, Bragg has alleged a factually unprovable charge (a post-election, election interference) to try to reach a more favorable time limit for charges. On the other, he has charged crimes that are plainly time-barred based on the chronology he wrote and published. Either way, he loses badly. The push and pull are tearing apart Bragg’s indictment, leaving him nothing on which to proceed.

The presiding judge will decide whether each count in Bragg’s indictment is defective or may proceed past this early stage of the case and be considered by a jury.  A concern for the defense and many Americans will be whether a Manhattan jury could ever fairly weigh the evidence or would simply convict Trump on all charges the court allows to advance to trial.

Looking Ahead

There will be a day when Bragg has to explain himself in court. Best guess is that he will sit in the second row while one of his deputies argues the case, as weak arguers tend to do in court.

Whoever argues for Bragg in court will have to ask the judge to make new law in New York to allow up-charging to felonies by linking them to a federal election crime the D.A. cannot prosecute, and the feds who have jurisdiction did not prosecute. Then prove Trump hid from them while president as they diligently searched for him to no avail.

Team Trump’s arguments are basic and direct. They will contend the time for Bragg to charge Trump for the crimes listed in the indictment expired months or years ago and can no longer be pursued. They will argue that the D.A. lacks jurisdiction or legal support to up-charge a paperwork misdemeanor to a felony by conflating it with a federal election violation over which a state prosecutor lacks jurisdiction. Only the federal government could charge such a crime and did not.

The judge will decide whether the claims are legally defective and should be dismissed. It is unclear how much of this will be done under the watchful public eye. Pundits will guess at the meaning and strength of the motions.

It remains the expectation of many that this case will end with a dull thud and a dismissal. If it does not, a no-holds-barred battle is likely. Now that the Dems have broken the seal on arresting and charging a former president, they will probably do it a few more times in different cases as we move closer to an election season. They cannot accept the results of the 2016 election and cannot help but interfere with another.

Republicans who turn the other cheek will be primaried. Conservatives have had enough of them. Hopefully, real conservatives will see this for what it is — a dual system of justice controlled by the left — and give it back to them in double measure within the bounds of the law. No free-from-prosecution sacred cows on the other side of the aisle from this moment forward.

In fact, some on the left understand the concept of turnabout and know these charges are weak and likely to fail. Others are digging up calendars and counting the years since their last hush money payment made during their own campaign.

Either way, so-called liberals should be wary of what a Trump presidency would look and feel like for them. That particular man, wounded and embarrassed and objectively wronged, with no need to tone it down for the campaign, should be of critical concern for anyone with a “D” on their elected office nameplate.

Thomas Crist is a husband, father, lawyer, and political conservative who loves his country and despises all myopic hypocrisy regardless of its source.


Trump Pledges to ‘Totally Obliterate the Deep State’ if Elected President

Trump Pledges to ‘Totally Obliterate the Deep State’ if Elected President

Former President Donald J. Trump said on Saturday he would “obliterate the Deep State” if elected president and told supporters he is their “warrior” and “retribution.”

“In 2016, I declared I am your voice. Today, I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution,” said Trump, delivering the keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC.

The 45th president, who presently sits in a primary field with just two declared opponents, then pledged to “totally obliterate the Deep State,” prompting chants of “USA.”

“I will fire the unelected bureaucrats and shadow forces who have weaponized our justice system like it has never been weaponized before. Sick – these are sick people. I will put the people back in charge of this country again,” he said.

Earlier this week, Trump released his latest policy video since launching his campaign in November. The 45th president proposed a “sweeping pro-American overhaul of our tax and trade policy” aimed at improving American manufacturing and ending dependence on China.

He plans to “phase in a system of universal base-line tariffs on most foreign products,” with heightened tariffs on goods that come from countries that devalue their currencies. Additionally, Trump focused on trade policy with China.

“We will revoke China’s most-favored-nation trade status and adopt a four-year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of essential goods, everything from electronics to steel to pharmaceuticals,” he said.

Earlier Saturday, Trump won the CPAC GOP primary straw poll, taking 60 percent of support to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R-FL) 20 percent, as Fox News noted.

A Yahoo-/YouGov poll released Tuesday showed Trump leading his potential top opponent, DeSantis, by nearly double digits in a head-to-head match-up after trailing him three weeks prior in another survey from the polling outfit. The change marked a net 12-point swing Trump’s way. His lead had also grown over a larger primary field.


U.S. Gives ANOTHER $10 Billion To Ukraine!?!? 2-25-23 The Jimmy Dore Show

levtcs – February 27th, 2023

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House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote

House Republicans Block DC Law That Would Allow Illegal Residents To Vote

In a win for election integrity, the House of Representatives voted to overturn a D.C. law that would give noncitizens a right to vote in municipal elections Thursday.

“I applaud the House for acting to ensure that foreign spies and illegal immigrants are not voting in the nation’s capital,” Jason Snead, executive director of Honest Elections Project Action (HEPA), said in a statement regarding the vote. “Thanks to a Constitutional right and since the District is not a state, the House acted as it should have and has moved to stop this extreme and antidemocratic measure.”

According to the Constitution, Congress has the ability to block laws passed in the District. The GOP-led House voted 260-173 to overturn the new law, with 42 Democrats joining Republicans. For the law to be overturned, it must also be voted against in the Democratic-led Senate and signed by the President. While President Biden has said he opposes the law, he has not stated whether or not he will veto it.

The D.C. Council passed D.C. Bill 24.300 last year, which lowered the qualifications for voting in D.C.’s municipal elections to just one month of residency in the District, discarding the previous U.S. citizenship or legal immigration status requirement. The law goes into effect starting in 2024.

