How A Pregnancy Center Saved Me From Homelessness, Addiction, And Despair

How A Pregnancy Center Saved Me From Homelessness, Addiction, And Despair

Every day women find themselves pregnant with no place to call home and no support for themselves or the child they want to keep. Many turn to pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes that stand as beacons of hope and sources of life-saving love and care.

The recent rash of attacks against these organizations can only be described as tragic, harming not only the people who work there but the women they serve. I don’t know where I would be if I had not found such remarkable guidance and comfort at my local maternity home.

From my very earliest years, my life was set on a negative trajectory. I grew up desperately trying to please my alcoholic mother, who was at the mercy of her addiction. By 14 years old, I was on my own, and deep trauma and a sense of abandonment permeated every part of my life. To cope, I turned to drugs and sexual recklessness that quickly consumed my life.  

As an adult, I entered into a relationship with a man who, like me, was a drug addict. My addictions intensified the more time I spent with my now ex-husband, and I struggled with poverty and chronic homelessness as he went in and out of prison. I started manipulating my doctor and selling my prescription drugs to provide for the two children we had together at that time.  

The government soon took my children out of the makeshift home we lived in and terminated my rights to them. The devastation and soul-crushing torment I experienced from losing my children jolted me back to reality — at least for a short time.   

Knowing I needed help, I sought treatment. It was successful and put me back on my feet. During this treatment, I discovered I was pregnant with my third child. I had my son and was living a responsible life until my ex-husband was released from prison and wanted to move in. In my codependency I allowed it, and we quickly relapsed. I then lost my rights to my third child.    

Losing my children the first time was the heaviest blow I had ever experienced. But losing my third child — knowing I had failed again — was more than I could bear. I hated myself. Hitting rock bottom, I lost my will to live. My children are my heart, and my heart was gone.

I stopped caring for myself and, just like my ex-husband, ended up incarcerated. Walking numbly, I waited for my life to be over.   

Turning My Life Around

But to my surprise, it was in prison that my life began to turn around. There, desperate and hopeless, I finally prayed to God for help for myself and my children. It was then that I promised myself I’d get back up and fight for recovery.  

Once out of prison, I got involved at a local church and discovered I was pregnant a fourth time. Terrified of losing a child to the state again, I expressed my fears to my church community, and they connected me with a local maternity home. The decision to seek help at Bethlehem House has transformed every facet of my life; little did I know the extent to which its staff members help women radically transform their lives for good. 

When a mother enters their doors, they commit to loving and supporting her for the long haul. That was certainly the case with me.  

Bethlehem House wasted no time in making me feel welcomed, loved, and cared for. They gave me a free place to live so I didn’t need to work and could focus on building countless skills I had never acquired, like how to budget money and properly care for my son. Through therapy and sober support groups, I learned how to have healthy relationships and reject the addictions that had formerly ruled my life.     

I realized I didn’t have to be on my own anymore — I had a strong, supportive, and patient group of people that ended up becoming family. They helped me find the stability I had always desired in life and reject the codependency that had continuously landed me back with my ex-husband.

I took classes that empowered me to save money and afford my own apartment, and to reach out to my three children’s adoptive father, to whom I still talk today. Now I live in Bethlehem House’s graduate apartment buildings and take part in their “After Care Program,” where I continue to take classes, receive therapy and childcare for my son, and live among the community of women, children, and staff that have become our family.  

My Future

My future is bright, and I am even planning to buy my own home soon.

While it still breaks my heart that I lost custody of my three oldest children, I am forever grateful to have my son, Legend, by my side. I know I am a strong, reliable, and loving mother who will stop at nothing to give him what he needs to thrive.   

I cannot change my past, but it gives me great hope and joy to know my purpose for today and for the future: to love others and share my story with people who are going through similar situations. I want them to know that real, life-changing help does exist, and it begins with faith and the loving family environment at maternity homes like Bethlehem House. My sincere hope is that no woman is left believing she must walk through the darkness of abandonment, heartbreak, and addiction alone.

Amber is a mother of four and resides in Omaha, Nebraska.


