‘Top Gun – Maverick’ is Action-Based “Dad Cinema” At Its Very Best

‘Top Gun – Maverick’ is Action-Based “Dad Cinema” At Its Very Best

The moving story in “Top Gun: Maverick” of a fatherless son’s journey toward healing is proving popular with audiences worldwide. This is a film highlighting the importance of fatherhood, portraying a tale of reconciliation and redemption.

Top Gun: Maverick is smashing box offices, and it’s easy to understand why.

The film is spectacularly outpacing its weak-because-they’re-woke counterparts, because the film’s unapologetic dad themes resonate.

Alongside the gutsy F-18 camera shots, audiences are in love with the Tom Cruise/Joseph Kosinski sequel because its father-son backstory hits home.

Even the, “it’s all flag-waving, MAGA propagandist tripe” critics are applauding the sequel for keeping to the consistency of the first film’s deep relational backbone.

As The Atlantic’s David Sims explained, the film’s ‘emotional weight rests on Pete Mitchell (Maverick) fighting to earn the respect of Goose’s son (Rooster), who blames Maverick for the tragic loss of his father.’

Childhood Memory

For me, Top Gun: Maverick cut deeper.

My family and I recently saw the film for a birthday bash. The only thing missing was my dad.

Watching the first Top Gun at the cinema with my dad was to be one of the only long-lasting positive memories I would have of him.

It was 1986, I was 9, and we’d turned up late to the cinema.

Missing the iconic afterburner intro of the first Top Gun, dad and I slid into our seats in rhythm with Tony Scott’s smooth golden orange sunset, shot high above a lone F-14 landing on the silhouette of the USS Enterprise.

It became a shared interest, a mutual pursuit, a common bond solely shared between father and son.

From the soundtrack, which always seemed to be on repeat in our broken-down housing commission home, to the old-school Amstrad computer game, the movie connected us.

This was true, right up until my dad’s final week, when, knowing he would never get a chance to wear it, I gifted him a T-shirt with the Top Gun logo on it.

Now covered in dust, I still hold onto the volumes of Warplane magazines he’d chosen to buy me, instead of paying “through the teeth” for participation in a weekend sport.


I related to the second film because of the first.

Similar to ‘Goose’s’ son in the film, I was confronted by what was lost, what might have been, and what my dad chose to abandon somewhere along the way.

The sequel made the memories all the more material when Val Kilmer (Iceman), tells Maverick — still haunted by the death of ‘Goose’ — “It’s time to let go.”

Seeing the first film at the cinema in 1986 with my dad was an oasis event, an anomaly of normalcy in a wasteland of ash.

This explains why, in almost every scene of Top Gun: Maverick, I heard, and felt my dad’s absence, and choked up at Hans Zimmer’s rendition of Faltermeyer’s iconic Top Gun anthem.

We’re taught in The Good Book to raise up thanksgiving in the face of suffering. Even the smallest object or event that is worthy of our gratitude puts points on the board when it comes to healing trauma.

In retrospect, watching Top Gun with my dad in ’86 was the first, and only time he offered me a healthy introduction to manhood.

His wasn’t perfect, but that was a perfect day. That day my dad did good, and for that I thank him.

For me, the only thing missing from Top Gun: Maverick was the man who took me to see the first one, sitting, at his best, beside me and my uber-impressed family.

Top Gun was, and is, about loss, grief, and recovery; fatherhood, and fatherlessness — as much as it is about courage, defiance, and the determination to overcome obstructions encountered along the way.

The sequel builds on its original father-son backstory. It is “dad cinema” at its very best.

To lean on Miles Surrey’s review in The Ringer,

‘Every single dad — past, present, and those who are expecting to be dads in the near future — should check out Maverick, if not for the sanctity of ensuring Dad Cinema doesn’t fade away, then for experiencing a blockbuster that surpasses its predecessor in every respect.’


First published at Dads4Kids.

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Suffer the Little Children of Alice Springs

Suffer the Little Children of Alice Springs

In the town of Alice Springs and surrounding communities, there are children in need, not always receiving the things we consider basic human rights.

In our Sunday service recently, a couple of young boys worshipped Jesus, singing with all their hearts, and two little girls around the age of four danced with actions in worship! It was so glorious!


Also recently, a three-year-old boy went missing, from his remote community one evening. He was found the next morning, but soon after died due to injuries incurred by camp dogs (the mixed breed dogs that roam freely around most communities.) A four-year-old girl was flown into town from a remote community, needing all her baby teeth removed as they had rotted from having too many sugary drinks.

