UK Police Instructed to Record Criminals, Victims by Actual Sex

UK Police Instructed to Record Criminals, Victims by Actual Sex

Victory for all who affirm men should be excluded from changing rooms, etc.

A new report in the UK confirms that the Home Office is asking police now to record criminals and victims with their birth sex, not their “gender identification.”

The guidance instructs police to identify the person’s “gender identity” if it is revealed to be different from a birth certificate.

The new result will give authorities a perspective on how many men are committing crimes while identifying as women -therefore skewing the statistics for crime by women.

The Independent reported the new guidance said a official for the Home Office said the plans are voluntary, but could become the standard based on Police feedback.

 “It is a victory for gender-critical feminist campaigners who believe that trans women should be excluded from women’s toilets, changing rooms, healthcare facilities, domestic violence shelters, and prisons.” The report exclaimed.

It also noted how advocates for the transgender agenda warned it could discourage transgender individuals from reporting crimes.

The plan first was confirmed in a Freedom of Information procedure request by Keep Prisons Single Sex, a campaign organization that says failing to record criminals’ birth sex allows “male crime [to be] hidden in female data.”

According to a statement from the Christian Institute, “Last year, at least 16 police forces shared data with the Home Office in which they recorded offenses on the basis of the offenders’ ‘gender identity’ instead of their actual sex.”

The Institute reported, “Plans to allow people to self-declare as someone of the opposite sex on the 2021 census were abandoned after the high court told the Office for National Statistics it must only allow people to enter their legal sex rather than being able to choose their ‘preferred option.’”

The Home Office said new procedures would follow the outline already in use for the census forms.

“This means for the first time we will know how many male offenders appear in the female crime stats.” Fair Play for Women, an advocacy organization for women, said.


UK, Sweden, and Finland Reach A Security Agreement

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Following the Russo-Ukrainian war, Sweden and Finland have been threatened by Russia for expressing a strong desire to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

On May 11, UK Prime Minister Johnson announced that the UK had reached a security agreement with Sweden and Finland, committing military support from the UK for the two countries should they be under attack. In addition, the pact also intensifies intelligence sharing among the three states and accelerates joint military training, exercises, and deployments.

Image Source: dailymail

Johnson, echoing the same account as Miles Guo who has previously stated that the Russian-Ukrainian war had certainly changed the political landscape in Europe and around the world, said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had changed the landscape of European security and Russia has failed.


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‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust”

‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust”

‘Ministry of Truth’ Previously Compared Free Speech to “Fairy Dust”

Hinting she doesn’t believe it should even exist

Paul Joseph Watson

The head of what has been dubbed the Biden administration’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ previously compared free speech to “fairy dust” during testimony about social media censorship in front of the UK Parliament.

Yes, really.

Nina Jankowicz, recently appointed DHS ‘disinformation czar,’ made the comments while providing oral evidence regarding the implementation of the UK’s controversial Online Safety Bill, which will ban legal content which has “the potential to cause harm.”

After agreeing that the government should set minimum speech standards which ban “misogyny,” Jankowicz blasted alternative social media platforms for supporting “freedom of expression and fairy dust.”

She also said that government-connected communications regulators such as Ofcom should “be able to establish the minimum standards that would be applied to all platforms and incur fines.”

“That could be based, again, on the preexisting terms of service,” she added.

Jankowicz also endorsed empowering governments to demand data on individual users from social media cites for the purpose of implementing further censorship policies.

“The social media platforms can do that if they are compelled to,” she said.

Jankowicz also asserted that social media platforms should utilize algorithms that would “allow us to get around some of the free speech concerns” by demoting content so few people saw it.

“You can shout in the black void, but you do not get a huge audience to do that,” she stated.

The comments are in line with previously statements made by Jankowicz when she revealed that free speech made her “shudder” while also promoting the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

The disinformation czar also ludicrously cited Christopher Steele as an expert on disinformation. Steele was the author of the infamous Clinton campaign-funded Trump ‘peegate’ dossier’ that turned out to be an actual product of disinformation.

As we previously highlighted, Jankowicz previously demanded that “trustworthy verified people” like her be given the power to edit other people’s tweets, making Twitter more like Wikipedia.


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10 Tips to Help Climate Bedwetters Overcome Anxiety

10 Tips to Help Climate Bedwetters Overcome Anxiety

When environMENTALism takes over your life, perhaps it’s time to take a breath and re-assess. Climate change catastrophism is causing crippling anxiety among the youth. Here are some suggestions on how to cope.

Students worried about climate change are being enrolled in special therapy groups at the University of East Anglia in the UK.

According to a BBC report, almost half of all university students worried about climate change “once a week or more”. They felt “hopeless, angry and depressed”.

The therapy groups are designed to help students overcome despair about climate change.