Biden And The FDA Push New Chemical Abortion Protocols That Endanger Women

Biden And The FDA Push New Chemical Abortion Protocols That Endanger Women

President Biden is bringing to bear the full institutional power of the federal government to promote access to dangerous chemical abortion pills.

A White House memo released on Sunday directed the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Homeland Security, and Attorney General Merrick Garland to issue guidance telling patients and pharmacies how they can obtain chemical abortion pills in states where abortion is either illegal or restricted. The president has also called on federal departments and agencies to draw up recommendations for removing “potential barriers” to abortion pill access.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally dropped the requirement that abortion pills be administered, in person, by qualified medical personnel. It also moved to allow pharmacies to fill prescriptions for the pill — a seismic change in policy that could soon turn your local pharmacy into an abortion pill dispensary.

Both changes endanger women’s health.

Abortion with pills involves taking two different drugs in succession. The first drug, mifepristone, typically kills the unborn child by blocking essential progesterone. The second drug, misoprostol, induces contractions to expel the unborn child from its mother’s womb. Both drugs carry risks.

The FDA approved mifepristone in 2000 but considered the drug’s risk profile so high as to warrant special heightened monitoring and risk management practices. The agency, therefore, established a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) program — a strict protocol governing the administration of mifepristone.

To prescribe the drug, doctors had to meet special requirements. These included the ability to accurately assess the gestational age of the unborn child, the ability to diagnose ectopic pregnancies, and the ability to surgically remove tissue from an incomplete abortion or provide access to emergency resuscitation treatment if necessary. The REMS originally also required two mandatory in-person visits by the patient for administering the two-drug abortion pill regimen as well as a mandatory follow-up visit to ensure no serious complications resulted. Doctors were also originally required to report all serious adverse events to the FDA.

But in 2016, the FDA started allowing non-physicians who met the qualifications to begin prescribing mifepristone. They also removed the requirement for in-person office visits or physical exams prior to having an abortion, keeping only a mandatory follow-up visit in place. The requirement that the pill be administered in person by a certified prescriber remained.

That changed with the pandemic. In July 2020, the FDA temporarily suspended the requirements for in-person administration of the pill and a mandatory follow-up visit. The FDA’s January update of the mifepristone REMS makes these pandemic-era changes permanent.

Additionally, the FDA is moving to expand access to abortion by allowing pharmacies to fill prescriptions for abortion pills. Retail pharmacy giants CVS and Walgreens and online pharmacy Honeybee Health have announced their intent to sell them in states where abortion is legal.

This is all bad news not just for the unborn, but also for women’s health.

Risks of Removing Mandatory Follow-Up Exams

By removing the mandatory follow-up visit requirement, the FDA has made it optional for abortionists to check for post-abortion complications.

That is not because post-abortion complications are not happening. Indeed, abortion pills have more complications than surgical abortion. A study of Swedish women from 2008-2015 found that, on average, 7.3 percent of women had a post-abortion complication such as excessive bleeding, incomplete abortion, or infections after using the abortion pill within 12 weeks of gestation. By comparison, the complication rate for surgical abortion was 5.3 percent.

In the U.S., a recent study in states where Medicaid dollars are used to pay for elective abortions found that Medicaid-eligible women using the abortion pill had a 53 percent greater odds of making an abortion-related visit to the ER than similar women who had surgical abortions.

If we assume women today experience serious complications from the pill at the same rate as seen during U.S. clinical trials, that would put the number of women admitted to the hospital for pill-related reasons between 197 and 2,958 a year.

Risks of Removing the In-Person Pill Administration Requirement

The FDA-updated REMS also makes it optional for abortionists to conduct physical exams prior to prescribing these dangerous drugs. Yet, without an exam, it is not possible to effectively screen for ectopic pregnancies — a potentially life-threatening condition if not detected and treated in time.

The FDA warns that women should not take mifepristone if they have an ectopic pregnancy. But an in-person physical examination using ultrasound, bloodwork, or laparoscopy is needed to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, according to Medscape.

Symptoms of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, such as prolonged or heavy bleeding and abdominal pain, can be similar to the side effects of taking the abortion pill. If an ectopic pregnancy ruptures after taking the abortion pill, the woman may mistake this potentially life-threatening condition as “normal” side effects. Consider, also, that most pill-induced abortions are done at home with no knowledgeable medical staff on call. For the unfortunate few who could find themselves in this situation, this is a recipe for disaster.

