Watch: Actress Heather Graham Shakes Her Boobs in ‘I will Aid and Abet Abortion’ Shirt in Election Eve Push for Wisconsin Democrats

Watch: Actress Heather Graham Shakes Her Boobs in ‘I will Aid and Abet Abortion’ Shirt in Election Eve Push for Wisconsin Democrats

Boogie Nights star Heather Graham has made an unconventional appeal to Wisconsin voters to elect Democrats in Tuesday’s midterms, citing the state’s “anti-abortion” law as a reason to support candidates including Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes (D) and incumbent Gov. Tony Evers (D).

In a short video posted Monday to Twitter, the Hollywood actress wore a cut-off t-shirt reading “I will aid and abet abortion” while shaking her boobs provocatively at the camera.

Watch below:

“Wisconsin has the oldest anti-abortion law in the country preventing a lot of doctors  from providing abortions to women and is one of the tightest races this election,” she tweeted. “Support Mandela Barnes and Tony Evers because these men have vowed to protect women.”

Graham is the latest Hollywood star to meddle in Wisconsin midterm races. On Sunday, Disney-Marvel actors Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle headlined a virtual, superhero-themed fundraiser to support Wisconsin Democrats up and down the ballot.

The casts of NBC’s The West Wing and HBO’s Veep recently held a crossover reunion fundraiser, bringing in $700,000 for Wisconsin Democrats.

In the face of widespread dissatisfaction over the state of the economy, as well as soaring crime and unchecked illegal immigration, the left has seized on abortion as its life raft for the midterms, hoping residual anger over the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade will motivate voters to cast their ballots for Democrats.

But as Breitbart News reported,  recent polls showed that the economy and inflation, not abortion, ranks as voters’ top priority heading into the midterms.

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How Newcomer Tim Michels Could Make Wisconsin’s The Most Important Gubernatorial Race In The Country

How Newcomer Tim Michels Could Make Wisconsin’s The Most Important Gubernatorial Race In The Country

With competitive midterm races all across the country, conservatives should not overlook what is quite possibly this year’s most critical gubernatorial race, brewing in Wisconsin. Following a convincing primary win, outsider Tim Michels is keeping pace with the better-funded incumbent. 

Wisconsin remains vital in the national political landscape. The durably purple state is going on almost a quarter century of razor-thin margins in almost every major political contest, beginning with President Bush’s 2000 loss by only 0.22 percent through President Trump’s 2016 win by 0.77 percent and his 2020 loss by 0.63 percent. The 2024 road to the White House will almost certainly require frequent stops in Wisconsin, and a gubernatorial ally could make all the difference.

Wisconsinites Are Looking for Improvement

The Wisconsin electorate is looking for a change. According to the most recent Marquette University Law School poll, 63 percent of respondents think the state is headed in the wrong direction. Late into Republican Scott Walker’s second term in 2017, Wisconsin was ranked the 10th best state for business by Chief Executive Magazine. Unfortunately, by 2021 Wisconsin had dipped to 22.

Part of this loss of confidence could be attributed to key agency failures. The state’s unemployment insurance system completely broke down during the early days of Covid, with the state Department of Workforce Development call center answering less than 1 percent of the 41 million calls it received. The average wait time at the state’s key licensing agency is 80 days.

Many attribute these fumbles to the state government’s response to the Covid pandemic. But for legislative resistance and key Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions, the state would have remained locked down indefinitely, with even more damaging consequences. With respect to K-12 performance, Wisconsin ranks in the bottom 11 in reading when compared equally, is tied for last in history and civics education, and is last in math for black students. 

Following the 2020 election and the numerous pandemic “accommodations” that were made, legislative leaders attempted to instill confidence in the system by passing common-sense reforms. Included among the at least nine bills advanced by the legislature were reforms such as creating a process for clerks to deactivate registrations that differed from information maintained by the Department of Transportation, requiring legislative oversight of the rogue Wisconsin Elections Commission, and making changes to the “indefinitely confined” voter lists. All of the proposals were vetoed.

But the biggest failure? Crime. It is quickly becoming the defining issue in the race. The images of Kenosha burning following riots over the justified police shooting of Jacob Blake will be forever seared into the minds of Wisconsinites. Despite some describing it as a “dead issue,” two years later, parts of Kenosha remain boarded up. Milwaukee featured the fourth-highest murder rate increase in the country this year and is on pace to shatter last year’s record-setting murder total. Just last week a young pastor, driving to his downtown Milwaukee church at 9:00 in the morning, was killed when an out-of-control driver slammed into his vehicle. A 12-year-old girl was shot in the chest while helping her mom unload groceries in the early evening.

Cities across the state have experienced similar increases, with cities such as Wausau in rural central Wisconsin experiencing a 71 percent increase in violent crime since 2010. Even worse, violent criminals are being released under the state’s old parole statute. According to a recent report, the list of released offenders includes more than 270 murderers and attempted murderers and 44 child rapists.

Who Is Challenging Gov. Tony Evers?

In light of this state of affairs, the contrast between the incumbent and his upstart challenger could not be starker. The incumbent has spent his entire career in the public sector. After a long career in public education, he won the statewide office of superintendent of public instruction, using that as a springboard to a 2018 upset of Gov. Scott Walker.