I’ve not seen the therapy group curriculum, but here offer my own helpful 10 tips for those who want to stop wetting the bed over climate change.

Don’t worry that you can’t get to the University of East Anglia climate catastrophist counselling course. Just follow my simple 10 tips for overcoming climate anxiety

1.     Breathe. If you can still do that, then the environment is still going. If not, then you are right to worry.

2.     Turn off your electricity and gas. Bin your phone. Walk everywhere. Stop ordering takeaway food. Eat only vegan sandwiches. You will soon get over your climate anxiety. I promise.

3.     Stop watching the BBC, ABC and MSNBC. Try to find news sources that give all sides of the story. Difficult, but not impossible. Have you subscribed to The James Macpherson Report?

4.     Go to the student union bar, have a couple of drinks, and find a girlfriend. She will either remove all your worries or give you a host of new ones.

5.     Worry instead about an actual problem, like World War 3. That blinding flash of light that destroys the world is more likely to come from a Russian missile than from a soccer mum’s SUV.

6.     Stop relying on your parents for everything. This will open up a whole new world of worries.

7.     Get off social media. Turn off all notifications on your phone. (Okay, scrap that one. We all know it will never happen.)

8.     Go to China, the main emitter of emissions, and glue yourself to a road. Whatever happens after that will probably cure your climate anxiety permanently.

9.     Stop complaining about climate change. Every time you talk, you spew CO2 into the atmosphere. All your whining is actually destroying the planet.

10.  Wait 50 years, realise nothing has changed, then feel stupid instead of anxious.

As I said, I’m no mental health expert so I may have missed something.

Help to care for the mental health of our young people by hitting the comment button and adding your own helpful suggestion. We are in a crisis, people, so no idea is too stupid…


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by N Jilderda.

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UK Demands Elon Musk Keeps Twitter ‘Responsible’ by Censoring Content

UK Demands Elon Musk Keeps Twitter ‘Responsible’ by Censoring Content

A spokesman for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has demanded that Elon Musk keeps Twitter “responsible” through content censorship.

Authorities in the United Kingdom are demanding that Twitter follows the country’s censorship laws when it comes under the control of its new owner, Elon Musk.

Musk, who has self-identified as a “free speech absolutist“, has said that his aims are to increase the transparency of the platform he acquired for around $44 billion, while also noting that “free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy”.

However, while some have celebrated the forthcoming Silicon Valley regime change, authorities in Britain appear to be afraid that the takeover may get in the way of their forthcoming programme of enhanced online censorship.

“Regardless of ownership, all social media platforms must be responsible,” The Times reports a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson as saying regarding the purchase.

“That includes protecting users from harm on their sites,” the spokesman continued. “It is too early to say what — if any — changes will be made to how Twitter operates.”

Britain already has in place strict censorship laws requiring social media companies to take down content that state authorities deem to be illegal once such content is brought to their attention.

However, the so-called Conservative Party government has recently expanded its censorious aims to tackle what it deems to be “harmful” content on social media, and is now preparing to pass the so-called Online Harms Bill, which will soon require platforms to pre-emptively censor “legal but harmful” content or face massive fines.

Under the proposed legislation, social media companies would be put at the mercy of the country’s media regulator Ofcom, which would ban the likes of Twitter from allowing “harmful” content on their platform, including so-called “hate speech”.

It should be noted that, in the eyes of the government, “hate speech” is defined as: “all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, social origin, gender, sex, gender reassignment, nationality, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, colour, genetic features, language, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth or age”.

Companies who refuse to bow to British censorship after the passing of the Online Harms Bill will be liable for fines of up to 10 per cent of their global turnover, with the bosses of such enterprises facing sanctions up to and including jail time if they refuse to appease the home of Big Brother.

Another senior UK politician, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has also made demands for more censorship on social media platforms under the auspices of fighting “prejudice”.

“Free speech cannot mean a free pass for hatred,” the mayor wrote online after news of the purchase emerged. “We must not forget the impacts of online hate speech, which fans the flames of prejudice and leads to appalling and tragic real-world violence.”

“Social media companies must do more, not less, to protect their communities,” he also wrote.

While Britain has currently one of the most high profile censorship regimes in the Western World, it is far from the only place where politicians have been taking aim at the idea of open debate on social media.

Thierry Breton, the European Union Tsar for its internal market, has demanded that Musk also play ball with his bloc’s rules and regulations, including those in relation to the censorship of unwanted ideas.

“Elon, there are rules,” the Financial Times reports Breton as saying. “You are welcome but these are our rules. It’s not your rules which will apply here.”

