The Media’s Obsession With Identity Politics Is Warping Everything

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Author and Washington Examiner commentary writer Eddie Scarry joins Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how the corporate media’s obsession with identity politics, especially race, is warping how people think about everything.

“The media has talked about race for a very long time and that’s just something they obsess over,” Scarry said. “What I have seen of late is just this out and out lie…Almost everything the media says about race, the exact opposite is true.”

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It’s important, Scarry said, for politicians and others to be ready to call out journalists, celebrities, and others who repeatedly twist narratives to accomplish an agenda.

“There [are] forces in the media and in the culture of Hollywood. Understand that that threat is looming always to call you a racist or to call you a bigot or to call you anti-women, sexist, anti-gay, anti-trans person, whatever,” he explained. “There is an understandable fear to that. However, these people are not elected. [Politicians] are elected for a reason: to be standing up to these forces and say we’re not, you know, I’m going to do the job that the average person can’t do.”

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What We Can Learn From The Trial Of Derek Chauvin

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Randy Petersen, a senior researcher at the Texas Public Policy Foundation and former law enforcement officer, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashisnky to break down the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis officer charged with the death of George Floyd.

“We can’t jump to a conclusion because when we do that, there’s this rush to judgment,” Petersen said. “I’m not even sure how many people are interested in the trial because he’s already been convicted as far as everyone’s concerned.”

Politicians and celebrities have called Chauvin long before the trial even started, Petersen said. “It very may well turn out that he’s convicted and then that would be an apt title but until that time … he’s been almost denied his due process rights.”

No matter the results of the trial, Petersen believes that all people would benefit from reexamining their perceptions about cops, crime, and other groups of people who have come under scrutiny.

“[Police] are, as an internal institution, one of the most colorblind groups that you can find. I think if the public knew that about police officers, they would have a different perception about the idea that they are somehow institutionally racist,” he explained. “They would live or die for each other, regardless of what the color of their skin is.”

“If the general public knew that about the police subculture, about how they view each other, they would reconsider this idea that it’s an institutionally racist program that’s designed to harm minorities. It’s genuinely, genuinely not. It’s there to help,” he said.

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Did Big Government Make The Pandemic Economy Worse?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, John Tamny, author of “When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason” and Vice President at FreedomWorks, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how federal government’s decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic made the U.S. economy worse.

“Let’s not forget that historically, economic growth has always been the biggest enemy of death and disease whereas poverty has easily been the biggest killer mankind has ever known,” Tamny explained. “Yet, when given a choice in March of 2020, politicians chose contraction as a virus mitigation strategy.”

This “one-size-fits-all” strategy based on the decisions of a few people, Tamny argued, did nothing but destroy the economy.

“It also blinds us to the information that tells us, why is it spreading more in New York? Why does it seem to hit New York so hard? Why does it seem to hit Florida, with so many old people not as difficult? What are the answers to this? We didn’t really get that because they chose one-size-fits-all in so many instances,” Tamny said.

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A Beijing Olympic Boycott Is Strong Leverage And America Should Use It

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Chris Fenton, a film executive and author of “Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business,” joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to outline the leverage that comes with U.S.-led calls for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics which are scheduled to be held in Beijing.

Fenton said the question not whether the United States should boycott the Olympics or not, but what do we want to accomplish?

“What do we want to accomplish that’s practical, that shows a constructive maneuvering towards whatever our North Star is overall with China? Try to implement those changes and those directives with the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for promising to show up at those Olympics and we should do that also with our Western allies,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party, Fenton said, views the Olympics as a “goal” that will stoke its own nationalism and display its skill and power to the world.

“Remember, the Chinese Communist Party’s number one goal is to keep 1.4 billion people just happy enough that they don’t revolt and the best way to create that aura of an amazing government is to create an awe around the world about what your country is doing and what it has accomplished and where it is on that given day,” Fenton said.

“They are going to showcase … all kinds of different infrastructure projects that will blow the minds of a lot of people around the world … and then they’re going to siphon all of that news globally and essentially put it into context through the Ministry of Propaganda to disseminate around their own populous,” he said.

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What Is The Filibuster And How Is It Really Used?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Howard Segermark, longtime legislative counsel for multiple senators, joins Senior Editor Christopher Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to explain the filibuster and why the Democrats’ recent push to abolish it could be dangerous to the integrity of the U.S. Senate.

“The Senate is there, designed by the founders to give minority rights as much as possible. And in this case, it had to do with small states, giving them rights,” Segermark said. “There’s, you know, there’s nowhere to go if in fact there’s simply a democratic elected tyranny.”

The Senate not only protects the rights and voice of the minority by stalling, but it also gives senators the opportunity to negotiate and pass legislation despite opposition from an administration and other members of Congress.

