158 House Members Proxy Voted for $700 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act

158 House Members Proxy Voted for $700 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction’ Act

The House of Representatives on Friday voted to pass the $700 billion “Inflation Reduction” Act, which would not reduce inflation, and 158 of the lawmakers voted by proxy.

The 158 lawmakers decided to vote by proxy at a time when there has been controversy surrounding the capability, as the Senate still required its members to vote in person.

House members have been allowed to vote by proxy, which means that one member of the House can cast a vote on behalf of an absent member. This type of voting started in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

But, instead of the proxy voting capability in the House ending as the coronavirus pandemic has improved around the country, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has extended it multiple times, citing the “public health emergency.”

As the Clerk of the House’s website has stated:

Pursuant to House Resolution 8 and the covered period designated by the Speaker on Monday, January 4, 2021, the Office of the Clerk is verifying and making available certain letters designating, changing, and revoking the authority for remote voting by proxy. Members designated as proxies may only cast votes on behalf of other Members once they have received separate exact instruction with respect to each vote.

Breitbart News reported on Friday before the final votes that the Clerk of the House had 190 members’ proxy letters submitted at the time, while the night before there were 175 letters submitted. These numbers  changed throughout the night and day as members filed new proxy letters or filed to terminate their previous ones.

This is partially due to members previously having an active proxy voting letter when it was actually needed but left active in case the members wanted to skip out of town.

Additionally, a member having an active proxy letter does not mean they will not vote in person. However, the bulk of the letters were filed with the Clerk in the past couple of weeks, as members have recently started their vacations.

For instance, on Friday, CNN reported that Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R) was in the Capitol with House Republican Intel Committee members for a news conference at 9:30 am. By noon, he was at Dulles airport,allowing someone else to cast his vote, as he had an active proxy voting letter.

The 158 members who voted by proxy per the Clerk’s website were:

  1. Amodei
  2. Axne
  3. Babin
  4. Bacon
  5. Baird
  6. Barr
  7. Barragán
  8. Bass
  9. Bentz
  10. Bera
  11. Bonamici
  12. Bost
  13. Brooks
  14. Brownley
  15. Buchanan
  16. Bucshon
  17. Budd
  18. Bush
  19. Calvert
  20. Cardenas
  21. Carter (TX)
  22. Cawthorn
  23. Cherfilus-McCormick
  24. Cicilline
  25. Cohen
  26. Comer
  27. Connolly
  28. Conway
  29. Cooper
  30. Crawford
  31. Crist
  32. Curtis
  33. DeFazio
  34. DeGette
  35. DeLauro
  36. DeSaulnier
  37. DesJarlais
  38. Deutch
  39. Diaz-Balart
  40. Doggett
  41. Doyle, Michael F.
  42. Duncan
  43. Dunn
  44. Escobar
  45. Fallon
  46. Flores
  47. Frankel, Lois
  48. Gaetz
  49. Garbarino
  50. Gibbs
  51. Gomez
  52. Gonzales, Tony
  53. Good
  54. Gooden
  55. Gosar
  56. Gottheimer
  57. Granger
  58. Graves
  59. Green (TN)
  60. Harder (CA)
  61. Harris
  62. Hartzler
  63. Herrell
  64. Herrera Beutler
  65. Huffman
  66. Jackson
  67. Jacobs (NY)
  68. Johnson (GA)
  69. Johnson (SD)
  70. Johnson (TX)
  71. Joyce (PA)
  72. Kahele
  73. Keating
  74. Kelly (IL)
  75. Kilmer
  76. Kim (CA)
  77. Kinzinger
  78. Kirkpatrick
  79. Krishnamoorthi
  80. LaHood
  81. LaMalfa
  82. Lamborn
  83. Langevin
  84. Lawrence
  85. Lawson (FL)
  86. Leger Fernandez
  87. Lesko
  88. Letlow
  89. Levin (MI)
  90. Lieu
  91. Lucas
  92. Luetkemeyer
  93. Mace
  94. Manning
  95. Matsui
  96. McBath
  97. McEachin
  98. McHenry
  99. McNerney
  100. Meijer
  101. Meng
  102. Meuser
  103. Miller (WV)
  104. Miller-Meeks
  105. Moore (UT)
  106. Moore (WI)
  107. Moulton
  108. Napolitano
  109. Nehls
  110. Norman
  111. Ocasio-Cortez
  112. Omar
  113. Owens
  114. Palazzo
  115. Panetta
  116. Payne
  117. Phillips
  118. Pingree
  119. Porter
  120. Pressley
  121. Price (NC)
  122. Rice (SC)
  123. Rodgers (WA)
  124. Rogers (KY)
  125. Roybal-Allard
  126. Rush
  127. Sánchez
  128. Sarbanes
  129. Schakowsky
  130. Sherman
  131. Sires
  132. Smith (NJ)
  133. Smith (WA)
  134. Steel
  135. Steube
  136. Suozzi
  137. Swalwell
  138. Taylor
  139. Thompson (PA)
  140. Thompson (CA)
  141. Timmons
  142. Titus
  143. Tlaib
  144. Tonko
  145. Torres (NY)
  146. Trahan
  147. Trone
  148. Van Drew
  149. Van Duyne
  150. Vargas
  151. Wagner
  152. Walberg
  153. Waltz
  154. Watson Coleman
  155. Welch
  156. Wenstrup
  157. Wilson (FL)
  158. Wilson (SC)