“Anyone who wants to benefit from this market will have to fulfil our rules,” the EU bigwig reportedly continued. “The board [of Twitter] will have to make sure that if it operates in Europe it will have to fulfil the obligations, including moderation, open algorithms, freedom of speech, transparency in rules, obligations to comply with our own rules for hate speech, revenge porn [and] harassment.”

“If [Twitter] does not comply with our law, there are sanctions — 6 per cent of the revenue and, if they continue, banned from operating in Europe,” the EU bureaucrat went on to threaten.

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Hiking is Racist, Obviously.

Hiking is Racist, Obviously.

Just when you thought claims of racism could not get any more puerile, the World Economic Forum has published an article alleging black people are excluded from the outdoors.

That’s right. Hiking is ‘racist’.

The evidence? UK author Rhiane Fatinikun went for a walk in a park and didn’t see many black people.

White privilege now extends to going outside!

“The lack of representation in hiking is clear for all to see. I wasn’t keen on the prospect of venturing out alone or joining a typical hikers’ group where there’d be nobody I could identify with.”

This point says far more about the author than it does about the white supremacists guarding hiking trails and the “whites only” signs posted along footpaths in order to keep blacks isolated indoors.

Why would the author not “identify” with other humans, regardless of melanin, based on a mutual love of hiking?

The only way she could possibly feel excluded from hiking is if she herself is so racist that she cannot form meaningful relationships with people of different skin colours.


Imagine needing to see a reflection of yourself wherever you go. That Fatinikun identifies only with people who look like her is evidence of a problem with her, not with the outdoors.

But no, black people have been systematically excluded from the outdoors; and so Fatinikun founded Black Girls Hike “to encourage black women to explore the UK countryside in the safety of sisterhood”.

So the Manchester resident has decided to tackle exclusion by creating a group that determines membership based on skin colour. And the World Economic Forum want to champion this!

The article doesn’t say what precisely it was about the outdoors that Fatinikun believed excluded her. By her own admission, she just didn’t want to go walking with people who weren’t black.

“I’m proud we are challenging stereotypes and showing people that the outdoors is for everyone,” she said.

Walking is for whites has never been a stereotype. And forming a ‘blacks only’ walking group doesn’t show that the outdoors is for everyone.

Advertising Required

Fatinikun complains that walking in parks is “not even marketed at black people”.

What would such a marketing campaign look like? Perhaps it could go something like this …

“Don’t let the racist grass intimidate you. Ignore the white supremacist trees. Open the front door, start walking and keep going!”

If the marketing campaign doesn’t work, perhaps governments should force black people to hike. Or bribe them with tax incentives. Or maybe whites should be excluded from bush trails until the quota of back people increases.

Maybe local mayors could stand at the end of hiking trails and pat black people on the head as they conclude their walks.

Too far?

This infantile obsession with skin colour has gone way too far. It’s not enlightened, it’s stupid. It’s not progressive, it’s divisive and regressive.

The only thing British walkers are regularly excluded from is the sun. And that applies to all Brits, regardless of their skin colour.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by Evan Chasteen.

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The UK to send 6,000 missiles and $33 million in aid to the Ukraine army

The UK to send 6,000 missiles and $33 million in aid to the Ukraine army

Mar 23 2022
Collect:Rose News

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to media following a meeting of the V4 group leaders at Lancaster House, in London, Britain March 8, 2022. (File photo: Reuters)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to media following a meeting of the V4 group leaders at Lancaster House, in London, Britain March 8, 2022. (File photo: Reuters)

Originally published as follows:
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said late Wednesday that Britain would send 6,000 missiles, consisting of anti-tank and high explosive weapons, and $33 million (£25 million, 30 million euros) in financial aid to Ukraine’s military.

“The United Kingdom will work with our allies to step up military and economic support to Ukraine, strengthening their defences as they turn the tide in this fight,” he said in a statement, announcing the package on the eve of attending NATO and G7 summits.

UK to send 6,000 missiles and $33 million in aid to Ukraine army

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Thales group moving into Australia

Thales group moving into Australia

by Alison Ryan

The Thales Group has placed the illuminati eye in the triangle symbol in its name. Australia is right in the thick of the Thales Group, along with the five-eyes – Canada, NZ, USA and Britain. There is some proof.
From a page showing the history and chronology of Thales, two of its Principal Subsidiaries are ADI (Australia) and Thales Information Systems (Russia). Principal Divisions of Thales are Aerospace, Defence, Information Technologies and Services. Thales changed its name in 2000.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) records show that in 12 March 2002 Thales acquired the remaining shares in ADI Group Holdings. ADI Holdings is the holding company for a number of ADI subsidiaries. The main operating company in the group is Australian Defence Industries Limited. In 1999 the ACCC considered and did not oppose the acquisition of ADI by a joint venture comprising Thales (a French owned company then known as Thomson CSF) and Transfield. Thales now wants to increase its stake in ADI Holdings to 100% by acquiring the 50% of shares in ADI Holdings that are currently owned by the Transfield Group of companies.

