Whitmer Didn’t Inform Law Enforcement She Used Private Plane for Florida Trip

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) bristled during a series of questions Thursday about a private plane she used to secretly travel to Florida in March.

Just days before she announced that residents should forego travel to the Sunshine State for spring break, Whitmer traveled to Florida for four days in the name of visiting her ailing father.

News broke Thursday she used the plane of a group of Detroit businessmen and she did not appear to appreciate the line of questioning during a press event on infrastructure:

“They say you went to Detroit businessmen to ask for their private plane to go to Florida to see your Dad. I wanted to give you the opportunity to respond to that report. Who paid for that trip when you went down to Florida,” the reporter asked.

“I’ve said everything I’m going to say about my trip to go check on my father. It was a quick trip, it was an important family, uh, reason for doing it and I’ve got nothing to add,” Whitmer responded.

“This issue, governor, is your office has been very secretive about it. So the question is, why so secretive about it?” he continued.

“We don’t discuss my travel,” Whitmer answered. “I’ve received an incredible number of death threats over the last year and a half. There are a lot of reasons that we don’t discuss how I travel and when I travel and that’s all I’m going to say,” she continued.

But the trip occurred nearly two months ago and Deadline Detroit reported Whitmer’s office did not contact Florida law enforcement, suggesting her personal safety was not an issue during the jaunt.

When a staffer asked reporters if they had any “on topic” questions related to roads, the journalist asked again about the secret trip.

“Can we at least hear the dates of that travel?” the reporter asked.

“I’ve told you I’ve said everything I’m going to say,” Whitmer snapped.

Whitmer traveled over a period of four days — March 12 through 15 — not the two days she previously claimed.

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Climate Of Fear? Colleagues Silent On CDC Retaliation Against ‘Superstar’ Scientist Who Tried To Prevent Vaccine ‘Pause’ Disaster

None of the 10 doctors on the committee that advises the Centers for Disease Control on COVID-19 vaccines would say if they support the CDC removing a world-leading scientist from that committee for opposing a pause that may have spooked Americans off COVID vaccination.

The Federalist contacted all of the committee’s members for comment on the CDC’s decision that could affect the integrity and public perception of the committee’s work, as well as Americans’ willingness to accept COVID vaccines, a current pressing concern for the public health agency. None was willing to comment.

The reluctance underscores the retaliatory climate CDC communicated when it punished a “world-class” scientist who helped invent methods dramatically improving the very vaccine safety system the CDC uses today. That story The Federalist broke received major media attention, and so has the vaccine hesitancy the agency’s pause seems to have amplified.

In April, CDC official Dr. Amanda Cohn emailed Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff to remove him from the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccines Safety Technical Work Group (known as VaST). In her email, she made it clear that the agency was retaliating against Kulldorff because he publicly expressed his professional opinion that pausing the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine wasn’t scientifically warranted and would increase COVID deaths.

A Harvard Medical School colleague described Kulldorff as one of the top three vaccine safety experts in the world, saying Kulldorff’s expertise to say what he did is not in question to anyone in his field of vaccine safety. Kulldorff is one of the three coauthors of the Great Barrington Declaration published in October 2020 that argues lockdowns are the wrong approach to the COVID-19 threat. That declaration has been signed by more than three times as many medical and public health scientists than an opposing statement released a week later, the John Snow Memorandum, and by approximately 10 times as many medical practitioners.

Just before he was removed from the CDC committee, Kulldorff published an op-ed disagreeing with the CDC’s decision to pause the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine. As a member of the committee, he told The Federalist, he also made that recommendation before the pause.

As he explained in The Hill op-ed the CDC punished him for, Kulldorff instead recommended the vaccine continue to be given to older people, who have shown none of the blood-clotting effects that led to the pause and are at much greater risk if they contract COVID without immune protection. He said younger people should be encouraged to get other COVID vaccines that haven’t resulted in the incredibly rare blood-clotting for their demographic.