Michels, his Republican challenger, served for 12 years as an Army Ranger, including as the commander of the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He has helped grow his family’s construction firm from a few hundred employees to more than 8,000, building the company’s new headquarters in one of the previously neglected downtown harbors of Milwaukee. His running mate, state Sen. Roger Roth, is an officer in the Wisconsin Air National Guard, has been a conservative leader in the Wisconsin Senate, and also has experience in the construction industry, leading a family-run home builder in the state’s Fox Valley.

Michels’ campaign has focused on the governor’s lockdown decisions, his lack of response to the violence in Kenosha, and his soft-on-crime record — in particular the governor’s role in his parole commission releasing violent offenders. Michels immediately came out with a positive pro-life message following the release of the Dobbs draft decision, celebrating the demise of Roe but also noting the need to lovingly change hearts and minds. He has been highly critical of critical race theory in schools, has embraced statewide school choice, and has committed to signing a parental bill of rights. Finally, he has released a day-one blueprint to address concerns related to the state’s election administration.

With Less Than a Month to Go, It’s a Dead Heat

As with any insurgent campaign, resources are key. In September, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took time from his own reelection campaign and made a pilgrimage to Lambeau Field in support of Michels. In addition, Michels has infused personal funds into the campaign, recently surpassing $15 million in personal contributions. But Michels continues to lag behind his better-funded opponent by more than a 2-to-1 margin. AdImpact has already tracked $55 million in spending on TV alone in the race, with three weeks to go. By some measures, it is the most expensive gubernatorial race in the country.

Despite Michels’ funding disadvantage, the race remains extremely tight. After trailing in the initial polls following the hotly contested primary, Michels has been surging, leading in four recent polls. Overall, the RealClearPolitics average now shows a dead heat after Michels trailed Evers for most of August and September.

In addition to the attacks one would expect from a hobbled incumbent, Michels’ recent surge has resulted in absurd media hit pieces. Michels and his wife have established a foundation, which just in the last few years donated $15 million to the Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center and $1 million to Cornell University for children’s cancer research. 

What other entities did the foundation donate to? Organizations that Michels’ opponents would have voters believe are “extremist” include groups such as Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, Faith Lutheran Church and School, Spring Creek Church, Christ Fellowship, Avail’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers, New Beginnings Pregnancy Centers, the Veritas Society, Pro-Life Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Right to Life. The message from the media was clear — any support of organizations that support life or traditional views on sexuality should disqualify Michels as a bigot.  

The winnable race for Wisconsin governor may very well be the most important executive branch contest this cycle. In a state that will be critical to any White House hopeful, national conservatives should rally behind a candidate that has proudly stood for life, led a large employer, and honorably served his country. Recall in 2010 an upstart and energetic Scott Walker rode a national red wave to the East Wing and in the process ushered in eight years of some of the boldest conservative reforms in the country, reforms that served as templates for innovative leaders across the country. 

As the nation struggles with the consequences of horrible left-wing policy decisions at the national level over the last two years, we need another conservative revolution to reset our national direction. What better place to start the course correction than the state that spurred the conservative Cheesehead revolution? Tim Michels can reclaim the mantel of conservative reformer, in the process setting the table for conservative success in 2024 and beyond.

Jake Curtis is a Milwaukee attorney. He previously served as the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ chief legal counsel under Gov. Scott Walker and as an associate counsel at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty.


Two Years After Kenosha Riots, Why No August 23 Committee To Investigate The Big Lie That Stoked The Flames?

Two Years After Kenosha Riots, Why No August 23 Committee To Investigate The Big Lie That Stoked The Flames?

Aug. 23, 2020 is a night Kenosha residents can’t help but remember — but would rather forget. At the hands of vindictive Black Lives Matter groupies and other self-described racial justice activists, the Wisconsin town went up in flames two years ago today. 

Rogues started fires at government buildings. They set ablaze garbage trucks and torched upwards of 100 vehicles in the car lot owned by an Indian immigrant, smashing the windows of those who escaped the inferno. They vandalized the post office and a high school, and their flames completely consumed a century-old camera shop.

That’s only a fraction of what followed the justified police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Boarded up windows were scrawled with messages begging rioters to pass over them: “PLEASE, KIDS ABOVE” and “THE ELDERLY LIVE HERE.” Demonstrators taunted the scant law enforcers posted outside the courthouse. And when Wisconsin’s Democrat Gov. Tony Evers refused to send enough National Guardsmen after a full 24 hours of rioting despite locals’ pleas for help — he sent more troops to Milwaukee during the NBA finals — armed citizens stepped up to defend property and ultimately themselves, resulting in the deaths of two people.

That was two years ago. Now we’re watching the House Jan. 6 Committee’s Stalinist show trial for Americans who participated in the riot at the U.S. Capitol — and many who didn’t — on Jan. 6, 2021. Last November, we witnessed a courtroom drama for a 17-year-old kid who defended his life with a firearm during the riots but was slandered by legacy media as a white supremacist and a murderer.

Now, after more than 60 people have been charged with crimes related to the Kenosha riots, with supposedly many more to come, why has there been no large-scale investigation into these deadly riots, the players behind them, and the destructive ideology that sparked it all? Despite Democrats’ constant talk about Donald Trump’s “big lie,” they fall silent when confronted with evidence their race obsession can spur lethal race revolutions.