We see lots of children who don’t always have adequate food and hygiene. We have seen very tiny babies and children with problems such as failure to thrive, and heart problems such as rheumatic heart disease, flown to the capital cities for treatment.

The parents of these little ones are indeed grown-up children who suffered the same neglect and poverty, facing many barriers to health, education, and meaningful occupation, now lost in addictions to alcohol, gunja, and gambling. It’s often the grandmothers who do the parenting and caring, despite their own failing health.


My husband recently drove through town at 2am in the morning. He was shocked at how many children were roaming the streets of Alice Springs, ranging from teenagers down to young ones around the age of eight.

His passenger, an Aboriginal Pastor, explained that since the Intervention, the children’s reply to any form of discipline was “we’ll call the police”.  There is a lack of respect from young adults for their parents and elders, and a lack of parental authority and discipline by the parents. We know of cases where adult children steal money from their own parents who are less technologically aware.

During the night, adult family members drink together, while their children roam the streets together in groups, and the reputation of Alice Springs continues to dive as people get weary of the repeated vandalism of their businesses and property.

The neglect and abuse of children, which goes so strongly against our natural God-given desires to love and protect our offspring, is evidence of shattered and broken parents.

Trauma Upon Trauma

Levels of domestic violence and sexual abuse are very high here, and the little ones are witnesses. We have heard about some cases of very early sexualisation of children. We see many very young mothers. Then there is the high rate of youth suicide and the highest rates in the country of sexually transmitted diseases. The prison here holds hundreds of young men.

Similar problems are widespread in the communities in Central Australia. So sad and shocking — we ask, how can this be in modern Australia? Problems that no one seems to have solutions for. Money has not, so far, been able to pay for solutions.

There are many wonderful people here working hard to help, in the hospital and health system, and in social services, easing the pain and symptoms, while not addressing the causes. Change is slow. But please let us not say it’s all too hard.

Without a vision, the people perish — I think this is at the heart of the matter. There is very little vision for a future for the next generation, caught between two cultures. When there is no meaningful purpose for life and for suffering, bitterness, anger, and destructiveness follow, as the youth of Alice show us.

Attempts to change (not a traditional value) can leave people open to accusations of wanting to be like whitefellas, and means to be different from family, which means everything to Aboriginal people.

But God

God, interrupt the cycles that begin when little ones are open books and are being so damaged emotionally and physically, that they are being set up for all the problems and addictions of their parents. We know how crucial the first five years of a child’s life are.

Instead, through the power of the gospel, the gift of Christ, bring forgiveness and peace, freedom from addiction, fear, violence, and trauma. Instead, bring safety, and change, to the heart, and good fruit will follow.

We are excited to see a few more men coming along on Sundays, asking for prayer to be strong, and sharing their testimonies in our meeting, saying “it’s all about Jesus”. Like the cloud on the horizon, we are hopeful that it’s the beginning of real change, one family at a time. Please pray, especially for the children. God can do what may seem impossible to us!

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From Fatherlessness to Faith: Dysfunction with a New Start

From Fatherlessness to Faith: Dysfunction with a New Start

Despite the failings and traumas handed down from past generations, with the grace of God, we can break free of toxic cycles and build a far better future for our children. Those who grow up hurting from being fatherless can learn from our parents’ mistakes and develop into life-giving, dedicated fathers.

Like every single one of our five kids, wearing the dad hat was for me a cliched process of having to learn to crawl before I walked.

Once past the dizzy, surreal, “Gey, I’m actually a dad” phase, my life as a dad looked more like a traineeship than a masterclass.

Having little to no examples of what healthy fatherhood is, was, or what healthy fatherhood even looked like, every metaphorical hands-and-feet advance was a literal basic training moment.

Generational Trauma

For as far back as I have been able to go, the broader pattern of my family’s history is a continuous cycle of pain, separation, fatherlessness, divorce, and death.

As my tight-lipped late grandmother’s 83-year-old sister often states,
“Why do you want to know? There’s not much, if anything, there to celebrate.”

The “scrapbook” family album is a disfigured family tree, mangled by a century of dysfunction, enough to be the envy of goth poets like Edger Allen Poe when they were at their darkest.

There isn’t a whole lot to get excited about. This makes the few special examples worth cheering on, all the brighter.