A few days after Kulldorff was punished for publicly offering this professional opinion, the CDC adopted his position. In a press conference explaining why, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky even used Kulldorff’s reasoning, saying that keeping the vaccine off the market would cost more lives than it might save. So the CDC punished Kulldorff for an opinion it quickly switched to advocating. But not after damaging public trust in COVID vaccines with the pause he urged against.

The agency has to date not explained its decision, reinstated Kulldorff, apologized, or anything else besides clamming up about the incident. Cohn was among those at the CDC who refused to comment to The Federalist. CDC spokespeople also ignored repeated requests for comment.

This climate of secrecy, retaliation, and intimidation is not a good look for a supposedly apolitical and supposedly health-focused agency Americans have seen constantly alter its public messaging for political, not medical, reasons.

Surveys show public perception that the CDC is willing to put politics over science affects Americans’ willingness to get a COVID vaccine. Indeed, the very “pause” Kulldorff advised against was followed by a drastic dropoff in vaccination levels, as John Podhoretz noted May 5:

On April 15, 3.5 million ‘first doses’ were administered. Then came the J&J ‘pause.’ Only twice since have daily first shots climbed above 3 million, and by the end of April — after the pause was lifted — they sunk to around 2 million a day.

The May numbers are simply calamitous; demand for the vaccines has fallen off a cliff. The seven-day average at the end of this week will be considerably below 1 million.

Multiple surveys have shown public trust in the CDC declining significantly in the past year due to increased belief that politics influences the agency’s actions. A RAND Corporation survey found a 10-point decline in public trust in the CDC from May to October 2020. “[V]iews of the CDC are now strongly politicized,” says a RAND press release accompanying the results, which were just published on April 5, 2021.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll out in September 2020 found a 16-point drop in public trust in the CDC from April to September 2020, amid rising perceptions of the agency’s politicization. In that poll, 42 percent of respondents said the CDC was paying “too much attention” to politics in its coronavirus response. More recent Kaiser polls find COVID vaccine hesitancy is correlated with perceptions the CDC is a politicized agency.

An April 2021 Economist/YouGov poll found that just 57 percent of Americans trust medical advice from the CDC “a lot” (29 percent) or “somewhat” (28 percent). In that poll, 79 percent of those who plan not to get a COVID vaccine don’t trust the CDC for medical information. In all of these polls, those who identify as Democrats or liberals place high levels of trust in the CDC, while those who identify as Republicans or conservatives have low trust in the CDC.

It’s not just conservatives thinking the CDC’s constant self-contradiction, dating back to the very beginning of the pandemic when officials repeatedly insisted masks were not needed or helpful, is devastating public trust in scientific institutions at a crucial moment. It’s also doctors and scientists thinking this, including many on the political left.

Boosting this suspicion are recent revelations the CDC allowed teachers unions to influence and even write regulations the CDC issued in February about school reopenings. That would explain why the CDC’s recommendations have been out of step with the rest of advanced nations’ willingness to open schools and childcare facilities as early as an entire year ago, while U.S. public schools influenced by a politicized CDC still mostly remain closed to full-time in-person instruction. The negative ripple effects of this politically motivated stance will last for generations.

This dynamic will also likely retard scientific advancement by chilling scientists’ speech and free exploration of socially important questions in their work. University of Wisconsin at Madison life sciences communication professor Dietram “Scheufele worries that if people start viewing researchers and their institutions as agents of the Democratic Party, science’s bipartisan support could crumble,” he told Chemical and Engineering News for a January article.


Poll: One of Four Americans Say It Is ‘Safe’ for Them to Go Out in Public Without a Mask

One of four Americans believe it is safe for them to personally go out in public without wearing a mask, an Economist/YouGov survey released this week showed.

Respondents were asked, “When do you think it will be safe for YOU to go out in public without a mask on?”

Twenty-six percent, said it is “safe right now.” Another six percent said it will be safe by spring of 2021, 13 percent said summer of 2021, and 16 percent said the end of 2021. Nineteen percent said 2022 or later, and another nineteen percent said they were not sure.