Americans should demand answers as to why the FDA has made the abortion pill riskier for women. Congress should demand answers as well, using its oversight powers to hold the FDA accountable. The more fundamental question, of course, is: Why has the FDA authorized a drug that is designed to kill unborn children in the first place?

Pro-life Americans should move their prescriptions to their local grocery store or non-mifepristone-dispensing pharmacies.

Jonathan Abbamonte is a senior research associate in The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis.


Medical Care For The Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left’s Abortion Obsession

Medical Care For The Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left’s Abortion Obsession

A recent front page of The Hartford Courant had an interesting juxtaposition. The headline under the masthead read, “Abortion Joins Top Election Issues,” a reference to developments after the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling on June 24 reversing Roe v. Wade. Immediately below this headline appeared another article, “Cutting-edge care for the tiniest patients,” an account of the new fetal surgery center opening at Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford. 

Now, the front-page editor at The Courant might be clueless — or more likely just have a wry sense of irony. The two stories on page one could not be more dissonant. One tells how the choice to end human life in the womb may once again be a political football. The other sets forth how the most dramatic developments in medicine are leading to the recognition that children in the womb are candidates for care — including lifesaving surgery — that was unthinkable a few short decades ago. In fact, these developments are so rapid that children’s hospitals across the nation have been opening separate fetal surgery units. 

The medical and scientific skill and acumen involved are stunning. This perinatal revolution is one of the great advances in patient care in the past few decades. The world’s attention to this revolution was first riveted by a photograph of fetal surgery performed on 21-week-old Samuel Armas in 1999. This picture made its way — and some waves — around the world, revealing tiny Samuel’s fist grasping the finger of the surgeon as he began to close up the incision into his mother’s womb. A set of photos of Samuel in subsequent years can be seen at a website maintained by photographer Michael Clancy. 

Today, the array of procedures that can be performed to help the unborn patient in the womb continues to grow, and the stage of pregnancy at which these procedures can be performed is earlier and earlier. Prenatal surgical repair of spina bifida, a condition in which the unborn child’s developing spinal cord is exposed, subjecting the child to debilitating injury, was initiated in 1997, and by 2010, the Management of Myelomeningocele Study (MOMS) definitively demonstrated superior outcomes to postnatal surgery. Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome surgery has been successfully performed as early as 15 weeks of gestation with fetoscopic laser ablation. 

Massive Growth in the Field

These and other procedures have contributed to the abolition of the “viability standard” of 24 to 28 weeks of gestation cited in the 1973 Roe decision. Overall viability of unborn children has been affected via these medical advances so that babies born at 22 and even 21 weeks of gestation — barely halfway through pregnancy — are surviving and enjoying better health when they do. According to a Duke University study, mortality of extremely premature infants declined from 55 percent to 42 percent between 1998 and 2011 and neurodevelopmental impairment among surviving infants declined from 68 percent to 47 percent. 

Because of these advances, the number of fetal care centers and maternal-fetal specialists has exploded across the nation. In 2022 there are 37 dedicated U.S. medical centers across the United States that perform advanced in-utero fetal therapeutic procedures. These centers are located in 21 states and 31 cities. Of course, not all babies at the fetal stage of development can be helped. To support families coping with the imminent loss of such a child, there are now 121 perinatal hospices across the country. These programs are a subspecialty of maternal-fetal medicine, treating the unborn like any other patient whose life is invaluable but cannot be saved. Over 70 percent of the programs were created in the last 10 years. 

The maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialty is intense, with high stakes, dramatic changes, and high rewards. In 2010 there were 1,355 MFM specialists in the United States; now there are 1,587. These practitioners exist in all but one state (Wyoming), and the increases in some locales over the past decade are as high as 600 percent (Virginia) and 400 percent (District of Columbia). Nationwide, there is approximately one MFM specialist for every 14 general obstetrician-gynecologists and for every 2,277 births. 

