Tara Reade’s Attorney Fires a Kill Shot at Joe Biden that Just Echoed Through the Chambers of the DNC


The attorney for Tara Reade has Democrat Party wigging out. Unlike the manufactured progressive attempts to drag nonsense out of Brett Kavanaugh’s past, the sexual abuse charges against Joe Biden have substance. Douglas Wigdor rolled them up into a letter and fired it off in Joe Biden’s face. The latest reports say that Creepy Joe’s campaign is on life support and the shot could be fatal.

Reade’s attorney demands file search

According to the letter Douglas Wigdor sent out Monday, the attorney is demanding that the accused nominee “authorize a search of his Senate papers.” Contrary to network news reports which suggested otherwise, Reade claims she filed a report about the incident “around 1993.” Wigdor called for Biden to “immediately open up” his University of Delaware archives. He also needs to “authorize” a search for any records related to Reade.

When Joe Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade in 1993, she filled out a “Request for counseling form,” which she needed because of the workplace harassment. Her lawyer is convinced that a copy of it should still be sitting in Biden’s official Senate records. They have been peacefully collecting dust for nearly 30 years in a storage room at the University.

Creepy Joe is dragging his feet

Biden is suddenly stonewalling. He went from apparently full cooperation to foot dragging. In a recent interview, Biden told MSNBC that he “would not authorize the release of his Senate records or allow them to be searched for mentions of Reade’s name. Looks like it’s time to call in the FBI if we are going to be fair to Brett Kavanaugh.

The Democrats are showing exactly how two-faced they are, because there isn’t any outrage in the press. During Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, they had the FBI doing forensic analysis on his high school yearbook. There wasn’t a single shred of hard evidence then but the progressives turned it into a world-wide catastrophe. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, it’s crickets. Not if Reade’s attorney can help it.

CNN and all the other liberal outlets are giving Joe Biden a free pass. They’re perfectly willing to accept his explanation. Biden is afraid if the public gets to see his actual records they may get the wrong idea, by taking what’s in them “out of context.”

As Biden explains, while the media nods their head in silence, “The fact is that there’s a lot of things that — of speeches I have made, positions I have taken, interviews that I did overseas with people, all of those things relating to my job. And the idea that they would all be made public and the fact, while I was running for a public office, they could be really taken out of context.” Now we know what “pound me too” really stands for.

Nothing there anyway

The University swears to protect Biden, they won’t let the records loose until two-years after “Biden has retired from public life.” Biden says he doesn’t think there would be any records there anyway. Attorney Wigdor wants them to look anyway.

“The papers from my Senate years that I donated to the University of Delaware do not contain personnel files,” he insists. All he sent over were his “speeches, policy proposals, positions taken,” and the work related to the “writing of bills.”

When Reade asked for a copy, they told her to go fly a kite. Biden claims that he has asked the Senate secretary “to locate a possible harassment complaint filed by Reade” but that won’t turn up a request for counseling form. It doesn’t matter anyway because the Secretary told Biden to go fly a kite too. The “Secretary has no discretion to disclose any such information as requested in Vice President Biden’s letter of May 1.”

It’s no surprise

That’s not a surprise, Reade’s attorney writes. It’s “obvious” that Biden’s “belated request” would be denied out of hand. The former senator is well aware of the “antiquated and vague rules procedures.” Biden’s request was “disingenuous.”

The plan went like clockwork. “It is truly unfortunate that the Senate has chosen to rely (albeit incorrectly) on draconian confidentiality provisions enacted decades ago to conceal the truth,” attorney Wigdor penned to Biden. “the Senate’s position is particularly gratuitous.”

Douglas Wigdor isn’t some ambulance chasing shyster, he’s well known for big harassment and assault cases. Six of his clients had claims against Harvey Weinstein. He also represented “a number of Fox News employees.” Those were gender and racial discrimination cases.