The survey also asked respondents how often they have worn a mask in the last seven days when outside of their home. A plurality, 49 percent, said “always,” followed by 21 percent who said “most of the time,” 19 percent who said “some of the time,” and 12 percent who said “never.”

Additionally, the survey asked respondents to rate the safeness of certain activities for vaccinated people. While the majority believe it is either “completely” or “somewhat” safe for vaccinated individuals to socialize outdoors without wearing a mask or socialize indoors with other vaccinated people without a mask, just 40 percent believe it is “completely” or “somewhat” safe for fully vaccinated people to socialize indoors with unvaccinated people without a face covering. Forty-nine percent believe it is “completely” or “somewhat” unsafe.

Notably, 49 percent believe it is “somewhat” or “completely” unsafe for unvaccinated people to even socialize outdoors without a mask, and 63 percent believe it is unsafe for unvaccinated individuals to socialize indoors with other unvaccinated people without wearing a mask.

The survey, taken May 1-4, among 1,500 U.S. adults has a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percent.

U.S. health officials have refused to say when U.S. health agencies will no longer recommend Americans to wear masks in public. In February, Dr. Anthony Fauci suggested masks could continue to be around into 2022.

“You know, I think that’s possible that’s the case. It depends on what you mean by normality,” he said in response to a question on if Americans will still be wearing masks into the new year.


Major Swedish Hospital Stops Prescribing Puberty Blockers, Hormone Treatments For Children

Sweden’s Karolinska Hospital announced it will no longer prescribe puberty-blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors under the age of 16. While hormonal intervention is still permitted for minors ages 16 to 18, such treatment is only allowed to occur in scientific research areas designated by the ethics review board in Sweden.

“The hormonal treatment of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria may consist of puberty-blocking treatment initiated at the onset of puberty, and cross-sex hormones initiated at the age of 16,” the hospital said in a statement. “These treatments are controversial and have recently become subject to increased attention and scrutiny both nationally and internationally.”

Karolinska Hospital warned these treatments may have “irreversible adverse consequences.”

“This makes it challenging to assess the risk / benefit for the individual patient, and even more challenging for the minors and their guardians to be in a position of an informed stance regarding these treatments,” the hospital said.

The decision makes Sweden the first country with a major hospital to abandon the Dutch protocol of administering puberty blockers for minors as young as eight years old. Furthermore, Sweden now becomes the first country to abandon the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s guidelines. The international non-profit group claimed in 2011 there ought to be “a flexible framework, rather than rigid rules, of appropriate care” for children with gender dysphoria, and, “physician/health care provider protocols for diagnosis and assessment.”

Arkansas became the first state in the U.S. to ban genital mutilation and the administering of puberty blockers to those under 18-years-old, but it was not an easy bill to pass. Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson vetoed the measure in April and went so far as to invoke the name of former President Ronald Reagan to support his position.

Other states have advanced legislation on the issue. The Senate in Alabama voted in April to pass a bill to ban puberty-blockers and hormones to minors and it now heads to the House. However, efforts in Utah, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia have stalled. In Georgia specifically, HB 401 sponsored by state Rep. Ginny Ehrhart is unlikely to advance “after failing to meet a key deadline,” according to a local paper. The bill could be reintroduced in 2022.

As for children in Sweden who are already undergoing treatment with puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones, the hospital said they will be individually assessed by the treating provider to “determine whether treatment should be stopped or continued.”


Nolte: Bidens Go Maskless During Visit with Elderly, Frail Carters

If you want to know what His Fraudulency really believes about masks, feast your eyes upon the guy who wore a mask during a Zoom call

Yep, that’s right… Without wearing a mask, His Fraudulency Joe Biden got all physically cozy with 93-year-old Rosalyn Carter.

Yep, that’s right… Without wearing a mask, the Reverend-Doctor Jill Biden got all physically cozy with 96-year-old Jimmy Carter, a two-time cancer survivor.