Celebrating Life

These facts underscore how the scientific and medical reality has changed since 1973. The contrast is too vivid to ignore. Each year what began as a small event in a conference room at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has expanded into a mega-event called the Fetal Family Reunion. The joy-filled gathering of children whose lives were saved through groundbreaking in utero medical treatment was held again this summer, on June 5, only this time the rising number of participants necessitated moving the event to the Philadelphia Zoo. Parents and children numbering well over 3,000 came together to celebrate the care they and their children received at the center affectionately known as CHOP. 

In 2022 and beyond, this is the crossroads at which our nation stands. Will we see abortion as a political issue, a power struggle in the culture over who shall live, or will we witness the steady advance of medical miracles on behalf of our smallest brothers and sisters?  

Charles A. “Chuck” Donovan is president of Charlotte Lozier Institute. He has worked in the pro-life movement since 1971.

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The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Vanquishing Roe v Wade

What a wonderful day! The end of the terrible, inhuman, unlawful regime instituted by the men of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) almost half a century ago.

Catholics: SCOTUS vs POTUS

Six out of nine of the current justices in the Supreme Court are Catholics; another, Justice Neil Gorsuch, was raised Catholic but may have become Episcopalian upon marriage. The remaining two are Jewish.

Four of the Catholics — Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito — along with Justice Gorsuch were instrumental in this monumental judgement. As my Facebook friend Michael Fanelli observed, these judges are:

“Partakers of the Priestly, Prophetic, and Kingly functions of the Church.”

SCOTUS pro-life judges - Feast of the Sacred Heart

Fr John Trigilio Jr, host of the long-running Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) TV show Web of Faith, posted on Facebook:

“On this feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, SCOTUS overruled Roe v Wade. POTUS however made his unequivocal support of abortion this afternoon. Both President Biden and Nancy Pelosi risk excommunication and should not be given Holy Communion. (Canon 915)”

Indeed, the fake Catholics in the White House, along with those Catholic judges who were in opposition, are a disgrace with their politically correct support of abortion “rights”.

Dr Gerard M Nadal, president and CEO of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, wrote:

“The decision was rendered on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, a heart that burns with the fire of love for all involved in this great national tragedy. We need to pray for Biden and those who would further pervert our system of government and justice in the headlong pursuit of adding to the nation’s ghastly toll of lives prematurely ended, and parents left with the toxic residue of anger, guilt, and trauma.”

Solemn Feast

Sacred Heart - Child JesusJune may have a certain significance to those of a progressive bent, but to Catholics, it is the Month of the Sacred Heart, when we have a particular focus on the burning love of Jesus for humanity. The Feast of the Sacred Heart popularised the common heart (❤) symbol which we use today, which dates from the Middle Ages.

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus can be traced to the writings of the early Church contemplating John 7:37-39 (Christ as the Living Water) and John 19:33-37 (the piercing of the crucified Christ), emphasising the infinite love of God bearing fruit in new life through our sanctification and salvation wrought by Jesus.

This devotion is founded on the Incarnation of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity. As Jesus is fully human as well as fully divine, every aspect of His human nature is worthy of adoration. At the same time, the Sacred Heart devotion encompasses the whole mystery of Christ, His entire being, and His Person as the Son of God, Who is Love.

In 1856, Pope Pius IX designated the Friday following the Feast of Corpus Christi (the Body of Christ/the Eucharist) as the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

Sacred Heart trumps JohnOrdinarily, 24 June is the Feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist, born six months before his cousin Jesus (since his mother Elizabeth was six months pregnant when Mary went to visit her — Luke 1:36). The Bible records that when John was a preborn child in the womb, he bore witness to the presence of the Messiah in Mary’s womb (Luke 1:44), leaping for joy at the voice of Mary, the vessel bearing the Holy One, just as David leapt for joy before the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6:16).

However, as Our Lord takes precedence, John’s feast was moved to the day preceding the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart this year.

What an appropriate day this is for the vanquishing of an evil law! God’s love triumphs over the selfishness of men and women, leading us along the path of life, not death.


