Arizona Democrats Blasted for Promoting ‘F**k the Fourth’ Event: They ‘Should Be Ashamed’

Arizona Democrats Blasted for Promoting ‘F**k the Fourth’ Event: They ‘Should Be Ashamed’

Democrats in Pima County, Arizona, scrubbed a social media post advertising an event called “Fuck the Fourth” after taking heat for the move.

The event that was to be hosted by the Tucson Women’s March was advertised by the Pima County Democratic Party, Fox News reported Friday.

Juan Ciscomani, a Republican running for the United States Congress, shared a screenshot of the party’s tweet, writing, “THIS is who is supporting our opponents.”

“These are the crowds they run in. THIS is what we are up against. I love this country and THIS is why we need to win in November,” he continued:

Social media users were quick to reply, one person commenting, “This is so sad. Pima County Democrats should be ashamed. I say, God bless America and bless the patriots who have fought and died to keep us free.”

Another person called it “Disturbing.”

Meanwhile, conservative activist Scott Presler said, “Thank you for bringing more Arizonans to the Republican Party”:

The Pima County Democratic Party later claimed the move was a “mistake” but still supported the event, according to the Fox report:

“PCDP posted a graphic advertising a women’s march which, we agree, was in poor taste. We were eager to share the event, and in our haste we used the graphic provided by the event organizer. That was a mistake, and we will do better,” the Pima County Democratic Party tweeted. “Make no mistake, however. We support the event which will be on July 4 at 7 pm at Reid Park. The event was organized to help women in our community grieve for the loss of their bodily autonomy, which we consider an elemental right.”

They also said that while the graphic “upset some people,” the outrage should be saved for “the women in this state who will die of botched abortions.”

The group appeared to reference the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade, which held in the Dobbs case that the Constitution did not provide a right to abortion, returning the issue back to the states, Breitbart News reported on June 24.


Report: Baby Formula Stock Rates Not Improving, May Take Months to Change

Report: Baby Formula Stock Rates Not Improving, May Take Months to Change

International flights carrying much-needed baby formula have touched down in the United States, but stock rates have yet to improve as supply chain woes continue hurting citizens, according to a report.

Although White House officials committed to bring in enough formula for approximately 40 million 8 ounce bottles, the stock rates for formula kept sinking, per data from Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), CNN reported Tuesday.

The outlet continued:

More than 21% of formula products — powder, ready-to-drink and liquid — were out of stock during the week ending June 19, compared with a typical rate of 10% before a nationwide infant formula recall by Abbott Nutrition happened in February.

Stock rates for powder formula, specifically, are even worse. More than 27% of powder formula products were out of stock during the week ending June 19, up from 25% the prior week and 23% the week before that, IRI data shows.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden admitted he was unaware of the baby formula shortage until several months after a closed manufacturer led to the problem, Breitbart News reported June 4.

Eventually, Health and Human Services queried the Food and Drug Administration about how it was dealing with the shutdown.

“A bacterial infection found at the Abbott plant in Michigan also led to the deaths of two infants,” the outlet said, adding, “Biden has been trying to fix the formula shortage by seeking foreign suppliers.”

Breitbart News

Per the CNN article, experts said formula sales were usually consistent, but increased demand reportedly showed “that consumers are likely stockpiling formula, potentially perpetuating the shortage.”

Meanwhile, American families were struggling amid skyrocketing gas prices and 41-year-high inflation, Breitbart News reported June 18, noting the issues persisted as the midterm elections approached.

In addition, human milk banks across America were experiencing more demand and donations as the baby formula shortage continued, the outlet reported May 31.

“Along with the heightened demand is an increase in mothers looking to supply breastmilk to meet the need,” the outlet said.


PHOTOS: Historic Church in West Virginia Burned Down in Suspected Arson

A historic church in West Virginia was destroyed recently in what may have been arson, and neighbors are deeply disturbed by the news.

The St. Colman Catholic Church had already been destroyed by the time crews with the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department made it to the scene early Sunday, Fox News reported Monday.

“At this time the fire is considered suspicious in nature and is being investigated as arson,” the department said in a social media post, adding, “We were assisted by Ghent VFD, Coal City VFD, Ghent EMS, National Park Service and the WV State Police.”

