Dying Political Parties and Dying Babies

Dying Political Parties and Dying Babies

The dilemma of real conservatives in fake conservative political parties. Bernie Finn is being ditched by his own party for supporting the basic right to life of babies in the womb.

For years now I have bemoaned the fact that the Liberal party in Victoria — as well as in much of the rest of Australia — is on a slow but certain decline. And it is a self-caused decline. Instead of being a conservative party, or even a centre-right party, it is in fact neither of them. Increasingly, it simply seeks to be a pale image of Labor and the Greens.

And one of the key indications of this has to do with one of the finest Liberal Party politicians Victoria has ever known: Bernie Finn. A week ago, I wrote about his strong prolife views and how his own party so thoroughly disapproves.

Kicked Out

Sadly, things have gone from bad to worse for this 23-year veteran of the Libs. Not only has he been hated on by his leader and many of his own colleagues for the crime of believing that we should not be involved in the mass killing of babies, but now they want to ditch him altogether. As one news outlet puts it:

Under fire Liberal MP Bernie Finn says he found out his party was planning to expel him through the media. Mr Finn told the Herald Sun that no one in the party had bothered to tell him about the motion next week. “It seems to me that the leadership is communicating with me via the media these days,” he said.

“Perhaps I should start responding to them through the media. “I’m a bit bemused. I’m yet to be told exactly what the situation is, but what I’m gathering from you good people is that there is something afoot.” A partyroom meeting is expected to be held next Tuesday morning to vote on a motion to remove the upper house politician.

It comes just days after Mr Finn resigned as the opposition whip in the upper house in the wake of his “abhorrent” abortion views, declaring the Liberal Party had displayed a “degree of disloyalty” to him. In a statement, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said: “It is imperative that Liberal Members of Parliament must be solely focused on recovering and rebuilding Victoria.

“A continued lack of discipline and repeated actions detrimental to the party’s ability to stand up for the interests of Victorians has left no other option but to consider Mr Finn’s eligibility to represent the Liberal Party,” he added. Mr Finn said he hadn’t yet considered a future outside the Liberal party.

“I have given that zero thought. This was thrown at me late this afternoon. I’ve been in meetings with constituents, which, I have to say it’s been a bit hard to concentrate,” he laughed. “If I am thrown out for expressing a policy view, you’ve got to wonder where this all ends up. I have always been a great believer of freedom of speech. I think a Liberal party that does not believe in freedom of speech has lost its meaning.”

Hard Cases

The media has repeatedly used the word “abhorrent” to characterise his views, claiming this is just what his Liberal colleagues are saying. So let me get this straight: to want to slaughter countless babies is just fine and a terrific Liberal party value, but believing babies should be given the right to life is abhorrent.

Indeed, he is standing strong, even after all this hate, abuse and betrayal from his own party. On social media, Bernie doubled down. In one of his latest posts, he simply said this: “Killing babies is abhorrent.” Absolutely right, Bernie.

challenge of abortion bookIt especially seems that his comments about rape victims keeping their babies have especially freaked out some of his fellow MPs — and of course the secular left media. But in my 2015 book on abortion, I spoke at length about this issue. Here is part of what I had to say:

As repellent as all rapes are, why must the innocent child have to pay the price? As ethicist Patrick Lee explains, “the unborn child is not the one who committed the violence. The unborn child is innocent, and is moving and growing in a way that is simply natural for him or her. The child came to be through a violent act, but that is now irrelevant for how the child himself or herself should be treated. That is, the child deserves no less consideration on the grounds that he or she came to be through a horrible and violent act of his or her father.”

Even though the woman has been violated does not morally justify the killing of the innocent third party — the baby. Lee continues, “Suppose someone illegally dumped garbage into my yard. May I then rake the garbage into my innocent neighbour’s yard? Or may I pass counterfeit money to an innocent party because I innocently received it myself? No, in both cases.”