Like my great-great-grandparents who, with five children, including a newborn, travelled from Scotland to Australia in a converted tramp steamer in 1912.

A great-great-grandfather who worked on locomotives on the Western Front during World War 1. He was sent home a nervous wreck, because trains can’t dodge falling artillery shells or shell damaged tracks.

Stories matter. Learning about our genesis helps us to learn from others. No matter how broken — sin-packed, or sin-impacted — their lives offer a wealth of knowledge, and, with it, motivation.

Honour Thy Mother and Father

When talking about parents and children, flawed father, husband and theologian Karl Barth defined the fifth commandment in the light of education.

He stated,

‘The willingness to learn is the honour which is required of the children in relation to their parents.’

For Barth, to honour our forebears is to learn from their instruction, steering new life away from their paths of destruction. We preserve the good, shear off the bad.

Not all suffering comes from God, but God works through all suffering.

Ever the Christian, Barth infers that the ‘light of grace’ can pierce even the darkest, or most shattered, cruel, cold and silent of disfigured family trees.

In Barth’s words,

‘The Fatherhood of God lends its meaning and value to human form.’

This is because,

‘No human father, but God alone is properly, truly, and primarily Father.’

The value of vocation is intricately entwined with the importance of stories.

Our hands and feet are charged to ‘imitate God’s action’: a genuine emulation forged by a healthy grasp of HIS-story, and with it, humility and honesty.

Crawling through my family history taught me the importance and the value of fatherhood as a vocation. I was born a father out of fatherlessness.

I was its raw recruit pioneering a way through the muck of past dysfunctional experiences. Its basic training taught me to be responsible for the life of a new family, creating a new history, alongside new memories, with new people, into newness of life.


First published at Dads4Kids. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk.

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YouTube Bans LGBT People From Finding Effective Treatment For Trauma

YouTube Bans LGBT People From Finding Effective Treatment For Trauma

I’m a clinical psychologist, and I help my clients resolve their traumatic memories. In the process, these clients often report spontaneous changes in their sexual feelings, and these changes may lead them away from LGBT attractions and toward heterosexual ones.

I’m not alone in observing this. A two-year study with a good sample size revealed the same thing. So I talked about this study on my YouTube channel. 

This turned out to be a mistake. Big Tech, at the behest of left-wing activists, decided to censor information about sexual shifts that move any client on the sexuality spectrum away from “gay” and toward “straight.” These outcomes, which would be celebrated if they moved a client the other direction, which can be life-transforming results for some people.

Human sexuality is complex, and is changed by our life experiences. Working through traumatic experiences, such as childhood sexual molestation and peer labeling, can trigger dramatic changes in a person’s sexual identity.

I work regularly with victims of past trauma who report emotional distress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, a subsection of these clients live with a political “hot button” issue that makes them anathema to activists in our society: they have same-sex attractions that they believe do not reflect “who they are.” These men have long suspected that events in their past have affected their sexuality. 

My practice has found, through science-based, client-led therapy, that some men can make shifts along the sexual-fluidity spectrum—not just regarding their attraction to people of the same sex, but towards being attracted to women.

Last month, The Hill gave a platform to activists who declared Reintegrative Therapy—the work my practice developed and which we use every day— to be “hateful” and “harmful.” They cited a report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), which is run by people who used to work for the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center. The GPAHE campaign explicitly works to pressure tech media companies to remove content on unwanted same-sex attraction.

In response to these reports, YouTube permanently banned my account of research showing the harm reduction gained through Reintegrative Therapy. In doing so, YouTube has cut off sexual-abuse victims from learning about alternatives for their lives and sexuality. I have reposted the videos on Odysee so the thousands of people who have found these videos helpful can continue to search, find, and use them.

The study I mentioned above was peer-reviewed and published in the Journal of Human Sexuality. Its independent researchers determined that the approach I use, which focuses on resolving traumatic memories, is associated with decreases in psychological distress, such as decreases in depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

It will often, but not always, measurably reduce unwanted sexual behaviors as a spontaneous byproduct. In other words, clients often experience a shift in sexual attraction as a byproduct of dealing with their past trauma. Identical methods are used by Reintegrative Therapy in the treatment of binge-eating disorders.

This treatment method is distinct from the much-maligned (and sometimes legally banned) “conversion therapy,” as it does not seek to change a client’s sexuality. Change, when it occurs, is a byproduct of the resolution of trauma.

