Politico Just Got Caught Trying To Concoct An Imaginary DeSantis Scandal

Politico Just Got Caught Trying To Concoct An Imaginary DeSantis Scandal

Politico was forced to update a story after baselessly implying that the Florida Department of Education hired a consulting firm for services promoting critical race theory.

Because MGT Consulting is “well-versed in critical race theory” and has created “Racial Equity Plans” in other states, the article suggested it was hypocritical for the Florida Department of Education to maintain contracts with the firm since Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has spoken out against the divisive and racist roots of critical race theory.

Bryan Griffin, a deputy press secretary for DeSantis, called the hit piece a “bogus story” and confirmed to The Federalist that “there is absolutely zero CRT work funded by the state of Florida.”

Before publishing the story, Politico reporter Matt Dixon questioned Griffin about a list of contracts between MGT Consulting and the Florida Department of Education, which Griffin noted were “unannotated.” “Our office couldn’t possibly speculate about each of these contracts, nor assume the intended purpose of each engagement,” Griffin responded to Politico.

“We especially aren’t interested in speculating under the assumptions you presented based on work they have done in completely different states,” he added. The Politico article cited MGT’s work in creating a “Racial Equity Plan” for the city of Golden, Colorado, and its contract for a study in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Politico also claimed the firm has “done extensive work for Florida government entities, including using ‘race and gender’ data that was ‘used to shape policy designed to increase diversity in [state university] institutions.’” That was apparently in reference to a data project MGT conducted for the Board of Regents of Florida’s State University System, not the Department of Education. “Collecting data based on demographics is much different from pushing an ideology like critical race theory,” Griffin told The Federalist. “It would be false to say that’s CRT because it’s not.”

The only other example of an alleged MGT contract Dixon provided to Griffin that was even in Florida was one with the Florida Department of Management Services, according to emails reviewed by The Federalist. The contract doesn’t detail racial or gender issues beyond a section about “creating opportunities for woman-, veteran-, and minority-owned small business enterprises to participate in procurements and contracts,” and descriptions of MGT’s work for other clients in an attachment.

In an email to Griffin, Dixon revealed his purpose in pursuing the non-story, noting that “the [DeSantis] administration has in the past defended instances of people supporting philosophies it does not. … Wasn’t sure if this was another example of that.”

“At all trying to email us [instead of the relevant agencies] was some sort of a gotcha attempt on his side,” Griffin told The Federalist.

Politico published the story without comment from the Florida Department of Education, after apparently emailing the department’s former head of communications, according to current Communications Director Alex Lanfranconi.

“It’s completely irresponsible to imply we’re paying MGT for any work regarding Critical Race Theory. There is no evidence of this accusation whatsoever and it is entirely false,” Lanfranconi told Politico after the story was published. “We’ve never contracted with MGT for anything related to Critical Race Theory since Governor Ron DeSantis took office.”

“The Department does not police the work our contractors complete for other clients,” he added. “Providing sporadic examples of MGT work in other states for unrelated organizations and attempting to connect it with the Florida Department of Education is dishonest and disappointing.” Politico added part of Lanfranconi’s response to its article post-publication but did not attach an update or correction note.

The Federalist reached out to Dixon for comment, including whether his article meant “to imply that the Florida Department of Education is paying MGT to do work directly related to critical race theory, or simply that the department happens to contract with a firm that does CRT-inspired work for its other clients?” but Dixon did not respond by publication time.

Elle Reynolds is an assistant editor at The Federalist, and received her B.A. in government from Patrick Henry College with a minor in journalism. You can follow her work on Twitter at @_etreynolds.


Brian Houston Apologises to Hillsong Church

Brian Houston Apologises to Hillsong Church

Dear Church,

Let me start with the words I want and need most to say — I am so deeply sorry.

To those impacted directly by my actions, I am sorry for the pain I have caused you.

To my wonderful, forgiving and gracious family who I love more than anything, I hate hurting you. Bobbie, in my eyes you are the most Christ-like, beautiful, loyal and faithful person alive today. It crushes me to see your heart breaking as we navigate this season, letting go of so much that is precious to you. I love my family and it pains me deeply to see you navigating these waters.

And of course, to every single wonderful person who has called Hillsong Church home, I have let you down so badly and sorry will never be enough to express my sorrow. As hollow as it may sound, I believe I am the person and pastor you believed me to be. Imperfect and flawed, but genuinely passionate about God, people, calling and life. I am determined that my mistakes will not define me.

