Ukraine Warns of Large-Scale Russian Offensive in January

Ukraine Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov warned on Friday that Russia now has over 94,000 troops massed along the border and could be plotting an invasion before the end of January 2022.

“Our intelligence analyses all scenarios, including the worst. It notes that the likelihood of a large-scale escalation from Russia exists. The most likely time to reach readiness for an escalation will be the end of January,” Reznikov reported to the Ukrainian parliament.

Reznikov assured parliament that “if necessary, Ukraine will fight back,” but said it was better to work with allies to deter an invasion by changing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s calculations of cost and benefit.

“The better we work – alone and together with our partners – the less the risk of escalation. The way is to make the price of possible escalation unacceptable for the aggressor,” he advised.


Russian forces conduct military exercises near Ukraine in April 2021. (AFP)

Reznikov said Russia has been using a tactic modeled on ocean tides to build up its forces on the Ukrainian border: Russian troops advance, camp on the border for a while, and then pull back – but they leave their equipment behind, so their positions remain supplied, fortified, and ready for a surge of troops to roll in when the invasion begins.

“If two large landing ships of the Baltic Fleet enter the Black Sea from the Mediterranean Sea, their total number in the region will grow to nine. Together with boats, this will allow the enemy to simultaneously transfer up to 3,000 servicemen and up to 250 armored combat vehicles. This keeps the level of tensions in the Azov-Black Sea region,” he said.

The Associated Press

The Northern Fleet’s flagship, the Pyotr Veilikiy (Peter the Great) missile cruiser. (AP Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Reznikov told lawmakers it was important to proceed with a joint Ukrainian-British project to build two naval bases near the Crimean peninsula, colonized by Russia in 2014, to counter Russia’s strategy.

Reznikov assumed the post of defense minister in early November after resigning as deputy prime minister for Eastern reintegration, a position he held since March 2020. The reason for his resignation was not made public, but he was quickly nominated and confirmed as defense minister.

The previous defense minister, Andrii Taran, became unpopular with all parties in parliament because he was slow to implement vital reforms. Reznikov’s move into the position could have been intended to signal a new determination to get the Ukrainian military into top logistical shape, coupled with an acknowledgment that eastern Ukraine’s separatists would not be reintegrating with the Kyiv government any time soon.

In a television interview last week, Reznikov accused the Russians of waging an “information war” against its own citizens to prepare them for military action, while simultaneously testing and measuring the West’s resolve to hold the line in Ukraine.

“Today, they are creating hysteria among their population, among the Russian people, in order to be able to justify possible aggression they may decide to pursue,” he said.

“NATO is undergoing a stress test, the European Union is undergoing a stress test, which started off in Lithuania, then continued in Poland. They are generally testing the world’s resilience,” Reznikov said, expressing confidence that NATO would pass the test and provide the support Ukraine needs to resist Russian aggression.


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U.S. Space Academies Prioritize ‘Diversity’ And ‘Inclusion’ As China Prepares To Eclipse U.S. In Space

U.S. Space Academies Prioritize ‘Diversity’ And ‘Inclusion’ As China Prepares To Eclipse U.S. In Space

The United States may soon lose its status as a truly global superpower, both on Earth and in the heavens of low orbit.

“The threats are really growing and expanding every single day,” Space Force Vice Chief of Operations Gen. David Thompson warned in an interview with the Washington Post published Tuesday.

As the Chinese and Russians continue to enhance their capabilities beyond Earth-bound gravity, the United States finds itself in the midst of a new 21st-century space race, competing with world powers developing new weapons to target satellites.

“We’re really at a point now where there’s a whole host of ways that our space systems can be threatened,” Thompson said, adding U.S. satellites already face attacks “every single day” whether it be by laser, cyber, or frequency jammers.

China is building its own version of satellite-based global positioning systems, said Thompson. That’s in addition to the ‘couple of hundred’ intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellites China has now deployed to watch over any part of the globe. China is also putting satellites into space at twice the rate of the United States, meaning that if nothing changes on our end, China will surpass the United States in capability in space in a few years, he estimated.

‘We are still the best in the world, clearly in terms of capability. They’re catching up quickly,’ he said. ‘We should be concerned by the end of this decade if we don’t adapt.’

The nation’s stated 10-year goals in space, however, aren’t focused on countering global threats with enhancements in low-orbit technology.

On Nov. 4., the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released its 10-year survey outlining priorities with funding recommendations over the next 10 years in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics. Among them include probing Earth-like planets beyond our solar system, studying the nature of black holes, and seeking to “revolutionize understanding” of galaxy evolution. The report, commissioned by NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Air Force, also makes racially divisive efforts at “diversity” and “inclusion” a centerpiece of its instruction, even tying grant money to compliance.

“This survey was strongly influenced by the urgent need to advance diversity, equality, and inclusion in all aspects of society,” the authors wrote, highlighting the proliferation of the Black Lives Matter movement. “There is momentum to effect change, and the time is overdue to actively focus on these activities. Changing the defaults under which astronomy is practiced will only happen with energetic engagement and a diversity-, equity-, and inclusion-focused lens.”

While China quickly weaponizes space, testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in October that can remain in orbit, the woke industrial complex distracts U.S. priorities. The goal to “develop and diversify the scientific workforce” is listed as a “foundational activity” with commitments to “equity.” Equity is mentioned 94 times in the more than 600-page report.

“The ugly realization of continued discrimination in the form of racism, bias, and harassment hampers progress towards building a fully diverse and inclusive workforce,” the authors wrote, justifying recommendations to ramp up data collection efforts to study racism in science. “At the core of a diversity-, equity-, and inclusivity-focused approach is the need for data to evaluate equitable outcomes of proposal competitions.”

The report specifically demands NASA, the Department of Energy, and the National Sciences Foundation (NSF) to consider diversity “in the evaluation of funding awards to individual investigators, project and mission teams, and third-party organizations that manage facilities.”

While not a military agency, the congressionally chartered nonprofit seeks to “inform policy” as an intellectual backbone on major issues, steering agency priorities in the process. The group’s report, commissioned by the federal government, illustrates a misplaced focus on skin color as opposed to a strategy exclusively centered on technology and innovation.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are set to race ahead in space and global warfare capabilities.


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