Experts Make Shocking Discovery That Will Go Down in the History Books


Experts and other archaeologists in Mexico are very excited, to say the least. They have uncovered a network of at least 2,000 pre-Hispanic ruins among the many clusters of artefacts along a route that has been proposed by Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Simply put, these archaeology experts have made a discovery that is going to put everything we know about Ancient Mexico on its head. Most of the newly-discovered artefacts are along the president’s disputed “Maya Train” project of the Yucatan peninsula. 

Of course, the product by the Mexican president was considered controversial too because some of these scientists have discovered sincerely matched “archeological monuments” along at least 277 miles along the president’s proposed route.

The latest laser elevation data showed that there were at least 2,187 “monuments” along this planned track. Many of these findings are brand new to the experts as well. 

Of course, when we talk about Mexican pre-history, it’s important that we fully define just what we mean by “monuments”, simply because that term can mean quite a few different things. For example, it could mean the remains of a pre-Hispanic home, but it also could mean a carved stone artefact.

Moreover, it could also mean that archaeologists are studying the remains of a temple platform. Indeed, there were at least 91 larger structures such as pyramids, temples, and other platforms uncovered, and that’s just according to Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History! 

Of course, this is a big difference from Mayan houses, which really weren’t all that substantial. They usually consisted of a stone base which would then be topped off by either a wooden or thaft structure. 

The institute did publish a report regarding this issue, and they even weighed in on the train building project. While they didn’t necessarily either support or condemn the train construction project, they also noted that the buildings would need to take care to “specific measures” to make sure that none of these artefacts would ultimately be damaged. However, they did not say whether certain parts of the route would have to be changed. 

In July, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador started off on the construction of his “Maya Train”, which is a pet project of his that is supposed to extend almost 950 miles and will consist of a rough loop shape around the Yucatan Peninsula. 

The main goal of this train is to connect the Mexican Caribbean resorts to the great majority of the interior stations within the Peninsula.

There are at least fifteen of them, and the proposed cost of the entire project has been estimated at $6.8 billion. However, critics say that the cost will wind up being much higher. 

The critics of President Lopez Obrador are now weighing in, and their main argument is that Obrador rammed this legislation through without fully considering a number of different variables.

These would include the sinkhole caves called cenotes, the effects this project would have on the environment, and yes, the effect this train project would ultimately have on the Mayan ruins. 

While there are stretches of the route that already have tracks, experts are extremely concerned about other areas that have been largely untouched for decades, if not centuries.

For example, there are a few valid arguments that some of the tracks will push through sensitive jungle terrain. Additionally, some are concerned that the land would be disturbed because of the need to update tracks and the construction of new railway stations. 

There have even been a few Mayan communities that are fairly miffed about his project. Indeed, there have even been a few that have filed suit against President Lopez Obrador in order to stop the project. Another chief complaint of theirs is that they weren’t fully consulted regarding the project, nor did they receive any benefits. Naturally, they are also concerned about the possibility that some of these historical sites will be disturbed. 

You see, experts use the LiDAR system for these and other projects. It stands for Light Detection and Ranging. This method involves shooting a pulsed laser at the ground so that the viewer can get a high-resolution detailed image of the ground, even if it has some dense vegetation. 

Of course, the empire that the Mayas constructed was something to be proud of. It was a sprawling system of city-states across Central America and the Yucatan between 2,000 B.C. and 900 A.D. Many of their descendants still live on the peninsula! What do you think about this unique (and historic) story? 


Video: Little Boy Defends Family and Home Against 4 Violent Obama Thugs


For one South Bend homeowner, they got visitors that they would rather do without. It was a home invasion. However, the good news is that their little boy basically saved the day for them, putting Kevin McCallister of Home Alone movie fame to total shame in the process. 

The September 30th video shows a South Bend boy hitting the suspects as hard as he possibly could in an effort to defend his home.