This is not the way I imagined it to end. I believe the future is still bright for Hillsong Church, as you remain knit to Jesus, His Holy Spirit, His Word. Better days are coming as you continue to lean into His Kingdom on the earth. 

And of course, first and foremost, to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Your amazing grace and forgiveness. Thank you that when we “confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive them.” (1 John 1:9)

Thank you Father that “Your mercy triumphs over judgment.” (James 2:13.)

Over many years of constant pressure, opposition, challenges, and attacks, accompanied by my personal turmoil over my father’s evil, many people have asked – “How do you continue to get up, cope, and keep going?” And now we know the answer. I haven’t coped very well at all. I openly admit that alcohol has been no friend and I am determined to relegate it to my past.  

Please be assured, I accept full responsibility for my actions and I have no one to blame but myself for the position I find myself in. 

It may be some time before we see light at the end of this tunnel, but I know God has not finished with us yet. And what now you may ask? We are living day by day right now. Bobbie and I are unified and we are believing together that this year will be a year of respite and restoration to our souls, as I continue to prepare to fight for my innocence in the legal proceedings ahead of me.

I still have a sense of bright hope for the future and I know God is not finished with me yet. We have no intention of retiring. As Bobbie would say, “the final chapters of our lives are not yet written”.  

We are grateful also to the many around the world, who have reached out to us, extending kindness and grace in this season.  

Thank you for the immense honour of pastoring Hillsong Church these past 39 years. What a journey. What wonderful memories and joy. What powerful testimonies and stories of Christ’s transformation and grace. I still believe “the best is yet to come”… and our prayer for your health, well-being and God’s perfect Will in your life continues.    

Much love,

Brian Houston

For more on the Canberra Declaration’s response to Brian Houston’s fall from grace, see here.

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He Was Caught Outside Her Window With His Pants Down

He Was Caught Outside Her Window With His Pants Down


A Deltona, Florida peeping tom was caught outside a woman’s window with his pants down. This isn’t going to play out well for him…

Apparently, deputies were monitoring a Deltona neighborhood for a prowler who had exposed himself to a woman last week, and they ultimately caught him on a Saturday night last August. Not only that, but this man had his pants down outside another victim’s bedroom window.

Francisco Javier Orozco Gutierrez, 37, of Deltona, was arrested by members of the Deltona Crime Suppression Team after they engaged him in a short foot chase around the corner he was prowling on at Dunlap Drive.

Deputies had been working on that case since an incident last Monday where that same suspect had been knocking on a victim’s bedroom window and then proceeded to expose himself to her when she went to her sliding glass door. The Deltona Sheriff’s Office posted a public safety alert in regards to the incident and detectives canvassed the area, speaking to neighbors, and researching the sex offenders that lived in the area. However, none of these potential suspects matched the description given by the victim.

Around 2 a.m. that following Wednesday, another resident on nearby Lavilla Street made a report of someone knocking on their front door. Once at the scene, deputies immediately found a shoe print that evidently matched a Nike sneaker.

It was around 9 p.m. on Thursday that deputies yet again responded to the victim’s home on Friday and Saturday night, and it was around 8:45 p.m. when they spotted the man peeking in the window. He was also knocking loudly on her rear sliding glass door for a number of minutes.

When the Deltona CST Sheriff’s Deputies were conducting surveillance on this residence, they noticed that he not only was looking in one window, but he transitioned to another one! The deputies also couldn’t help but notice that the guy had his pants down around his knees and his hands were occupied in front of him as well. They challenged the suspect and he stood up and ran away. However, he was apprehended by another deputy a few seconds later.

After Orozco was caught, they eventually charged him with indecent exposure, stalking, voyeurism, prowling or loitering, and possession of drug paraphernalia after the deputies found a crack pipe in the immediate area where Orozco was caught. They transported him to the Volusia County Branch jail where he was held on $33,000 bond.


A ‘Target Rich Environment’ For Conservative Action

A ‘Target Rich Environment’ For Conservative Action


A reporter with The Hill made the mistake of asking Ron Johnson what he would do with subpoena power when he gets his hands on it, after the midterms. The senator couldn’t help chucking as he pondered his response. Democrat corruption is such “a target-rich environment,” he laughs. Like “a mosquito in a nudist colony.

