Old Technology Tartarian 1900’s

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Tartaria Explained!

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What happened in 1812 – Suppressed History (Napoleon, Moscow Fire, star forts, Tartaria, mud flood)

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They’re totally digging up already existing trolley line like everywhere else in this old world

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Historic Old World Photos – Tartaria

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Mathematically Precise Destructions of Ancient World

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Mud Flood of 1892 – (PHOTO ARCHIVE) Hidden History of Tartaria

Edgar Reyes – Oct 27, 2022

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In 1892, a mud flood destroyed cities across the globe, restructuring power and an opportunity to take over cities and societies and erase history, more specifically, the Tartarian culture and it’s technology.. Many settlers in the Americas were kicked out of their lands when they could not afford to rework the land back into a productive farm.

The official history is hiding a major world power which existed as late as the 19th century. Tartary was a country with its own flag, its own government and its own place on the map. Its territory was huge, but somehow quietly incorporated into Russia, and some other countries. This country you can find on the maps predating the second half of the 19th century.

The Old World Order was replaced by the New World Order. And the Gregorian Calendar was instituted. To force the common people to accept a new false chronology. Peace and freedom was been replaced by being fenced up in strict borders. The suppression of Tartary coincides with the new teaching of evolution. We just think we are evolving. We have become disconnected with nature and disconnected with reality. It was not always like that. The farther back in time you go the more connected and at peace we were.

Here is a small collection of never before seen photographs of the most recent mud flood of 1892. Pictures from all over have been gathered for further investigation.

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1000 Images of our Hidden History-Tartarian influences

@dodgethehijack – August 27th, 2022

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