New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

New AG Barr Details Exposed, Its All Dripping Out of the Swamp Slowly

Information released by retired Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer exposed just how much former AG William Barr undermined investigations into voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Research, is claiming that he received a call from former Attorney General Bill Barr telling him to immediately stop investigating the transfer of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania that was uncovered shortly after the 2020 election.

Jesse Morgan, a whistleblower and USPS Contract Truck Driver, spoke out about witnessing the shipping of an estimated 144,000-288,000 completed ballots across three state lines just before the 2020 election.

The whistleblower’s story was reported by conservative media, but the mainstream media either slandered him or ignored the story entirely.

FBI agents reportedly accosted Morgan at his home, and accused him of making the story up. The agents even went so far as to ask him who was paying him to make these claims. Then, all of a sudden, the story disappeared. Now we know why.

Lt. Col. Shaffer, a New York Times bestselling author and CIA-trained intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in global and national security, offered to help investigate allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Out of all of the allegations, he chose to look into Jesse Morgan’s claims.

Three months ago, We Love Trump reported on Shaffer’s allegations against Bill Barr:

“According to private investigator Tony Shaffer, former Attorney General Barr told him to stop investigating claims of election fraud in the 2020 election.

This lines up with reports from various media outlets at the time who reported that Barr found ‘no evidence’ of widespread voter fraud.

Still, other sources also report that AG Barr deliberately hid information about the ongoing Hunter Biden investigation because he feared this could alter the results of the election.”

Lt. Col. Shaffer later confirmed the report during multiple interviews, alleging that AG Barr had called him and told him to stop looking into the whistleblower’s claims.

Podcast host Chase Geiser shared a clip of his interview with Shaffer on Twitter.

“Tony Shaffer told me that Bill Barr called him personally and asked him to stop investigating 2020 election fraud. Have you ever heard of an AG calling a private citizen and asking them to quit looking into something?!” Geiser wrote.


Trio Go Postal on USPS Worker

Trio Go Postal on USPS Worker

USPS postal worker assault

Two men and a women went postal on an on- duty USPS worker in Staten Island — and then got away in a Jaguar sedan after the beatdown police said. Check out the wild video below.

USPS workers under attack as greedy Democrats demand more welfare

The 47-year-old USPS worker was on Guyon Avenue near N Railroad Avenue in Oakwood Heights around 2:20 p.m. April 7 when two men and a woman began arguing with him, cops said Wednesday night.

The argument turned physical when both suspects began to pummel the victim before taking off in a dark-colored Jaguar, police said.

The victim was taken to Staten Island University Hospital North in stable condition. Cops did not have any details on what sparked the dispute.

All of the suspects, shown in surveillance photos released by police, are described as between 22 and 26 years old. One of the men is about 5-foot-8 and 120 pounds, last seen wearing a black tank top and red pants.

The other male suspect is also around 5-foot-8, 115 pounds and was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and dark-colored jeans. The woman is about 5-foot-6, 180 pounds and was last seen wearing a red shirt and light-colored pants.

Libtards chimping out over stimulus checks

In another shocking incident, a USPS worker in Michigan was viciously attacked by two enraged women — as an onlooker accused them of trying to steal stimulus checks in the mail carrier’s van, video shows.

But the law enforcement branch of the US Postal Service says there’s “no indication” Thursday’s attack at River Village Apartments in Flint was related to so-called economic impact payments.

The wild footage shows two women repeatedly hitting and punching a USPS worker while she is on the ground. The female worker tries to fight back as her hair is violently yanked — while one of the women accuses the mail carrier of striking her first, the clip shows.

“You hit me first!” the woman screeches. “You hit me first!”

The bystander recording the footage, which went viral on social media, can then be heard claiming the two women were after the postal worker’s stimulus checks in her dented van.

“Bro, y’all hit the mailman!” the man says. “They tryin’ to get that stimulus … this s–t is serious!”

Another onlooker is also heard saying “y’all going to jail,” according to the chaotic clip.

One woman has since been arrested in the attack, Flint police told The Post Friday. However, Detective Sgt. Tyrone Booth declined to identify the suspect until she was arraigned.

Booth also declined to say what motivated the alleged assault, including whether stimulus checks had anything to do with the incident.

“We are investigating an assault incident that involved a United States postal worker,” Booth said. “An arrest was made and we’re seeking additional warrants for an additional arrest.”

Detectives are reviewing the footage as part of the ongoing investigation, Booth said.

“We heard the same thing you saw in the video,” he said.