Fr Blake Britten of Orlando, Florida, rejoices:

“My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is with joy on this feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we celebrate the overturning of Roe vs. Wade by the United States Supreme Court. After more than 50 years of prayer and fasting, the Lord has yet again reminded us that He is faithful to those who love Him and His mercy last from generation to generation. This is a great day for our nation as we take the first step towards respecting the liberty of individual states as well as restoring an appreciation for the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Let us now begin the work of converting hearts and healing wounds with a continued spirit of steadfast love, compassion, understanding and peace. Praised be Jesus Christ now and forever! Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us!”

Matt Fradd chimed in:

“Today, on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, countless prayers were answered as the U.S. Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v Wade. Let us now continue in prayers of thanksgiving and ask for peace in light of this decision. The darkness will never prevail!

Glory to Jesus Christ!

O most holy heart of Jesus, fountain of every blessing, I adore You!”

giants fall on the Feast of the Sacred HeartCatholic evangelist Paul Kim wrote:

‘I can’t believe it. The day has finally arrived. Thank you God!

This doesn’t end abortion completely in our country, but it is an incredible blow against the silent genocide that has been taking place for the last 49 years and has destroyed the lives of over 60 million of our family members, friends, and neighbors who never got the chance to live. 13 states have automatic trigger laws that make abortion illegal immediately (or within a month). Now all of those babies who were in danger of being terminated have a fighting chance and moms who need support from pregnancy centers can actually get it instead of being told that “abortion will solve their problems”. It’s time to pray and work hard for those last 37 states to follow suit.

“You formed my inmost being. You knit me in my mother’s womb. I praise You, because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are Your works!” //
Psalms 139:13-14’

prolife Gorsuch

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever! May the Lord grant our American brothers and sisters the grace, strength and resources to rebuild a culture of life in their nation, a light for the world to see and follow.


Photo: Belmont Abbey College

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SA Election: Voters Punish Pro-Abortion Liberals in Landslide Labor Win

SA Election: Voters Punish Pro-Abortion Liberals in Landslide Labor Win

Pro-life voters can take heart from the results of the SA election. The weekend saw a clean-out of woke Liberal MPs and the election of a socially conservative Catholic premier who will prioritise mainstream values.

In a landslide result over the weekend, Peter Malinauskas pulled of an almost 8% swing to unseat Stephen Marshall after a single term, putting Labor back in charge in South Australia. The stunning result makes Marshall the first incumbent premier in Australia to lose a pandemic election.

Incoming premier Peter Malinauskas is on track to win at least 26 of the state’s 47 lower house seats. Labor’s results in the upper house won’t be quite as favourable, with minor parties and independents likely to play an outsized role once counting concludes next month.

In the wake of Saturday’s result, Stephen Marshall has stepped down as party leader. Hit by a major swing in his seat of Dunstan, he may yet lose his own spot in parliament.

Before Marshall’s term, the SA Liberals spent 16 years in the electoral wilderness. Now the party has at least four more years to consider why they were punished so comprehensively, and how to rally themselves behind better leadership.

Tom Kenyon on the Liberal Clean-Out

Malinauskas is a charismatic leader, and voters undoubtedly rewarded him for staying focussed on state issues like health, ambulance ramping and opportunities for working class South Australians.

But the story of SA’s 2022 election cannot be told without reference to major Liberal miscalculations on social policy, particularly abortion.

Tom Kenyon, who ran for a spot in the Legislative Council and resurrected the Family First Party to stand candidates in 34 lower house electorates, is pleased with Saturday’s result. “Our primary goal was to unseat bad Liberals, to get a better parliament, and show that we can move the Christian vote around,” he told the Daily Declaration this week.

“The life and freedom vote moved about five to ten per cent in a whole bunch of seats, and that counts,” said Kenyon. “I don’t think they can discount us now,” he added, confirming that Family First will be “better organised and more united” for the next state election.

Kenyon is impressed with Peter Malinauskas, a socially conservative Catholic, who he sees as a once-in-a-generation leader with a “friendly underlying worldview” for conservatives. Malinauskas “is not a [culture] warrior,” says Kenyon, and “he has the sense not to involve himself” in abortion and other social policies that saw the Liberal party undermine its own voter base.

Abortion-to-Birth was the Liberals’ Death-Knell

Nationwide, the Liberals are generally known to be the better of the two major parties in standing up for the rights of the unborn. However, this has not recently been the case in South Australia.