And compounding one problem with another hardly is very helpful. “One wrong is not corrected by another wrong. One act of violence is not solved by another violent act.” Indeed, aborting this child simply compounds the problems, and deepens the turmoil. As Curt Young writes:

“Abortion promises only to compound the trauma of rape with yet another experience of violence. In pursuing this course, the victim may assume to herself guilt for the entire episode. In an attempt to overcome the violation of her own person, she does violence to another, submitting to the added humiliation of abortion. This brings no peace of mind and no healing, only more pain and more regret. In the words of one experienced counsellor, ‘Abortion does not unrape a woman’.”

Or as another commentator puts it, “post-abortion trauma in many rape cases appears to be no less pronounced than post-abortion trauma in non-rape cases. Rape followed by pregnancy followed by abortion leaves three victims: the woman who was traumatized initially by the rape; the unborn child who is traumatized by the abortion; and, for a second time, the woman who is traumatized by her decision to have an abortion.”

I continue:

Furthermore, we need to hear from the two parties themselves: those who were raped, and those who were conceived by rape. Concerning the latter, there are many such individuals who were the product of rape who are so very glad their mothers allowed them the choice of life. Mary Rathke for example used to be pro-abortion until she learned that she was conceived through rape. She says this: “Even those in the pro-life movement think it’s OK to abort me. Because I hear all the time, ‘I’m pro-life, except in the case of rape.’ I’m really hearing, ‘I’m pro-life, except in the case of Mary Rathke. Just because my father was a rapist doesn’t mean I don’t deserve life.”

There are even entire organisations which have now been set up by those pleading for the right to life for those conceived via rape. There are many examples of this. Consider the conceived in rape-survivor Rebecca Kiessling. She has a website devoted to putting a human face on this issue. As she has stated:

“Have you ever considered how really insulting it is to say to someone, ‘I think your mother should have been able to abort you’? It’s like saying, ‘If I had my way, you’d be dead right now.’ And that is the reality with which I live every time someone says they are pro-choice or pro-life ‘except in cases of rape’ because I absolutely would have been aborted if it had been legal in Michigan when I was an unborn child, and I can tell you that it hurts. But I know that most people don’t put a face to this issue — for them abortion is just a concept — with a quick cliche, they sweep it under the rug and forget about it. I do hope that, as a child conceived in rape, I can help to put a face, a voice, and a story to this issue.”

Yes, plenty of women and organisations exist to help those who have been raped, to navigate through this difficult period. Consider just one: my social media friend Juda Myers — who was conceived in rape — and her superb organisation: Choices4Life.

Whither Bernie Finn

Getting back to Bernie, some of us have differed with him over the years. That is because while his views on most issues have been terrific and rock-solid, that could not be said about his own party. So we often wondered if he should stay or find greener pastures. Until now, he had been fiercely loyal to the Libs. That is commendable, but this loyalty needs to be a two-way street.

It is quite clear that the leader Matthew Guy and the party are NOT loyal to Bernie. While it is great to see that a politician stays loyal to his team, even if it is a sinking ship, eventually, and for the good of all, it is time to leave that ship and go where one is appreciated.

So we need to keep Bernie in our prayers. This is a very tough time indeed. We hope he stays in politics and fights the good fight. For now, it looks like he will be a cross-bencher as of next week. Whether he stays on as an independent, or joins one of the smaller pro-life parties remains to be seen.

But we need even more champions like Bernie Finn in politics. There are far too many useless wonders like Matthew Guy and most of the Libs. God bless you, Bernie.


Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo: Eugene Hyland

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Right on cue comes the monkey-pox amazingly arriving in Melbourne

Letter to the Editor

Yet again, further evidence of meticulous planning and what *they* have had in store for us for some time.

$119 million spent on another ‘vaccine’, expressly Jynneos, which incidentally, Monkeypox was mysteriously added to the smallpox ‘vaccine’ – and approved in 2019 by another Big Pharma giant Bavarian-Nordic.

Bavarian-Nordic have been involved all along with the Convid ‘vaccine’. Flying under the radar.
They are also a member of the Alliance for Biosecurity.

Another ’vaccine’ which they have approved for manufacture transfer was in place for 2020 – 2025.
Yes, through to 2025.
This ‘vaccine’ is for none other than TBE (Tick-borne Encephalitis). BOOM!