The unidentified women sped off in an SUV after the alleged assault.

“They done hit this mail lady’s car and hopped out,” the man who filmed the attack says as the clip ended.

In a statement, the United States Postal Inspection Service said the “safety and well-being” of all USPS employees was a top priority while adding no evidence shows the caught-on-camera attack was somehow tied to stimulus checks.

“Postal Inspectors are aware of the incident involving a Postal Service employee,” the statement said. “There is no indication this incident was related to the disbursement of the Economic Impact Payments. The investigation is ongoing.”

Flint police said in a statement Friday afternoon they were working with the federal agency in its investigation. Arrest warrants for two suspects in the video will be handed over to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office Friday, police said.

The postal worker, meanwhile, has recovered, police said. “She is fine,” Booth said Friday.


Comer, Hice question USPS IG over handling of mail-in ballot whistleblower complaint

Comer, Hice question USPS IG over handling of mail-in ballot whistleblower complaint

November 13, 2020

House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer and Government Operations Subcommittee Ranking Member Jody Hice wrote a letter to United States Postal Service Inspector General Tammy Whitcomb concerning the handling of a testimony made by Richard Hopkins, a United States Postal Service employee in Erie, PA.

Hopkins gave a testimony and provided a subsequent sworn statement to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

According to the letter, later that evening the Oversight Committee Democrats launched a Twitter thread that publicized facts that were told by Hopkins during his testimony. The tweets alleged that Hopkins signed a false affidavit.

This information was reported by The Washington Post and other outlets.

“Nevertheless, shortly after the Democrats’ tweets, multiple videos surfaced containing what appear to be recordings of part of Hopkins’ interview with OIG agents. Portions of the recording show OIG agents pressuring Hopkins into clarifying his statement by reviewing his recollection of events he witnessed. In Hopkins’ new statement, as documented in the recording and apparently amended with the assistance of the OIG agents, he did not witness any explicitly illicit activities—a story more favorable to Democrats and the news media’s broad dismissal of the public’s valid concerns about the integrity of mass mail-in voting,” the letter wrote.

In a statement by Comer, he said, “there is public confusion about these allegations and the Office of the Inspector General owes the American people and Congress an explanation for their actions surrounding Richard Hopkins’ USPS whistleblower complaint.”

He added, “Our elections are of pivotal importance to our country, and a potential disruption of our elections must be thoroughly and accurately investigated and follow all proper procedures. American citizens deserve absolute transparency surrounding our electoral process and any potential flaws or issues in the system.”

Comer and Hice now demand additional materials related to Hopkins’ case and ask that they brief Committee staff on the investigation.



Project Veritas: Pennsylvania Whistleblower Told to Dump All Non-Biden Mailers After Nov. 9

Project Veritas: Pennsylvania Whistleblower Told to Dump All Non-Biden Mailers After Nov. 9

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas reported Thursday that a new U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employee had come forward, claiming mail carriers were told to deliver only mailings for Joe Biden after Nov. 9, and mark the rest as “undeliverable.”

Speaking to O’Keefe, the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, whistleblower, said that meant other political mail was “garbage”:

James O’Keefe: “You’re a letter carrier. OK. And tell me what your boss told you on Nov. 9.”

Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: “You were told that the only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be that of the ‘winner,’ in this case, Joe Biden. And that other political mail from other sources and senders would be put into the undeliverable bulk business mail bin or UVM.”

Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: “All political mail for Biden was to be continued to be treated as first-class and delivered the day it was received.”

James O’Keefe: “What happens to the undeliverable bulk business mail?”

Elkins Park USPS whistleblower: “I believe it goes back to the plant, but undeliverable bulk business mail is essentially a step away from the garbage.”

Project Veritas has been publishing allegations of inappropriate practices by USPS workers in Pennsylvania and Michigan. In one case, USPS employee Richard Hopkins reported that a supervisor had told him to backdate mail-in ballots so that they would appear to have been mailed by Election Day, and would hence be eligible to be counted.

Though the Washington Post reported that Hopkins recanted his story, Hopkins denied that he had, and O’Keefe published audio purporting to show an inspector pressuring Hopkins. Other allegations published by Project Veritas include the improper dumping of spoiled ballots.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News and the host of Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). His newest e-book is The Trumpian Virtues: The Lessons and Legacy of Donald Trump’s Presidency. His recent book, RED NOVEMBER, tells the story of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary from a conservative perspective. He is a winner of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.


