Russian POWs in Makeevka Executed by Ukraine Soldiers

Marine1063 – November 20th, 2022

In this clip you can see the Russian service men surrendering and been made prisoner and then the same men in the same location laying dead on the spot.
The names of perpetrators of the brutal execution of Russian POWs became known as the killers did not even hide their faces, their names became known very quickly.
The perpetrators, allegedly responsible for the murder, are border guards Artur Bortnichuk and Nazar Mikhailovsky, graduates of the Ministry of Internal Affairs University in Kharkov. The wounded “Andrukha” most likely is Andrey Sokol.
It is worth noting these are not Nazis from the Azov battalion or the Right Sector, but ordinary AFU soldiers, who absolutely inhumanly and criminally gathered the prisoners and shot them point blank right on the spot.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Ukrainian Army: UAF Execute Captured Russian Soldiers… Blatant War Crimes

Ukrainian Army: UAF Execute Captured Russian Soldiers… Blatant War Crimes

Free Speech Warrior – November 3rd, 2022

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Ukraine’s Preferential Treatment of POW’s Angers Putin

Ukraine’s Preferential Treatment of POW’s Angers Putin

Translated by:  MOS Education Team – Master LL

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense stated that it allows captured Russian soldiers to contact their relatives, treats prisoners of war preferentially in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and publishes their contact information on the website.  This move angered the Kremlin and prevented Russians from contacting their relatives, blaming the Ukrainian president for being a Neo-Nazi.

According to Ukrainian Free Radio on the 5th, “The staff of the National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine revealed that they are creating a ‘prisoner of war camp’ website to publish information on Russian prisoners of war captured in the invasion of Ukrainian territory starting from February 24, 2022. ” National Security and Defense Committee of Ukraine stated that it would provide them with food, clothing and treatment and maintain normal conditions in accordance with the regulations of the Geneva Conventions on the “Treatment of Prisoners of War”. 

According to the source, the Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council’s Center for Combating Disinformation said that relatives of Russian prisoners of war can contact representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to get in touch with their captured relatives.  As well, Russian citizens, including family members of soldiers or their acquaintances, can obtain information on the status and whereabouts of prisoners on the official website.

This move by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is quite lethal to the Russian Putin Government, because it will destroy the internal morale of the Russian army.  According to Ukraine Online News, “Russian human rights monitor Tatiana Moskalkova called on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to help find and assist Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine, hoping to determine the whereabouts of captured Russian soldiers, making sure they are protected and helped by the Ukrainian Government under international law, including the right to medical care.”

After the Russian soldiers who were sent to fight in Ukraine gave themselves up, Ukraine provided them with medical care and gave them the opportunity to call their relatives.  Ukraine also collects prisoner data and posts it on a special online ‘prisoner of war camp’ so that their relatives can find their children, parents and grandchildren.  During the call, the prisoners of war told their relatives that they were well-treated, including medical care, food and warmth, and all was recorded in photos and videos. “

Russia’s Putin Government collapsed after confirming the preferential treatment of prisoners of war in Ukraine, and they made the same errors as the Communist Party (CCP) by preventing its citizens from getting real information.  The evil emperor Putin tried to prevent Ukrainian websites from publishing photos and videos of Russian soldiers killed and captured inside Ukraine, and prevented Russian mothers from bringing their dead sons home.  This humanitarian care completely angered Putin who said to the camera that “the Ukrainian leaders are ‘a bunch of drug addicts and Neo-Nazis’.  This is probably one of the best lying techniques that Putin learned from Xi Jinping, i.e., lied about the “massive detention of people protesting the war in Ukraine”.

This is the most active and transparent humanitarian care policy adopted by the Ukrainian military in the treatment of prisoners of war.  This is precisely why Ukraine has taken a different approach, starting a “live war” method, publishing the behavior of the aggressors on the Internet, so that justice is not covered up by lies, such as the following lies that Putin shouted to the Ukrainian army.

Putin said; “I once again appeal to the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, do not allow neo-Nazis and Luddites to use your children, wives and old people as human shields.  Take the power into your own hands.  It seems easier to negotiate with you than negotiating with these drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have settled in Kiev and hijacked the entire Ukrainian people.”

Reminding Putin additionally, that the essence of Xi Jinping’s lies is to firmly grasp the future and destiny of the country’s development and progress in his own hands.  The essence of such lies is communism.  The Communist Party regards rights as life, and when it speaks to the weak, it always promises rights.  In the end it was discovered that it was not the people but the Communist Party, the ruling class of the Nazis who held power in their own hands.  This is the essence of the Chinese Communist Party, which inherited the Nazi ideology and lies of the former Soviet Union, thus causing today’s global humanitarian catastrophe.  Today, Putin’s strongman image has collapsed, instead of Xi Jinping’s style of lying.  In this unfavorable war situation, Putin is afraid of Ukraine’s “preferential treatment of prisoners of war”.  It turns out that all dictators all over the world have one thing in common, i.e., fear of the truth.


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