And then — get this — after they left the Carter home, His Fraudulency and the Reverend-Doctor performed mask theater, they WORE THEIR MASKS OUTSIDE for the television cameras. See below:

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter (L) walks U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. first lady Dr. Jill Biden out after they after visited former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, April 29, 2021, in Plains, Georgia. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

So, if I’m understanding all this, these are Joe Biden’s totally arbitrary and anti-science masking rules…

When you’re fully vaccinated (and the Bidens are), you need to wear a mask outdoors, even if you’re by yourself, even if you’re with your spouse, who is also fully vaccinated. You also need to continue to wear a mask indoors when fully vaccinated. As you will see below, Biden believes this is “your patriotic duty for God’s sake.”

But when you’re indoors with two very frail people in their nineties, you can rip the mask off and hug it up!

Now, CDC guidelines say it’s okay for the fully vaccinated to be together indoors without a mask and without social distancing. The Carters are fully vaccinated, which means the hideous Bidens did not violate CDC rules.

But the hideous Bidens don’t care about CDC rules. The hideous Bidens want us all wearing masks even after we’re vaccinated and whether we’re inside or outside. That’s why they wear their masks outside, to emotionally blackmail us with their virtueless, anti-science virtue signaling

Here’s Joe saying exactly that on the far-left Today Show just last week after being asked why, after he’s been vaccinated, he continues to wear a mask outdoors and indoors: “[I]t’s a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake.”

Here’s the full transcript:

NBC’s Craig Melvin: CDC guidance this week about outdoor mask wearing. A lot of folks excited that they can now shed these masks if they’ve been double vaccinated. Are you going to be one of these folks now? We no longer going to see the President of the United States outside with a mask on?

His Fraudulency Joe Biden: Sure, sure. I mean, but what I’m going to do though, because the likelihood of my being able to be outside and people not come up to me is not very, very high. So it’s like, look, you and I took our masks off when I came in because look at the distance we are. But if we were in fact sitting there talking to one another close, I’d have my mask on and I’d make you to have a mask, even though we both been vaccinated. And so it’s a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake. It’s making sure that your wife, your children, if in fact they haven’t been vaccinated, making sure that they’re not going to get sick.

It’s a patriotic duty for God’s sake!

Patriotic duty!!!!!!!!!!

And why is it a PATRIOTIC DUTY for a fully vaccinated person to continue to wear a mask in and out of doors??? Because it’s a “small precaution to take that has a profound impact.”

A profound impact!!!!!

So what anti-vaxxer Slow Joe is saying is that even after you’ve been vaccinated, nothing changes, the risk is still too great to do something as reckless as wearing a mask outdoors. But…

Boy, oh, boy, but will you look at that picture…

Just look at it…

As we all know, there’s nothing riskier in this pandemic than being around the frail and elderly, and while I mean no disrespect towards the former president and his wife (God bless them both), they define elderly and frail…

Nonetheless, here’s His Fraudulency and the Reverend-Doctor proving everything they say about masks is total bullshit, proving they know it’s safe to not wear a mask after you’ve been vaccinated, and proving it with their actions, proving it by “exposing” not just the elderly and frail, but a former American president and first lady…

And then, right after hugging it up maskless with the Carters, both of these godless frauds put theirs masks back on outside for the television cameras. Yep, they strapped that emotional blackmail to their smug faces and strutted around like that makes them Super Patriots superior to the rest of us slobs.

If he’s awake yet, His Fraudulency must be furious at the Carters for releasing a photograph that exposes every word of his mask talk as a hypocritical lie.

Let me tell you what that picture proves… It proves what Biden really believes… If everyone is vaccinated, it’s safe to remove your mask and hug even those who are the most vulnerable to the China Virus.

And if that’s the case, if the vaccine allows us to engage in the riskiest behavior there is, Biden wearing his pompous mask while outdoors is nothing less than a propaganda symbol of his fascist desire to keep us down, to keep us and our children in these oppressive masks forever, and that speaks volumes about his monstrous lack of character.