As with Lumpy-Skin-disease-Littleproud’s Japanese Encephalitis, this is a disturbingly recurring word.

from D Johnson


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen’s nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no ‘government’ of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.


Doctors want Victorians to wear muzzles again

Doctors want Victorians to wear muzzles again

XYZ | By David Hiscox – May 17, 2022

Trust me, I’m a doctor.

Have you noticed when you’re out and about that aside from Asians and elderly Boomers, the only people who wear masks are White women who would otherwise be nominally pretty?

My theory is that they understand at least subconsciously that so-called “liberation” is a con which requires them to be sexually available anywhere and everywhere. It’s why in the 2010’s they were obsessed with refugees.

The Islamic dress code offered them the protection which the modern church now refuses to provide. White women may become less enthusiastic about Islam now that Covid restrictions give them the excuse to cover their faces.

As an added bonus, they get to keep their clitoris.

Note the gravity with which the reportress uses the term “settings”. Apparently, a supermarket is a “setting”. The masses are being conditioned to use bureaucratic language for every…. setting:

The Australian Medical Association says Victorians should voluntarily don masks at the supermarket, indoor theatres and anywhere else where there is a high chance of spreading winter viruses.

Conditions in the state’s hospitals have been deteriorating worryingly in recent weeks. Wards are full and ambulance ramping is widespread. Doctors have declared emergency departments to be dangerous, and epidemiologists expect the pressure on the health system to worsen as the temperature drops, with a further surge in COVID-19 cases and a growing flu season.

The president of the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Roderick McRae, said the doctors group would be supportive of a move to reinstate some “moderate, but sensible [COVID-19] requirements” such as masks in supermarkets, theatres, concert halls and football stadiums.

But with such a decision politically fraught and not expected in the short-term, McRae instead called on people to take their own precautions for the good of the community, including avoiding mass events and getting a third vaccine.

The Andrews government is getting slammed because the hospital system, and in particular the ambulance system, is at breaking point. Given that Dictator Dan is secretly fronting up to corruption hearings every other week, he doesn’t need Victorians remembering that he was elected on the back of unrealistic promises to the Ambulance Union.

He’d love to lock us all down again but he can’t, because it’s an election year. Victorians hate Covid restrictions only slightly more than they hate Daniel Andrews himself. He narrowly avoided a revolution last year, and if he is to have any chance of retaining electoral support in the suburbs and the regions he must keep Victoria open.

It’s quite fun to watch him squirm. With the option of brutal dictatorship temporarily shelved, he’s been reduced to begging.

Read more

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Sick? Repeat After Me: “Imagine How Bad I’d Be Without the Jab!”

Those who trumpeted the necessity of receiving the coronavirus vaccine to avoid falling sick and help the state maintain Covid-zero, now rationalise that the jab moderates the effects of the virus. Do they think we wouldn’t notice the change in messaging?

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has Covid.

Professor Brett Sutton tweeted:

I’m down with COVID. Feeling pretty rubbish, tbh. Razor blade throat and painful cough. Clearly not the same for everyone. Can’t imagine how it might have been — for me — without three doses of vax. Good on science.

Only three doses? What is he, a conspiracy theorist?

I jest. Three doses were meant to be plenty enough.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews told people this year:

“It’s only when you have three doses that you’ve got maximum protection not only against severe illness but against getting this virus.”

US President Joe Biden put it like this …

“You’re okay. You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

Apparently, thrice-jabbed Professor Sutton never got the message.

Or maybe he just didn’t stay away from children’s playgrounds.

The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Professor Sutton who, with Daniel Andrews, terrorised Victorians in the name of Covid zero now has Covid.

So, um, what were the last two years of hell all about?

Professor Sutton, sticking to the script, advises that he has contracted the virus he was supposed to be immunised against, but that he is so glad he received the immunisation that didn’t work because imagine how bad it would be if he had not.


I love how Professor Sutton has a parallel universe with which to compare things. His symptoms could have been less severe without all the jibby-jabs for all he knows.

Thanking the vaccine that didn’t stop you from getting sick under the belief you’d have been worse had you not had the injection — once, twice, three times — is delusional.