That obsession and its effects are based on a lie. And it’s a big one.

The Big Lie

The entire Kenosha scene was sparked by one police shooting, which corporate media and other leftists instantly branded evidence of racism. Celebrities claimed, contrary to available evidence, that police “shoot first & detain second” and that Blake “could have been grabbed…he could have been tased….He could have immediately been stopped when he started walking around the car.” LeBron James characterized it as “police brutality towards my kind.”

Evers framed the incident as yet another “Black man or person” “shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement.” Joe Biden escalated the race-baiting with the same framing.

Of course, this was all a lie. Police were actually responding to an emergency call from Blake’s girlfriend, who said he wasn’t permitted on the property and had snatched her keys. Before officers even arrived at the scene, they knew Blake had a warrant out for his arrest for charges of disorderly conduct connected to domestic abuse, third-degree sexual assault, and trespassing. Before they ever fired a gun, officers had Tased him twice to no avail, and Blake had reached into the vehicle, where a weapon was later recovered on the floorboards and three kids were in the backseat, which police knew because their mom reportedly “kept screaming that.”

But this lie — that the Blake shooting represented routine police brutality toward black people — is not surprising because it’s all part of the left’s much bigger racism lie.

They lied about knife-wielding black teen Ma’Khia Bryant. They lied about armed 13-year-old Mexican-American Adam Toledo. They lied about Michael Brown. They lied about Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett. And they lie by omission when they refuse to cover violent crimes by black perpetrators against other racial groups, as with Pakistani immigrant Mohammad Anwar, who was brutally murdered by two black teenage girls when they violently carjacked him in D.C. in the middle of the day.

They perpetuate these lies with catchphrases, such as “hands up, don’t shoot.” They spread them in ahistorical accounts such as the “1619 Project” and profit from them with lectures lamenting “white fragility” and “systemic racism.” And they amplify them with clever branding such as “Black Lives Matter,” making violent demonstrations tricky to condemn for those afraid of false racism smears.

Corrupt media are the worst offenders, and Democrat politicos are nearly as bad. As I wrote last year about the left’s response to riots:

They said, ‘Destroying property … is not violence.’ They said protests don’t need to be peaceful and called riots a ‘proportionate response.’ They denied evidence of anarchy. They said violence works. They condemned the term ‘riot‘ as ‘loaded,’ instead calling it ‘democracy.’ They released a documentary claiming ‘Riots Built America.’ And they flat-out pretended cities weren’t being ravaged, with Gov. Jay Inslee saying ‘That’s news to me!‘ when asked about the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and Rep. Jerry Nadler calling Antifa a ‘myth.’

It’s this endless stream of lies that incites the sort of violence that overtook Kenosha. Years later, why hasn’t it been investigated?

We Need Answers

I’m not talking about the type of local investigations that led to charging a few dozen people with riot-related crimes. That should be a given. I’m talking about a large-scale probe that drags in media defamers, a negligent governor, elite race-baiters, and riot organizers to investigate their role in this violent scene, which has played out time and again with impunity across the country.

After all, there’s precedent for that sort of trial. It arose from a riot on Jan. 6, which was far less deadly than Kenosha and was used to destroy top political opponents whose hands are clean, unlike those of Wisconsin’s dud governor.

First, we still don’t know who was responsible for the rioting because it appears to be more than just individual Kenoshans. Kenosha locals were the first to tell The Federalist that the perpetrators were “out-of-towners.” As one local, Alvin, told The Federalist at the time, “All this destruction didn’t come from Kenosha. People came in here and did this.”

Police reports bear this out. According to a media release one week after the riots began, of the 175 people who had been arrested, 102 were out-of-towners. Leftist media, of course, sicced their fake fact-checkers on the information, with USA Today saying those figures are “missing context” because most of the arrestees were from other parts of Wisconsin or Illinois, “the border of which is about 6 miles from the heart of the protests.”

Leftist media discarded this “context,” however, when they attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for traveling “across state lines” from Illinois with a gun (This was a lie anyway. He didn’t bring the firearm across state lines, and both Rittenhouse’s father and lifeguarding job were reportedly in Kenosha.).

As Empower Wisconsin reporter Matt Kittle detailed, police also stopped a bus containing Seattle-based group Riot Kitchen in Kenosha after they filled up multiple gas cans. While media were quick to parrot the group’s excuse that they needed the gasoline to power generators, that leaves bigger questions unanswered.

“Police say the vehicles contained various items, including helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances. Nine individuals were arrested for disorderly conduct and are awaiting charging decisions by the Kenosha County district attorney, according to the incident report,” Kittle reported at the time. “…What the [media] stories couldn’t explain is why members of the organization were loading up so many cans of gas, and why the Riot Kitchen crew in the minivan fled from police.”

Sure sounds like something a Select Committee on Aug. 23 might want to get to the bottom of. What was Riot Kitchen really doing in Kenosha, what percentage of the rioters came from out of state, and who funded their activities? What about the rioters who descended from Oregon, California, Kentucky, Minnesota, Indiana, and California? Where else did demonstrators come from, and did someone send them?

