Turpin Family House of Horrors: Victims Break Silence

Turpin Family House of Horrors: Victims Break Silence

Turpin Family
Turpin Family

The Turpin family had 13 children, but there is no question that they had a house of horrors, and it might take years of therapy for the kids to get through it.

Two California sisters from the Turpin family are now breaking their silence regarding the fact that they were held hostage by their family at the Turpin “House of Horrors” and perhaps one of the most notable things they are saying is that they were “close to death.”

Their parents were David and Louise Turpin, and they pleaded guilty in 2019 to years of abuse and torture of 12 of their 13 children, ultimately being sentenced to life in prison with a possibility of parole in 25 years due to these awful allegations of abuse and neglect.

According to investigators, the youngest child wasn’t abused.

The investigation began when one of the oldest siblings reported her abusive parents, calling 911 and saying that her sisters were “chained up” in one of the bedrooms.

“My whole body was shaking,” Jordan Turpin told ABC News in one of their promotional clips regarding the story on one November Tuesday.

“I couldn’t really dial 911,” she says before she began choking up, and then Diane Sawyer interjected, “I don’t know how you had the courage.”

“I think it was us coming so close to death so many times,” she says in the clip released by ABC’s “20/20.” The full special, titled, “Escape From a House of Horror” aired on November 19.

Jordan Turpin was 17 at the time and she had climbed out of a window just before 6 a.m. on January 14, 2018 to escape from her parents’ house in Perris, California, which is about 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles. She dialed 911 and told a dispatcher, “I just ran away from home because I live in a family of 15 and we have abusing parents.”

Prosecutors alleged that children had been subjected to “frequent beatings” and “even strangulation” and they weren’t even allowed to go to the bathroom unshackled. “Mother, she choked me. And I thought she was going to die,” Jordan recalled when she was recently interviewed by Diane Sawyer.

Body camera footage had shown the officers knocking on the door of the home, and then David Turpin proceeds to answer and admits to police that he does indeed have guns but they are locked up.

“My two little sisters right now are chained up,” Jordan is heard telling a deputy. “On their bed.”

“What are your parents going to do when they find out you left?” a deputy asks on the body cam footage. Jordan is heard answering, “They are going to want to literally kill me.”

There is body cam footage that is showing the family matriarch, Louise, near the front hallway answering a question from police and admitting that they have 13 children. Not soon after, the officer is heard saying, “Sarge, we’ve got another room in the front right here with two kiddos in the bed,” and the body cameras from the police officers showed the chains in place on the bed.

A second sister participating in the interview described it this way to Sawyer, “The only word I know how to call it is hell.”

“They’re strong. They’re not broken. They’ve got this,” she adds of her siblings now. She described to Sawyer how a few of the children were sometimes chained to their beds for months.

Before their parents were sentenced, one of the daughters, who was only identified as Jane Doe No. 4, said that her parents had taken “my whole life away from me, but now I am taking it back.”


Jeff Bezos Reeling, Dozens of Blue Origin Employees Sound Alarms

Jeff Bezos Reeling, Dozens of Blue Origin Employees Sound Alarms

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

Well, it looks like Jeff Bezos is now in over his head, and dozens of his employees at Blue Origin are sounding the alarm. He might be a billionaire, but he is not always the best at treating his employees well.

There are more than 20 people who have signed an essay stating that Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin, is a “toxic” workplace.

This essay was published on a Thursday a few months ago on lioness.co, and according to former Blue Origin Employee Communications head, this company pushes employees to sign harsh nondisclosure agreements that infringe on their rights and neglects to listen to internal feedback. Moreover, these agreements are known to disregard safety concerns and create an uncomfortable sexist environment for women.

Several employees have appeared on CBS mornings to discuss this essay, and they said that 13 of the 21 signers are engineers and that it was in 2018 that a team of employees documented as many as “1000 problem reports related to the engines that power Blue Origin’s rockets, which still have not been addressed.”