Oh, and we are expected to believe that if you were unvaccinated and got Covid, then it was because you were unvaccinated. And an idiot, according to NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

This pantomime is just so bizarre.

Got my first jab to protect me from Covid

Got my second jab to protect me from Covid

Got my third jab to protect me from Covid

Got Covid

Got to be glad I got all those jabs to protect me from Covid

Wait. What?!

But anyway, “good on science”!

Yep. Nothing says “trust the science” like Pfizer’s determination to keep Covid vaccine trial data secret for 75 years!

Anyway, I just got my 18th booster and I’ve only had Covid seven times and been hospitalised twice. Thank goodness for science and the power of vaccines!

The most recent data from the UK, explained by Mark Steyn on GBN, indicates you are more likely to get Covid if you have been triple-jabbed.

For the record, I got Covid over Christmas. And I recovered without any dramas.

I can’t imagine how it might have been — for me — had I given in to government bullying and had three doses of the mRNA vaccine. Good on common sense.

PS: I do sincerely hope Professor Sutton is feeling better soon.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by cottonbro.

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A not for profit incorporated association the purposes of which are the preservation and conservation of Australian wild-living Brumbies.

Parks Victoria today announced its intention to secretly cull Brumbies in Bogong High Plains in the Victorian Alpine Park and Barmah National Park in “remote and difficult terrain”.

A Parks Victoria representative claim threats of harm to its employees as the reason for the clandestine shooting. Yet no announcement has been made charges were laid or details of alleged threats made public. It is believed, the reason to keep any brumby cull secret is because of strong public opposition.

In May 2021 a petition with 180,000 signatures against brumby shooting was delivered to the Minister for Environment Ms Lily D’Ambrosio. In 2021 a National Poll conducted by the Weekly Times reported 91% of participants were opposed to brumbies being shot and in June 2020 an ePetition with 14,000 signatures opposing brumby shooting, called for the introduction of brumby Legislation tabled in Parliament by Ms Wendy Lovell MP. A Notice of Motion opposing brumby shooting was carried unanimously in the Upper House of Victorian Parliament.

What does it take for the Andrews Government to listen to constituents? The public, brumby advocates, and stakeholders are opposed to plans of Parks Victoria to shoot brumbies.

Advocates believe there are better ways of brumby management which excludes archaic shooting. A Bill for Heritage Brumby Legislation was drafted on behalf of Brumby Action Group Incorporated, delivered to the Minister for Environment in 2021 and made available to the Shadow Minister for Environment James Newbury MP. It calls for recognition of the Heritage value of Brumbies and to protect that value in all National Parks while ensuring all environmental issues are satisfied. Rehoming is part of the draft Bill which excludes shooting brumbies in preference to managed rehoming.

Environmental issues claimed by Parks Victoria are robustly challenged with only 65 Bogong High Plains Brumbies surviving and about 350 in Barmah National Park. Numbers in the Alpine Park are under question mark following the wildfires of 2019.

Last year Parks Victoria were challenged over trapping horses during foaling season which can lead to foals being crushed in trap yards and is contrary to the regulator’s model code of practice.

With or without thermal scoping the first shot or horse fallen will cause Brumbies to bolt and any foals at foot are at risk of being crushed, mares in foal at risk of aborting, and lactating mares shot could leave foals without a mare, to die of starvation if unable to be found quickly.

Each planned operation will consist of two culling teams (a shooter and spotter), “each working over four consecutive nights, in remote and difficult terrain.” Yet the model codes of practice state: “Ground shooting is not suited to rough country as wounded animals cannot be effectively pursued and would suffer unnecessarily”

The surviving 65 Bogong Brumbies are bloodline descendants of War Horses, the last wild-living surviving descendants of army remounts. Numbers in Eastern Alps are unknown since the wildfires of 2019. Parks Victoria are yet to complete numbers counts of Barmah brumbies to comply with the plan.

The planned shooting is fraught with potential for wounded horses left to die drawn out deaths or foals to die of starvation if they are not located in “remote and difficult terrain” and is considered unsuitable in the model codes of practice.