Along with his deputy premier Vicky Chapman, Stephen Marshall led the campaign to legalise abortion-to-birth in South Australia last year, despite the public showing little mood for it. In stunning scenes in February last year, around 5,000 normally politically timid South Aussies marched against the horrific abortion bill, with only around 200-300 turning up for a counter rally.

The Termination of Pregnancy Bill passed with few amendments — and with significant support from Stephen Marshall’s so-called ‘moderate’ left faction.

Over the weekend, four of the six Liberals to lose their seats had voted in favour of abortion-to-birth. These were Carolyn Power, Rachel Sanderson, Corey Wingard and Paula Luethen, all from metropolitan Adelaide electorates. The latter three had also voted down the crucial Spiers amendment, which narrowly lost in a vote of 26-20.

By contrast, around three-quarters of the 15 Liberal MPs who voted against the Termination of Pregnancy Bill kept their seat on Saturday. All Labor MPs who voted against abortion will likewise remain in parliament.

Why Woke-Lite ‘Conservative’ Parties Can’t Win

While many issues were at play in the weekend’s electoral shake-up, the Liberals’ handling of abortion was indicative of broader trends. South Australians have not rewarded politicians who ignored mainstream concerns to go after ‘woke’ social issues. Indeed, they’ve shown disdain for an ostensibly liberal-conservative party that has abandoned its base to become woke-lite.

As Sky News host Chris Kenny observed:

The Liberals in South Australia rejected a nuclear industry from opposition when Labor was prepared to consider one. Then when they got into government they rejected conservative MPs. They railed against Christians joining their party. They liberalised abortion and euthanasia laws. They went with the zeitgeist on climate and energy.

They axed the V8 supercar race and talked about replacing it with an electric car race. They surrendered leadership during the pandemic to unelected officials, stoked fears about the virus, and had lockdowns and border closures, so that people expected the government to ‘keep them safe’ forever… and then they wonder why they lost.

Kenny voiced what is increasingly obvious nationwide: “The Liberals can only win when they run on right-of-centre mainstream issues. They drift to the left, they seek to please the progressive media and Twitter crowd, at their peril.”

[embedded content]

Encouraging Signs for the Pro-Life Movement

Liberal MP and NSW Minister for Transport and Veterans David Elliott agrees. “The result of tonight’s South Australian election is an example of what happens when a centre-right party moves away from the centre-right,” he wrote in a social media post on Sunday. “Ignore the base and the base ignores you.”

“There are way too many woke issues that are seeping through the cracks and the electorate isn’t too grateful for it,” Elliott also told The Daily Telegraph. David Elliot has unique insights on the situation, given that it was his party, the NSW Liberals, that sadly led the nationwide charge for abortion-to-birth and euthanasia.

Lyle Shelton, former managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, shared similar reflections over the weekend. “Libs have to get back to the mainstream,” he tweeted Saturday night. “A semi-social conservative like Peter Malinauskas (he at least voted for some protections for unborn babies) is far better than a government run by Christopher Pyne’s ‘modern Liberals’,” Shelton added.

Saturday’s result represents progress for pro-life voters, but there were several disappointments. Sadly Steve Murray, a pro-life Liberal, lost his seat of Davenport. Tom Kenyon also told the Daily Declaration it would have been good to see pro-life independent Sam Duluk retain his seat, and Carolyn Power who gave moderate support to the rights of the unborn.

Kenyon is not confident that Family First will finish with enough preferences to secure an upper house seat — an outcome that would be his biggest regret, he says. This result might have been different if Bob Day’s Australian Family Party had shared preferences with Family First, providing pro-life parties with a lesson on the importance of putting differences aside to work together.

Nevertheless, there is still a chance Tom Kenyon will find his way into the Legislative Council. Two seats remain open and currently favour pro-life One Nation, pro-abortion Liberal Democrats, and Family First, in that order. The final results are expected to be announced in April.

Image by Sky News and Facebook.

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7 Problematic Things With ‘The Life Of Linda’ That Require Cancellation, STAT

7 Problematic Things With ‘The Life Of Linda’ That Require Cancellation, STAT

I am literally shaking right now. I can’t believe the Biden administration is creating such an unsafe space. On the internet, no less, where it literally affects the whole globe.

