Prank Robbery Has DEADLY Real Life Consequences

Prank Robbery Has DEADLY Real Life Consequences

Prank Robbery Has DEADLY Real Life Consequences

Once again, an attempt to go viral online has resulted in deadly consequences. In a Tennessee parking lot, a prank robbery gone wrong led to the fatal shooting of one man. 

According to police, at approximately 9:20 p.m., a man was fatally shot in the parking lot of Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Hermitage, Tennessee, a neighborhood in Nashville, as he attempted to pull a prank on an unsuspecting group of people. 

Timothy Wilks, 20, and one of his friends were filming the “prank” robbery for a YouTube video. As they approached a group of people while brandishing butcher knives, the situation rapidly escalated. 

David Starnes, Jr., 23, was one of the intended victims of the prank, although he thought the situation was a real robbery, and reacted accordingly, shooting Wilks. 

When police arrived on the scene, Starnes told police that he shot the man to defend himself and the group of people that he was with. 

No charges have been filed against Starnes, though an investigation into the incident is ongoing. Nashville Police have released a statement regarding the investigation. 

These attempts at fame via social media have only gotten more dangerous over the past few years, as young people have begun to value ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ over real-world accomplishments. If society doesn’t start discouraging this behavior soon, it will only get worse. 

One comment on the Fox News article about the incident sums it up quite nicely: 

“What kind of parent raises a 20 year old who ‘pretends’ to rob an unsuspecting individual to post a cute little video of it? What kind of parent raises friends of his who think it’s a great idea? The youth of today are so incredibly lonely that anything for attention seems like a great idea. My heart breaks for this generation because they have no direction, no morals, and no understanding of personal responsibility  You can try to insult the older generation with all kinds of demeaning language but we were raised in an era where you didn’t let someone else’s opinion deter you from what you wanted out of life. I feel for the younger people who are struggling through this muck of complete self absorption and hope they can be pulled out of it before it pulls them under. I think Jackie Kennedy said it best ‘if we fail in raising our children nothing else we do matters very much’.” 


A Look Inside This Killer’s Mind

A Look Inside This Killer’s Mind

A Look Inside This Killers Mind

A killer whacked out of his mind on meth went on a shooting rampage in central Florida, killing four members of a family and wounding an eleven year old girl.

Bryan Riley, 33, a former Marine, barricaded himself inside the victims’ home after committing the murders, eventually getting into a shootout with police before surrendering.

A Look Inside This Killers Mind

Despite having no connection to the family, Riley originally went to their home at around 7:30 p.m. on September 4th, where he told one of the family members: “I’m here to talk to Amber, you see, God sent me here because she’s going to commit suicide.”

The family immediately told him to leave and called the police, but when officers arrived and searched for Riley, they could not find him. The suspect then drove 30 minutes back to his home, and got into a short argument with his girlfriend.

Just nine hours later, he returned to the victims’ home, this time with a more gruesome purpose in mind.

Fox News reports:

“A sheriff’s deputy in the area heard ‘two volleys of automatic gunfire’ around 4:30 a.m. When the deputy got to the house, he noticed a truck on fire in the front yard and a trail of glow sticks leading from the road to the home, making him fear that the property could be booby-trapped. The first deputy at the scene also saw the suspect outside of the house in camouflage.”

During a press conference about the murders, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd elaborated on the story.

“The suspect runs into the house and then there’s another volley of gunshots and they could hear a woman crying and a baby whimpering,” he said.

Officers initially tried to enter the house via the front door, but it was blocked from the inside. They then went around back, where they immediately got into a shootout with Riley. The suspect was shot at least one time. Air support was called in, but when it arrived, Riley came out of the house with his hands up.

Police finally entered the home, finding three dead family members: 40 year old Justice Gleason, a 33 year old female, and a 3 month old boy. In the apartment next door, the infant’s grandmother, 62, was found dead. The family’s dog was also shot and killed. Soon after finding the bodies, police also rescued an 11-year-old girl inside the home, who was still conscious despite being shot seven times. The girl was brought to Tampa General Hospital, and is expected to survive her injuries.

“While on the way to the hospital and while at the hospital he made statements like he’d been taking meth,” Sheriff Judd said. “He also said that he was a survivalist and he also made statements like, ‘You know why I did this.’

Riley’s girlfriend told police that he had been working as a security guard at a church in Orlando, and had returned home on August 29th believing he could speak directly to God. She also noted that he had became increasingly erratic since making the claim, and was not sleeping.

“We’re not dealing with a traditional criminal here. But what we’re dealing with is someone who obviously had mental health issues at least this last week, had PTSD,” said Judd.

“He said to one of our detectives, ‘They begged for their lives and I killed them anyway.’ He’s evil in the flesh. He’s a rabid animal,” Judd, who has worked in the sheriff’s office for nearly 50 years, added.

In a separate statement to Fox News, the sheriff commented on the murders, stating: “It was an evil, evil, evil act by a very well-trained military person who knew better and still did it.”

“It ranks right up there with the worst ever,” he added.

“What makes it so gut-wrenching is that these innocent people died and they were randomly picked out. This wasn’t a fight that went bad, this wasn’t a disturbance that escalated,” Judd continued. “When you see a 3-month-old, little, beautiful baby boy deceased in the arms of his mother, where she’s trying to protect him, and she’s murdered, he’s murdered, and his daddy’s murdered — that’s pretty rough.”

Riley served in the Marines for four years, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan, was honorably discharged, and then served as a reserve for three years.



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