We are reaching out today to every Member of Parliament to take a stand against this potentially cruel and unnecessary plan, to speak with the Minister for Environment and to support sensible Legislation that will see managed mobs of wild-living brumbies for all future generations.

We urge every Member of Parliament to speak in Parliament about this potentially cruel act and call for it to be set aside.

The Minister for Environment must be asked to abandon the planned shooting which is not management nor does it recognise the Heritage value of our Brumbies.

Contact: brumbyactiongroup@gmail.com Tel: 0400 784 754

Model Code Ground shooting

“Wounded animals must be located and killed as quickly and humanely as possible. If lactating mares are shot, reasonable efforts should be made to find dependent foals and kill them quickly and humanely. Ground shooting is not suited to rough country as wounded animals cannot be effectively pursued and would suffer unnecessarily.es of Practice:”

If you can spare a few dollars for the creators of this website to continue their research to bring you more great content, any amount, no matter how great or small, would be greatly appreciated.


Victorian Policeman Faces Disciplinary Action for Saying ‘There Are Two Genders’

Victorian Policeman Faces Disciplinary Action for Saying ‘There Are Two Genders’

Political correctness has infected our law-keepers. It is now considered taboo to state the basic biological fact that humanity comes in two genders: male and female. Sergeant Staffieri should be commended for his courage in speaking up against the prevailing untrue narrative being foisted upon us all.

A Victorian policeman is under investigation for posting online that there are only two genders.

And so he should be!

Everyone knows there are actually three genders: Males (pronouns he/him), Females (pronouns she/her) and Narcissists (pronouns me!/me!/me!).

The Age reported this week that 62-year-old Sergeant Bruno Staffieri was interviewed by officers from Professional Standards Command over an online comment he made to an officer working in the Gender Equality and Inclusion Command.

Staffieri reportedly wrote:

“So you are doing tertiary education studying genders. I’ll make it easy for you to pass… there are 2.”

Someone call 000!


You have to hand it to Victoria Police; they know what constitutes inappropriate behaviour.

Shoot peaceful protestors with rubber bullets? No consequences.

Pepper spray law-abiding citizens? No consequences.

Harass old ladies sitting in a park during Covid lockdown? No consequences.

Slam people into the pavement for not wearing a mask? No consequences.

But if you dare to state a biological fact, everyone — from the Deputy Commissioner down — wets their pants.

Sergeant Staffieri should demand to know how many genders there are, so that he can be more accurate in future.

We’ll wait for the answer.

Oh, and if you’re the victim of an actual offence, you’ll have to wait too. Police are busy attending to thought crimes.


Staffieri, who has been an officer for more than 35 years and is close to retirement, could lose his job because of the online comments.

This is not the first time Staffieri has upset police command with views that, until five minutes ago, were entirely unremarkable.

Staffieri was also investigated over his public criticism of the government’s decision to cancel Australia Day and Anzac Day celebrations last year, but allow the Gay Pride March in St Kilda to proceed.

“So the next time Australians are sent out to fight a war, maybe we can send out the 8000 that marched today… and try to stop the enemy by waving feathers and brightly coloured boas at them,” Staffieri reportedly posted on May 17, 2021.

“Triple 0. What’s your emergency?”

“Sergent Staffieri objected to the Mardi Gras.”

“Does anyone need help?”

“Yes. We are all very hurty.”

“Does Sergeant Staffieri have a weapon?”

“It’s his words. His words! Words are violence. ”

“Stay in a safe space and practice socially distancing until a squad car full of thought police arrives.”


In June last year, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson posted on Yammer, the force’s internal communication platform, that:

 “Victoria Police is proud to have been recognised as a silver employer at the 2021 Australian LGBTQ+ inclusion awards.”

Staffieri reportedly responded by posting:

“Yes, I agree. Great achievement. But if the public knew how much time, effort and taxpayer dollars went into this, they would also be demanding why we didn’t get a gold.”

That’s pretty funny.

Paterson didn’t think so. He defended the campaign and denied it had received significant public funding.

Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson

Deputy Commissioner Neil Paterson

Staffieri responded:

“Sir, I totally value and respect your opinion and your rank, I simply ask that you value and respect mine.”