I actually agree with SPLC’s discredited alums that abusive therapies should be banned. That is good for society as a whole, and it is good for individuals who may confuse abusive practices with licensed, qualified help.

Unfortunately, Big Tech, Big Media, and LGBT activists have gone overboard. They risk “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” by denying clients whose values and worldview are different from their own from learning about effective therapies.

Objective science doesn’t care about political agendas. Everyone should put those seeking help first, now and always.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. is founder of the Reintegrative Therapy Association, which treats men and women with trauma and sexual addiction. A licensed psychologist, he has 10 years of counseling experience.


Freedom as Telos: Rediscovering Human Purpose

Freedom as Telos: Rediscovering Human Purpose

Is freedom found in having a plethora of choices and never committing to one? Or is it rooted in discovering your life’s purpose and pursuing it to the best of your ability, by the grace of God?

Freedom consists not in doing what we like,
but in having the right to do what we ought.

~ John Paul II

People today are obsessed with freedom, and yet there is clearly something missing… something important.

Much of our cultural narrative is devoted to telling the story of increasing personal, social, and political freedoms.

At the collective level, this is the story of political liberalism and the construction of a society that guards individual autonomy and provides as many lifestyle options to people as possible.

At the personal level, this has taken the form of expressive individualism — the conviction that true freedom involves unconstrained expression of our self-determined inner truth, usually known through our feelings.

But is this freedom? Could we be deceived in thinking that self-expression predicated on feelings will set us free?

Authentic Living

It is about time we rediscovered an ancient concept: telos, meaning end goal, or purpose. According to the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, everything has a telos.  Every action, every person, every society is aimed at something, some goal.

In the thirteenth century, the theological and philosophical genius Thomas Aquinas used Christian theology to redevelop this idea and argued that human beings have ‘an end to which [their] whole life and all [their] actions are ordered’ (De Regno, 1.3).

According to this view, human beings have a duty to pursue the end for which they were designed. This is a radical notion, and it has revolutionary implications.  It does not suggest that we will be most free when we do what we feel like, or when we have the most available options.

Instead, it says that we will be free when we fulfil our actual purpose. Authenticity is not some pursuit of self-expression or self-creation; it is a pursuit of our true nature and purpose.

Societal Consequences

The idea that we have an externally given telos strikes at the heart of expressive individualism, but it also has broader implications for how we interact as a society. When we appreciate that all things have a design and a purpose, we gain enormous clarity around the goodness of certain social activities. We can clearly see the detrimental effects of an ‘anything goes’ mindset.

For instance, as a rule, part of the telos of any given man or woman is to express faithful, committed love to one another; to build into each other’s lives in an intimate way; to raise, foster and train children, and to contribute as a stable family unit to society.

Freedom in Commitment

Freedom is not merely having multiple options for sexual partners. It is the ability to do and become the sexual and life-partner that we are designed to be. The ‘freedom-as-choice’ narrative neglects freedom-as-telos, and the result is immeasurable emotional, mental, spiritual and physical harm to children and adults alike.

When it comes to sexual relationships, freedom is not a case of ‘anything goes’. The ‘freedom-as-choice’ narrative sees the reality of married love as oppressive and limiting; the telos paradigm sees it as fulfilling and liberating. It enables human beings to enjoy the purpose for which they were created, both in this life and the next.


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The Beauty in Our Scars

The Beauty in Our Scars

A trauma survivor reflects on her healing by the grace of God, and how we can bless others through the wounds we have suffered.

beauty in scars Scars. We all have them. I think the first time I became truly aware of the impact of scars was the year I was diagnosed and treated for eye cancer (ocular melanoma) in my right eye. Several weeks after surgery and radiation, my eyelid became very itchy one day.

I scratched at it and suddenly found myself staring at a huge clump of eyelashes in my hand. I vividly remember staring in the mirror, not believing what had just happened, and staring at this suddenly visibly-changed person. It was devastating.

One might think that after having lived through rape and the loss of a brother, this experience shouldn’t (in the grand scheme of things) be such a big deal. It was for me, though. So much had already been taken from me and it was this seemingly small thing that really made me come crashing down into despair.

I’ve never been what one might consider “a knockout” and, up until then, my eyes had always been the one feature people complimented me on. It was the feature I liked best about myself. Living with eye cancer, my bad eye has become slightly droopy, my eye colour has become less vibrant, about ¼ of my vision is gone, and of course, there is now a gaping bald spot. At that time, after everything I had already endured, it felt like an unbearable humiliation.