A target rich environment

One target of Ron Johnson and his compatriots will be Hunter Biden, another name with a bullseye around it is Dr. Anthony Fauci. When cornered by a reporter quizzing him “what he would want to investigate should he control a committee with subpoena power?

Johnson’s direct quote in reply was “like everything? It’s like a mosquito in a nudist colony, it’s a target-rich environment.” Specifically he’s going to look real hard at Dr. Deep State.

Anthony Fauci, now 81-years-old, is one of the highest paid public officials. If not the top dog. He gets more than presidents are paid. He’s worked for seven of them as head honcho at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

Nobody can dispute he had his hands on everything Covid related. Officially, he “played a lead role in the response to the coronavirus pandemic.” He earned his target designation for allegedly secretly funding illicit gain of function research, for starters.

Rand Paul already has a subpoena typed up and ready for the stamps and seals. The only blank still open is the date. He’s looking like the favorite to chair the Senate health committee. He put a laser dot target on Fauci’s forehead back in July of 2021.

Just a few weeks ago he noted “If we win in November, if I’m chairman of a committee, if I have subpoena power, we’ll go after every one of [Fauci’s] records.” Ron Johnson has advanced Covid conspiracy theories of his own. He infuriated liberals even more when he met with We the People delegates of People’s Convoy on camera. He reminded the Hill, “There’s so much more in terms of what happened with our federal health agencies that we need to explore.

Hunter, Ukraine and Russia – Oh my!

Hunter Biden has a whole bunch of shady dealings that progressives refuse to even think about thinking about. He was giving a high paying job for next to nothing by a major utility company in Ukraine.

He’s said to have been an intermediary to broker influence meetings with his dad, then vice president and now alleged president. He supposedly sold meetings to folks in China and Russia. Who knows where else? He was a target for everyone, except, it seems, the FBI.

Hunter’s notorious laptop is in the news again because usually liberal New York Times just confirmed beyond a doubt that the emails on it are authentic. The big question on everyone’s mind is how come the FBI hasn’t figured that out.

Hunter is already under investigation for his taxes but he’s a much bigger target for senate subpoenas. Senator Johnson says the Federal Bureau of Instigation has had long enough to do their thing. “I’d kind of like to wrap that up. We’ve been trying to get his travel records for a couple of years now.

Blinky Antony Blinken is probably another target of Republican ire. They want to haul him over hot coals for his Saigon=like botched retreat from Afghanistan. Border security and immigration officials are expected to take turns on the hot seat as well. Democrats know that’s going to be fatal for them.

One liberal spokesunit with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was horrified. Noting Republicans were preparing to pursue a “toxic agenda.” Circling back around to his mosquito analogy, Johnson told the Hill, “I’ll be that mosquito. Hard to tell what targets I might pick. They’ll all be juicy.


Illegal Alien Breaks Into Senior Living Facility, Does These Disgusting Acts to Elderly Woman

Illegal Alien Breaks Into Senior Living Facility, Does These Disgusting Acts to Elderly Woman

Illegal Immigrant
Illegal Immigrant

We’ve got illegal aliens committing crimes everywhere, and one even broke into a senior living facility, and you won’t believe what he did!

According to authorities, there is now an illegal immigrant who is in custody because he allegedly took advantage of an elderly woman at a nursing home. He is now being held on $1 million bail.

It was last May when this 20-year-old Stuart Florida illegal immigrant (notice that I didn’t say “native”) was arrested and charged with raping an 82-year-old woman. Marvin Ailon-Mendoza was an illegal immigrant who entered the United States under the Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC) designation at the U.S.-Mexican border.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s, in addition to being an illegal immigrant, Ailon-Mendoza apparently has prior convictions as well. It was this specific incident where Ailon-Mendoza had allegedly broken into the senior living facility and then sexually assaulted this terrified senior citizen.

A federal source confirmed his status as an illegal immigrant and also noted that he had been arrested three other times in Martin County.

As an adult, Ailon-Mendoza has been charged with a myriad of offenses, including exposing himself at a park in Stuart where he was on a bicycle and children were present. The arrest report notes that a woman had called 911 to report that this man was on a bicycle and he was masturbating in broad daylight at Shepard’s Park.

Ailon-Mendoza spent nearly a year in jail for that crime, but according to the local sheriff the local branch of the ICE dropped the ball and refused to deport him for that offense. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said that his office routinely notifies ICE when they have a foreign national inmate at their jail.