“One of the reasons the Senate was set up is to preserve minority rights and the filibuster is a classic situation of that because every senator has the right to use these tools even if, in fact, he’d be voted out 99 to one,” Segermark concluded. “And certainly that’s the way [Sen. Jesse Helms] addressed it. If you can’t get a majority at least he’s going to make his case. Since he was skilled in timing and in using this tool, he was successful many times. It wasn’t earth-shaking successes, but a little bit of time adds up.”

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Exclusive — Rep. Kevin Brady: ‘American Jobs Plan’ Is ‘a Race to the Bottom of Jobs and Growth’

President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan, if enacted, would place the United States in “a race to the bottom of jobs and growth,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) said on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

The proposal is marketed as an “infrastructure bill” by Democrats and left-wing news media in response to economic hardship blamed on the coronavirus outbreak. The White House’s “Fact Sheet” on the “American Jobs Plan” makes no mention of economic ruin wrought by government-driven lockdown and shutdown decrees.

Brady, ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee, said the American Jobs Plan will damage America’s international competitiveness — making it a less attractive home for business — through increasing corporate taxes.

“This [bill] makes America one of the worst in competition, and is really a race to the bottom of jobs and growth,” he said.

Brady added, “What [Joe Biden’s] proposing is to make America’s tax rate worse, making it worse than China’s and equal to Syria and France, not exactly the economic neighbors America deserves to be part of. We will be dead last in the world among our developing competitors. So, China, Japan, Europe, Canada are cheering this move, because President Biden voluntarily severely weakened America’s competitiveness.”

“I predict we’ll see a second wave of American jobs and companies moving overseas,” Brady warned. “The first wave being during the Obama-Biden administration, and I think you’ll see a reversal of President Trump’s policies. As you know, because we lowered tax rates for families and for businesses, redesigned the [tax] code, so American companies can compete and win anywhere in the world. What we saw was a stop to American companies moving overseas with their jobs.”


Brady said the Biden administration is advancing a “socialist agenda” with its proposal under the guise of infrastructure development.

“Just like the COVID stimulus bill had very little to do with COVID, this infrastructure bill has very little to do with roads and bridges, ports and airways, things most Americans strongly support,” he said. “This is more of that socialist agenda just just riding under a different banner.”

Brady added, “What won’t be sold is how many American jobs are at risk, because … this is a $2 trillion tax increase, the largest in half century. [Biden’s] imposing it on local job creators as we’re trying to recover from this pandemic on the very businesses we want to rehire, and there’s no question that this will drive American jobs overseas, and at the end of the day, it’s not the corporations that’ll pay. It is their workers [who] will see flatter paychecks, thinner benefits, and beginning the risk of seeing their jobs going away.”

Brady noted the Biden administration’s proposal pushes policies akin to the “Green New Deal,” which Democrats and the broader left frame as an effort to combat “climate change” and “global warming” through restrictions on fossil fuel consumption.

“[Biden] targeted America’s energy jobs again with tax increases,” he remarked. “You don’t read much about it, but he’s trying to put out business the smallest of the small local energy producers, people who only develop 15 barrels of oil a day and those 12 million royalty owners — seniors over 60, widowed — they get about $500 a month to supplements Social Security through this. They’re all getting hammered because the president’s tax increases.”

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Podcast: The Failures Of ‘Fad Psychology’

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Jesse Singal, author of “The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can’t Cure Our Social Ills” and host of the “Blocked and Reported” podcast, joins Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech to discuss why “fad” psychology fails society.

“The way science works and the way statistics works, you can sort of ‘prove’ anything if you really want to. And there’s now a lot of incentive to ‘prove’ a lot of stuff because society is just fascinated by psychology, by this brand of psychology in a way that it hasn’t always been,” Singal said.

Singal said that researchers are drawn to experiments that will secure them a TED Talk or a book deal.

“There’s been this unfortunate bleeding over between legitimate psychology and basically self-help and it hasn’t been good for anyone except for a few TED Talk stars,” he said.

Singal said it’s this type of appeal that contributes to excessive groupthink which many corporate media outlets and progressives are quick to embrace.

“I’ve noticed this terrible trajectory among my fellow progressives … like this real embrace of groupthink where it’s also faddishness … like there were three or four months last summer after George Floyd was killed where suddenly everyone’s talking about police abolition and people are doing these softball interviews treating this as a serious policy idea and then it’s like gone as quick as it arrives and very few people in the mainstream outlets sort of question this,” Singal said.

“I’m lucky to only have one foot in mainstream journalistic institutions … but within these institutions, there is immense groupthink and pressure to conform,” he said.

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Exclusive – Monica de la Cruz: “Disturbing” Democrat Vincente Gonzalez had Chinese Bank Account

Monica de la Cruz told Breitbart News Saturday it is “disturbing” Rep. Vincente Gonzalez (D-TX) had an account at the Bank of China being a U.S. congressman.

