The True Story Of Adolf Hitler And The Third Reich (Audio Only) – February 27th, 2023

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Adolf Hitler’s First Speech as Realm Chancellor | Wake Up !

NonFakeNews – December 16th, 2021

If you’ve never heard this, you should.



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“In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid (virtue signalers) join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” — Mark Twain

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Adolf Hitler Documentary by Der Wolff (eng/subtitles)

A r c h i v – January 27, 2023

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Hitler’s Economic Miracle, Freedom from Debt Slavery


” If Gentiles refuse to live a life of inferiority, then this signals their rebellion and the unavoidable necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence” Cf. Mordechai Nisan, Kivumin, Official publication of the World Zionist Organization,August 1984 pp. 151-156.

The National Socialist Movement in Germany and Austria shut down the Rothschild banks, seized their assets and issued new labour notes as currency, backed by labour provided.
The result was the biggest economic miracle turnaround in history as the usurious class and their crippling debt burden were expelled.
Judea declared war on Germany in 1933.

24 major efforts to avoid war with France and UK by the National Socialists were ignored by the British, French, even unofficial backdoor attempts such as leaflet drops on England (“Last appeal to reason” )and the parachuting in of a senior Nazi to talk with powerful Dukes on a peace deal. The final position of the Germans was offering to leave the siezed ethnic German parts of Poland and also offer assistance to the British Empire should it come under challenge.
All to no avail as Churchill was in and the bankers needed their war and got it. Nations leaving the global cabal banking system will never be accepted even if atrocity propaganda is needed to justify the actions carried out in shutting such recalcitrance down.

Sergeant Major

Germans wanted to end the Jewish usury that enslaved the whole world, today more than ever we need this type of brave men which were the National Socialists. The term NAZI was created as a derogatory term by the Jews, because Hitler was Waking Up the World to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion & The Synagogue of Satan. The Germans were devoted Freedom loving people with National Pride that wanted all other countries to enjoy the same living conditions free from Jewish Communist enslavement. The Germans wanted to cleanse the world from from Rothschild’s Debt Slavery System. Adolf Hitler was the most beloved Freedom Fighter on earth with an approval rating of 99%. The Germans knew that after WW2 there was nothing else if they were to lose the war, the JEW would destroy the entire Free world, and sadly they were correct. This documentary is banned in most countries around the world but thanks to the internet and VPN technology, you no longer have an excuse for being Asleep, Unconscious, and Brainwashed. The only way to stop the Jewish Globalist Communist Cabal with their New World Order agenda is to Awaken to the Truth as quickly as possible and take actions to stop the world-wide Communist enslavement that is in full swing right now. It was the Jews & Rothschild’s that Declared War on Germany and started WW2. Expect lots of thumbs down on this video because we live in a world of braindead Zombies and dumbed down Sheep that are incapable of doing their own research to ever Wake Up. The very fact that 65 to 70% of people on earth lined up for a SUICIDE JAB is Proof in the Pudding. Never forget that Lincoln & JFK both tried to squash the Rothschild Federal Reserve & Central Bank in the USA, and look what happened to both of them.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Ripe for Revival — Reflections on “Great Southland Revival”

It will probably come as a surprise to many people that the word ‘revival’, like the term ‘Trinity’, does not occur in any reputable English translation of the Bible.

However, while the word can’t be found anywhere, the concept can be seen everywhere.

Its origins are simple. It derives from the Latin infinitive revivere, which means to live (vivere) again (re). Basically, it means ‘new life’.

Biblical Beginnings

Paul tells us in Romans 6:4, that we were buried with Christ by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life. He writes elsewhere of being made alive in Christ; of living a life by faith towards God; of experiencing new life (2 Corinthians 3:6; Galatians 2:19-20; Ephesians 2:5; Colossians 2:13).

The Psalmist celebrates the pathway of life (Psalm 16:11) and the promise of everlasting life (Psalm 119:50; 133:3). To summarise: to walk in newness of life is to walk in revival. To be in Christ is to be in a state of revival.

This leads us to the inescapable conclusion that revival is — or ought to be — the everyday experience of followers of Christ. Leo Harris, the pioneer of the CRC churches, described it simply as living out the New Testament.

