Marine Veteran Crushes 30yr Old World Record, MSM Won’t Cover This Story, We WILL

pushup world record

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran from North Carolina just broke a 30-year-old world record for the most pushups in one hour. He also attempted the most pushups in twelve hours but fell short of that goal.

North Carolina man shatters world record for pushups

TShane Johnson of Charlotte, North Carolina is the new world record holder for the most pushups in 1 hour. He live-streamed his attempt on YouTube over the weekend (video below) and will now go through the process of Guinness World certification but that’s all a formality because we’re all able to clearly see him break the record.

The previous world record for the most pushups in 1 hour was 2,919. That world record had stood for over 30 years which completely blows my mind given how thirsty CrossFit athletes are to break records these days. But that one stood the test of time until TShane Johnson came along.

Johnson’s new world record of 3,050 pushups in 60 minutes destroyed the previous best of 2,919 pushups. People have come close over the years to matching or breaking the 30-year-old record to no avail but Johnson broke the record by 131 pushups.

If you’re so inclined, you can watch the live stream of his record-setting event on YouTube:

[embedded content]

Army veteran does insane 3,050 pushups in 60 minutes

He did fall short of the 12-hour world title. The Guinness World Records for the most pushups in 12 hours is 19,325 and he was able to complete 16,500.

This isn’t Johnson’s first brush with freakish athletic feats. In 2018, he hiked from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles and covered roughly 22 miles away. He raised money for his foundation Hike Across America to support homeless veterans along the way.

Johnson told reporters “I do these things to inspire regular people to do amazing things” and said he’s not some professional athlete making hundreds of millions of dollars but he’s taking his opportunity in life to make an impact.

After he gives his body some time to recover from doing 16,500 pushups, he thinks he’ll start focusing on some boxing and begin training for his first fight in July, and then after the nation officially returns to normal he’ll attempt another long-distance run across the country.


New Project Seeks To Honor 4,000 Fallen Heroes In Arlington National Cemetery On Memorial Day

Emily Domenech and the Travis Manion Foundation’s Ryan Manion are teaming up to launch The Honor Project to place flags on the graves of at least 4,000 of the fallen heroes buried in Arlington National Cemetery whose loved ones are unable to visit on Memorial Day weekend.

Domenech first started honoring graves on Memorial Day in 2020 “by chance” after COVID-19 restrictions at Arlington National Cemetery limited access to certain people with family passes.

“My grandfather was buried at Arlington Cemetery. He’s a veteran in three wars — World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam — and when I went to visit Arlington Cemetery in 2020 I knew it was going to be different,” Domenech explained, noting that none of the previously scheduled ceremonies, fanfare, or visitations were allowed to take place. “So as I turned in, I honestly thought of a few friends of mine who were veterans who I knew had fellow service members who were buried in Arlington, and I sent out a tweet and just offered to visit and photograph their graves on their behalf.”

At first, Domenech planned to visit a few graves and then be on her way, but after she received “dozens of replies from people from all across the country,” she spent more than six hours at the cemetery.

“I only was able to get to 60, but as you know Arlington’s a big place and I really hope that this year we’ll be able to visit every request that comes in,” Domenech said.

It was social media, Domenech recently wrote, that “helped me reach hundreds of strangers and allowed thousands of others to watch it happen in real-time.”

Now, with the help of the Travis Manion Foundation and other veteran-focused organizations, the tradition carries on.

“Every year on Memorial Day, our messages are the same. It’s to learn their stories and share their stories, and this year we have a tangible way of doing that,” Manion said. “We’re going to have volunteers joining us all weekend for Memorial Day weekend to visit the graves at Arlington National Cemetery…I always say Memorial Day is a great day to have a barbecue spend it with friends, and it is the unofficial kickoff to summer, but it’s more than that. It’s remembering the service and sacrifice of the men and women who have given their lives and service to this country.”

ESPN “SportsCenter” host Scott Van Pelt recognized Domenech’s patriotic act of honoring the graves of the fallen last year, and praised her for her selflessness.

“People who we didn’t know fought for people who they didn’t know and here we were remembering them because of another person that we don’t know,” he marveled.


Jake Tapper Says GOP Veteran Who Lost His Legs In Combat Doesn’t Care About America

CNN anchor Jake Tapper claimed that Republican Rep. Brian Mast, a veteran who lost both of his legs in combat, doesn’t care about the United States.

“Congressman Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida, who lost his legs, by the way, fighting for democracy abroad, although I don’t know about his commitment to it here in the United States,” Tapper said in a live broadcast Wednesday afternoon.

According to his biography, Mast served in the U.S. Army for more than a decade. While deployed in Afghanistan as a bomb disposal expert, Mast found “an improvised explosive device” that “resulted in catastrophic injuries, which included the loss of both of his legs.”