Additionally, CBS spoke to five of the co-authors and they decided that they wanted to remain anonymous out of the fear that they would lose their job security. CBS reported that the private space race had led Blue Origin and other rival companies to sacrifice safety concerns.

This anonymous individual goes on to say that Blue Origin was actually taking the space race nice and easy, but then Blue Origin CEO Jeff Bezos became impatient because he watched Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk forge ahead. This whistle blower even went on to say that this competition between these billionaires took precedence over safety at Blue Origin.

Billionaires not respecting the rights of their employees? Well, what else is new? This has been going on for centuries now, and it doesn’t show any signs of letting up.


This is What Terrorism Brings

This is What Terrorism Brings

What Terrorism Brings
What Terrorism Brings

This is what terrorism brings. That is the title of this piece, but it definitely rings true. Terrorism only cares about one thing: Terror.

What Terrorism Brings: Misogyny

In Afghanistan we are seeing a new phenomenon: female employees are now being told to stay home and they are not being allowed to work unless their job is something that “cannot be replaced by men.” These are just the latest restrictions being placed on women by the new Taliban rulers.

What Terrorism Brings: Religious Extremism

Indeed, this decision to prevent most female city workers from returning to their jobs is just one more sign that the Taliban, who have now overrun Kabul, are yet again going to enforce their harsh interpretation of Islam even though they had promised earlier that they be more tolerant and inclusive than their previous rule in Afghanistan in the 1990s.

What Terrorism Brings: The Destruction of Rights

Last Friday, the Taliban shut down the women’s affairs ministry, and they replaced it with a ministry devoted to the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice” and they tasked this ministry with enforcing Islamic law.

On Sunday, over a dozen women staged a protest outside this ministry building, holding up signs that say things like, “A society in which women are not active is (sic) dead society.”

Indeed, there have been several of these demonstrations that have been violently broken up by the Taliban.
However, many of the women have gone public with their desire for rights, and they have said that they would try to leave the country if they continue to be treated as second-class citizens.

What Terrorism Brings: Poverty

As a mark of true desperation, there are many individuals in Afghanistan that are now setting up roadside markets where they are selling their belongings. This is because poverty has now come to Afghanistan after the takeover of the Taliban. Sadly, we can expect all of this destruction and more to continue because yes, that is unfortunately what terrorism brings.


Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’-Style Meth Lab Discovered

Real Life ‘Breaking Bad’-Style Meth Lab Discovered

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad

There’s no question that “Breaking Bad” is a popular show, but a recent drug bust has revealed a real-life “Breaking Bad” meth lab…

A man accused of drug and theft-related charges is now being booked into jail after he was linked to a Breaking Bad-style RV meth lab. Breaking Bad is a television show that first aired in 2008, and it ran for 5 seasons until 2013.

Although it started out with relatively low ratings, the show would soon turn a corner and pick up a loyal audience. By the final season, the show had become a huge critical success that could easily have been compared to other great television shows such as the Sopranos.

Since this show has now concluded, creator Vince Gilligan is now following up on the series with the 2019 film release El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, where the exploits of Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman are portrayed as a spin-off of sorts after the series concluded. Breaking Bad also has a spin-off prequel called “Better Call Saul.” This show too has received universal acclaim.

According to a tweet from the Phoenix Arizona Police Department, a man has been arrested because he has engaged in Breaking Bad-style criminal activity. This was triggered due to the man’s attempted theft from a home improvement store, and police officers found “chemicals and lab equipment” inside this man’s RV, which pointed to evidence of a mobile drug lab.

This leads us back to Breaking Bad, where the Walter White character and his assistant Jesse Pinkman used a mobile RV to create a meth lab in the Albuquerque desert so that they could avoid arousing suspicion. Thus it isn’t a surprise that this show is now inspiring real-world events.

Obviously, the Breaking Bad show was criticized in the past for normalizing drug use and other related offenses, but these criticisms did not appear to have any merit or evidence to back them up.