Evidence of Suffering

Almost 15 years later, I still struggle. More scars have accumulated since then, physical as well as emotional. However, despite my struggle, I am often reminded that we all carry some evidence of the suffering we have endured. Some scars may be clearly visible to the world. Others may be visible to just us. Other scars are the ones left on our hearts and in our minds.

Some scars are still painful. Other scars, while healed, may not be “painful” per se, but serve as reminders of our past crosses. Personally, I have several reminders…

I also still live with less visible physical side effects of the sexual trauma I endured years ago — various “womanly afflictions” that cause me great physical discomfort and pain. Trauma, after all, takes up residence in your entire being. It affects all of you — physical abuse affects you emotionally, emotional abuse affects you physically, and so forth and so on. However, my scars also serve as a reminder of how far I have come and how much I have been healed by the grace of God.

Healing Beauty

There is beauty in our scars. There is beauty in our brokenness. There is beauty in knowing that our scars have value. Scars are actually kind of neat when you think about it! Think about how our skin comes together to heal a wound. It’s amazing! In the same way, our hearts and minds can be healed and delivered from the darkness that has bound us.

While I am still learning to love and appreciate my scars (especially the physical ones that I struggle with), there is a certain beauty about them. They remind me of God’s goodness and love. They remind me that He is a healer and that He has been with me through everything.

My emotional and spiritual scars not visible to the world remind me of God’s great grace that has carried me through the dark times. I am also reminded of the good people who have helped to guide me, often by sharing their own scars.

Although they do not need to define us, each of our scars (big or small) tells a story. While some of us may struggle to find the beauty in them at first, we can ask God for the grace to see in them His great love, mercy, and goodness. We can ask for God’s gift of acceptance that our eyes may be opened to how far we have come and how much we have healed.

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”
~ Psalm 14:3

Isn’t it beautiful that our scars also have the unique ability to help others? No matter what our scars may be — whether they are from sin or pain from no fault of our own — God has the power to use our scars for good. We have the ability to invite God into our hearts and into our wounds that He may heal them and make them radiantly beautiful.

I still cover the bald spot on my eye with eyeliner and I’m fairly certain that most people never notice. Honestly, I think about it way too much. As far as the emotional and spiritual scars, I do my best to smile even if I’m having an emotionally difficult day and am screaming inside.

True Love

We all struggle with something. However, by the grace of God and with some help from some really wonderful people, I’ve come a long way and I’ve realised that the people who truly love me don’t care about whether or not I have a full set of “flashy lashes.”

They don’t care whether or not my body is flawless. None of the superficial stuff matters because they accept me — scars and all. My eyelashes sure won’t get me to Heaven one day, and they certainly won’t make me a holier person or a better wife, mother, daughter, or friend!

What’s most important is what I do with those scars and how I allow God to work through them. Some people wonder why I share so much of my story and so much of my pain. It is indeed humbling to revisit and share certain parts of my life. So, why do it? Simply put, we are all called to do something different in our lives and this is what I feel called to do, to share some of my scars with others who are suffering from similar wounds.

God’s Love

God never promised that He would call us to something easy, but He does promise His help and grace to aid us in accomplishing whatever tasks He sets before us. I don’t want people to look at “me” but, rather, to look at God at work in this ordinary, perfectly average, and imperfect human being.

God's loveI want people to see God in my scars! It is God working through our scars that brings hope to others. He can truly be glorified through any hardship that we endure. Our scars remind us of the battles we have fought. They are beautiful to God and we can bring others to God through our scars.

Remember that Jesus invited St Thomas (“doubting Thomas”) to touch His wounds. Consider Our Lord’s nail-pierced hands and feet, the wound in His side, the wounds of the scourging all over His sacred body, the crown of thorns that pierced His precious head… they bring us hope! The wounds of His sacrifice redeem us. They bring us hope, peace, and freedom.

“By His wounds we are healed.”
~ Isaiah 53:5

Your scars are a part of you and, even if you don’t realise it yet, you are precious, you are loved, and you are beautiful! If it be His will, God will use your hurt to bless others. Your scars are proof that God heals and God will heal you. All you need to do is allow Him into your heart and into your scars.


Originally published at The Ruth Institute. The entirety of this post (here mildly edited for length), can be found at FaithHakesley.com. Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels.