If it’s true, as Molly Ball admitted in a jaw-dropping Time magazine article about the rigged 2020 election, that alliances of left-wing activists and corporate power players can control so-called “protests,” which of these puppet-masters were involved in coordinating the Kenosha riots? If none of those people actively instigated these riots, why didn’t they work to “curtail” them, as Ball says they’re able to do, before they turned violent?

Furthermore, partisans on the Jan. 6 Committee squeezed every last salacious soundbite possible out of texts to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, urging him to tell the president to stop the riots. But what about Evers’ text messages? Who advised the governor to twiddle his thumbs rather than call in reinforcements? What was the chatter like after that negligence led to shots fired?

And how about communication among members of the slanderous media? Which editors and producers greenlighted the framing of the Blake killing as police brutality and the ensuing violence as “fiery but mostly peaceful“? Which publishers have so far been held accountable for printing that Rittenhouse is a murderer? Perhaps President Joe Biden should be called to testify before a committee for labeling the teen a “white supremacist” — or have his home raided to fish for any scrap of paper where he might have scribbled a Kenosha-related note.

Justice for All

As the Jan. 6 Committee subpoenas fellow lawmakers, indicts political opponents, and throws 69-year-old grandmothers with cancer into federal prison for trespassing, two years have passed without any probe of the big racism lie that incited mob violence in Kenosha.

It’s clear what ideology led to the riots. It’s not clear to what extent individual players are responsible. Perhaps it’s time to assemble an Aug. 23 Select Committee that, instead of engaging in partisan theater, actually gets to the bottom of the violence to provide justice for victims and to prevent this nightmare from repeating itself.

The American people might actually tune in to a trial like that. They’ve been waiting a while for answers.

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Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Appointed A Violent Felon To The State Juvenile Justice Commission

Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Appointed A Violent Felon To The State Juvenile Justice Commission

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, a Democrat running for re-election in a key swing state, picked a convicted felon who also faces open armed robbery and gun possession charges to serve on his Juvenile Justice Commission before reversing course and dropping him once the media started asking questions about the appointment.

In late July, Evers selected Aundray Evans, 24, to serve as a “youth member” of the governor’s Juvenile Justice Commission even though he was charged in 2019 with armed robbery, theft of movable property, possession of cocaine, resisting or obstructing an officer and, in a separate case, being a felon in possession of a firearm.

According to a criminal complaint, Evans and a codefendant arranged for a man to sell them his handgun in a Walmart parking lot. When he showed up, the two stole his car, gun, wallet, and cell phone and then drove in the stolen car to meet another man for a purported gun sale a few blocks away. They robbed him as well and took off in the stolen car. 

When Milwaukee police pulled them over a short time later, Evans took off on foot, tossing one of the stolen guns as he ran. Officers recovered the gun and arrested Evans, who allegedly had 1.7 grams of cocaine in his pocket.

Because of the Covid-19 lockdowns, the case was adjourned for several months in 2020 and will proceed to trial in October.

The case is remarkably similar to Evans’ first criminal conviction. In 2015, when he was a juvenile, he was charged as an adult with theft of movable property after setting up a gun sale and then robbing the would-be seller. He pleaded guilty and spent 10 months in prison.

In 2016, while still on probation, he was arrested and charged with theft of movable property. His probation was revoked, and he was remanded to prison. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to an additional six months in jail. He remained on probation at the time of his 2019 charges.

Evers has not yet said whether he was aware of the open cases against Evans when he appointed him to the commission, which Evers restarted shortly after he was sworn into office in 2019.

“I am excited to recreate the Juvenile Justice Commission as a space for discussing innovations and best practices that Wisconsin should adopt across the entire spectrum of the juvenile justice system,” he said at the time. “In addition to focusing on system-based reform, we must invest in front-end reforms that prevent our kids from becoming part of the juvenile justice system in the first place.”

Twenty percent of the commission is comprised of youth members like Evans who are under the age of 28, and three slots are reserved for members who are or at one time had been in the juvenile justice system themselves.

Although juvenile records in Wisconsin are sealed, a spokesman for Evers confirmed that Evans was in the juvenile justice system before he was first charged in adult court in 2015 and that this experience formed the basis for his selection to the Juvenile Justice Commission.

However, law enforcement officials immediately objected to the pick, raising concerns behind the scenes about a felon facing open gun and robbery charges serving on a state justice commission, but these were ignored. Only when members of the media began asking questions about the appointment did Evers rescind it. He has not publicly commented on the controversy.

“This is outrageous,” said Tim Michels, the Republican gubernatorial nominee who will face Evers in November’s election. “It’s just the latest outrageous example of his soft-on-crime mindset. Communities in Wisconsin will never become safer with Tony Evers as governor.”

In June, Evers asked for and received the resignation of his Parole Commission chairman, John Tate, amid a firestorm of outrage over Tate’s approval of parole for a man convicted of the murder of his wife Johanna Balsewicz in front of their two young children in 1997.

Doug Balsewicz had served fewer than 25 years of an 80-year sentence, and he was considered so dangerous that the trial judge took the extraordinary step of writing a letter to future parole boards urging them not to let Balsewicz out of prison.