Breitbart News reported on Thursday that the Republican leadership was whipping votes to ensure no Republicans vote for the bill. Breitbart News added on Friday:

Since the legislation uses budgetary reconciliation, Republicans cannot stop Democrats from passing the bill; however, one senior House Republican staffer explained that they plan on making Democrats “own” the bill, which includes highlighting the deleterious effects of the bill.

The legislation would:

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate the price of drugs
  • Extend enhanced Obamacare subsidies for three years, which would cost $64 billion
  • Reduce the deficit by $300 billion
  • Increase taxes while America just entered a recession
  • Boost funding for the IRS by $80 billion, which would make the agency larger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined
  • Create hundreds of billions of dollars in green energy slush funds for the federal government to dole out
  • The bill contains budget gimmicks and fake offsets that mask the true cost of the bill

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) — who has said numerous times that he would get rid of proxy voting if the Republicans take back the House in January — also stated in March that the term “proxy voting” would better be termed “convenience” voting, since members of both parties have used it like that, other than a precaution for the health crisis, which is what they claim.

In fact, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), using the $700 billion “Inflation Reduction” Act as an example on Thursday, told Breitbart News that it is “absurd” that “lazy” Democrats and Republicans are going to use the “bullshit” proxy voting rule on the “garbage” Inflation Reduction Act — which does not help inflation — instead of following the Constitution and showing up to vote in person.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at jbliss@breitbart.com or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss.


GOP Rep. Cammack: ‘Hypocrisy at Its Finest’ to Kill Title 42 While House Still Proxy Votes Due to COVID

GOP Rep. Cammack: ‘Hypocrisy at Its Finest’ to Kill Title 42 While House Still Proxy Votes Due to COVID

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) criticized House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for extending proxy voting in the House due to the coronavirus pandemic while Title 42 is set to expire.

Cammack said, “This is absolutely nuts. The double standard in Washington, it just never ceases to amaze me. You know, Nancy Pelosi, just a few weeks ago, put out a statement saying that we needed to extend proxy voting in Congress because of the health emergency, that members weren’t able to cast their ballots and their votes in person. So, you’ve got people casting votes via proxy while they’re sitting on a beach somewhere because they just can’t make it to Washington to do their job. But yet, they still collect a paycheck. And let’s not forget that they just extended the mask mandate. So, there’s a health emergency everywhere, except for our southwest border, where there actually is a legitimate cause for it with increased rates of tuberculosis and every other ailment you can think of that our Border Patrol agents are encountering. It’s disgusting. It’s hypocrisy at its finest, and it’s got to stop.”

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Pelosi Extends Proxy Voting to October, Allowing More Abuse

Pelosi Extends Proxy Voting to October, Allowing More Abuse

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in a “Dear Colleague” letter on Friday to all members, extended the controversial proxy voting capability until October 1, which would allow more time for abuse.

Pelosi, in her letter, claims that the proxy voting capability was being extended due to the “public health emergency” of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. In doing so, she is extending the “covered period” until October:

In light of the attached notification by the Sergeant-at-Arms, in consultation with the Office of Attending Physician, that a public health emergency is in effect due to a novel coronavirus, I am hereby extending the “covered period” designated on January 4, 2021, pursuant to section 3(s) of House Resolution 8, until October 1, 2021.

Proxy voting has been in place in the House for members to use for over a year. The first proxy voting capabilities went into effect on May 27 of last year, the Hill reported.

The report noted that the proxy voting was only supposed to be in effect for 45 days during the height of the pandemic, so members could cast votes without risking travel.

Since then, Pelosi has continuously extended the capability, which some members have found ways to abuse:

  • Rep. Charlie Crist (D-FL) used the proxy vote, saying he could not vote in Congress but was able to attend the space launch.
  • Rep. Thomas Suozzi (D-NY) used proxy voting after admitting he wanted to return home and spend time with family since it would be “would only be suspension vote.”
  • Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME), in order to save Pelosi’s partisan Capitol security funding bill, switched to proxy voting after  saying he would not due to“family responsibilities.”
  • Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI), Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), and Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI), all members of the Member of  Michigan’s Democrat Congressional delegation, claimed they were proxy voting due to the “ongoing public health emergency,” but were able to attend President Joe Biden’s visit to their state.
  • Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI), Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI), amd Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI), all members of the Member of Wisconsin’s Democrat Congressional delegation, were found in a report to be abusing their proxy voting privilege, some using it to take off early on the last day of voting for a possible long weekend.