Joe Biden to Restrict Travel from India Despite Describing Travel Bans as ‘Xenophobic’

President Joe Biden plans to restrict travel from India on May 4 over the country’s coronavirus surge, despite describing such bans as “xenophobic” during the 2020 presidential campaign.

The president plans to act on advice from federal health officials, Reuters reported Friday, citing a White House official.

The official said the travel ban from India would be announced Friday “in light of extraordinarily high COVID-19 caseloads and multiple variants circulating in India.”

The ban prevents foreign nationals from entering the United States through India if they have been in the country within the last 14 days.

India has experienced a dramatic surge of coronavirus cases, with an average of 386,000 cases on Friday and 3,500 deaths.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden criticized President Donald Trump as xenophobic for enacting his own travel bans on China, Iran, and Europe to help stop coronavirus from spreading into the United States.

“We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering,” he wrote after Trump announced a travel ban on China.

He also accused Trump of failing to help stop the spread of the virus in other countries.

“Banning all travel from Europe — or any other part of the world — will not stop it,” Biden wrote on Twitter in March 2020. “This disease could impact every nation and any person on the planet — and we need a plan to combat it.”


Biden: Wearing a Mask Despite Being Vaccinated ‘a Patriotic Responsibility, for God’s Sake’

In an interview that aired Friday on NBC’s “Today,” President Joe Biden discussed his reasoning for wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated.

Biden told NBC’s Craig Melvin that still wearing a mask is “a small precaution to take that has a profound impact.” He advised taking that precaution is “patriotic responsibility, for God’s sake.”

“A lot of folks excited that they can now shed these masks if they’ve been double vaccinated. Are you going to be one of these folks now? Are we no longer going to see the President of the United States outside with the mask on?” Melvin asked.

“Sure, sure,” Biden said. “I mean, but what I’m going to do, though, because the likelihood of my being able to do outside and people not come up to me is not … very high. So it’s like, look, you and I took our masks off when I came in because look at the distance we are. But if we were, in fact, sitting there talking to one another close, I’d have my mask on, and I bet you’d have a mask on, even though we’ve both been vaccinated.”

“And so, it’s a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility, for God’s sake. It’s making sure that your wife, your children, if, in fact, they haven’t been vaccinated, making sure that they’re not going to get sick,” he concluded.

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Over 176,000 in U.S. Died from Coronavirus Biden’s First 14 Weeks in Office

More than 176,000 people in the United States died from the Chinese coronavirus during President Joe Biden’s first 14 weeks in office.

An estimated 176,407 people in the U.S. died due to complications from the coronavirus during Biden’s first 14 weeks in the White House, according to statistics provided by Johns Hopkins University.

When Biden first took office, the nationwide coronavirus death toll was 397,611. Just one month later — February 20 — that number climbed to 497,374. By March 20, the number surpassed 500,000, bringing the nationwide death toll to 542,379 coronavirus-related deaths.

Once the president completed his third month in office, the nation suffered a total of 568,284 coronavirus-related deaths.

Now, the U.S. has seen a total of 574,018 deaths at the completion of Biden’s fourteenth week in office.

Meanwhile, as the president prepares his first address to Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) plans to exclude 1,400 invitees from Biden’s speech on Wednesday, despite most congressional members being fully vaccinated.

“We went from 1,600 people to 200 people. That is a different dynamic, but it has its own worth,” Pelosi said. “It will be its own character, it will be its own wonderful character, no not worried at all.”

As for other nations’ strife with the Wuhan virus, Ugur Sahin, the head of the German pharmaceutical company, BioNTech — which developed the first widely approved COVID-19 vaccine with U.S. partner Pfizer — believes Europe can achieve herd immunity by summer.

“Europe will reach herd immunity in July, latest by August,” Sahin told reporters.

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WATCH: Fauci Blasts Joe Rogan: Young, Healthy People Should ‘Absolutely’ Get Vaccine

Young and healthy people should “absolutely” receive vaccines for COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on Wednesday when asked to respond to Joe Rogan’s recent critiques of the campaign for universal vaccination.