“We use the term ‘the immigration system is broken.’ A broken immigration system infers that there is a system,” Snyder said. “It does not appear to us and local law enforcement at least if there’s any system that the federal government has any idea what they are doing.”

During his latest news conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said in a statement:

“I think what has been going on is a big tragedy. There was not a crisis on January 20th on that border. Not to say everything was resolved, but the policies were working and those were all thrown out for political or ideological reasons and the result has been what we have been dealing with now.”

Ailon-Mendoza was arrested about a week after the incident at the nursing home. The victim told police that it was around 3 a.m. when a masked assailant woke her up and sexually battered her. Ailon-Mendoza now faces three charges. These include sexual battery by great force, false imprisonment while masked, and burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery while masked. Bond was set at $200,000 for the sexual battery charge, $200,000 for the burglary charge, and $120,000 for the false imprisonment charge.

Authorities also confirmed that Ailon-Mendoza had four previous arrests and three of them were felonies. However, he wasn’t charged in any of them. According to Snyder, in this latest incident, he was armed with a knife and he used some sort of “binding material” on the victim.

He and the woman did not know each other at all before the assault. The woman told the deputies that she locked her door that night, so it isn’t clear how he was able to break it. Snyder said that neighbors of Ailon-Mendoza were so scared of him that they were buying double locks. Sheriff Snyder capped it off by saying the following:

“A frightened community can rest more peacefully tonight. This offender is behind bars.”

Snyder also said there very easily could be more victims. He said:

“Crimes like these tend to be repetitive and turn out to be serial offenses. We have every reason to be suspicious this wasn’t his first time.”


The New York Times Finally Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Real

The New York Times Finally Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop is Real

Hunter Biden’s laptop was real all along. We all knew it, but it took the New York Times 18 months to come clean on this fact. Now consider the implications.

Eighteen months after it matters, the New York Times has finally admitted what almost everyone knew from day dot: that Hunter Biden’s abandoned and recovered laptop hard drive — along with its damning web of email evidence for Biden family corruption — was authentic.

Knowing the background to this story is crucial, not least because, by way of contrast, it makes Nixon’s Watergate scandal look like so much piffle.

One of the Greatest Scandals in American History

On the eve of the 2020 Trump-Biden election, the New York Post published key contents of Hunter Biden’s email inbox. Its series of reports suggested that Hunter and his dad — Joe Biden, then Vice President to Obama — had colluded to use the Biden family name to buy business influence in Ukraine.

Monetising the office of Vice President would have been an unforgivable sin for a Presidential candidate in normal circumstances. If the same dirt had been dug up on Donald Trump Jr, America’s national media would have buried the Trump family name overnight and ended any hope of Trump’s re-election. But not so for Biden.

Following the Post’s exposé, the national press pretended the story didn’t exist. Fifty former intelligence officials signed a dubious open letter suggesting that the laptop hard drive was “Russian disinformation”. And Big Tech platforms colluded to block any public discussion of the story.

Twitter was the worst of them, locking the New York Post, the oldest newspaper in America, out of its account for two weeks. Twitter claimed that the Post had published “hacked” materials and proceeded to hold the paper hostage, demanding it delete six tweets about Hunter’s laptop if it wanted its account reinstated for the remainder of the election season.

The NYT Running Cover for Biden, Inc.

In sync with the majority, rival outlet the New York Times immediately hosed down the story. “Is the Trump Campaign Colluding With Russia Again?” the Grey Lady asked at the time.

Fast forward to yesterday, and the Times has changed its tune. All too casually, the paper admitted to having possession of “a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. [Hunter] Biden in a Delaware repair shop”. Moreover, these emails “were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation”.

Given how severely the Times has in recent years soiled its once-stellar reputation, perhaps this admission means little. Yet to many, the New York Times remains ‘the paper of record’, carrying ‘all the news that’s fit to print’.

By confessing that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic all along, the Times has signalled to media across America and globally that every journalist and his dog is now free to concede the same. The narrative has been amended.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real: So What?

This being true, consider the implications.

Biden was elected as U.S. President as vital information on his family’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine was being hidden from public view.

Twitter froze the New York Post’s account and blocked the breaking story on false pretences. Facebook did the same, impacting countless users.

CIA and former intelligence officials were trafficking in falsehoods when claiming that Hunter’s laptop was a product of “Russian disinformation”.