The police responded to the home on South Grant after they received a report of shots fired, and they said that four Obama thugs forced their way inside the home after knocking on the door. Three of the suspects were armed with guns. 

Even though the police are very proud of the boy’s efforts to defend his South Bend home, they know there is still plenty of work to do in this case. “We have an important job to defend that little boy too,” a police spokesman said.

It seems that our current liberal society is not doing enough to applaud the real heroes in our country today. Organizations such as “Black Lives Matter” look at criminal thugs and treat them as if they are the heroes, but the fact that a young boy would do all he can to protect his family should be promoted. This boy is the true hero, no doubt about it.  

Would you happen to have information about the suspects? If so, you are strongly encouraged to call Michiana Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP or 800-342-STOP. You also can call the South Bend Police Department Investigative Bureau at 574-235-9263. This type of crime needs to be stopped. 

Also, what do YOU think about this story? Let us know in the comments below! 


Lesbian Tinder Date Turns Gruesome, Police Find Trash Bags Full of Dismembered Body Parts


The dating world can be tough, especially considering that you just don’t always know who you’re dealing with. Take Tinder, for example.

On the surface, it would appear that it is a good dating app for those on the dating scene simply because it allows users to scroll through and “swipe” the pictures of those who they feel they are the most compatible with.

However, even when a user has “matched” with another like-minded individual, they are still dealing with strangers. Take the case of Sydney Loofe in Omaha. 


She had set up a date with Bailey Boswell, but it turns out that it had all been just a set-up. She was ambushed and brutally murdered, and her remains were ultimately dismembered and disposed of in trash bags.


According to a report from the Omaha World-Herald, 26-year-old Bailey Boswell was convicted of first-degree murder, improper disposal of human remains, and conspiracy to commit murder.

Her dating partner Sydney Loofe had arranged to meet her in 2017 and she was from Lincoln. However, investigators were able to put the pieces together because Loofe disappeared right after her Tinder date with Boswell. 

Of course, Boswell’s defense attorney argued that one of the reasons why this Tinder date went so poorly (the understatement of the year!) is because she claimed that her boyfriend had forced her into taking part in this gruesome killing and dismemberment.

State prosecutor Mike Guinan had a counterargument that Boswell in concert with 54-year-old Aubrey Trail to meet Loofe and then kill her. 

[embedded content]

When you consider just how heinous this crime was, it comes as no surprise that Boswell is possibly facing the death penalty.

All of the elements of premeditation are there. In fact, Boswell could almost make a run on some of these serial killers in terms of just how gruesome her crime was! 

[embedded content]

What do YOU think about how this gruesome Tinder date turned out? Comment below!


Family Drives Right Through the Middle of Wild Tornado, Captures The Whole Thing Live


As the Sunday family started planning for their trip to the Dillon, South Carolina area, they knew that the whole entire region was under a tornado warning.

However, they still thought they could make the trip safely just because they thought they were far enough away from any funnel clouds. Unfortunately, as it turned out this family was wrong. However, luckily for them it was just a near-miss and nothing too catastrophic. 

The family was able to make their trip to Dillon without incident, but it was the drive home that turned out to be full of peril. As the Sundays put their truck out on the interstate, they immediately saw something incredibly intense and surprising.

As it turns out, this family not only encountered a tornado, but they actually drove through one as well. The Sundays took some video showing the awesome natural force to be reckoned with, a funnel with the accompanying maelstrom of debris. 

“I saw a little bit of rotation in the distance,” said family patriarch Michael Sunday, who was driving their truck. “All of a sudden, the tornado came out from through the trees.” 

The family of Michael, his wife Annie and their two young children and even the family dog watched from their truck windows as they were driving in the middle of the highway. They encountered at least two minutes of immensely loud and strong winds. 

“We were worried that it would pick the truck up,” Mr. Sunday’s daughter said. “But it didn’t, thank goodness.” 

[embedded content]

The Sunday family said that it was very unpredictable and that it happened very suddenly. Needless to say, they feel lucky to be alive.