De la Cruz ran against Gonzalez in Texas’ 15th Congressional District, coming within a few thousand votes of winning the district. The seat has not been represented by a Republican in the 120 years seat has been around. De la Cruz said, “never say never because, in 2022, we will unseat Vincente Gonzalez,” which would make her the first Republican in Congress from the district.

The host Matthew Boyle brought up Breitbart News exclusive report on Gonzales, showing he had holdings worth more than $100,000 in the Bank of China, a state-owned bank run by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which he put in his financial disclosure forms filed with the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In his 2017, 2018, and 2019 filings, the disclosure documents show Gonzalez reported the holdings valued at between $100,001 and $250,000 in the Bank of China. Each report includes a disclosure that Gonzalez earned between $2,501 and $5,000 in interest each year from the Bank of China account.

Boyle mentioned the Bank of China is very public about its support of the communist dictator Xi Jinping and his plans for the world. He asked what de la Cruz’s thoughts are on Gonzalez’s financially being tied up to the Bank of China.

De la Cruz told Boyle, “it is very disturbing that a U.S. congressman would have an account with one of our greatest adversaries. Look, not only does he have the accounts, but here are the deeper questions. Where did that money come from? Where did he get this $250 thousand, up to $250 thousand that was in this account? Did he pay taxes on this account? Not only that, but as you mentioned, this account is, and the Bank of China is very clear on the mission they support, which is the Communist Party of China.”

She continued, “when we look at this party, China is accused of very, very serious crimes. Mass rapes of the Uyghur woman in a sinister program designed to promote ethnic unity. I mean, we’re talking about re-education camps, forced abortions, now what is a U.S. congressman doing with a bank account going to support these types of policies?”

Boyle asked about Gonzalez’s response to these reports, saying he’s refused to do any type of interview with Breitbart News after multiple requests, even refusing to do interviews with his local stations. He posed the question, is closing the account enough?

“Look, no American should be satisfied with that type of response. He owes it to his constituents, to the American people, to let them know why he had that account, where this money came from, and to make a public response on it. The fact that he is hiding and has not come out and vocally said why he has that money supporting these communist efforts is unacceptable,” de la Cruz said.

When Boyle asked about de la Cruz’s perspective on trusting China and mentioned the CCP covering up any information on numerous accounts of what happened and how coronavirus started, also bringing up the former CDC Director Robert Redfield, saying he believes the coronavirus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China, which was partially funded by the American taxpayers.

De la Cruz responded, “China is a great threat to our American security. They have been very vocal in saying they want to be in control and take over the world. We see them in our health care. We see them in our technology. I mean, they are our great adversary. We should be very concerned about the Chinese government, and even more, we have a congressman that has his money in the bank of China. So absolutely, you are correct. Coronavirus that came from that lab in China has devastated our communities, our small businesses, and our American economy. So again, very disturbing this congressman, a U.S. representative, would have up to $250 thousand in the Bank of China.”

Boyle mentioned the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) putting Gonzalez on their “Exit List,” saying what if he retired before the next election? Would de la Cruz be ready to go against any Democrat if he retires?

De la Cruz believes that Gonzalez will go ahead with his bid for reelection in the midterms coming up in about 18 months. De la Cruz said the Democrats in his country are upset with his “lack of stance” on the illegal immigrants coming through the border. De la Cruz says she is ready to head against any Democrat that will be running against her in 2022. “When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what person is in that position. It is about values and where the Democrat party is leading Democrats in this country too. Which is to a left agenda, to socialism, and we do not want that in this district,” de la Cruz stated.

Boyle mentioned the Biden administration’s scrapping all of the Trump administration’s immigration policies and creating this crisis at the border. Boyle pointed out how inhumanely the migrants are treated at the border and asked de la Cruz, a Hispanic woman, how seeing what they are doing at the border makes her feel about the policy.

“What [the Biden administration] have done by stopping the remain in Mexico policy and starting the catch and release program up again,” she said, describing what catch and release is doing at the border. “The Border Patrol catches someone, and the immigrants are not running, their walking straight up to Border Patrol and saying ‘I’m here seeking asylum,’ they catch them and release them out to the bus station, to an airport, and they fly them out to their American destination.”

She says this is not just an issue for her congressional district, but rather an American issue, claiming the Biden administration and Gonzalez have created a humanitarian issue on the border. “Reigniting this catch and release program, what they have done has sent a message to people Central and South America that says coming over here, we’re going to release you into the United States.”

Last week, she was on the river observing how people were coming over to the United States. She witnessed “rafts and rafts of little kids, five-year-olds, seven-year-olds, these are unaccompanied minors,” which she said have been traveling anywhere between one to four months to get into the U.S.

She described the kids being abandoned on Texas ranchers’ property because some families cannot afford the remaining balance they owe to the smugglers to bring full families over.