USPS Magically Finds Another 2,000 Ballots…

USPS Magically Finds Another 2,000 Ballots…

The USPS has been under fire for its role in the 2020 election that has been filled with voter fraud and ballot problems.

USPS Under Fire

The United States Postal Service has now been blamed for delaying or losing ballots. 2,000 ballots were recently found being rushed through to election offices in the battleground states of Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The USPS was supposed to get all ballots delivered to the proper place by the November 6th deadline. “Supposed to” are the keywords here.

Under orders from U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, the Postal Service needed to report the results of twice-daily sweeps for election mail.

Voter Fraud Galore

Massive voter fraud has attempted to name Biden president-elect but President Trump and many top conservatives are fighting back in order to hopefully see justice.

Politico reports:

Though North Carolina has long allowed for late-arriving ballots to be counted, as long as they’re postmarked by Election Day, Pennsylvania’s are still a source of dispute. The state Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania can accept ballots through Friday afternoon — a three-day grace period — but conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court have indicated they may wish to overturn that decision since it wasn’t sanctioned by Pennsylvania’s legislature. North Carolina has long allowed an extra three days to receive postmarked ballots but extended the deadline this year to Nov. 12.

Though the high court deadlocked on whether to do that before the election, permitting Pennsylvania’s ruling to stand, they indicated that the matter could be revisited afterward, this time with a strengthened hand thanks to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s ascension to the court.

Still, the arrival of more than 2,000 ballots in closely fought states is likely to benefit Biden’s campaign, which has handily won mail-in and absentee ballots across the country. Voters have overwhelmingly cast ballots this way as states have loosened restrictions on them amid the coronavirus pandemic. But Trump has assailed mail-in votes as illegitimate for months and may have discouraged many of his supporters from choosing the option.

Will it be Too Late

Republicans have been saying for many months, that Democrats’ plans of using country-wide mail-in ballots would leave the door open to an unfair election.


Piles of Mail Dumped in California

Piles of mail were dumped last week in two separate locations in Glendale, California — and the American Postal Workers Union says that its members were not involved.

Last week, KTLA-5 reported:

Piles of mail were found in two separate locations in Glendale Thursday morning, including one incident where a rented truck was captured on surveillance video dumping bags of unopened letters and packages in the parking lot of a business.

The first incident was reported at 7:30 a.m., in the 1000 block of Allen Avenue, according to Glendale Police Department Sgt. Christian Hauptmann.

Roughly two hours later, police received another call regarding dumped mail, this time behind a business in the 1600 block of Glenoaks Boulevard, according to Hauptmann.

It was the second reported incident — outside 7Q Spa Laser & Aesthetics — where surveillance video captured the moment a rented truck dumped bags of unopened mail and took off.

More mail was found in an alley nearby. The truck was not a USPS truck, KTLA reported.

According to CNN, the people involved were not U.S. Postal Service carriers, but contractors:

US Postal Service employees weren’t involved in the dumping of bags, Omar Gonzalez, the Western Regional Coordinator for the American Postal Workers Union, told CNN.

Gonzalez said the person seen on surveillance video tossing the bags of mail out of a Budget rental truck was a contractor and after watching the surveillance tape, Gonzalez said the bags appeared to be bulk shipment mail.

The incident comes as there is high anxiety nationwide about the delivery of mail-in ballots.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has joined other states in filing a lawsuit seeking an injunction to stop the Trump administration from implementing postal reforms. He accused President Donald Trump of trying “to undermine the postal service.” Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has suspended any changes in postal service policy until after the election.

Joel B. Pollak is Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News and the host of Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot on Sunday evenings from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET (4 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT). His new book, RED NOVEMBER, tells the story of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary from a conservative perspective. He is a winner of the 2018 Robert Novak Journalism Alumni Fellowship. Follow him on Twitter at @joelpollak.

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‘The Corruption Is Bottomless’: Documents Reveal Chair of Postal Service Board Is Director of McConnell-Allied Super PAC

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s deep and longstanding ties to U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors chairman Robert Duncan are coming under heightened scrutiny after corporate paperwork filed Monday listed Duncan as a director of a major GOP super PAC closely aligned with the Kentucky Republican.

The new filing (pdf) with Virginia’s State Corporation Commission—an independent regulatory agency that oversees political action committees—names Duncan as one of three directors of the Senate Leadership Fund, a massive super PAC that has spent nearly $18 million in support of Senate Republicans thus far in the 2020 election cycle.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Senate Leadership Fund has recently received multi-million dollar donations from casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, and other right-wing billionaires.