Was Breaking Bad the inspiration for these real-life events? It’s hard to tell, but there is no question that the series has influenced TV and film in innumerable ways. Well-known director Rian Johnson worked on Breaking Bad as director of the infamous episode “Fly” before he went on to direct Knives Out, Looper, or the Last Jedi.

Series lead Bryan Cranston has gone on to work on several Hollywood blockbusters as well. No word on whether this perpetrator of this mobile meth lab in Phoenix was a fan of the show, however.


How IBM Became Death’s Calculator

How IBM Became Death’s Calculator
Death's Calculator
Death’s Calculator

IBM has become death’s calculator in recent months, and you will be very interested to know how they arrived at this conclusion…

Simply put, IBM is now telling employees that they must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by December 8th or they will be facing an unpaid suspension.

The company told workers that it would have to comply with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate if they were a government contractor.

“As a federal contractor, it is a business imperative for IBM to comply with this mandate,” the company said in a memo sent to employees this week. “In light of this requirement, the policies of many of our clients and partners, and the easy access to vaccines around the country, we will now require all IBM U.S. employees to be fully vaccinated by December 8, 2021, in order to work at IBM.”

Employees are going to be removed from the payroll if they do not get their vaccines, but I guess there is good news if you work for this micromanaging company. They will still be eligible for IBM’s 401K matching program, as noted by Amanda Carl. Yet another IBM spokesperson told CNBC that the company was going to consider religious and medical exemptions for certain employees who cannot get the vaccine.


Against Federal Mandates is an action committee for U.S. IBM employees who continue to be non-compliant, and they announced that those who fail to upload vaccine information or do not receive an approved accomodation are going to be placed on an unpaid leave of absence by “mid-January 2022.” They instituted this ultimatum contrary to the assurances of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s reassurance on May 5th that IBM was never going to “mandate vaccinations.”

Opposition to the Ultimatum

In response to this ultimatum, hundreds of IBM employees formed an action committee called Against Federal Mandates. They continue to protest even though this vaccination deadline is fast approaching.

IBM actually has a long history of violating the rights of others. Founded in 1898 as a census tabulation company, there are some that even say that IBM was responsible for keeping a tracking number for Gypsies and other individuals who were in the death camps of Nazi Germany! Does history repeat itself and IBM yet again become death’s calculator? In the case of the IBM employees, let’s hope not!


Woke [Broke] Culture Sets Sights on Famous Singer

Woke [Broke] Culture Sets Sights on Famous Singer

Famous Singer
Famous Singer

Yeah, you read that right: the woke [broke] culture sets sights on famous singer. Pretty self-explanatory. These people are on the attack yet again.

In Toronto, Justin Bieber is now being urged by an international human rights organization that he needs to abandon his upcoming concert in Saudi Arabia.

The Human Rights Organization is trumpeting the fact that it sent a letter to this Canadian pop singer telling him that he should cancel his upcoming appearance at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on December 5th, and that he should do so “as a symbol of solidarity with the ongoing suffering of the Saudi people.”

The HRF fully explained the details of this Formula One event, claiming that this occasion had been financed and authorized by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who comes from the family that was implicated in the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

This letter from the HRF also criticizes the regime’s treatment of dissidents as well as the torturing and jailing of women’s rights activists. Last but not least, they are angry over the executions of LGBTQ people.

Representatives at Bieber’s management company, which is owned by Scooter Braun and the Canadian record label Universal Music Canada did not immediately respond to any requests for comments regarding this issue.

Bieber originally hails out of Stratford, Ontario, and he was to be part of a Formula One lineup that featured Tiesto, A$AP Rocky, David Guetta, and Jason Derulo.

The HRF described Bieber and the other performers as individuals that have “tremendous media influence” and a group that the Saudi prince “hopes to manipulate and profit from for his own benefit and to the detriment of the Saudi people.”

The foundation has also been known for urging other musicians to forgo their planned shows in Saudi Arabia in the past.