Geoffrey Bingham, biblical expositor and author, used to remark that revival is basically giving attention to ‘the bread and butter’ issues of life — prayer, Bible study, faith, hope, love, forgiveness, kindness, reliability, steadfastness, integrity and so on.

Biblical revival affects every aspect of what we do and how we behave. This is why the apostle talks of ‘walking’ in newness of life. Walking is steady, ongoing action. It is not explosive or dramatic. Sometimes not even exciting. Missionary hero William Carey attributed whatever success he had experienced to this.

‘I am a plodder,’ he once wrote. ‘I can plod. To this I owe everything.’ Decades of ministry have persuaded me of the same reality. I used to drum into my students a simple, short phrase: ‘Plod with God.’


What we commonly call revival can be seen as the outcome of two direct scriptural terms, ‘awakening’ and ‘visitation’. Frequently, the prophets called people to wake up (Isaiah 26:19; 52:1; Joel 1:5), as did both Jesus (Mark 13:33-37) and Paul (Eph 5:14).

When the people of God become sleepy, they need to be aroused. Such awakening includes the idea of action. Lazarus may be well and truly alive, but he still needs to get up and walk. He is not resurrected to stay in the grave.

Similarly, the Bible frequently refers to times of visitation, when God drops in, as it were, to demonstrate his power. Sometimes, he visits us with judgement (Exodus 20:5; Psalm 59:8; 89:32); more often, he visits us with blessing (Genesis 50:2 4-25; Psalm 106:4; 1 Samuel 2:21). The greatest visitation of all was the coming of Jesus (Luke 1:68; Acts 15:14).

Divine visitations remind us of how things ought to be. Stuart Piggin has written of revival being an intensification by Jesus of the Holy Spirit’s normal activity. For this reason, it is often relatively short-lived. It may also be unexpected. Jonathan Edwards called the initial phases of the Great Awakening ‘a surprising work of God.’

Martin Luther, the premier pioneer of the Reformation, the greatest visitation since the days of Christ, was as surprised as anyone when it began. It is self-evident that awakenings and visitations are necessarily the work of God, initiated by Him. They do not originate as the result of human effort. We cannot awaken or visit ourselves.

God’s Hand Throughout History

It is appropriate to speak of such manifestations as revivals so long as we recognise that they have a purpose beyond themselves. And this is where this book, Great Southland Revival, is so important. The authors make it clear that their aim was not to write another study of the nature of revival, but rather to record how and when revival has been experienced in the past, so that we can be pointed to
possibilities for the future. And they have accomplished this purpose admirably. The book is prophetic.

It is particularly gratifying to read accounts of divine visitation that have been buried, ignored or simply unknown to contemporary Christians. There are many surprises to be enjoyed. It is enlightening to read of the work of the Spirit in apostolic and medieval times; it is heart-warming to see how the Wesleyan revival touched so many lives; it is exciting to observe the impact of the Great Awakening and the Pentecostal outpouring; it is invigorating to trace the Evangelical roots of Australian society.

Many readers will be astonished to learn of the 1902 Simultaneous Mission in Victoria and New South Wales which led to tens of thousands of professions of faith and remarkable social transformation. The best example was the visitation in Mount Kembla — similar to the impact of the Welsh Revival, but predating it by three years.

Or of the astonishing move of God in the mining town of Moonta in 1875, where the whole community was deeply touched by God’s Spirit. Or of the powerful effect of Evangelicalism on the founders of Australian Federation.


This volume offers hope and encouragement to people everywhere, and to Australians in particular. This is not to say we will suddenly all be perfect. It is salutary to be reminded that the congregation at Ephesus, one of the best New Testament churches, included people who had to be instructed not to abuse their families, get drunk, tell lies or steal. Even so, they had been ‘made alive’, that is, revived, and were now far from the darkness that once held them in thrall. They were ‘walking’ in revival (Ephesians 2:10; 4:1; 4:17; 6:2, 8, 15).

It all began with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, followed by months of patient preaching of God’s Word, whereupon God worked unprecedented signs and wonders and the name of Jesus was held in high honour throughout the city (Acts 19:1-17). Idolatry was shattered and inevitably, persecution followed (Acts 19:18-41).