During a press conference earlier this year, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that he would end the proxy voting capability when Republicans take back the House in the midterms. He also said that the rules in the House under Pelosi do not make any sense, and he has since affirmed his position on that.

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Watch Dog Group Calls For Investigation Into Democrat Lawmakers Abusing Proxy Voting System

The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) demanded an investigation Friday into seven Democratic lawmakers who allegedly abused the proxy voting system put in place during the pandemic to vote while attending a political event with President Joe Biden.

As a non-partisan watchdog group dedicated to combating corruption, FACT filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) to investigate Michigan Reps. Debbie Dingell, Dan Kildee, Brenda Lawrence, Andy Levin, Elissa Slotkin, Haley Stevens, and Rashida Tlaib. 

On May 15, 2020, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi authorized the ability to vote by proxy “at any time,” after being “notified by the Sergeant-at-Arms that a ‘public health emergency due to a novel coronavirus [was] in effect.’” Due to the public health emergency caused by the China virus, members of Congress were allowed to vote remotely by proxy. 

In letters dated about a year later, the aforementioned seven representatives all granted their votes by proxy to another representative. According to FACT, all seven members directly claimed that they couldn’t “physically attend proceedings in the House Chamber due to the ongoing public health emergency” caused by the China virus. 

Recent media reports suggest this was a lie. While the seven Michigan representatives missed in-person voting, they were willing and able to meet in-person for political purposes, just not in Congress.

The members appear to have missed votes to attend an event with Biden in Dearborn, Michigan where he toured a Ford Motor facility and delivered an address. 

Kildee’s own spokesperson admitted that, “Unfortunately due to the pandemic, members of Michigan’s congressional delegation were unable to travel on Air Force One with the President to Dearborn.” “As a result,” the spokesman said, “Members had to take a commercial flight, hours after the presidential visit ended, that required them to vote by proxy.”

While the spokesman attempted to blame the pandemic for Kildee’s failure to vote in person, FACT finds his explanation unsatisfactory. Kildee seems to have missed in-person voting because he was on a poorly-timed and presumably crowded commercial flight. They landed after votes had concluded. 

“It appears obvious that Reps. Dingell, Kildee, Lawrence, Levin, Slotkin, Stevens, and Tlaib abused the proxy vote system by making an affirmative choice to physically attend an in-person political event,” Executive Director of FACT Kendra Arnold said. “Clearly, if they were able to spend the day in public with President Biden, then they were more than capable of doing their elected duty of voting in person.” 

“[T]he true reason they did not attend was because they were physically present at another event—and a highly political one at that,” Arnold continued. “[…] The abuse of the proxy vote is evident because each Member made an affirmative choice to ‘physically attend’ another event, and had they not done so they were clearly capable of attending the House proceedings.”

Voting by proxy for merely political purposes violates the House resolution, which mandates that proxy votes are only permissible when due to the “public health emergency.” The proxy voting system clearly “was not authorized for any other purpose.” 

The system has been allegedly abused by both Democrats and Republicans, such as when some Republicans reportedly used a proxy to vote while in CPAC attendance. The system has drawn backlash from concerned Americans, ever since Pelosi authorized it last year.


House Republicans Pledge To Appeal Judge’s Dismissal Of Proxy Voting Case

House Republicans pledged Friday to appeal a federal judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit that sought to invalidate House rules allowing for proxy voting under the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Judge Rudolph Contreras ruled that the issue over House rules was purely a legislative one, and outside the jurisdiction of federal courts.

“The Court can conceive of few other actions, besides actually debating, speaking, or voting, that could be more accurately be described as ‘legislative’ than the regulation of how votes may be cast,” Contreras wrote Thursday. Contreras is a federal district judge appointed by President Barack Obama.

The lawsuit, brought by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and signed by 161 Republican House lawmakers, contended that the Democratic rules allowing members to vote remotely was unconstitutional and upended more than 230 years of precedent.

“In the 231-year existence of the United States Congress, neither the House of Representatives nor the Senate has ever permitted a member to vote by proxy from the floor of the chamber,” the lawsuit read. “Through the Civil War; through the burning of the Capitol during the War of 1812 and the terrorist attack on Washington on 9/11; and through the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 and the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, the Congress of the United States has never before flinched from its constitutional duty to assemble at the Nation’s Capital and conduct the People’s business in times of national peril.”

Republicans argued that a clear and honest reading of the Constitution provides that the nation’s assembly must actually assemble.

House Democrats rushed passage of the new rules anyway in May which have since then featured lawmakers voting by boat or delegating their elected duties to other members of the lower chamber so they could enjoy the sights of a historic space launch, despite citing fears of contracting the coronavirus as the reason for their absence in Washington.

“As elected officials, we are here to serve as the voice of our constituents in Congress. That honor was violated when House Democrats moved forwards with an unconstitutional and unprecedented vote to allow members to vote by proxy,” McCarthy said in a statement following Thursday night’s decision. “Yesterday’s decision will not deter us from continuing to work to protect the voice and representation of the American people… House Republicans look forward to appealing this decision.”


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