“I was only thinking, ‘We’re all together. If something’s going to happen to us, then we’re all just going to be together, and it will just be that way,” Annie Sunday said.

Along those same lines, daughter Sophie was just adamant that Jesus was watching out for her family. 

Of course, these tornadoes come as remnants from Hurricane Delta streaking across the Carolinas and causing damage in many parts of the Palmetto State. 

What do YOU think about the good fortune of this family? Share your thoughts with us! 


Breaking News: 100 Pound Explosive Device Discovered… Authorities on the Scene


After a device packed with 100 pounds of explosives was discovered on the beach in North Carolina, on Thursday, authorities scrambled to cordon off a half-mile wide area in preparation for intentionally detonating the bomb on Friday. That had to be put on hold due to a local fire, but residents are expecting a window shaking explosion any time now.

Device identified as WWII bomb

On Thursday, park rangers at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore got a disturbing call which led them to immediately evacuate the area. Authorities announced that they established “a safety perimeter measuring approximately a half mile” around the mysterious object that washed up on the beach. The device turned out to be a “100-pound aerial bomb from the World War II era.”

Hatteras Island dweller Michele Quidley was just walking her dog. As they approached the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, by the parking lot for the Buxton Beach Day Use Area, her dog discovered the encrusted device “high on the shoreline.” It looked like a “torpedo” Qudley describes, “when we reached it, I thought it was a log but then I realized it was made out of metal.” And it had fins.

“I was worried about just leaving it there, because there are a lot of visitors on the beach, and I didn’t want kids to play with it, or someone to accidentally pick it up and take it home as a souvenir.” She decided to call the National Park Service. They appreciated the heads up and advised her to call the cops too. She dialed up the Dare County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center and John Conner of the Buxton Volunteer Fire Department was soon on the scene to examine the device.

It happens all the time

David Hallac, the Superintendent for National Parks of Eastern North Carolina explains that “The discovery” of a stray military device or two “is not uncommon along the Outer Banks.” That’s why “Cape Hatteras National Seashore visitors should always be on the lookout for beach hazards, especially during and after periods of rough surf.”

The U.S. Navy quickly dispatched their Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit, based in Norfolk, Virginia. The plan was to detonate the device “in place on Friday morning.” Superintendent Hallac relates that “big waves such as those created by Hurricane Epsilon, which is east of Bermuda, often lead to unexploded ordnance and practice bombs occasionally washing onshore.”

The EOD got all the prep work done Thursday after verifying that the suspicious device was in fact “live military ordnance.” It’s been placed “deep inside the beach near the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach Access parking area.” At the last minute, the timetable changed due to a local fire. “a large fire in Buxton has delayed that plan,” local news reports. When it finally does go off, “no damage to nearby structures is expected. However, Buxton residents and visitors may hear the detonation.”


SICK: 56yr Old “May want both or just the 11-year-old, depending on money. I bet both are delicious.”


SICK! The West Virginia State Police now have a big job on their hands as a 56-year-old Montgomery man was arrested because he attempted to arrange to have sex with an 11-year-old girl.

He was going to pay the mother of the girl $150 for this depraved privilege. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a sting, and Steven Alfred Bennett, 56, was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. The jail records show that he was charged in Raleigh County Magistrate Court. 

Bennett should have known better, because up until 2018 he had worked with the Charleston Fire Department. Fire department spokesman Lt. David Hodges had no further comment regarding the issue. 

The complaint against Bennett alleges that he responded to an October 2nd advertisement on social media that was allegedly from a mother who was posting information regarding her two daughters. The “woman” was saying she wanted to sell the children, girls aged 11 to 14, for sexual activities. 

The West Virginia State Police noted that this SICK man said that he was particularly interested in the 11-year-old, but he did allegedly say that he would possibly want “both, if he had the money” because he thought they both might be “delicious.”