Paterson fired back at Staffieri …

“I don’t respect or value your views as they are offensive and there is no place for those views in Victoria Police… Either limit your comments on Yammer to comments that are respectful of everyone or consider your employment options.”

So in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, it’s an honest police officer who tells the truth who is threatened with the sack for having what police hierarchy call “those views”.

Maybe, if Sergeant Staffieri flies the Chinese flag outside his station, all will be forgiven.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Psychopath Daniel Andrews Plans To STARVE Victorians

Psychopath Daniel Andrews Plans To STARVE Victorians

XYZ | By David Hiscox – April 28, 2022

Daniel Andrews was asked today about all the Victorian teachers who suddenly found themselves out of work because they haven’t taken their third dose of poison. This is how he reacted:

“I’m just about sick and tired of this constant negativity when it comes to schools….”

Nobody normal responds like that. Only psychopaths do that. The kind of psychopath who would introduce an innocuous sounding bill to parliament which is designed to destroy any crops people try to grow in their backyard during a period of food shortages. This was seen on the internet:

Andrews government will be coming after agriculture next. The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had it’s second reading in parliament. Biosecurity being the stated reason for changes. Increased enforcement powers, searching of property and persons without warrant, Increased fines, what was $1800 now $10.000 for providing false or misleading info. Landholder consent no longer required for Authorised Officers to take samples, stock (animals), documents. Authorised Officers no longer required to present identification. Heavy penalties for obstructing entry to the property. Sounds like they are getting their ducks lined up, ready to be deployed to shut down farms.

Sounds crazy right? It’s true, it’s all true. Here are just a few examples from The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, Explanatory Memorandum:

Authorised Officers no longer required to present identification:

New section 53(4) of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 creates an exception to the requirement under new section 53(3) for an authorised officer to produce their identity card. The exception provides that an authorised officer is not required to produce their identity card in exercising a power if the request is unreasonable in the circumstances, or the power is exercised by post or electronic communication…

Heavy penalties for obstructing entry to the property:

New section 54J of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 creates an offence of failure to comply with the requirements of an authorised officer. The provision provides that a person commits an offence if without reasonable excuse, the person fails or refuses to comply with a requirement of an authorised officer under the Act. The maximum penalty for this offence is in the case of a corporation 100 penalty units and in any other case 50 penalty units…

Increased fines, what was $1800 now $10.000 for providing false or misleading info:

New section 54L of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 creates an offence of false and misleading conduct or information. A person commits the offence if the person provides any information or produces any document or engages in any other conduct towards an authorised officer while they are performing a function or exercising a power, if the person knows that the information or conduct is or the document contains information that is false, or misleading in a material particular. The maximum penalty for this offence is in the case of a corporation 100 penalty units and in any other case 50 penalty units. Section 72A of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 applies to the new offence, meaning that, if a body corporate commits the offence, officers of the body corporate also commit the offence.

Most concerning, they are putting in place laws which would allow them to charge you the money it cost them to destroy your own food supply:

Clause 20 makes miscellaneous amendments to section 58 of the
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 to clarify and modify the provision in relation to debt recovery and broaden the scope of the directions that may be included in a destruction notice. These amendments provide that a notice may, in addition to dealing with the destroying of chemical products, fertiliser, stock food, agricultural produce, plants or stock, also provide for otherwise dealing with the thing by alternatives means such as recycling. The amendments also include an express provision that action for the recovery of costs may be taken in a court of competent jurisdiction and the costs can be recovered as a debt.

You can also view the entire bill here.

Read more

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Senior Constable QUITS Victoria Police to fight for Aussie Values

Senior Constable QUITS Victoria Police to fight for Aussie Values

Avi Yemini – May 3rd, 2022

ELECTION COVERAGE: http://AUSdecides.com
A long-serving police officer and military veteran told Rebel News that he’s “been disappointed how things have gone the last two years”. Senior Constable Chris Burson resigned from Victoria Police in April to run for the Victorian senate in the upcoming federal election.

Full story: https://rebelne.ws/3s5NX84

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