For his time in the service, Mast has received many medals, including the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Commendation Medal for Valor, the Purple Heart Medal, and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.

“In Congress, Brian strives to serve as he did on the battlefield: without regard for personal gain or personal sacrifice,” his bio reads.

Shortly before Tapper insulted Mast on air, the congressman publicly thanked the guardsmen stationed in the Capitol for protecting the legislators during the impeachment debates in the House chambers.

“We owe the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our democracy more than we could ever possibly repay!” Mast wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Tapper called congressional conservatives “selfish dipshits” after some legislators reportedly refused to wear face masks while sheltering in the Capitol during a mob riot.

“Turns out that electing selfish dipshits isn’t a good idea,” he wrote.


Veteran Receives Furnace After His Stops Working: ‘It Can Only Be God’s Plan’

An Army veteran and his family in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, will stay warm this winter thanks to a local business.

Stewart Battle has been using space heaters to warm his house ever since his furnace quit working, according to WTAE.

“Snuggled up with each other, blankets, doing school work, not only is it dangerous, it’s disheartening a little bit for me as a dad,” said Battle, a single father of three.

The veteran who fought in Iraq has been unemployed due to the pandemic but still believed he would somehow figure out a way to replace the furnace.

When J&A South Park Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Electric heard about Battle and his family through the nonprofit group Operation Troop Appreciation, the company stepped in to help.

“It feels good to give back, especially this time of the year, and it’s been a rough, rough year for everybody,” said company owner Anthony Passatore.

According to its website, the nonprofit’s mission is to “build and sustain the morale and well being of the military community, past and present, with the assurance that the American public supports and appreciates their selfless service and daily sacrifices.”

When J&A South Park’s workers showed up recently to install his furnace, Battle struggled to find words to express his thanks.

“The way it happened, it can only be God’s plan, it can only be,” he said, adding, “It’s very overwhelming. It’s a shock.”

The veteran’s friends say he has a giving spirit and it made them feel good to know he will not have to worry about keeping his family warm this season.

“I don’t know anybody that deserves this more than him, he’s not just a veteran, he’s an amazing friend, he’s an amazing dad. It’s almost like a Christmas miracle,” said Dena Stemple.

Following the surprise, Battle said he plans to keep giving back to others.

“If you do good, just keep on keeping on, the best you can, somehow it comes back. Somehow it comes back,” he concluded.


97 Year Old War Veteran Dines Alone Every Single Day…Then the Staff Do Something GREAT

Veteran Alone Arbys Arizona

Staff at one Arizona Arby’s just did something incredible for their number one customer. They gave Mr. Doug dinners on the house for the rest of his life. The 97-year-old veteran is a big fan of their roast beef sandwiches.

Arby’s restaurant helps veteran

Doug is a 97-year-old veteran living in a nursing home in Chandler, Arizona. He lives alone and has no family, but that doesn’t stop him from going out for dinner at his favorite restaurant every day.

The veteran suffers from digestive issues but there’s one food that doesn’t seem to give him any problems. That is Arby’s roast beef sliders washed down with a Coca-Cola. He loves the roast beef Sliders so much it’s become his daily routine.

Arby’s employee Travis Coye noticed Mr. Doug coming in every day for several weeks and grew curious about the man’s story. It turns out that Doug is a decorated war veteran living at a nearby nursing home.

He needs a walker to get around but that doesn’t stop him from getting his favorite dinner. Travis and the other employees at Arby’s chipped in to give Mr. Doug a $200 gift card.

The corporate office of Arby’s caught wind of the story and decided the $200 gift card wasn’t enough. So they gave Mr. Doug free meals for life.

The veteran joked that he didn’t know how much time he had left, but he was extremely thankful for the kind gesture.

Many retired veterans are living on a fixed income while also dealing with health issues. The National Veteran’s Foundation reports that 1.5 million veterans live in poverty in the United States.

These heroes deserve better. If you’re in a position to help, please consider donating to one of the reputable non-profit charities that assist veterans. Or you can do something yourself, by helping people like Mr. Doug when you see them around in your community.

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Trump Stops Rally to Honor 100 Year Old War Veteran…Then Something Amazing Happens

crowd gives standing ovation for 100 year old veteran at Trump rally in Florida

While discussing the election at a rally in Florida, President Trump was interrupted by someone in the crowd. The president stopped mid-sentence to listen to his supporter, who was trying to get his attention to tell him something important.

“This is the weakest presidential –” Trump said, stopping in the middle of a sentence as one of his supporters in the crowd called out to him.

“Hundred year old vet, right here! World War II!” yelled the man.

“One hundred year old veteran right here,” the president said with a smile on his face.