Their new infographic depicting “The Life of Linda” for their “Build Back Better” campaign is so problematic, I don’t even know where to start. If Joe Biden wants to really be an ally with the oppressed of the world, it’s time for him and the entire White House to do the work.

That work starts with getting their language right. Right here in the first slide, however, the gender-normative oppression begins.

Just let me count the ways this image equals genocide.

1. Erasing Trans People

For one, they use the offensive term “pregnant woman.” Biden got this right with using “birthing people” instead before, so why not in public advertisements like this one? As even the Centers for Disease Control and aging House Democrats have established, it’s not just women who become pregnant. It’s also transgender women and, soon, robots.

2. Forcing Gender Onto a Genderless Womb Occupant

Second, the image above also misgenders the misshapen blob sucking the life out of Linda’s body. We can’t know a person’s gender until that person himself, herself, or xyrself identifies it through a mystical experience of the Inchoate Self.

3. Fetuses Aren’t People

Thirdly, the image above falsely attributes personhood to womb invaders. Babies aren’t people unless they are wanted.

4. Erasing Trans People, Part II

Fourthly, the White House missed a golden opportunity to enlighten Americans and celebrate trans individuals by replacing the dated “Linda” with a transwoman, perhaps one named “Larry,” if Democrats still have to somehow get votes from those disgusting flyover swamp creatures to cement their universal brotherhood of political power. The world needs not more white-presenting, white-named Lindas — which kind of sounds like Karen, when you think about it —  but a more vibrant and forward-thinking image of a female “Larry.”

The Biden administration figured this out by naming a completely unqualified transgender woman to a four-star admiralcy last week. That’s what we’re going for here. Stop regressing.

5. Missed Opportunities to Prove Government Saves

Here’s another highly problematic image in this series.

I cannot believe the Biden administration did not increase OSHA protections for manufacturing workers to prevent Linda’s hearing loss. Since government decrees can save lives, it’s unthinkable that Biden wouldn’t show how government can truly assume god-like powers and prevent all suffering, want, and need —  if only people do what it says.

6. Literally Killing People

None of the people in these depictions are wearing masks. Since the Centers for Disease Control is indicating this devastating pandemic will go on for at least three more years, after which we will need to pursue lockdowns to stop the climate apocalypse and limit the human population, this is an unconscionable image decision that will kill billions.

7. Cultural Appropriation

As the racially distinguished womyn notes below in her reply to a domestic terrorist, these images also display cultural appropriation by mimicking the work of indigenous Chinese artists.

The Biden administration has worked really hard to be a lot better than the Obama administration at fighting white men and championing government as their replacement so all people who aren’t white can live as their authentic selves. But they can’t even do better than President Obama’s Life of Julia?

I literally can’t even. I’m so overwhelmed with all the evil in the world right now. I need a personal health day.


Domenech: The War On The Unborn Is Stronger Than Ever, But So Is The Pro-Life Movement

Domenech: The War On The Unborn Is Stronger Than Ever, But So Is The Pro-Life Movement

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech called the United States’ abortion culture “one of the most radical abortion regimes in the world” on Fox News’ “Primetime” Friday night. Yet, our country’s hostility toward the unborn has fostered an energy in the pro-life movement “unlike anything we have ever seen before,” Domenech said. 

Twenty-seven European countries limit elective abortion to 12 weeks gestation, where as the United States ranks only with countries like China and North Korea where abortion is legal up until moments before a child takes their first breath. 

“For that, you have to look at our moral equals in nations like China or North Korea. Why is it that America has persisted in this extreme regime even as the rest of the world woke up to the moral reality of what abortion does to families and societies,” Domenech said. “It’s a complicated story but it’s also very simple, really. Many of us have been willing to look the other way in a vast industry of powerful forces in our country and have worked very hard to make sure that we do.”

Abortion is at the very top of the left’s priorities, “an item of faith they are wedded to stronger than any religious conviction,” Domenech said. 

“Since the moment Roe v. Wade short-circuited the legal conversation about abortion, the pro-abortion left has worked to gaslight the country into believing things that just aren’t true,” Domenech said.