Tate ignored this advice and ordered Balsewicz to be released in May. Balsewicz’s family immediately launched a public crusade to have Evers reverse Tate’s decision, which he did later that month. When the controversy did not die down and became a major talking point in the Republican gubernatorial primary, Evers demanded Tate’s resignation in early June.

Michels, who won the primary in early August, said both the Tate and Evans affairs prove that Evers lacks the judgment to keep Wisconsinites safe.

“Violent crime is as bad as we can remember,” he said. “Tony Evers can’t or won’t crack down on criminals. I will.”

Dan O’Donnell is a talk show host with News/Talk 1130 WISN in Milwaukee, Wis. and 1310 WIBA in Madison, Wis., and a columnist for the John K. MacIver Institute.

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Duffy: Kenoshans Had To Fend For Themselves After Democrat Gov. Tony Evers Let Rioters Pillage Their City

Duffy: Kenoshans Had To Fend For Themselves After Democrat Gov. Tony Evers Let Rioters Pillage Their City

People in Kenosha, Wis., are still recovering from the havoc wreaked by rioters during the summer of rage after the Democrat governor staunchly refused to protect the state’s law-abiding citizens, Federalist Senior Contributor Evita Duffy said on Fox News’s “Fox and Friends” on Saturday.

“I mean when I was there, I’m only 22, it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before in my life. It was like a Third World country. The place was in flames,” explained Duffy, who was on the ground reporting in Kenosha during the riots in August 2020.

Instead of taking swift action to subdue the arsonists and looters destroying the city, Wisconsin Democrat Gov. Tony Evers delayed sending help which prolonged the destruction and forced people to take matters into their own hands, Duffy said.

“For three nights actually he let the city burn and so people were left to fend for themselves,” Duffy said. “When I was there, I saw people with baseball bats and pistols and shotguns. Anybody could have been Kyle Rittenhouse that night. In fact, when I went with my fiancé, he was armed. Everybody was armed. It was crazy.”

Duffy said because of a lack of punishment for the people demolishing Kenosha, the city has yet to recover.

“People that night, those three nights, lost everything. I mean, 100 businesses were affected. Forty never reopened again. Kenosha is not a big city. It’s not New York City. Forty is a big hit. Fifty million dollars of damage. So I mean, I’m heartbroken for everybody that was there. When I returned a year later, there were still places that were boarded up. That’s how bad things were,” Duffy said.

As Duffy noted in her most recent Federalist article, “Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha,” the people of Kenosha had to stand guard if they wanted to salvage their beloved community.

“Evers’s inaction resulted in $50 million in property damage that affected 100 businesses, including 40 that were put out of business for good,” she explained. “It was in the face of all this destruction and turmoil that Rittenhouse decided to defend his community — yes, contrary to what the hacks at MSNBC and CNN want you to believe, Kenosha is Kyle’s community.”


Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha

Kyle Rittenhouse And Every Able-Bodied Man Had A Moral Obligation To Protect Kenosha

Despite his acquittal, the left continues to smear Kyle Rittenhouse as a bloodthirsty, “Call of Duty”-playing white supremacist. But if you were in the city of Kenosha, as I was, when the riots erupted, you would know that Rittenhouse was hardly a rogue vigilante. He was one of many brave Kenoshan men who took up arms to protect their families, businesses, and beloved city when the government failed to. 

Indeed, despite desperate pleas for help, Gov. Tony Evers refused to deploy adequate numbers of national guardsmen to protect the city from rioters wielding guns and fire. After 24 hours of receiving requests for aid, Evers had still sent fewer troops to Kenosha than he did to Milwaukee during the NBA finals. Local law enforcement was quickly overwhelmed.

By the second night of rioting, streams of out-of-state professional Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters had flooded into the city. At the time, I wrote that Kenosha looked like “something I had only seen in photographs of war-torn countries.”

Grossly outnumbered, law enforcement had only enough manpower to protect public buildings in the town’s center. “They were so busy down there saving their courthouse, well what about this? I’m a taxpayer, too” said Sam, an Indian immigrant who owns a torched family-run car dealership in downtown Kenosha, two blocks from the courthouse. 

Evers watched thugs and arsonists destroy businesses and terrorize Kenoshans for another 48 hours before he reluctantly agreed to accept help from President Trump and the federal government. He let Kenosha burn because he thought he could blame the unrest on Trump and enhance the political fortunes of the Democrat Party in the 2020 presidential election.  

When the political fire instead turned on him, he finally changed course, but for many residents, it was too late. “Governor Evers has a huge sense of urgency for mask mandates, but when our town is burning to the flippin’ ground, he had zero sense of urgency,” said Kimberly Warner, a single mom who owns two businesses in downtown Kenosha. “He allowed our town to suffer and burn.”

Evers’s inaction resulted in $50 million in property damage that affected 100 businesses, including 40 that were put out of business for good.

It was in the face of all this destruction and turmoil that Rittenhouse decided to defend his community—yes, contrary to what the hacks at MSNBC and CNN want you to believe, Kenosha is Kyle’s community. In the daylight hours of the fateful night that changed his life, Rittenhouse was volunteering to scrub BLM graffiti off a local high school. That night, he told a reporter why he was in Kenosha—to offer medical assistance and be ready to “run[] into harm’s way” to protect people and property. 

