Hollywood’s Beloved ‘Gender Rights’ Nonprofit Time’s Up Closes After Years Of Siding With Alleged Democrat Abusers

Hollywood’s Beloved ‘Gender Rights’ Nonprofit Time’s Up Closes After Years Of Siding With Alleged Democrat Abusers

After a dramatic launch at the 2018 Golden Globes in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the so-called “gender rights” organization Time’s Up raked in over $22 million from many of Hollywood’s most prominent names such as Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Shonda Rhimes, and Reese Witherspoon. Just five years later, Time’s Up is now officially closing its doors after the group was revealed to be nothing more than another partisan operation that opted to protect Democrats from the very type of sexual assault and workplace inequality allegations they claimed to be fighting against. Unsurprisingly, the celebrities who enthusiastically backed the legal fund are radio silent.

“Time’s Up will formally cease its operations by the end of January and direct its remaining $1.7 million in funds to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund (TULDF),” The Hollywood Reporter reported this week.

Time’s Up first revealed its partisan bias during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign when former Senate staffer Tara Reade came forward accusing a married Sen. Biden of pushing her against a wall, kissing her, and forcibly penetrating her with his fingers under her skirt in 1993. Although the organization claimed Reade’s allegations should not “go ignored,” it was later discovered that its own public relations firm, SKDKnickerbocker, was headed by Anita Dunn, a top Biden campaign strategist.

Dunn was also reported to have previously given Weinstein “damage control advice.” The irony — that Time’s Up was created in response to the Weinstein allegations as an effort to stop and prosecute other predators — is lost on no one.

“I actually cried a little because I felt really betrayed,” Reade told Law & Crime at the time. “They never told me that their public relations was run by Anita Dunn. I found out in real-time reading Ryan [Grim]’s article.”

“From my perspective: the payments look like a way to silence me further from getting my story heard,” Reade said of the conflicting interests between SKDKnickerbocker and Biden’s campaign.

It wasn’t that they were staying out of politics. Time’s Up was of course proud to take bold stands against politicians such as Donald Trump and figures like Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, over whom it organized a “national walk-out” based on the thinnest of allegations.

But Time’s Up’s silence on Biden and other Democrats such as Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax would be small potatoes compared to revelations found in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ 2021 report that Time’s Up chief, Tina Tchen, and TULDF co-founder Roberta Kaplan were asked by former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office for guidance on how to respond to sexual harassment allegations brought by a former Cuomo aide, Lindsey Boylan.

Kaplan resigned from the Time’s Up board after the AG’s investigation found that Kaplan gave input on a letter Cuomo’s office drafted to rebut Boylan’s allegations.

“[Cuomo aide Melissa] DeRosa reported back to the Governor that Ms. Kaplan and the head of Time’s Up thought the letter was okay with some changes, as did [Cuomo ally Steven] Cohen, but everyone else thought it was a bad idea,” the AG’s report reads.

Less than a month after the AG’s report came out in the fall of 2021, Time’s Up’s A-list advisory board quietly dissolved. Celebrity names on the 71-member board included Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman, Janelle Monae, Brie Larson, Tessa Thompson, Padma Lakshmi, Laura Dern, America Ferrera, Kerry Washington, Tarana Burke, Alyssa Milano, Gretchen Carlson, Amy Schumer, and Julianne Moore.

According to Variety, Time’s Up co-founder Nina Shaw wrote an email to the members instructing them, “There is no need for your individual resignations, as the group no longer exists.” Further, she explained that “The goal behind a quick dissolution of the GLB [Global Leadership Board] was to shield all of you from unfair scrutiny.”

In other words, no need for the public handwringing and apologies that would normally be necessary had the accused not belonged to the Democratic Party. You may go quietly into the night.

Time’s Up’s disgusting partisan leanings ultimately disparaged and put an end to their own cause. They got what they deserved, but what about Hollywood’s most vocal and prominent #MeToo defenders and fundraisers? Will there be any repercussions or mea culpas about how their money went to support alleged predators like Cuomo? No, of course not.