Indeed, just a few years ago in 2019 Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel a headlining gig at the Jeddah World Fest in the region, noting that it was something she had decided “after better educating myself on the issues.”

“I believe it is important for me to make clear my support for the rights of women, the LGBTQ community and freedom of expression,” she said in a statement to the Associated Press at the time.

Nelly Furtado was another famous singer who faced similar criticism when she was paid more than $1 million by the family of the late Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi to host a private concert for them in 2007.

The Victorian-born singer said in 2011 that she was planning on donating the money.

While it’s a bit of a stretch to do a private concert for a dictator’s family, in Justin Bieber’s case, there is no question that these people probably needed the entertainment.


Music Artist Who Peed on Mans Face

Music Artist Who Peed on Mans Face

Peed On
Peed On

The music artist who peed on a man’s face has now issued an apology, and it’s probably about time that she did. She got a bit overzealous, to say the least.

It looks like the lead singer of the group Brass Against has a lot of explaining to do.

In a video shared on social media, Sophia Urista is shown pulling down her pants and urinating on a fan who was laying on the stage at the Rockville Metal Festival last November in Daytona Beach, Florida. It wasn’t long before she admitted that she had gone way too far.

“I have always pushed the limits in music and on stage. That night, I pushed the limits too far,” the singer wrote on Instagram this week.

“I know that some were hurt or offended by what I did. I apologize to them and want them to know that I didn’t mean to hurt them,” she added.

“I am not a shock artist,” she said. “I always want to put the music first.”

The band was also quick to do damage control, saying in a tweet that Urista had simply “got carried away” when she peed on this guy’s face. I suppose that makes sense in a way, simply due to the endorphins of being “caught in the moment.” Still, we used to reserve doing things like that to fans for the most extreme acts, and I myself have listened to Brass Against’s stuff and they do not come off that way.

“That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows,” the tweet said.

After this episode, it was revealed that Urista and her group were slated to perform at Saint Vitus, a venue in Brooklyn, New York, the following Monday. After her apology, Urista issued a promo for that show on her Instagram feed and yet again alluded to the urination incident in her caption.


Apparently, this incident was nothing more than a bump in the road for Urista and her crew, as they recently contributed to the Matrix Resurrections movie with their own spin of Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 class “Wake Up.” They appear in the end credits of the film.


Massive Family Brawl Erupts inside Olive Garden [Video]

Massive Family Brawl Erupts inside Olive Garden [Video]

Massive Family Brawl
Massive Family Brawl

A Massive family brawl erupted inside a Mississippi Olive Garden restaurant, resulting in not just a lot of damage inside the restaurant but also a major police call as well.

Apparently, two families went to war, and they chose an Olive Garden restaurant to do it! They started throwing insults at each other and this quickly escalated to throwing glasses, silverware, and napkin holders across the busy tables.

Customers can be seen in this video of the wild brawl running and ducking for cover.

The families continued to chuck restaurant supplies at each other. In the meantime, there were other family members who actually came to blows, and the drama only subsided once the police arrived.

Most of the family members would eventually leave the scene, and the restaurant was a complete disaster as a result. The silverware, napkins, and broken furniture were strewn about in an avalanche on the restaurant floor.

“I was really concerned for the children,” Stella Jones, the assistant manager of the restaurant said. Come to find out, it was two separate families that were arguing with each other, and it is evident from this video that the little children from both of these families could easily have been hurt. They were customers calling the police department several times during the altercation, but the police did not arrive in time.

‘JPD got here in a timely manner, but once they [perpetrators] heard police were on the way, they left. The police got here in five minutes,’ a member of the wait staff told News 12 WJTV.

The restaurant offered discounts to those who had the misfortune of witnessing the fight, and there were even some that had the presence of mind to record the melee with their phones.

Both the police department and the employees of the restaurant were calling on people to turn in anyone that they might recognize in the video. “If citizens out there recognize people in the video depicting this massive family brawl, I hope that they will call the police station and let them know so they can be held accountable.”

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