If you’d like to ask Faith a question, please email her at AskASurvivor@ruthinstitute.org.

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Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols For The Vaxxed and Unvaxxed

Graphene Oxide Detox Protocols For The Vaxxed and Unvaxxed

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

There are many people now experiencing jabbers remorse and want to know what they can do to detoxify Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and the gain-of-function spike protein they were injected with. Meanwhile, the unvaxxed are experiencing Adverse Events and magnetism due to transmission.

This article contains all the known safe and effective detox protocols that both the vaxxed and the unvaxxed can use to help your body remove these deadly poisons.


Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Vladamir Zelenko, was censored and de-platformed across big tech for sharing his life-saving formula and for affirming that Covid-19 is a “bioweapon” for mass Democide.

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol contains Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Quercetin. Read more about Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol and watch his latest very important interview, here. See Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol here.

Order from Dr. Zelenko’s products, here.

America’s Frontline Doctors are helping people obtain Ivermectin, here.

Hospitals can purchase Ivermectin for critical care, here.

Scientific studies:

Over 100 studies proving that Vitamin D3 is essential for treating Covid-19 can be viewed, here.

A Slovakia research team discovered under microscopy that Ivermectin halts the crystalline growth of Graphene Oxide Hydrogels inside your body, here.


This study demonstrates that Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is very effective at reducing Graphene Oxide Toxicity from the body, here. And this study shows that high dose Vitamin C is also an effective treatment for Covid-19, even for the critically ill, here. Finally, intravenous Vitamin C can be successfully used to treat patients with Covid-19, here.

Important note:

If you take more than 10,000 international units of Vitamin D3 per day, you must stop consuming all dairy and Vitamin C supplements in order to avoid calcium clots.


The research of La Quinta Columna led by Ricardo Delgado, successfully tested an inexpensive way to remove magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles from the human body after they were injected with a Covid jab using N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) and Zinc.

“These two antioxidants are essential to degrade Graphene Oxide,” says Delgardo. NAC causes your body to secrete glutathione endogenously and glutathione can reduce Graphene Oxide Toxicity down to zero. In this article and video you will see Delgado describe what to do, here.

Scientific studies:

A study published in PubMed reveals that biocompatible NAC reduces Graphene Oxide, here. In an animal study where enhanced spike protein was used to cause lung damage to animals by binding to the ACE2 receptors, the animals were remedied using NAC, here. Read more about NAC here.


La Quinta Columna recommends taking NAC 600-750mg, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also take 2x tablets of Zinc, 25mg each.

Secondary: Astaxanthin 5mg, Querectin, milk thistle, Vitamin D3.


Dr. Rima Laibow recommends taking 900mg of NAC per day. Some people are even taking 1400mg. Since NAC is an amino acid, it’s safe to consume it in a non-pharmaceutical, natural form. If using a synthetic pharmaceutical NAC, please consult a physician on dosage.

In addition to NAC, Dr. Rima also uses the following protocol.

Dr. Rima’s Protocol

You can purchase Dr. Rima productshere.

While NAC is effective at enabling your cells to produce glutothione, it has some limitations. For example, it’s more effective when injected vs ingested orally. Also, it’s effectiveness starts decreasing after about 3 months so a long-term solution must be used.


It has been demonstrated that Graphene Oxide Toxicity causes intracellular oxidative stress, leading to cytotoxicity and the inhibition of cell proliferation. Glutathione is one of the main body antioxidants that eradicates free radicals and poisons from your body. Glutathione are cell signalling molecules created by our cells and used by your body at the speed of light. Glutathione is vital in the regulation of oxidative stress levels to maintain normal cellular function. However, it’s concentration decreases with age and people are already deficient in glutathione.

Asea’s Redox signaling molecules is called the ‘Water of Life’ because it reactivates gene signalling pathways which get shut off by Graphene Oxide Toxicity. Asea Redox enables your cells to increase the endogenous glutathione production by a whopping 500-800%, thus detoxifying Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles and spike protein, optimally.

Asea Redox signaling molecules increase the capacity of cells to detox by 4 fold and increase mitochondria production by 30% after a fortnight. This meta anti-oxidant has the potency of an antidote and because it’s native to the body, the benefits of consuming Asea will only increase with continued use. This anti-aging signalling molecule is also good for teeth and gums.