Tony Bobulinksi should have been believed when he provided evidence that Joe Biden knew about his son’s corrupt overseas business dealings.

[embedded content]

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald should not have been forced to resign from the Intercept, an outlet he co-founded, for seeking to publish what is now an undeniably true story.

Donald Trump was impeached for making what turns out to have been an entirely reasonable request — namely, asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden family’s business ventures.

Joe Biden has made himself blackmailable by foreign states and powerful oligarchs. Biden’s foreign policy moves (including his present involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war) may have as much to do with protecting his family empire as it does the security of the United States.

Based on what we now know, there is no way Joe Biden would pass security clearance for even a middling bureaucratic post in the U.S. government, let alone the role of Commander-in-Chief.

Brought to You By the Outlets That Define ‘Misinformation’

Had America’s national media told the truth about Joe Biden and his family’s financial villainy, there is every good reason to believe that Donald Trump would, still today, be President of the United States.

Here’s the real rub — and here’s how it affects all of us: the New York Times and media outlets of its ilk still today determine for the rest of us what qualifies as misinformation!

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60yrs Later, JFK’s Secret Mistress Comes Forward

60yrs Later, JFK’s Secret Mistress Comes Forward

JFK secret mistress

Nearly sixty years after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, a secret mistress has come forward to speak about their alleged love affair.

An 83 year old New York woman has broken her silence on her alleged affair with JFK in a piece for Air Mail, an outlet owned by former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

According to Diana de Vegh, John F. Kennedy courted her in 1958 when she was just a 20 year old student at Radcliffe College.

The alleged mistress described in detail how JFK, who was married at the time, had asked her on a date.

“In my closet, my dresses chittered and chattered, fluffing their sleeves and whisking their hems, vying for my attention,” de Vegh wrote. “As I would be vying for his attention, as soon as I saw him again.”

According to de Vegh, the love affair continued for years, but JFK became colder as time went on. The mistress claims that the affair ended just a year before he was assassinated.

In a statement to the New York Post, de Vegh says that she decided to go public about the affair at this time as an attempt to encourage other women who are engrossed in relationships with unequal power dynamics to speak out.

“The whole idea of conferred specialness—‘You go to bed with me, I’ll make you special’—we’ve seen a lot of that with Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, show business,” the alleged JFK mistress wrote.

Though there have always been women claiming, without evidence, to have had affairs with high level men, this article from de Vegh is not completely out of the blue.

According to the news outlet People, “Though de Vegh had never spoken publicly in this way, her account of their years-long relationship didn’t arrive entirely out of the blue. Descriptions of their alleged affair were previously published in Vanity Fair editor Sally Bedell Smith’s 2004 book about the Kennedys, Grace and Power.”


Two GOP Operatives Charged By DOJ

GOP Operatives
GOP Operatives

Two GOP operatives are now being charged by the Department of Justice due to the fact that they were attempting to bend the rules.

It looks like a former senior aide to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul is now in big trouble. He was indicted earlier this month for allegedly funneling $25,000 from a wealthy, anonymous Russian benefactor to Trump’s reelection efforts in 2020. Yeah, you read that right. Only $25,000.

But before I digress too much, here is the big picture: the Justice Department is alleging that Jesse Benton, 43, the husband of the niece of Rand Paul and a veteran GOP staffer himself, had orchestrated a scheme where he would conceal this illegal foreign donation with Doug Wead, another GOP operative.

The details are as follows: the indictment was unsealed on Monday, and it alleged that there was a convoluted money trail from this unnamed Russian national through the consulting firm run by Benton and going to a Trump joint fundraising committee.

This Russian national was determined to underwrite this Trump fundraising event so that he could get a photo with the former president, according to communications between both Benton and Wead as noted in the indictment.

The indictment is alleging that Benton had received up to $100,000 from the Russian national and passed on 25% of that money to the joint fundraising committee. He is also being accused of pocketing the remaining $75,000.

Benton and Wead each face six different criminal charges, including conspiracy and abetting a foreign political contributor.

Neither Benton nor Wead have been commenting on the matter.

These GOP operatives were previously convicted Wead of filing false statements in connection to a scheme to funnel money from Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign to a well-known Iowa politician who had backed Paul in that state’s presidential caucus.

Trump pardoned Benton in the December prior to him leaving office.



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