According to the complaint, he said that he would be free to meet with the mother and her children after 6 p.m. and he was traveling from Eastern Kanawha County, which has Charleston as its largest city. 

The complaint noted that the troopers began conducting their investigation by obtaining subpoenas, which allowed them to trace the phone number that had been used to set up the illegal tryst.

They traced the communications back to the subject and they were also able to place him on the social media application that they had originally suspected him of using. 

Bennett is now being held at the South Central Regional Jail on a $150,000 cash or surety bond. 

What do YOU think about this SICK and perverted ex-firemen and his efforts to molest two young girls? We would be happy to hear you comments! 


Mother Knifes Herself Moments After Doing THIS to Her 5 Year Old Son


There is no question that West Philadelphia has seen its share of violent stories. One of the latest ones is very disturbing, to say the least.

It seems that a young mother had a psychotic break and allegedly knifes herself after BRUTALLY STABBING AND DROWNING her five-year-old son in the bathtub.

After that terrible act, she made a suicidal gesture and tried to knife herself. The mother is now in custody after she did this terrible attack on Monday, October 12th.

This gruesome Monday evening incident took place at an apartment complex. Apparently, the father of the child was the first person to have stumbled upon this tragedy.

He found his wife with some disturbing stab wounds on her wrist, and now the police believe that this was self-inflicted.

Not soon afterwards, the father discovered that his son was lying face down in a bathtub filled with water and he had a large, superficial laceration on his neck.

They ended up rushing the child to the hospital and they even performed CPR on him before he left. However, it was all for not because the young boy was pronounced dead not long after he reached the hospital.

Of course, they also took the mother to the hospital because of the injuries she incurred in her suicidal gesture.

However, you can rest assured that she is going to receive an appropriate punishment for how she treated her poor child and for fostering this tragedy. Even after she recovers from her injuries, she is going to continue to remain in custody.

What would compel someone to commit this terrible act against their son, which is their own flesh and blood? What would cause someone to do this?

Well, part of the reason is because the authorities believe that this woman has some rather disturbing mental health issues. Either way, what do YOU think about this terrible episode?

How should we treat someone who knifes herself after doing something like this to their baby? Feel free to comment below on this sobering issue…


Leaked: Michael Cohen and Chris Cuomo Scandal Exposed in HUGE Way


Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a damaging bombshell last September when he revealed a grotesque private audio clip that showed CNN’s Chris Cuomo discussing some of the sexual harassment claims that had been made against him.

The audio tape appears to show Chris Cuomo talking to Michael Cohen, who is now known as the former friend and attorney to Donald Trump during his pre-presidential days. 

“You know, I have to say that I am always careful when talking to the media,” Cuomo began. “Do you know just how many f****ing calls I’ve gotten from people working at ABC saying that different reporters keep calling and lying about different things they’ve heard about me in an attempt to get stories about me from my days at ABC?” Cuomo is heard saying on the recording. 

“Guys were calling and saying, ‘I heard that people thought he was kind of like ABC’s answer to Charlie Rose. He would invite women to a hotel and then he would open up his bathrobe.’ Do I look like some kind of f****ing guy who has to do that?” Cuomo said. 

However, despite all of the braggadocio of Cuomo, Cohen seems to appear nonplussed on the audio tape. 

“Sure, why not?” Cohen replies. 

Suddenly I’ve got Damn Yankees or one of those other 80s hair bands playing through my head, but I digress…

Of course, when Carlson discussed the tape, he mocked the two over their conversation. It almost seemed like fourth grade banter at the lunch table, but again, I digress.

Carlson noted that Cuomo was dismissive of these alleged sexual harassment accusations even though the “#MeToo” movement is in full force in this country. Apparently for these guys that only counts when it’s members of the GOP, but I digress yet again. 