“They pretended they wanted abortions to be rare. They claimed they didn’t profit from them. They denied they sold organs. They refused to acknowledge the science of what we know about unborn babies, utterly unknown to the authors of Roe by the way. They ignored the terrible and tragic impact on the poorest and most vulnerable families and on the black community in particular. More black families are aborted than born in New York City every year and that’s fine with them,” he said. 

Domenech blasted corporate media for their coverage of the issue as indistinguishable from Planned Parenthood press releases, and for being “not just universally pro-choice but obviously pro-abortion.”

But despite the darkness, Domenech said he believes there has been a shift in energy behind the pro-life movement. 

The energy in the pro-life movement is like nothing we have ever seen before. Abortion is no longer accepted as an unobjectionable good. The shout your abortion movement where women are encouraged by the abortion lobby to boast about kill their children comes across as desperate and sad. Decades of ultrasound pictures on refrigerators and women brave enough to talk about miscarriage and loss have a way of changing minds. When Iceland says they have eradicated down syndrome, good people cringe because we know what that really means.

It is through the determined work in law and politics of pro-life activists that America is at a crossroads on the issue many “once thought impossible.” The host then emotionally concluded by asking his audience to reflect on what they know to be true about human life. 

“What we are discussing tonight is the most fundamental question for us, whether the unborn lives that take root here in America are unique persons with the right to draw breath and blossom or whether they are nonpersons, lives unworthy of life, human weeds as planned parenthood Margaret Sanger called them whose destruction is a public good,” Domenech said.

“The mission that tells us to destroy a life is to destroy a whole world. The worlds that would have been with that life meant. Look to your heart, you know this to be true,” he concluded. 

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March For Life Cancelled As Abortion Extremist Administration Descends On White House

March For Life Cancelled As Abortion Extremist Administration Descends On White House

After 46 years, the annual Washington, D.C., March for Life has been cancelled, with leaders citing COVID-19 concerns and the Jan. 6th U.S. capitol riot, which has resulted in “heightened pressures” for law enforcement officers. Organizers of America’s largest outdoor pro-life demonstration announced Friday that there will be a virtual March for Life on Jan. 29 instead.

Those who were planning to make the D.C. pilgrimage are being asked to stay home and watch the march online instead. Only a small group of pro-life leaders will attend the event and walk the protest route.

The march takes place every year on the anniversary of the 1973 landmark Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision, which forced states to allow abortion nationwide. It has become a powerful symbol of the right to life movement.

March organizers bring in passionate pro-life advocates to speak, ranging from Live Action founder Lila Rose to saline abortion survivor Melissa Ohden. Recently, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence became the first president and vice president to speak at the march.

Each year, the demonstration inspires tens of thousands of Americans, especially young people, to brave the cold weather and take a stand for the more than 600,000 unborn babies killed every year in America. The lasting tradition couldn’t even stop 10,000 people from marching in a blizzard during the 1987 rally! Yet leftist corporate media has routinely refused to give the mega-march the coverage it deserves, while playing up much smaller leftist rallies.

This year, the March for Life is a sorry loss for pro-lifers, especially since the incoming administration has been named the most anti-life ticket in our nation’s history. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is an extremist who supports late-term abortion. As a senator, Harris had a 0 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee and a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, said, “Like Joe Biden himself, Kamala Harris favors radical abortion policies including late-term abortion paid for by taxpayers, as well as forcing Catholic religious orders like the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide abortion drugs in their healthcare plans.”

As the attorney general of California, Harris used her power to target the pro-life journalists who investigated Planned Parenthood and exposed its leadership negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal body parts. Harris has called for a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayer from being forced to fund abortion.

Harris supports “codifying Roe,” which would prompt Congress to establish an “affirmative and statutory” right to abortion, prohibiting states from passing their own restrictions. She also endorses a plan that would force states and localities to seek prior approval and clearance through the U.S. Department of Justice before placing any restrictions on abortions. Since both Biden and Harris have dodged answering questions on their opinion of court packing, there is a real probability that the U.S. Supreme Court may be cemented as anti-life for decades under the incoming administration.

While the reasons for cancelling an in-person March for Life may be understandable, it couldn’t have come at a more dire time for the pro-life movement.



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