Australia announces future weapons manufacture in Australia.
News released April 21, 2021, MELBOURNE/CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – that Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) and Thales Australia have finalized a teaming agreement advancing the delivery of an Australian guided weapons manufacturing capability in support of a sovereign national guided weapons enterprise.
Joe North is Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand, and Chris Jenkins is Chief Executive Officer at Thales, following the company’s 100% acquisition of the Australian Defence Industries (ADI) joint venture in 2006.

The agreement would see experienced strategic industry partners in Lockheed Martin, and Thales Australia cooperate in the design, development and production of Lockheed Martin’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile – Surface Launch (LRASM SL) variant, with a specific focus on booster and rocket motor technologies.
Lockheed Martin and Thales Australia have unique and complementary backgrounds and expertise in the manufacture and delivery of weapons capabilities that together will provide further impetus for the Australian Government’s objective of expanding the sovereign defence industrial and manufacturing capability.

David Cronin has written books Balfour’s Shadow: A Century of British Support for Zionism and Israel and Europe’s Alliance with Israel: Aiding the Occupation. In his report on “Are weapons at the heart of Britain’s romance with Israel”, he mentions James Arbuthnot and his work at Thales UK, his involvement with Conservative Friends of Israel, and his position in the British Parliament. Mr Cronin says that James Arbuthnot has used his platform to advocate that Britain should develop four nuclear submarines and by opposing disarmament Mr Arbuthnot was pushing a political agenda conducive to his employer and the wider arms industry.
Thales lands £600m deal to maintain Royal Navy’s warships (
Defence: Continuous At-Sea Deterrent – Hansard – UK Parliament See – Lord Arbuthnot of Edrom

Information that Thales suspended a staff member for alleged Neo-Nazi links on 6 April 2009 was posted on The Digital Jewish news daily for Australia and New Zealand, J-Wire. The case appeared in other press.
In Defence of Nicole | Racial Loyalty (

Thales Space interests with the addition of Intelsat 41 and Intelsat 44, in partnership with Thales Alenia Space, state that Intelsat will blanket the earth with software-defined satellites, progressing the world’s first global 5G software-defined network, designed to unify the global telecoms ecosystem.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded Thales an extension to the Future Air Defence Availability Project Team (F-ADAPT) to maintain the British Army and Royal Marines’ short-range air-defence (SHORAD) capabilities until 2026.
UK MoD extends future air-defence contract with Thales (

The report, ‘Arming Apartheid’, details how trading arms with Israel makes the UK complicit in Israel’s continuing violations of human rights and international law.

The WOW Arming Apartheid WEBFINAL pdf says the UK government imports weapons and weapons technology from Israel, and awards contracts to Israeli companies to develop weapons for UK military use. The UK’s Watchkeeper surveillance drone, used by the UK military in Afghanistan, was developed under a joint venture contract awarded by the Ministry of Defence to Thales UK and Israel’s Elbit Systems. Israeli military and industry sources openly attribute the success of Israeli exports to the weapons being ‘combat proven’ in operations against Palestinians. More: War on Want, ‘Arming Apartheid: UK complicity in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people’, July 2015.
Layout 1 (

The NCI Agency is responsible for operating and defending NATO’s networks.
Four new NATO bilateral Industry Cyber Partnerships were signed between NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency and CY4GATE, THALES, and Vodafone. These partnerships are the latest in a series of agreements between NATO and leading industry partners. The agreements allow the participants to share critical information on national security cyber threats, improving both parties’ ability to detect, prevent and respond quickly to cyber threats.
NCI Agency | NATO to sign new cyber partnerships with Industry in Berlin

The European Security and Defence (ES&D) International Security and Defence Journal states, “Thales will be using its expertise in Defence Mission Systems, mastering four key digital technologies of Connectivity, Big Data, AI, and Cybersecurity.”
Patrice Caine is Chairman and CEO of Thales, and Marc Darmon is Executive Vice-President of their Secure Communications and Information Systems.

Lockheed Martin’s Mk-48 heavyweight torpedo has been continually upgraded to enhance performance and to keep pace with adversarial countermeasures. The Mod 6 introduced in 2009 can remotely receive software updates while at sea. The latest iteration, the Mod 7 Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System (CBASS) has been jointly developed with the Royal Australian Navy.

Under an Australian Government package of contracts awarded in 2016 to encourage defence innovation, Tectonica Australia was given funds to support its Hear and See Through Armour project. Working in conjunction with the Swinburne University of Technology, it is developing a system in which Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) crew members equipped with virtual reality glasses incorporating headphones will be able to see what is happening outside the vehicle, and will hear the appropriate directional sounds.



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