The crowd suddenly erupted, people began jumping out of their seats and cheering, with some chanting “USA! USA! USA!”

“He looks beautiful! One hundred, huh? Looks better than I do!” Trump said.

“One hundred, that’s great. What’s your name?” the president asked. Unfortunately, it seemed that the crowd was cheering too loud for him to hear the answer.

“Well I wanna thank you very much. And he does NOT need Regeneron, okay? That I can tell you,” Trump said, referring to the experimental antibody drug created by the company Regeneron, which he was prescribed for coronavirus. “You look fantastic, so sit down and enjoy it, okay? What a beautiful guy. One hundred, you look beautiful, thank you. Congratulations!”

Speaking to the man in the crowd who got his attention, the president said: “That’s great, I’m glad you pointed it out.”

The Trump campaign later posted the clip from the rally on its’ Twitter account. “The crowd in #Florida erupts as President @realDonald Trump stopped mid-rally to honor and thank a 100 year old veteran!” the post read.


Trump Campaign Lawyers Demand Biden Campaign Yank False Ad Using Debunked Atlantic Accusations

President Trump’s campaign sent a letter to “Biden For President” on Wednesday demanding that it remove an ad from social media that contains false and misleading information about President Trump.

“Mr. Biden and the Biden Campaign should immediately cease and desist using the False and Misleading Ad and issue a public apology to the millions of servicemembers whose morale Mr. Biden is attempting to damage by posting the False and Misleading Ad in the first place,” the letter states.

The letter accuses the Biden campaign of posting an ad to Twitter with debunked accusations about President Trump’s canceled visit to a military cemetery in France and false “derogatory comments towards fallen American military heroes.”

The ad attributes quotes to Trump that 21 people who were present that day say never happened, displayed over footage of military men and women in uniform and military cemeteries. It concludes with a quote saying “If you don’t respect our troops, you can’t lead them.” Trump flatly denies ever having made such statements and the letter tells the Biden campaign to stop smearing Trump by attributing malignant quotes to him the Biden campaign cannot prove are accurate.

The allegations against President Trump were first published in a story by Atlantic Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, who says four anonymous sources made the claims. Immediately after the story was published, however, several prominent officials who were there said the reporting was false, including former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who since leaving the Trump administration has become a prominent Trump critic.

The letter from “Donald J. Trump For President” points out that the anonymous accounts cited in The Atlantic article “were directly contradicted on the record by twenty-one individuals present with President Trump that day” and provides a list of people who have gone on the record to refute The Atlantic’s false claims about the incident.

“Mr. Biden and the Biden Campaign’s willful ignorance of the facts shows Mr. Biden’s weakness, lack of vision, and absolute lack of decency toward our veterans,” the letter states. “Mr. Biden attempts to score cheap political points at the expense of our great American military heroes.”

In addition, the Trump campaign noted the president’s “record of achievements for our American military heroes” including increased funding, benefits, employment, and student debt loan forgiveness for Veteran programs as well as visits and memorials “honoring our American military heroes.”

The Trump campaign also noted that, despite their previous devotion to “fact-checking” the president, Facebook and Twitter have not yet flagged the ad as false or misleading and will be asked to do so. The letter copied the executives of those media companies.

“Now, Twitter and Facebook—if they are truly trying to be fair arbiters of factually accurate statements—will be obligated to remove your False and Misleading Ad, which is based solely on cites to anonymous sources,” the letter states.

The letter concluded stating that “President Trump is committed to ensuring that the voting public is free to make electoral decisions based upon the President’s actual record without interference from deliberately false, misleading, and deceptive advertisements” and that it “had hoped the Biden Campaign would show the same commitment to fairness and honesty.”


Trump Nominates Decorated Veteran, Foreign Quagmire Skeptic For U.S. Ambassador To Afghanistan

President Trump nominated foreign-policy expert William Ruger for U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan on Thursday in a move speculated to help reduce U.S. troops in the area after nearly 20 years of war.

The announcement comes just a week before Afghanistan and the Taliban are expected to begin peace talks. Ruger, “a veteran of the Afghanistan War and an officer in the United States Navy (Reserve Component),” will replace John Bass, who left the ambassadorship in January.

Ruger has been a prominent public opponent of “imperial overstretch” and has repeatedly called for bringing American soldiers and treasure home. According to the White House’s announcement of the nomination, Ruger has been decorated with the “Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal, and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal with campaign star” and has a Special Operations Warfighter Certificate.

Ruger is also accomplished and experienced in foreign policy and political science, serving as vice president for research and policy at the Charles Koch Institute and vice president for foreign policy at Stand Together, formerly teaching at multiple Texas universities, writing “two books on state politics,” and a board member for “several non-profits.”

Ruger will have to undergo Senate confirmation to fully step into his new role.