A historic church in West Virginia was destroyed recently in what may have been arson, and neighbors are deeply disturbed by the news.

Beaver Volunteer Fire Department

Officials had not yet shared information about potential suspects in the case, the Fox article said.

The church was listed in the National Archives Catalog, and the website said it was originally built in 1877 to 1878 as a hewn log structure.

“This is still evident in the hand hewn sills and joists that rest on large foundation stones. The log structure was covered in c. 1928 by long clapboard wood siding that was, and is, painted white,” the site’s documentation read:

On the interior, there are twelve benches that are used by occasional worshippers. The altar is painted white, though the front of the altar contains two identical panels that have an encircled cross in their centers. A wood burning stove still provides heat. The altar and some of the benches were constructed in 1904 by Father J.J. Swint, who was a carpenter as well as priest, and later became Bishop of Wheeling.

St. Colman’s Church and Cemetery stand in a rural and isolate environment in which they clearly stand out as a local landmark of significance to southern West Virginia.

A historic church in West Virginia was destroyed recently in what may have been arson, and neighbors are deeply disturbed by the news.

Beaver Volunteer Fire Department

Social media users shared their distress over the recent loss, one person writing, “Pure evil caused this. They can destroy a building but not the Spirit of those who built and watched over it through all these years.”

“This is such a shame, it was a beautiful little church and we enjoyed visiting. Our family has relatives buried in the cemetery there and many years ago attended,” another commented.

Citizens with more information about the incident should contact Trooper D. Daniels at (304) 256-6700, the WV State Fire Marshal’s Arson Hotline, 1 (800) 233-3473, notify Crime Stoppers of Raleigh County at 304-255-STOP or visit


Women Call for Sex Strike Against Men in Retaliation for the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Pro-abortion women are calling for a nationwide sex strike in retaliation against men for the overturning of Roe v. Wade following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision Friday.

Outraged women took to social media and the streets over the weekend to protest Friday’s Supreme Court decision. Some activists have declared women should begin practicing abstinence, including one Twitter user who seemingly believes that women should even withhold sex from their husbands.

A 24-year-old woman protesting in New York City on Saturday told the New York Post she would not have sex with men if they were not willing to get a vasectomy.

“If you’re a man who won’t get a vasectomy, even though it’s reversible, and you’re not out in the streets fighting for my rights, you do not deserve to have sex with me,” she stated.

Other seemingly progressive Twitter users joined in on the call to abstain from sex with men.

“Perhaps a #sexstrike (also known as #abstinence ) would help the men folk to be all in on this #womensrights issue. #RoeVWade,” wrote Monique Pressley, a legal analyst, and political commentator, according to her bio. 

“If you’re celebrating the overturn of RoeVWade, disrespectfully, go fuck yourself. No literally. #SEXSTRIKE Don’t fuck your husbands, don’t fuck your boyfriends, don’t fuck that random from that one app. NO SEX WITH SPERM DONORS UNTIL WE HAVE OUR RIGHTS,” another user wrote

One Twitter user — implied through an image — called for “abstinence” from Republicans. 

Conservatives on social media responded to pro-abortion women by pointing out that calling for a sex strike might not be the dunk they think it is.

“Leftists be like “FINE!! No abortions, we’ll just practice ABSTINENCE!! Take that, religious conservatives!!!,” tweeted Olivia Rondeau.

Jack Posobiec, Senior Editor at Human Events, was pleased that “abstinence” was trending on Twitter.

“Great! Abstinence trends on Twitter in wake of Roe v. Wade ruling,” he tweeted.

Conservative author Rod Dreher also poked fun at the idea of women going on a sex strike.

The New York Post reported on Saturday that the term “abstinence” was trending on Twitter following the decision of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

You can follow Ethan Letkeman on Twitter at @EthanLetkeman.


PHOTOS: Christian Pregnancy Center in Colorado Set on Fire After Roe v. Wade Decision

A faith-based center for pregnant women in Colorado was vandalized and burned Saturday, and authorities are looking for those responsible.

Law enforcement officers were alerted to a fire at Life Choices in Longmont that morning, and upon arrival they saw the building was on fire and had messages scrawled on it that referenced the overturning of Roe v. Wade, according to the New York Post.