Biden Has ‘No Plans’ To Personally Demand Cuomo’s Resignation Or Impeachment

Biden Has ‘No Plans’ To Personally Demand Cuomo’s Resignation Or Impeachment

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden has “no plans” to call New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and demand his resignation after the New York Attorney General issued a report indicating that the Democrat sexually assaulted multiple women.

“If this is potentially such a stain on the party, the president as the leader of this party, why not pick up the phone and ask him to resign at this point?” a reporter asked during Wednesday’s White House press briefing.

“I think the president was pretty clear publicly he asked him to resign yesterday,” Psaki replied. “I don’t have any, no plans to call him to preview now.”

After another round of questioning about Cuomo from a different White House correspondent, Psaki doubled down on Biden’s refusal to further pressure the governor to leave his position. She glossed over the reporter’s questions about whether there should be an investigation into the accusations from Tara Reade and potential others who claimed that Biden sexually assaulted them to repeat the administration’s pick-and-choose “believe all women” policy.

“First I would say the president has been clear and outspoken about the importance of women being respected and having their voices heard and being allowed to tell their stories and people treating them with respect,” Psaki said.  “That has long been his policy, continues to be his policy that those were, that was heavily litigated during the campaign. I understand you’re eager to come back to it but I don’t have anything further other than to repeat that he has called for the governor to resign.”

On Tuesday, Psaki dodged questions about Cuomo and the report from the New York Attorney General stating that Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women before stumbling through a speech about believing all women.

Multiple White House reporters pushed the press secretary to communicate President Joe Biden’s thoughts on the recent report, but Psaki declined to answer any questions until Biden’s speech later in the day. During his speech, Biden said he thought the governor should resign but stopped his actions and urgings there.


Ana Navarro Defends Jeffrey Toobin’s CNN Return: ‘He Was Not Sexually Harassing Somebody’

Ana Navarro said she supports the return of her CNN co-worker Jeffrey Toobin, who was caught publicly masturbating, because he was not guilty of sexual harassment. He simply made a mistake, Navarro said on “The View” on Monday. 

Toobin was fired from “The New Yorker” last October after he masturbated in front of his colleagues during a Zoom call while his computer camera was on. Toobin had spent 27 years at the magazine as a staff writer. Last week, after eight months off the network, Toobin returned to his other job as CNN’s chief legal analyst.

“Look, I think some instances of sexual harassment are black and white,” Navarro said. “Some instances are more nuanced. He was not sexually harassing somebody — he didn’t have the intent to harass somebody. He was sexually harassing himself, maybe.”

During an interview by CNN Newsroom’s Alisyn Camerota, Toobin defended himself by saying that he “didn’t think other people could see [him].” Navarro agreed, saying, “He was on a Zoom call, it was an accidental exposure.”

Navarro added that because the Zoom call was with the “The New Yorker” staff, Toobin should still be allowed back on CNN: “It was not a CNN call. It was with The New Yorker, from where he has been terminated and faced consequences. He has been off CNN for many months during some of the elections, during some of the hottest political and legal times.”

Navarro also said that viewers could have “grace” and not cancel Toobin for “make[ing] a stupid mistake.” “I also think CNN is a for-profit business. If viewers don’t like it, then they should make their views known,” she said. “If they want to have some grace, if they want to say, ‘We’re not going to cancel a guy because he made a stupid mistake’?”

Mistake or not, Toobin did something that, in his own words, is “indefensible,” yet he was not fired from CNN. As Emily Jashinsky puts it, “… we all know most people without the privilege of his media credentials would be let go immediately, and rightfully so.” Moreover, Toobin is “a sanctimonious moralizer who preens in the pages of New Yorker and on the airwaves of CNN, claiming a moral high-ground of which none of us are worthy.” 

Navarro is known for being a blind supporter of CNN, adamantly defending its “balanced” reporting in the past. 

She has also proclaimed she has a “zero tolerance” policy for sexual harassment. However, things appear to become far more “nuanced” when the perpetrator is her CNN co-worker. 



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