Rittenhouse was not alone. When I was in Kenosha, I observed countless men standing with baseball bats, handguns, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns in front of their businesses and homes. In fact, my now-fiancé, who accompanied me while I was reporting, was also armed. You had to be.

Chuck, a tire shop owner, spent every night of the riots on his roof guarding his shop “with guns.” An exhausted yet vigilant Chuck glared into my iPhone camera at the time and said to the rioters, “Come to my shop and I’ll blow your heads off.” 

One of the greatest examples of bravery during the riots was Robert Cobb, a 70-year-old long-time Kenosha man who was viciously beaten by BLM rioters. Cobb saw looters stealing from the 100-year-old Danish Brotherhood and simply could not stand by. 

He tried to keep the horde of criminals at bay with a fire extinguisher, hoping to force them to take their masks off so they could be identified later. Rioters sneak-attacked him, though, leaving Cobb with a jaw broken in three places, a swollen eye, and stitches to a head wound. “He was trying to defend his building and they beat the s–t out of him!” the videographer sobbed in a clip that captured the assault.

Democrats in the corporate media want you to believe that citizens not only shouldn’t arm themselves in defense of their communities but that they cannot legally do so. Make no mistake, this lie is meant to justify Democrats’ continued attack on the American people’s right to bear arms. Under the Second Amendment, the citizens of Kenosha were entirely justified and legally permitted to protect themselves and their hometown, especially because law enforcement could not.  

More importantly, it was Rittenhouse’s moral duty and that of all able-bodied men over the age of 16 to defend Kenosha against the vandals, looters, and arsonists who were destroying the city. 

That is why Democrats and their allies in the media want you to believe that Rittenhouse and other Kenoshans who stood up for themselves are murderous white supremacists. These brave citizens and their “toxic masculinity” represent an existential threat to the left’s authoritarian aims. They simply cannot allow average Americans to believe they can exercise their right to bear arms and protect themselves without the government’s permission. 

Rittenhouse found himself caught in the chaos. Video evidence showed him defending himself with a semi-automatic rifle against angry, gun-wielding, rioting convicted felons and child rapists. Rittenhouse ultimately fatally shot two men and wounded another, in what has now been ruled by a jury an act of self-defense.

“I didn’t intend to kill them. I intended to stop the people who were attacking me,” Rittenhouse said. “I did what I had to do to stop the person who was attacking me.” The truth is, Rittenhouse could have been any of my fellow Wisconsinites that night. The city was in flames and the state had abdicated its responsibility to protect its citizens. In the face of this crisis, Rittenhouse did what he had to do. 

The Kenosha rioting showed America that you don’t have to cower in fear like people in Portland and Chicago. Kenoshans refused to be helpless victims when Marxist and race agitators descended on their city. Men like Rittenhouse tried to defend their hometown. For that, they should be commended as the heroes they are.

This story was originally published in the Chicago Thinker. 


One Year After Deadly Race Riots, Kenosha, Wisconsin Is Still Picking Up The Pieces

One Year After Deadly Race Riots, Kenosha, Wisconsin Is Still Picking Up The Pieces

One year ago today, Kenosha police responding to a domestic complaint shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake seven times in the back, leaving him partially paralyzed. A warrant had been issued for Blake’s arrest in July 2020 on charges of third-degree sexual assault, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. At the time of the shooting, Blake appeared to be armed with a knife, struggled with officers, thwarted two Tasers, disregarded police commands, and was getting inside a vehicle with three children.

The shooting was a justified use of force to ensure the safety of the officers and the children in the vehicle. No officers involved, including the officer who shot Blake, were charged. Nonetheless, Democrat politicians and their allies in corporate media seized on footage of the shooting, declaring it yet another act of “racism” and proof of America’s systemic oppression.

The results of this rhetoric included two deaths and lasting trauma in a middle-income midwestern city after ensuing riots that caused $50 million in property damage. The damage affected 100 businesses, including putting 40 “out-of-business for good,” according to a member of the Kenosha County Board.

This week, when the corporate media publishes reflection pieces to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Kenosha riots, keep in mind that their goal is to rewrite history and exonerate the politicians and race hucksters responsible for the violence. The true story of Kenosha matters — not just for the residents of Kenosha who lived through it, but also for the rest of the country.

Lasting Scars

Republican Rep. Bryan Steil, who represents Kenosha in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, says that while Kenoshans have proven resilient, “there’s still scars.”

The physical imprint left on the city is still clearly visible today. Uptown Kenosha, where the brunt of arson and looting occurred, appears dilapidated and empty a year after the riots. There is a massive gaping lot and still bits of rubble where the 110-year-old Danish Brotherhood and 109-year-old Rode’s Camera Shop once stood. The bricks are still charred in buildings across the street.

“They weren’t just buildings,” says Kimberly Warner, a single mom who owns two businesses in downtown Kenosha, “but history.”

A year after the rioting, there are still boards covering windows across uptown and downtown Kenosha. Many display artwork preserved from the “Love is the Answer” movement, an attempt by community members to paint positive pictures and messages in the wake of the deadly riots. Other signs are less uplifting. One sign downtown still reads “please kids above,” with an arrow pointing to second-floor apartments.