Fauci spoke with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie to advocate for Americans to get vaccines. Young and healthy people should “get vaccinated” out of concern for others’ welfare, he said. COVID-19, he added, can be transmitted by persons with asymptomatic infections.

Partial transcript below:

GUTHRIE: I want to ask you, popular podcast host Joe Rogan — you may have heard about this — made comments about young people getting vaccinated. It’s getting a lot of buzz, he said, “If you’re like 21 years old and you say to me, ‘Should I get vaccinated?’, I say, ‘No.’ If you’re a healthy person, you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young and you’re eating well, I don’t think you need to worry about this,” saying young healthy people shouldn’t get vaccinated.

Just quickly, your response.

FAUCI: Well, that’s incorrect, Savannah, and the reason why is that you’re talking about yourself in a vacuum then. You’re worried about yourself getting infected and likelihood that you’re not gonna get any symptoms, but you can get infected and will get infected if you put yourself at risk, and even if you don’t have any symptoms you’re propagating the outbreak because it is likely that you — even if you have no symptoms — that you may inadvertently and innocently then infect someone else who might infect someone who really could have a problem with a severe outcome.

So if you want to only worry about yourself and not society, then that’s okay, but if you’re saying to yourself, ‘Even if I get infected, I could do damage to somebody else, even if I have no symptoms at all,’ and that’s the reason why you’ve got to be careful and get vaccinated.

GUTHRIE: So you say young healthy people should get vaccinated?

FAUCI: Absolutely.

Fauci also spoke on the issue of vaccinations for children. “Children of any age will likely be vaccinated by the time we get to the end of the year,” he stated.

On Tuesday, Rogan said, “If you’re like 21 years old, and you say to me, ‘Should I get vaccinated?’ I’ll go, ‘No.’ Are you healthy? Are you a healthy person? Like, look, don’t do anything stupid, but you should take care of yourself.” You should — if you’re a healthy person, and you’re exercising all the time, and you’re young, and you’re eating well, like, I don’t think you need to worry about this.”


Watch: Fauci Justifies Children Wearing Masks Outside — ‘They Are More at Risk of Getting Infected’

During a Wednesday appearance on NBC’s “Today,” White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the new mask guidelines that allow vaccinated people to go outside without masks.

Host Savannah Guthrie asked Fauci when kids are going to be able to play without masks.

Fauci suggested that time would come once they are vaccinated. He cautioned that since children are unvaccinated and out in the community, “they are more at risk of getting infected.”

“It is going to be a situation — well, first of all, kids will ultimately wind up getting vaccinated, but you want to have some activity in that direction before they do. High school kids will likely get vaccinated as we get into the fall term, and children of any age will likely be vaccinated by the time we get to the end of the year. But let’s not talk about the end of the year. Let’s talk about the immediate or intermediate future. When children are out in the community, when you have 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 new infections per day, they are unvaccinated now because children can’t get vaccinated now. And for that reason, they are more at risk of getting infected because they are out in the community where there is a lot of infection. When the community level starts to go way down, the risks to everybody, including the children, is going to be dramatically diminished,” Fauci replied.

“But isn’t it a weird situation?” Guthrie followed up. “Because I’m not fully vaccinated yet. I can take off my mask and walk home. She can’t. Like, doesn’t that just point up that the CDC guidelines, there’s some kind of disconnect, if that’s the situation?”

“Well, yeah,” Fauci stated. “What you’re pointing out — what you’re referring to, Savannah is the top two not fully vaccinated, that people can go out without masks, if you walk, run, with members of your household, attend a small outdoor gathering, fully vaccinated with friends. Then after that, everything has a mask on it, as you’re showing correctly now on the screen. So, what you’re asking, if you are on the left-hand part and you see un-vaccinated people, walk outdoors with members of your household. And you’re asking now if your child is a member of your household, can you walk outdoors with your child without a mask? According to that chart, the answer is yes.”

“But the child can’t?” she wondered. “Not to beat it to death.”

Fauci responded, “Yes, yes.”

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