“There was a lot of women who worked there who were saying, ‘Well yeah, you know, a few of these men’ and they were naming me with some of the other guys! They said, ‘You know, I saw him in the elevator, and he put his hand on my shoulder, and it made me very uncomfortable.’ They said,” Cuomo continued recounting that recording. 

“I’m always, always careful with the media,” he added. “I’ve always told you, Cohen, the media is NOT your friend.” 

Cohen said that he was surprised and angry that Tucker Carlson was somehow able to obtain these recordings. “The only people who are supposed to be in possession of these tapes would be me, the Department of Justice, @POTUS, and the Trump organization. I didn’t give anyone else this recording, nor did I give authorization for it to be used with @FoxNews or anyone else,” Cohen tweeted. 

“The @POTUS and his cronies violated my First Amendment rights all just to discredit me and my book,” he said. “What’s next?” 

Of course, I guess Cohen subscribes to the policy not to let a good scandal go to waste. What do YOU think about these wild tapes between Cohen and Cuomo?


Mother Visits Starbucks…What She Finds on Her Children’s Drinks is Absolutely Disgusting

There is one particular mother in the Houston area that is seeing red, and with good reason. She recently reported that her children saw the words, “Defund the Police” on one of their drinks from a local Starbucks. Of course, the company has taken notice because the mother is sharing her story of her Starbucks visits on social media.

The unidentified Houston resident posted the following:

“My ex-husband takes my children to the Starbucks on I-10 and Kirkwood before bringing them back to me. All 3 of my children’s drinks have this [Defund the Police] printed on the label. I call to make the manager aware…as if she wasn’t already. This woman acted like she couldn’t careless (sic).

All of my LEO friends will need to be careful when they get anything from there. Free free to speak to the manager yourself the number is 281-584-9063. This shit (sic) needs to stop. We can’t even buy a cup of coffee without worrying about being poisoned or worse. WTF is wrong with America???”

I’ll answer your question, my fellow conservative and patriotic friend. Liberals are what is WRONG with America, but I digress.

Of course, the corporate headquarters of Starbucks chimed in, and they at least tried to offer something akin to an apology: “We wish to offer our deepest apologies for what happened here.

We know that this incident is unacceptable and it doesn’t represent the deep appreciation that Starbucks has for all police officers. These men and women work tirelessly to keep our communities safe.”

“Rest assured that we continue to investigate this situation,” the Starbucks representative continued regarding the plight of the offended mother. “We want to use this platform in order to leverage and cooperation with the Houston police department. We also believe that everyone who enters one of our locations should feel welcome and have a positive experience.”

Even though Starbucks has been trying their best to do damage control, this isn’t the first time that they have been in the news for poor treatment of police officers. One case in point would be a store in Tempe, Arizona, which asked six uniformed officers to leave because another customer did not feel safe in their presence.

Of course, if these police officers were bartenders or sanitation workers instead of police offers, then it is likely that Starbucks would now have a discrimination lawsuit on their hands. So why is this absurd and discriminatory behavior okay when it is directed toward police officers? The short answer is that it’s not.

However, if this weren’t enough, there was yet another incident where there were some African-American individuals who refused to leave a Starbucks in Philadelphia. They were ultimately arrested, but here’s the kicker – they ended up suing and then they received a public apology from the Starbucks CEO and an offer where they would have all of their tuition completely paid for!

Starbucks also shut down all of their stores on a nationwide basis and gave all of their employees specialized sensitivity training to address the issue. Naturally, herein lies the double standard: will they do the same for this incident of prejudice against police officers? I’m not holding my breath.

Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. There have been reports on TikTok that some Starbucks employees are even poisoning the drinks of police officers after their visits with bleach and other toxic substances.

This particular video was made at a Starbucks that was located inside a Target store, and the retail chain at least had the decency to issue a public apology for these terrible visits. Starbucks, on the other hand, didn’t even say a word. What do you think about this appalling treatment of cops and other visits to the Starbucks coffee shop chain? LET US KNOW below!