Even those who didn’t see their businesses looted or burnt down are still affected today. “Several other business owners I know and several officers that I know are suffering from PTSD from seeing some of the things that we saw,” says Warner, her voice breaking. “I sometimes don’t want to close my eyes at night, because it all comes back.”

Mark Wistar, owner of The House of Nutrition and Wellness in downtown Kenosha, tells The Federalist that, like any other business owners, he and his shop were majorly affected by COVID-19 closures. When the rioting came, many businesses in Kenosha were already struggling, and the damage put them over the edge. While many have recovered, others will never reopen.

Wistar, who used to be on Kenosha’s tourism board, says the city “really depends on tourism.” The rioting gave the town “a bad name,” he explains. Because the media “publicized it everywhere,” even businesses that were not physically damaged continue to suffer from the stigma.

The plywood boards still covering shop windows point to the lasting trauma for business owners, but they have also sparked frustration among others. Many business owners expressed to The Federalist that the boards make Kenosha look dangerous and put off already uneasy tourists. They believe the boards need to go for the city to appear welcoming and for people to truly move on. “The boards need to come down, so that those of us that are still here can heal,” says Warner.

When I asked why some are still boarded up, downtown business owners agreed it is largely out of fear. Some small business owners without boarded windows, who are trying to “get back to normal,” would not talk to me out of fear they could be targeted with boycotts or violence.

We Must Hold Governor Evers Accountable

Many Kenoshans are still waiting for Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers to be held accountable for the riots and the lingering fear and emotional damage they have inflicted on the community. The revisionist history to avoid this kind of accountability began right away, with Joe Biden calling for the officer involved to be charged and Evers all but declaring the shooting an act of attempted murder and racism.

The demonization of the officer and the canonization of Blake were based on a lie. The officer who shot Blake has been cleared. Blake has pleaded guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to two years of probation.

Even one Kenoshan I interviewed in uptown, who says he believes there is racism in the Kenosha Police Department and wishes Blake hadn’t been shot, said he understands why Blake was shot. “After going over the footage of the shooting,” he said, “as an officer I probably would have been a little scared too.”

More important, however, is how the false narrative from Evers, Biden, and the corporate press fueled the dangerous rioting that led to death and destruction. The heads of four Wisconsin law enforcement groups sent a letter to Evers last year, urging him to “refrain from making statements specific to Kenosha Police involved shooting until the facts of the investigation are known,” because it puts the lives of officers and the public at risk.

Evers did not just hurt the city with false rhetoric. He watched Kenosha burn at the hands of out-of-state thugs for three nights and stubbornly refused to send adequate aid quickly, actions residents believe could have prevented the riots. Within 24 hours of receiving requests for aid, Evers had sent fewer troops to Kenosha than he did to Milwaukee during the NBA finals.

By the second night, it appeared many outsider left-wing professional rioters from groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter were pouring into the city and reaping terror and destruction.

I was there on the second night, when officers were still grossly unprepared for the flood of outside rioters. At the time, I wrote that Kenosha looked like “something I had only seen in photos of war-torn countries.”

Since law enforcement only had enough staff to protect public buildings, regular homes and businesses were left to individual self-defense. “Men and women stood with baseball bats, hand-guns, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns in front of their businesses and homes,” I wrote at the time.

It wasn’t until three individuals were shot and two died on the third night that Evers accepted help from President Trump and sent in enough national guardsmen to quell the riots.

“Governor Evers has a huge sense of urgency for mask mandates, but when our town is burning to the flippin’ ground, he had zero sense of urgency,” says Warner. “He allowed our town to suffer and burn.”

Today, Evers is still desperately trying to rewrite the narrative. “In a flurry of articles this past week, Governor Evers, his administration, and local partisans have launched a concerted effort to sugarcoat what the governor did and did not do before, during, and after the riots,” writes Steil in a Kenosha News op-ed.

Another Kenosha Coming to a Town Near You?

Rule of law and police procedures did not matter to Democrats in the media and public office who wished to use the Blake shooting to push their political agenda. This agenda is the same as it has been for the entire BLM movement: radical social change.

Leftists’ real goal is not to eradicate racism. If it was, they wouldn’t be inciting riots where racism is not to blame. Instead, their aim is socialism — and what better way to advocate for the “equity” of socialism than to argue the entire American system is stacked against black and brown people.

Leftists are flat-out lying about police shootings like that of Blake, and indoctrinating the next generation into believing their lies by implementing critical race theory in schools across the country. Kids in K-12 are learning they are inherently racist if they are white and have no chance of success if they are black. While there are still Americans today willing to push back against these lies, the left is trying to ensure that by the next generation there won’t be any.

“If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere,” says Winstar. No one would have ever thought Kenosha, a small working-class city, could see such turmoil, but it did. And every small town across America needs to be prepared. The left’s policies will make every city and town like Portland, Washington D.C., and New York City. They want everyone’s children to be force-fed critical race theory, and every town to respond to police shootings and arrests with “abolish the police” riots.

We are in a fight against propaganda and lies. The whitewashing of the preventable, deadly events of Kenosha perfectly encapsulates what’s at stake. We simply cannot allow Evers, Biden, and leftist media to rewrite history. Kenosha was the result of fabricated Democrat outrage and deception.