Duncan—who raised more than $400 million for the GOP during his tenure as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2007 to 2009—was nominated to the USPS Board of Governors by President Donald Trump in 2017 confirmed by the McConnell-led Senate in August of 2018. A McConnell spokesperson told the Louisville Courier Journal last month that the GOP leader recommended Duncan to Trump.

“As a businessman, a public servant, and a dedicated mentor to young people, Mike is an outstanding choice to help oversee the world’s largest postal organization,” McConnell said in an April 2018 Senate hearing considering Duncan’s nomination.

News of Duncan’s current high-level role on a super PAC closely linked to McConnell added fuel to growing concerns that recent USPS operational changes imposed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—a Republican megadonor to both McConnell and President Donald Trump—are a ploy to influence the outcome of the November election in the GOP’s favor and, ultimately, privatize the Postal Service.

The sweeping changes—many of which DeJoy vowed to suspend last month in the face of immense public backlash—have dramatically slowed package deliveries across the nation and intensified concerns about the timely arrival of mail-in ballots in November. Last month, Democratic lawmakers urged the Board of Governors to remove DeJoy over his mail service changes and conflicts of interest, but members of the board—which unanimously appointed DeJoy in May despite his lack of USPS experience—have remained supportive of the postmaster general.

“Can the GOP’s takeover of USPS be any more blatant?” economist Robert Reich asked Monday in response to the new filing.

“The corruption is bottomless,” added Renee Graham, a columnist for the Boston Globe.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing last month, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.) called attention to Duncan’s ties to the Senate Leadership Fund and American Crossroads, another major Republican super PAC. Duncan confirmed that he on the boards of both GOP organizations while also serving as chairman of the USPS Board of Governors.

Lawmakers and progressive commentators suggested that McConnell’s close relationship with the top official on the USPS Board of Governors could have something to do with the Republican leader’s refusal to consider House-passed legislation providing $25 billion in emergency funding for the Postal Service. In a tweet last month, McConnell dismissed widespread concerns about mail slowdowns across the U.S. as “overblown conspiracy theories.”

“Is this why the Senate Majority Leader refuses to pass legislation to protect the USPS?” Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus,  asked Monday night in response to the new document.

Advocacy group Swing Left tweeted late Monday that the fresh details surrounding Duncan’s ties to McConnell further highlight the need to oust the Kentucky senator, who is set to face off against Democratic challenger Amy McGrath in November.

“What a coincidence—the USPS chair’s other job is at Mitch McConnell’s super PAC, while Mitch kills Postal Service funding to secure our elections with his ‘Senate Graveyard,’” the group said. “We have to take his gavel away this November.”

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Postmaster General Rips Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier, Tells Her To Educate Herself In Awkward Moment

During a live congressional testimony before House lawmakers Monday, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy told California Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier to educate herself on a common stock practice before accusing the senior administration official of impropriety.

“In your statement of financial disclosure, you sold your Amazon stock on June 22, I believe, and then you purchased options on Amazon on June 24. That would suggest to almost anyone that there’s a conflict of interest. It doesn’t require that you make a decision. It only requires that you participate,” Speier said. “Did you check with the government office of ethics to see if that was appropriate?”

DeJoy broke down the process of his filings and explained he sold off stock at a loss to avoid engaging in any questionable arrangements.

“In the Postal Service you file your forms the day you arrive at work. I filed my forms. I was going to a meeting on Amazon. I owned stock some place, in a call, at Morgan Stanley… They told me I had to either recuse myself from reviewing a number of contracts or sell the stock. I called a broker to sell the stock,” DeJoy said. “But I did not buy options.”

“It’s on your statement,” Speier interrupted.

“I bought covered calls back at a loss,” DeJoy continued. “That’s what I did to get completely out of the stock. I had to unwind covered calls.”

“You still have those calls do you not?”

“I paid more money for the calls than I sold them for. I think you should get an understanding of what a covered call is before you accuse me of any improprieties,” DeJoy said.

“Alright,” Speier said.

DeJoy’s testimony comes as the postmaster general takes questions from lawmakers prompted by Democrats raising their latest conspiracy against the Trump administration supposedly rigging the election through the Post Office after impeaching the president over a phone call. Democrats meanwhile, are still accusing Trump of being a Russian agent despite their own Special Counsel investigation exonerating the White House of Russian collusion.

“Have you removed any machines that automate the post-marking process?” Speier asked finally.

“I have not removed any machines,” DeJoy said. “I have not, I’ll repeat again for the hundredth time, I have not removed any machines.”



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