If this is a template of revival, it is salutary to ask where Australia stands on the continuum. Mahlburg and Marsh give us plenty of reasons to ask the question — and to pray for a visitation from on high.

As journalist and Christian apologist Greg Sheridan pointed out in late 2022, Australia has unashamedly taken a position as a pagan nation and is, therefore, like Corinth, another New Testament city, not fit for destruction but ripe for revival. I look forward to the day when a later edition of Great Southland Revival will chronicle that story.

NOTE: To purchase your own copy of Great Southland Revival, click here.

Thank the Source

Word of the Lord for 2023 with Cindy Jacobs and the ACPE Team

The Year of 2023: “The Year of Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil”

As we enter into the year 2023, it is important to see the full spectrum of what the Holy Spirit is doing, both locally, and internationally. This year’s theme, Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil, may seem to be contradictory! How can we have both bountiful blessings and turmoil? The explanation is that we will see blessings in the midst of turmoil.

As the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, we have set our hearts to issue prophetic words, warnings, and admonitions, as well as calls for prayer. Prophetic intercession is an important part of our meetings as we both hear from the Lord and intercede.

When we were founded twenty-three years ago, we agreed to release words that we have consensus about. Individual members may have their own prophetic take upon what they are hearing. However, we have chosen, according to the Acts 13:1-3 model, to only write in this record words that the “Holy Spirit” has said which we all agree upon.

Looking back in our collective history, we see that the words we have issued have been remarkably accurate. One year it was that the European Union was going to fragment. This was before Brexit was announced and the United Kingdom left the EU. Another word was that a virus was coming upon the earth that would seemingly be incurable, and that, of course, was COVID-19.

One significant word that one of our elders gave us over ten years ago was that there was Satan would try to escalate regional conflicts into a premature world war. This was something that Satan would try and do to stop the great harvest in the earth. This actually happened around the beginning of the 1900s with the Student-Led Volunteer Movement, in which 20,000 university students pledged their lives for world missions. However, World War I stopped this great move of God and considerable numbers of young people died on the battlefields. From that time, we have been praying during regional conflicts, such as the Arab Spring, to quell a coming world war.

Here are significant words for this new season:


The Lord has spoken to us that He is going to help each of us establish ourselves as a Goshen. Goshen was the land given to the children of Israel when Joseph was the Prime Minister, in effect, of Egypt. It was the choice land. This land provided for them during the lean years of famine. There are some lean years ahead, and God will reveal to us how to establish our Goshens for the days ahead.

There was an admonition given not to let the enemy feed our fears, but to trust in God for our well-being. How this is to take place will vary. Some will plant gardens. Getting out of debt is important. Others will physically relocate to areas where a Goshen is already established. Still, others will stay and establish their Goshen in the midst of great darkness.

There will be cities of refuge that will be Goshens and experience supernatural prosperity. They are already in the process of forming now.

Psalm 23

Psalm 23 will be a very significant scripture passage for the days ahead. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.  

Around the table this coming season will be restored families. Prodigals will come back to the Lord. Family unity is going to be restored. Another important part of this will be the restoration of hospitality, where believers invite non-believers to dine with them in their homes.

Generosity is going to be poured out as we come to the table of the Lord. Sharing of goods and finances will bless many. This will also manifest through the taking of Communion around the table of the Lord.

Covenantal friends will sit around the table and dream God’s dreams, and then go out and manifest them together throughout the earth. They will form companies together and will literally be “companies of people”. People who have felt lonely and out of place will find lasting friendships. These friendships will provide “nets for harvest.” This will be the harvest of souls and the coming together of disconnected people around the table.

God is going to reveal Himself as the Good Shepherd to us, Who will lead us beside still waters and green pastures. The admonition is to stay very close to Him, and He will lead and guide us in troubled times.

A Time of Fruitfulness and Bounty

Businesses that have struggled will have their breakthrough. Bounty in the hands of God’s children will be a sign and wonder to many.

This bounty is not just for personal security and safety, but to eradicate poverty and misery in others.

Isaiah 60

This chapter is thematic as to what God is doing worldwide today, and especially in Israel today. Gross darkness will encompass the earth, but the glory of God will shine out of the midst.