Asea was originally discovered and developed by a Biotech firm. An atomic medical physicist specialized in nanotechnology and a Nobel Prize winner, figured out how to stabilize the molecules for human consumption. There’s years of research and a plethora of doctors behind Asea. While the pharmaceutical industry attempted to suppress this medical breakthrough, Asea’s founders had an integral mission to make their product widely available for public use.

Asea has the power to potentially save the lives of the vaxxed and will detox transmission in the unvaxxed. It’s potentially the strongest single treatment that’s mentioned in this article.

You can become an Asea distributor for as little as 40 euros. I welcome anyone who wishes to spread this information far and wide. Contact me for details, metanutrients@mailfence.com.

ORDER Asea’s Redox Signaling molecules, here.

Scientific research:

Read more about Redox Signaling molecules, here. This initial gene study showed Asea Redox affected important signaling pathway genes, here.


It’s worth mentioning that whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovitz went on record stating that Suramin is the ‘antidote’ to the Covid-19 bioweapons, here. Suramin is a pharmaceutical drug which is derived from pine needles. Dr. Mikovitz states that a small amount of Suramin injected into the body is sufficient. Consult a doctor before using.


Pine needles, Spruce, Cedar and Fir (conifers), contain Shikimate (Shikimic Acid) and a slew of other meta nutrients which boost immunity, hydrate and contribute to the detoxification of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles at a cellular level.

Conifer needle teas inhibits adverse reactions from graphene oxide and Covid-19 spike protein transmission and protects against components of the coagulation cascade; possibly protecting against blood clots. Pine tea also inhibits the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA.

Conifer needle oil and needle tea rejuvenates cells and act as a natural stress reliever, pain killer and antibiotic. It treats every kind of pain, stress, trauma and PTSD because it works directly on the nerves, bypassing your nervous system. It’s one of the few meta nutrients which erases cellular memory of trauma. Essentially, everyone should be drinking pine needle tea or taking pine oil.

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Shikimate has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to halt plagues and pandemics. Shikimate halts respiratory infections and viral replication. It can be found in high doses in pine needle tea. It’s also found in a large quantity in Star Anise, Fennel and dandelion root, leaf and flower.

World renown Scientist Mike Adams the Health Ranger and founder of Natural News, explains how you can easily extract Shikimate from these herbs using an espresso machine, here. Like other experts, the Health Ranger expresses his belief that the vaxxed may still be able to save themselves, here.


It’s a very important to consume as many foods, herbs, spices and natural medicines as you can which contain Shikimate. David Avocado Wolf is a world renown health guru. Please follow David Avocado Wolf’s Protocol and learn how to order the world’s finest natural products in “Summary of the Spike Protein Protocol”, here.

Important note:

Please only consume natural forms of C60 offered by David Avocado Wolf. C60 in it’s pharmaceutical form must be avoided due to overly toxic properties. Similarly, Iodine found in bleached table salt is a poison and must be avoided. Your body simply will not assimilate it. However, natural forms of Iodine found in vegetables for example, are easily absorbed by your body.

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Hydration is key to detoxification. Right now, 97% of the world’s population is dehydrated and 76% is chronically dehydrated. This is due to the majority of our drinking water being acidic based.

If your body is dehydrated it cannot properly absorb the nutrition particles from what you consume. Dehydration also hinders cell communication. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day will not hydrate you unless it contains electrolytes.

It’s extremely important to keep your body’s PH level in balance. You want to be always in an alkaline state. An Acidic body is breeding grounds for disease. Electrolytes will not only keep you hydrated but will also balance PH.

Pine needle tea is a natural electrolyte and very hydrating. Sea salt is also a natural electrolyte. Normal sea salt has between 16-24 minerals but Himalayan salt has 87 minerals which is the exact same saline as your blood. So toss out your table salt and replace it with Himalayan salt.

Hydration formula:

Add about a quarter of a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to one liter of water. Squeeze a quarter of a fresh lime into your glass of Himalayan charged water each time your drink. This is a complete electrolyte formula that will fully hydrate you.


Dr. Carrie Madej suggests regular detox baths with Bentonite Clay to help your body remove Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles.

CBD oil and Cannabis will also cleanse Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles.

Chlorine Oxide has been recommended as well for Graphene Oxide detox.

Consuming natrium bicarbonate E500 (baking soda) will help to keep your PH level in an alkaline balance.

To minimize transmission, I suggest showering after being around the general population. Either wash your clothes immediately or keep them in a plastic bag until you wash them.



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