In a social media message, Longmont Fire, Police and Community Health and Resilience said the building sustained “fire and heavy smoke damage,” noting the property had been vandalized with black paint.

The agency added the case was being investigated as arson.

One photo showed the phrase, “Bans Off Our Bodies” spray painted at the entrance with the anarchy symbol above it on the wall.

In another image, someone had painted, “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you” on the brick building:

The agency announced in an update Saturday the FBI had joined local officials to investigate.

On Friday, the United States Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade, and held in the Dobbs case that the Constitution did not provide a right to abortion, returning the issue to the states, Breitbart News reported:

Roe was handed down in 1973 in a 7-2 decision, holding that the U.S. Constitution includes a constitutional right to abortion, despite the fact that abortion is not found in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution, and the nation went more than 180 years without ever noticing it existed. It has been one of the most divisive legal issues in American history.

The Life Choices website said it offered free and confidential services that included pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion pill information and reversal, and post-abortion support and care to clients.

Meanwhile, authorities began combing through surveillance footage trying to locate the person or persons responsible for the apparent arson.

Approximately 23 pro-life organizations were reportedly vandalized recently, according to a Breitbart News article published June 14.

“The attacks follow a leaked Supreme Court decision that revealed Roe v. Wade may be overturned this month. If overturned, abortion would no longer be protected by the federal government but would still be legal in many states,” the outlet said at the time.


Flood Rocks Abbott Baby Formula Plant, Likely Delaying Production for ‘Weeks’

Baby formula “production and distribution” at Abbott’s plant in Sturgis, Michigan, will likely be delayed “for a few weeks” after flooding Monday has led to setbacks, the company announced Tuesday.

The plant had only resumed baby formula production on June 4, following a months-long delay stemming from a voluntary recall after complaints that four infants who had consumed products manufactured at the plant developed bacterial infections, Breitbart news previously noted. Abbott’s recall and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) investigations that coincided contributed to the nationwide baby formula shortage that has left frantic parents struggling to feed their infants for months.

Breitbart News

Abbott stated that “severe thunderstorms and heavy rains” in Southwest Michigan caused the flood that rocked portions of Sturgis and “areas of our plant.”

“As a result, Abbott has stopped production of its EleCare specialty formula that was underway to assess damage caused by the storm and clean and re-sanitize the plant,” the company noted. Abbott has alerted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the incident and “will conduct comprehensive testing in conjunction with the independent third party to ensure the plant is safe to resume production.”


The Abbott manufacturing facility in Sturgis, Michigan, on May 13, 2022. (JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)

“This will likely delay production and distribution of new product for a few weeks,” the update continued. 

In Abbott’s June 4 announcement that it was resuming manufacturing at the plant, it noted that specialty and metabolic formulas would be prioritized at the start of production operations while projecting EleCare products release on June 20, as Breitbart News reported:

The company will begin making Similac formula and other regular products after prioritizing the specialty formulas, “with supplies hitting stores several weeks later,” the Walls Street Journal reported, citing “a person familiar with the matter.”

However, on Tuesday, Abbott asserted that it “has ample existing supply of EleCare and most of its specialty and metabolic formulas to meet needs for these products until new product is available.”

“These products are being released to consumers in need in coordination with healthcare professionals,” the update continued. “Parents or caregivers in need should contact their healthcare professional or contact Abbott at +1-800-881-0876 for additional information.” 

Abbott asserted that in June, it manufactured nearly 9 million pounds of infant formula, which was not produced in Sturgis. The figure represents 95 percent of the company’s January output – before the recall.

Once production resumes, the Michigan plant will again work to bolster specialty and metabolic formula supply after prioritizing EleCare manufacturing and will simultaneously work to begin producing Similac formula. 

Before the recall, the Sturgis plant “had produced roughly one-fifth of the infant formula in the country,” as the Wall Street Journal noted. Although the recall occurred in February, and such a significant void in production would undoubtedly have severe negative consequences for the country’s most vulnerable populations, White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese recently contended on CNN’s The Lead that President Joe Biden was not aware of the crisis until April, Breitbart News reported.