De la Cruz called out Gonzalez in 2019. Her district had half a million immigrants come through her county. Gonzalez still has yet to meet with any border patrol during the last surge or the current one.

De la Cruz wants to know why the congressman has not met with border patrol and why he hasn’t been vocal about what is happening at the border. She said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) has had to get involved in their district in the past because Gonzalez has not stood up for the constituents.

Cuellar recently told Border Report that more than 2,000 migrants were released into South Texas without court papers. The releases came as Border Patrol agents became overwhelmed by the massively growing numbers of migrant families and children crossing the border.

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How ‘Race-Obsessed’ Institutions Use Identity Politics To Short Asian Americans

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Kenny Xu, author of “An Inconvenient Minority: The Harvard Admissions Case and the Attack on Asian American Excellence,” joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss the dangers associated with Ivy League universities’ prioritization of affirmative action and how Asian Americans are penalized for working hard.

“What is happening at Harvard and at Ivy League universities is a race-obsessed program,” Xu said. “They’ve created the entire framework of society that they want based on their own racial balancing standards and Asian Americans are not part of this framework. At least, they are part of this framework up to a very limited extent.”

Most Americans, Xu argued, do not want race to be a deciding factor in systems such as college admissions, but that hasn’t stopped the spread of identity politics that only favor certain minorities in the U.S.

“Asian Americans inconvenience the race narratives on the left because the narrative that is being pushed today is that if you are a minority or a person of color, you are a victim of white supremacy and if you’re white, you are privileged, you are an oppressor against these people,” Xu said.

“Asian Americans completely challenge and disprove this narrative because Asian Americans are a minority. We have been historically discriminated [against] in this society and we lacked the privileges that a lot of people in America have … we’re disproportionately reliant upon our skills and our merit to succeed and we do.”

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Exclusive — Rep. Steve Scalise: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Uses ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Send More Jobs to China’

The Biden Administration’s “American Jobs Plan,” ostensibly an infrastructure-funding bill, will facilitate the outsourcing of jobs to China “under the name of global warming” if enacted, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) said on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

The Democrats’ proposed legislation would make China a preferable location for many business operations, Scalise warned.

“This is going to kill even more jobs [than terminating the Keystone XL Pipeline],” Scalise said. “When you raise taxes … companies start moving their jobs overseas again, like they were doing when we had high taxes a few years ago. That means we lose middle class jobs.”

Scalise said the Trump administration’s reduction of the corporate tax rate below the global average made America a more competitive place to do business.

“We reversed [outsourcing of jobs from America] by cutting taxes below the world average,” he remarked. “The world average is 21 percent. Other countries have tax rates, too, it’s just that their tax rates are a lot lower. When China is going to be a cheaper place to do business in terms of tax policy and regulatory policy than the United States, that’s when you start losing middle-class jobs. I don’t want to see that happen. I don’t think most people do, but that’s where we’ll go if we have this massive tax increase and job-killing bill all disguised as infrastructure.”


Democrats’ push to reduce and eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in relation to “climate change” provides economic advantages to China given the one-party state’s absence of such policies, Scalise noted.

Scalise stated, “For the folks that think that man is destroying the Earth, these policies — that are probably written by China, because China benefits the most — are going to send more jobs to China and emit more carbon [dioxide] in the atmosphere. How would anybody in America come up with a policy that stupid?”

“China is already getting [an] advantage over us,” Scalise determined. determined. “When you see President Biden going back into the Paris Accord and pushing the Green New Deal where they have this mythical concern about [CO2] emissions, yet they’re running jobs out of America to places where they admit more carbon [dioxide], this is a psychotic policy.”

He continued, “They’re not even being honest with people. … If you don’t build the Keystone Pipeline, the oil still coming out of the ground in Canada, it’s just being put on tankers and shipped overseas to countries to refine it where they don’t have good standards like we do. Oil in the northeast is coming from Russia and Saudi Arabia now where they emit more carbon [dioxide] to make the same oil.”

“When you run these jobs out of America … steel is going to be made somewhere,” he added. “It’s just going to be made in China or India where they emit five times more carbon [dioxide], so you’re going to actually put more [CO2] in the atmosphere.”

Scalise claims promises from Democrats and the broader left to retrain energy industry workers will go unfulfilled.

“This idea that everybody working on an oil rig is going to be able to go and start installing solar panels tomorrow [s] an illusion,” he said. “It’s a devastating kick to the gut of middle-class families [and] blue-collar families that make America work. … When their jobs go away, they’re not going away to some other state … their jobs are going away to China, and their jobs are going away to Middle Eastern countries.”

Scalise noted that carbon dioxide emissions in China associated with manufacturing and production are higher than their American counterparts.

Scalise added, “Now some of those products that we buy are no longer made in America, they’re made overseas in countries that even more carbon [dioxide], all under the name of global warming and the Green New Deal.”

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