Provisions are coming for God’s people. We were given the analogy that the “camels are coming” with all we need for our financial harvest (Isaiah 60:6). As the Body of Christ drinks deeply of the Word of God, revelation will flow to show the directions we need to take in our lives. A cursory knowledge of scripture, of the milk of the Word, will simply not be enough to release you into what God wants to show you.

World War III

World War III is going to take place in the future. The word of the Lord was that it can still be delayed.  Prayer teams had already independently planned to go to Taiwan and Wales, to the school that Rees Howells founded to pray about war. They have also subsequently gone to Israel to pray against a world war started by Iran.

Again, over ten years ago, the Lord showed us an alliance of Russia/China/Iran would form as an axis power in a war. Already this has formed on many different levels, and we continue to pray against this alliance that would embroil the world in a horrible war.

(Note: While the teams were in Wales, a bomb fell in Poland that could have started WW3.  This was a spillover from the war in Ukraine. However, after the team prayed at the school in Swansea, the news was, “War delayed!” Thank God for intercessors!)

During the future world war, the harvest will still take place, although many of the potential harvesters could fall on the battlefields. The Billion Soul Harvest will still happen, although a great cost will be paid as a result of the war.

The war will go nuclear, although it will not affect the whole world with its destruction.

A word was also given about a fight around the North Pole and potentially from space itself. The world as we know it will experience great change.

The empire-building spirits want their territories back! Some unknowing rulers are being manipulated by these powers of darkness. Territory belongs to God, however, and we must pray that all false alignment of nations be broken apart.

Global Reset

While the world has declared a global reset, God Himself is resetting the world for the great end-time harvest. The Isaiah 19 Highway of Holiness is forming right before our eyes. This was hastened by the Abraham Accords. There is indeed a highway forming from Egypt, Assyria, and Israel!  Many missionaries are going forth to this significant Middle East region. Prayer gatherings are taking place all across the region and revivals are breaking out.

In fact, many nations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon and others, are experiencing a great harvest of souls in the midst of terrible persecution and unrest. Egypt will experience a great and powerful move of God as the governmental anointing of Joseph is released from its borders once again to shape nations. God is up to great things in the midst of turmoil!

Watch North Korea and its threatening of South Korea and Japan. Massive prayer needs to take place for the whole region, including China, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The “Ring of Fire” nations will experience new turmoil as well.

There are warnings of new terror attacks in Europe and the US. The watchmen must get on the wall.

Many prophets have focused on Haggai 2:6-8 as God shakes nations and releases the wealth of nations.

The whole economic system of the world is in a reset. God is warning that Satan will take advantage of this reset to persecute the church economically. The spirit of the anti-christ has loosed on a level we have never seen as we are marching into the end-time hours.

We are in the midst of a global meltdown of nations. Jeremiah 1:10 states it well: it is a time of tearing down, and then there will be a time of building up.

Great exposure of corruption will take place across the earth during this global reset. Man thinks that he is resetting the nations, but God has an over-arching plan that He is working out behind the scenes.

Divine Recovery

This is the season of “recovering all”, as God divinely intervenes to restore lost finances, property, relationships, and other seemingly impossible situations.

Demonstrations of Power

We are on the eve of the greatest demonstration of God’s power in the earth! This is what has been called the “Saints Movement” where ordinary Christians do extraordinary things. This power demonstration will capture the news and make headlines.

Persecutions will arise against these moves of God and the leaders. Don’t be surprised by this, but keep persevering in the middle of turmoil. Satan is going to try and bring divisions and separate close friends, but remain steady in the work of the Lord.

Seemingly small moves of God will grow big, like what happened in the Welsh revival under Evan Roberts. We will be surprised and delighted at the hot spots of revival here and there. There will be a renewed interest in the history of revival as a new generation cries out for God to “do it again!”

Instantaneous healings will take place and will come like the lightning of God. People will be delivered from mental illnesses, addictions to drugs and pornography, and all manner of terminal illnesses.

The power of God will come in waves of glory. It will be like a tsunami wave of revival.