The Washington Post estimates the new law would allow 50,000 noncitizen residents to cast ballots in D.C., including 21,000 illegal residents. Even foreign nationals who pledge allegiance to another country — such as Russian and Chinese diplomats — who’ve resided in the District for just one month would have the power to change the makeup of D.C.’s city council and Board of Education, as well as vote on initiatives, referendums, recalls, and changes to the D.C. charter.  

While progressives on the D.C. Council have championed the measure for racial equity purposes, the law would actually disenfranchise and dilute the votes of minority residents — born and raised in D.C., and many the descendants of slaves — who are U.S. citizens.

“The D.C. city council is pushing a measure that is wildly out of touch with the views of most Americans and is so extreme that even the Washington Post editorial staff call it ‘radical,’” Snead said. “Eighty-four percent of Americans agree that only citizens should have the right to vote. But D.C. Democrats want to run our elections like our borders and disregard safeguards that protect the integrity of the vote.”

According to Independent Women’s Forum Visiting Fellow and Civil Rights Attorney Maya Noronha, the law would also cost the city over $3 million to implement (changing voter registration applications, voter rolls, and ballot machine systems, as well as sending out a GOTV mailer to noncitizen residents encouraging them to vote), which D.C. does not have.

To foot the bill, D.C. will likely “demand a bailout from the rest of the taxpayers around the country,” Noronha writes. But D.C.’s election system already has significant problems. A 2016 report by the Office of the District of Columbia Auditor found that D.C. failed to clean its voter rolls, leaving deceased and duplicate residents on its lists.

Even if the law is not overturned, it is a good sign that the new Republican majority in the House is united in fighting for election integrity, especially as the left continues its assault on free and fair elections by orchestrating a federal takeover of election administration, banning election security measures such as voter ID, or disenfranchising American voters by allowing noncitizen residents, high schoolers, and felons to vote.

The House also voted against D.C.’s newly revised criminal code on Thursday, which decreased penalties for violent crimes and cut a majority of mandatory minimum sentences.

“A healthy republic has two basic duties: guarantee free and fair elections; and protect life, liberty, and property from violence,” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said in a floor speech condemning the two laws. “Yet two new acts from the Washington, D.C. City Council would dilute the vote of American citizens and endanger city residents and visitors.”

Victoria Marshall is a staff writer at The Federalist. Her writing has been featured in the New York Post, National Review, and Townhall. She graduated from Hillsdale College in May 2021 with a major in politics and a minor in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @vemrshll.


New Narrative created! UKRAINE deep DIVE=ties to BIDEN! VIEW DISCRETION ADVISED!!! PRAY!

And We Know – Feb 2nd, 2023

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Watch: Pro-Abortion Activists Scream Their Heads Off at Pro-Lifers During 2023 Women’s March

Watch: Pro-Abortion Activists Scream Their Heads Off at Pro-Lifers During 2023 Women’s March

Pro-abortion activists screamed in the faces of pro-lifers at the 2023 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, insisting that unborn babies “are not people.”

“You care about controlling women. I’m not scared of you,” one Women’s March attendee screamed in the face of AJ Hurley, who is activism lead for the pro-life group Live Action. Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie caught the incident on camera. 

“You should not be surprised that when you advocate for violence, you use violence,” Hurley said, before being met with more screams. 

“You’re supporting murder,” he continued. “Your demons are manifesting.” 


Another pro-abortion activist was caught on camera saying that unborn babies “are not people” 

“They are not people. They’re a clump of cells. They don’t exist,” she said. 

Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie also captured other pro-abortion activists woofing like dogs when Hurley pointed out that none of them had been aborted.

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

“You weren’t aborted, you weren’t aborted, and you were not aborted,” Hurley said, pointing to several of the pro-abortion activists who were surrounding him. The pro-abortion activists, rather than engage in Hurley’s argument, began screaming and barking. 

Hurley said his remarks were in reference to former President Ronald Reagan’s quote: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

“I was thinking about that and figured I would remind everyone that if my voice didn’t matter because I’m a man, their voice doesn’t matter because they weren’t aborted,” he told Breitbart News on Tuesday. 

The Women’s March has been happening since 2017, when angry feminists poured into the streets across the United States on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Hundreds of thousands of people reportedly attended the protest in Washington, DC, though Hurley said the Women’s March turnout in the nation’s capital this year was a shred of what it has been.

“Yeah, Women’s March was unbelievably small. There were a total of maybe 500 people there,” he estimated. “We can get these kind of numbers on a few days’ notice.”

Hurley said the smaller turnout shows that “the tide is shifting.” 

“People know what’s in the womb is human life. They can see with their own eyes the victims of their ideology. Abortion is murder, and we’re not going back,” he said. 


Time to SHOW the WORLD the TRUTH, CDC exposed, GOP HOUSE, Ready for LAUNCH. PRAY!

And We Know – Jan 15th, 2023

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College tennis player dies unexpectedly in sleep; 2 NCAA players died in 1 week

Abolish the IRS https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112927

The CDC is investigating a potential link between the COVID injection and ischemic strokes. https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112937

Kash Patel gives his thoughts on special counsel Robert Hur, who was recently appointed to investigate Biden. He believes that Hur is another “government gangster.” Hur was the #3 officer at the DOJ under Rod Rosenstein. https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112941

Kari update – the appeals court is taking the case “on the merits”, which is good. The court didn’t even have to take the case but after review, they accepted it. https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112942

Rich asking for unvaxed pilots https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112945

The same UPenn DC “think-tank” running interference for Biden re: stolen classified documents, https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112956

Scavino just reposted this classic 🇺🇸🫡 https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112963

About traitor Rosenstein, and his Deep State pals. https://t.me/conservativejblQck1776/112971

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President Trump on the Biden classified documents: “I think you’re gonna find a lot more because in Delaware, https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/30104

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Caught on babycam: https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/30093



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