Authorities: Two L.A. County Police Officers ‘Murdered by a Coward’ in Motel Shooting

Two police officers in El Monte, California, were shot and killed Tuesday while responding to a report of a possible stabbing at a motel in the city, authorities announced.

At a press conference Tuesday night, El Monte Police Chief Ben Lowry said the officers’ identities are currently being withheld but noted they were a 22-year veteran and a rookie from the El Monte Police Department (EMPD).

“They get up with an oath to protect people and to serve them, and these two heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice. Today, they were murdered by a coward,” Lowry stated. 

In a press release the City of El Monte, some 13 miles West of Los Angeles, stated the shootings took place when the officers responded to a report of a possible stabbing at the Siesta Inn. CBS Los Angeles noted it occurred around 4:45 p.m.

One of the officers entered a hotel room, made contact with the suspect, and was subsequently shot, Los Angeles County Homicide Captain Andrew Meyer said at the press conference, later noting that the investigation was “very preliminary.”  

“The suspect fled the hotel room into the parking lot, and the second officer-involved shooting occurred,” Meyer stated. 

Both officers were rushed to LAC-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles, where they succumbed to their injuries. The suspect was shot and pronounced dead at the scene, and a gun was recovered near the body.

El Monte Mayor Jessica Ancona said the officers were “essentially ambushed” at the scene.

When asked about the “status of the stabbing victim,” the homicide captain said it was his “understanding she was not stabbed,” adding that she was believed to be “the suspect’s girlfriend.” Officers were conducting interviews with the woman.

“I’ve heard the only way to take the sting out of death is to take the love out of life, and believe me, they were loved,” said Lowry. “These two men were loved. They were good men.” 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is heading up the investigation, which the EMPD will “actively” participate in, the city said in its release. 

Ancona emphasized that both “officers were like family in our community with deep ties to our neighborhoods.”

“There are no words to describe our grief and devastation by this senseless act as we learned about the passing of two of our officers,” the City of El Monte, the EMPD, and El Monte Police Officer Association said in a joint statement. “It weighs heavy on our hearts and we are sending our support to their families.”


EXCLUSIVE: Many Border Patrol Agents, Cops Who Responded to Uvalde School Shooting Uninvited from Biden Event

Biden administration officials uninvited many of the Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting from a meeting with the president scheduled for Sunday in Uvalde. Despite the event being planned for a large open-space facility, administration officials cited space as a reason for the retracted invitations.

Law Enforcement officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday morning received an invitation to meet with President Biden during his planned visit to Uvalde on Sunday afternoon. According to a senior Customs and Border Protection source, the officers received the invitation late last week. Many had accepted and were scheduled to attend the private address from the president. Most are now being informed they are no longer invited.

The meeting, specifically to address the law enforcement officers who responded to the shooting is part of President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden’s visit to Uvalde to address the families of the victims of last week’s school shooting at Robb Elementary.

Although the meeting is planned at a location that can accommodate hundreds, more than 90% of the Border Patrol agents who were invited are now being told time and space are limited and they cannot attend. More than 80 Border Patrol agents, including several members of the Border Patrol’s BORTAC special response team involved in the response to the school shooting, received the invitation. Late Saturday evening, the Border Patrol was notified the President could only meet with 7 of the more than 80 agents who responded to the shooting.

In addition to Border Patrol BORTAC tactical unit members who killed the shooter after entering the classroom, others assisted with removing students and teachers from harm’s way. They also provided emergency medical attention to the survivors of the brutal attack. The source says the limitations likely apply to other large law enforcement agencies such as the Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol which participated in the active shooter response as well.

The source says deciding which officers will be allowed to attend on such short notice will be difficult.

“These agents are still traumatized by the incident; the venue is large, and they are not going to buy this excuse,” the source told Breitbart Texas.

The source says mid-level managers from the Border Patrol were tasked to decide who will attend and feels those left out will assume their role in the event was unimportant. “It appears now as if this planned meeting was nothing more than a photo opportunity with the law enforcement community,” the source says.

Randy Clark is a 32-year veteran of the United States Border Patrol.  Prior to his retirement, he served as the Division Chief for Law Enforcement Operations, directing operations for nine Border Patrol Stations within the Del Rio, Texas, Sector. Follow him on Twitter @RandyClarkBBTX.



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