Alice Springs Court 2022: “where do you derive your authority from”?

liabilitymate – September 25th, 2022

Alice Springs Court 30th August 2022: magistrate fails to answer the question: “where do you derive your authority from”. Then abandons ship by leaving the court room.
More proof this Government is a corporation and the legal system is all about consent.
Listen to this magistrate relentlessly ask the man to “have a seat” this is another trick in which they get you to consent by taking orders from false authority.He was not a lawful judge, he was sitting under a seal that is foreign to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted, the correct seal is the royal identifier the lion and the unicorn . And it was no where to be seen. That judge and all the purported officers of that court are committing treason. That is a fact of law, even the scribe is committing treason .

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

”The Graphene Oxide Demon” effect strikes a Vaxxed driver – Watch the horror unfold

”The Graphene Oxide Demon” effect strikes a Vaxxed driver – Watch the horror unfold

XANDREWX – September 30th, 2022

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

ZEROTIME: New Aussie Legislation to Force Quarantine & Vaccinations, Optus “Cyber Attack” & WWIII

mariazeee Published September 28, 2022

This week we cover an extreme new legislation introduced in WA which allows for unspecified “officers” to break into your home without a warrant, force people into a quarantine facility of their choosing, and keep people there indefinitely, forcing them to submit to a medical procedure.

We also discussed the alleged Optus Hack, Scott Morrison’s secret meetings and the very real threat of World War III.

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Jacinda Ardern Makes Clear At The UN She Wants Global Illebral, Censorship

Only days after the American left was lamenting the fall of Italy to the alleged fascist Giorgia Meloni, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern told world leaders assembled at the United Nations that unfettered free expression was one of the greatest threats facing humanity. In her speech, cloaked in the same trendy euphemisms popular among American progressives — and probably familiar to the depots and theocrats in attendance — she warned that the internet had been corrupted and weaponized by bad actors who spread mis- and disinformation and hateful ideologies. And the only way we can stop this “weapon of war” is to come together and create a set of “rules and transparency.”

As our president might say, no right is absolute. Or, as our former president might say, disinformation is killing people.

Ardern went on to argue even “light touches” in regulating speech can often be “misinterpreted” as attacks on free expression, which “we value so highly.” Do you, though? Arden is under the impression that a concerted global regulatory speech code, some “light touch” censorship, is a liberal position. A person who lobbies world leaders to band together to dictate the contours of appropriate discourse is an authoritarian. And a person who maintains the state should be the “single source of truth,” as Ardern had during the Covid lockdowns, is cartoonishly so. If you only value speech when it comports with your worldview and beliefs, you do not value it at all.

That’s the principled point.

The practical point is that whatever good you think suppressing speech might achieve, sooner or later, every censor in history expands the definition of mis- or disinformation to attack political opponents. One of the ways they do this is by conflating genuine disinformation and hateful rhetoric — which exists in abundance and always will — with legitimate debate. A good example of how this works was on display when American media, big corporations, and the FBI worked together to shut down inconvenient stories about Hunter Biden and “the big guy” to help elect their preferred candidate.

Arden herself offers an example of how this soft illiberalism has been normalized in the left’s thinking. Allowing unregulated discourse, the prime minister argues, destabilizes “the norms we all value.” For example: “How do you tackle climate change if people don’t believe it exists?”

You don’t.

There should be absolutely zero expectation that your policy positions will be implemented without any debate. In truly free nations, “tackling” climate change is a policy decision that is sorted out in the democratic process. Or not. What level of climate change rhetoric will Ardern require us to believe? Some of us don’t believe the moral and economic tradeoffs of tackling climate change are worth it. Some of us don’t believe there’s any “climate crisis” at all. I’m not sure there are enough internet speech regulations that will convince many of us otherwise. When that reality sets in, “light touch” regulation will evolve into something a little firmer, no doubt.

And, speaking of misinformation, what will the UN’s Ministry of Truth do about the alarmist predictions of Malthusians, who have been unwaveringly wrong about nearly everything for the past 50 years? Nothing, of course.

As we’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic, and long before, state officials are themselves quite adept at conveying misinformation. The government has no moral authority in dictating the veracity of speech. In this nation, it has a duty not to. And yet the Biden administration had regularly involved itself in what we talk about, using the same rationalizations as Arden. Take, for instance, the pressuring of rent-seeking Big Tech companies, which oversee huge swaths of our daily digital interactions.  Not that long ago, the White House admitted it was “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” Under what constitutional authority these actions were justified, it did not share. It has been argued that social media companies “should be held accountable” for the ideas people exchange on platforms. Joe Biden previously accused Facebook of “killing people.” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even tried creating a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat “misinformation” — run by the right kind of conspiracy theorist. I assume this is what New Zealand’s prime minister, a hero of the international left, had in mind.