The price for their political posturing was catastrophic in terms of lives lost and livelihoods and dreams destroyed. We cannot forget the images and video from the Kenosha riots. We must remain vigilant and hold those responsible accountable. It’s the only way to prevent it from coming to a town near you.


Wisconsinites Take Legal Action Against Dane County’s Mask Tyrants, But This Fight Is Bigger Than The Courtroom

Wisconsinites Take Legal Action Against Dane County’s Mask Tyrants, But This Fight Is Bigger Than The Courtroom

After an unelected public health bureaucrat in Dane County, Wisconsin, issued a sweeping and unscientific mandate on Tuesday requiring indoor masking for everyone, including vaccinated people and even toddlers as young as two, one Wisconsin legal group is taking the fight once again to the state Supreme Court.

On behalf of a county resident, the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) has filed an original action with the state’s high court urging the justices to review whether Janel Heinrich, the health officer, has the authority to issue a new county-wide mask mandate.

According to the court’s recent COVID-related rulings, some of which are against this very bureaucrat, she does not. Back in June, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in James v. Heinrich that local health officers’ power is limited and must be bestowed specifically by legislators.

The state Supreme Court has struck down COVID-related overreaches in at least five cases, such as when Democrat Gov. Tony Evers tried to shut down elections and issue stay-at-home orders. When it became clear the governor didn’t have unilateral authority over his constituents’ coronavirus response, unelected state and local officials stepped in to try imposing their will without legislative backing. The state’s high court has also struck down those attempts.

“Here we go again,” WILL’s deputy counsel Dan Lennington told The Federalist. “Local officials are trying to take legislative power and write their own laws, and require citizens to do things that the local official has no power to do.”

“The courts have made clear that unelected public health officers do not have unlimited authority,” Lennington said. “Yet again, on the eve of a new school year, Dane County has issued a breathtakingly bold order. Last time they tried to close all schools, this time they are requiring universal masking for anyone in an enclosed space, including two-year olds. Next time it could be vaccine passports. Dane County’s health officer, simply put, doesn’t have the power to order universal masking, or anything else, without express legal authority.”

Does Anyone Care About the Numbers?

Not only do court precedent and the law condemn Heinrich’s diktats; common sense does too. One look at the data shows nobody is dying of the Wuhan virus in Dane County, which houses the state’s capital city of Madison. The line depicting average weekly COVID-19 deaths is steady at zero. The seven-day average has been zero deaths since the middle of May, when that average was a single death.

The last time the weekly average was higher than one was before Valentine’s Day. And in the last two weeks, only one death has been attributed to coronavirus in this county of more than half a million people, with statewide deaths down 34 percent in the same timeframe.

Dane County Wisconsin masks

Dane County Wisconsin masks

For these reasons and more — for example, the side effects of pandemic mitigation such as a rapidly growing mental health crisis, a massive surge in drug overdoses, and a catastrophic blow to the education of children —WILL’s legal action is a welcomed development, and Lennington said he’s “very hopeful that the supreme court will take this.” For healthy yet helpless residents of deep-blue Madison who are weary of getting the rug pulled out from under them, court action would help them reclaim that liberty and sanity.

Wisconsinites Need More Than a Court Win

But as Wisconsinites and Americans at large know, this fight is bigger than the courtroom. Usually, when Americans sit by and expect courts to step in and mitigate some of their most pressing concerns, they’re left with “blessing of liberty” like Drag Queen Story Hour and the American Civil Liberties Union gearing up to take a gentle grandmother florist for everything she owns.

A WILL victory would be a welcomed win for healthy Dane County residents, but for how long? The Wisconsin Supreme Court has already signaled that bureaucratic overreach is unacceptable, but that hasn’t stopped power-hungry officials from pushing the limits and issuing sweeping and invasive orders anyway.

On the flip side, if the court doesn’t respond positively to WILL’s lawsuit, we’re right back to a masked-up square one, with health elites even more emboldened and healthy citizens once again completely helpless. To that end, it isn’t simply WILL’s responsibility to protect our liberties. It’s our duty too — and the stakes are high.

Live Free. Refuse Irrational Diktats

Wisconsinites must refuse to play into the political games of the ruling class by masking up, as the scientific and empirical evidence is stacked against their decrees. Don’t believe the lie that mandatory masking is a “minor inconvenience.” In a county where nobody is dying of COVID, complying with masks is much more than that: It’s a visible sign of allegiance to sadistic elites and their power-drunk delusions.

The unasked question when a healthy Dane County resident walks indoors is, “Will you play the puppeteers’ pandemic game?” If you cover your face, you affirm that you will, and the powerful get more power.

If we ever want to live free, really truly free, we must stop putting on a mask just to avoid confrontation despite knowing that at this point, it’s a farce. If not after a year and a half and zero average deaths, then when?

“If Dane County can get away with this, then any local official in the state can get away with the same power,” Lennington told The Federalist. “What’s next? Vaccine passports? Mandatory masks? Permanent masks?”

The question here isn’t about whether masks are useful. As Lennington said, the question is “Who will decide what law is going to be?” Will it be elected officials or unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats?

This isn’t just a query for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. It’s a question for you.



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