“How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld if they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?” she asks. Easy. You treat all inalienable liberal “values” — including free expression — as neutral rights.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to believe we have to debate these issues again. Rationalizing state censorship as means of protecting the people from dangerous “misinformation” has been the rationale of every tin-pot authoritarian regime in history to shut down debate. If you still think it’s a good idea, you’re one of the bad guys.


“I’ll Watch One of Those Stupid Flat Earth Videos!”

“I’ll Watch One of Those Stupid Flat Earth Videos!”

Flat Earth, Banjo, USA, Japan and Brazil – September 22nd, 2022

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The David Knight Show 28Sep22 – Unabridged

The David Knight Show – September 28th, 2022

* BOTH Nordstream 1 and 2 were blown up. What is not agreed upon is who dunnit? Was it Putin or Biden? What will the impact be for Germany?
* BigMedia AP pretends it’s not shilling for BigPharma as it questions adverse effects of aluminum in vaccines (and immediately dismisses). But here’s what you need to know about aluminum in vaccines.
* Netflix’s “Blonde”, a surreal “biography” of Marilyn Monroe has enraged feminists as the character is haunted by her aborted babies
* PayPal backs down on financial deplatforming in UK after press and parliament criticize. Here’s why US press and GOP won’t do the same
* Another $12 BILLION for Ukraine along with missiles with much longer range than before to escalate war
* Breast milk contaminated with mRNA but establishment still pushes
* $900 MILLION settlement by BigPharma for allegations of bribery
* INTERVIEW: Soldier at Pentagon on 9/11 Goes Public. Adam Eisenberg whose unit was called to protect and clean up at the Pentagon talks about what he saw, what he didn’t see and why he doesn’t believe the official conspiracy theory.

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Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films | News Uncut

Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films | News Uncut

Oracle Films – Sep 29th, 2022

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Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion shines a light on Covid-19 vaccine injuries and bereavements, but also to takes an encompassing look at the systemic failings that appear to have enabled them. We look at leading analysis of pharmaceutical trials, the role of the MHRA in regulating these products, the role of the SAGE behavioural scientists in influencing policy and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate on the subject.

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Jacinda Ardern’s Flatulent Ambition

Jacinda Ardern proposes taxing emissions from farm animals. Decimating the agricultural sector seems an acceptable sacrifice for jet-setting politicians.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has stood in for Prince William at a UN conference, describing herself as “an extremely poor substitute”.

Other examples of poor substitutes are candles substituting for lightbulbs, wind turbines substituting for gas and coal power plants, electric vehicles substituting for the guttural roar of a V8, and bugs substituting for meat.

The Kiwi PM is the extremely poor substitute who dreams of inflicting poor substitutes on the entire planet in the name of climate science.

Taxing Farmers

She spoke to delegates at the Earthshot Prize summit about her ambition of turning New Zealand into the first nation to price agriculture emissions.

If Winston Churchill were alive, he would surely describe Ms Ardern as he once described his political opponent Clement Attlee — “a modest politician who has much to be modest about.”

Pricing agricultural emissions means taxing farmers for the gas released (at both ends) by their livestock.

Under the plan, New Zealand farmers would be required to calculate and report to the government annually on how much gas their livestock had released.

They would then pay a price for those emissions.

Of course, a raft of well-paid government bureaucrats would be required to audit farms every year to ensure they were reporting correctly, and that no farts were sneaking out of animals unreported.


The New Zealand government has acknowledged that Ms Ardern’s methane ambition would drive some meat-producing farmers off the land.

But that doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. That would simply bring New Zealand into line with other nations being destroyed by climate botherers.

Incidentally, the only animal that does not fart is the sloth, but outside a handful of South American tribes, no one much cares to eat sloth. It’s described as slimy, chewy, and the antithesis to fast food.

Ms Ardern is no sloth. She’s working feverishly to destroy her country’s agricultural sector so as to put a dint in New Zealand’s 0.17 per cent contribution to world carbon emissions.

Take that, weather!

Royal Apology

Ardern spoke at the summit when Prince William was unable to attend due to the Queen’s death.

Speaking remotely, the Prince apologised to summiteers that he had been unable to jet into New York because the royal family was still mourning his grandmother’s passing.

And here I was thinking he didn’t go to New York because the earth was facing catastrophic climate change caused by emissions such as those released on flights from London to New York.

That the evangelists of catastrophic climate change don’t seem too worried about catastrophic climate change remains the number one reason not to worry about catastrophic climate change.

Prince William told the audience that protecting the environment “was a cause close to my grandmother’s heart”.

Well yes. But being concerned about the environment, as the Queen was, is very different to believing that we must dismantle Western civilisation to avert a climate disaster being caused by flatulent cows in New Zealand and jet flights taken by everyone other than yourself.

The Queen was far too sensible for such nonsense.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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