The Spirit of Offence

There is a spirit of offence that has been loosed in the earth. This is not a low-level type of spirit.  It is very high-level. God is working in the hearts and minds of believers to be “unoffendable.”  There are testings taking place to see whom God can trust to steward this coming great move of God. Even those who feel that they cannot be offended are going to be surprised at the level of offence they are capable of in the coming days.

Pride is a stumbling block. It is usually the root of offence. God admonished us that He is purging and testing the prophets first, as we are called to steward the fresh word, along with other ministries, into the earth. Don’t be caught in the snare of offence! If you are, quickly repent and do not let yourself be separated from those God is calling you to walk with Him in a close way.

We received a strong admonition not to get caught up in a war of words. Even though we are right, we should not get in a protective defensive mode where we try to justify ourselves. We have one justifier, and it isn’t any of us!

The Leviathan Spirit

The Leviathan Spirit will work with the Spirit of Offense. It causes your words to be twisted and used out of context. When it works against individuals, you will manifest it by becoming defensive and even belligerent. Don’t fall into its snare!

The Cluster Anointing

God is raising up teams who will work together on a covenantal level, such as the Clapham Group with Wilberforce in England. There are reformers who will work together to bring about the marriage of righteousness and justice. (Psalm 89:14)

These teams will have the “cluster anointing” such as given in Isaiah 65:8, which says that “new wine is found in the cluster”. Reformation teams will see the needs of nations on many levels, which will lead to their transformation.

The moral reformation is going to take place as even the Hollywood industry swings the pendulum to more family-friendly entertainment.

Part of the “cluster anointing” will see the partnering of the Apostle/Prophet/Evangelists. There will be a deep relational partnering and love for each other that will greatly advance the Kingdom of God.

A beautiful partnering of worshipping prophets will arise that will lead in the new song with a new sound for the new day. Choirs will once again sing. This will help release the fulfilment of the Tabernacle of David being rebuilt in our day.

The east and west coasts of America will be shaken by the power of God and new teams will go out to both plow the ground for revival and steward it to keep the rivers of revival flowing.

The relationship of different gifts working together will give momentum to furthering the Gospel, as well as great advances in releasing God’s will in the earth.

The Prophetic Movement

It was prophesied by Bishop Bill Hamon in the 1980s that God would raise up 10,000 prophets in the US and 100,000 around the world. We have certainly seen an escalation of this in recent days. There were very few recognised prophets even in the ‘90s, but now there is an abundance.

A cautionary word is important here, as we saw revivalists who were prophets veer off into deception in former days. God is requiring prophets to be aligned with local churches and other mature leaders in order to avoid this deception from getting into the prophetic movements.

Satan will bring a false prophetic movement that will “smear” the real prophets and try to take away from their integrity. We were given a warning to guard our hearts and not be on the attack, but to walk in love. Great discernment is needed to know who is a false prophet and who is simply prophesying in a manner that occasionally misses the mark.

Many prophets have been in seasons of distress. We are in a Jeremiah season where it will not be easy to be a prophet, but it will be glorious!

The Ekklesia

The understanding of the ekklesia is going to cause the local churches to shake off old wineskins and move into seeing the establishment of apostolic centres. Great spiritual authority will come into manifestation, and these centres will become discipleship centres to heal the nations. Revival and Reformation will be the theme of the day. The Body of Christ will move from the sidelines to the frontlines.

Ekklesia leaders from many countries will form multinational alliances and respect and esteem each other’s strengths. One prophet likened the weaknesses in nations as ‘soft spots” that we need to work together to cover. The ekklesia leaders in nations will celebrate one another and not be in competition.

The prophets, in particular, need to celebrate and cover one another as we manifest our different callings. For instance, we need to rejoice at what is happening with the prophetic evangelists and their role in revival and the harvest.

Some churches will be divided in the coming days. Churches will persecute other churches and the polarity will increase. Some churches have even made science what they bow down to rather than hearing what God is saying. There is a religious spirit that will raise its head and try to tear down the new moves of God. The next generation must be protected by the ekklesia leaders and not let them become jaded by infighting in the church itself. Beware of a marriage between the religious and political spirit.

God will give solutions to weighty problems through the ekklesia. In order for this to happen, leaders must have these Three Cs: Character, Competence, and Capacity. God spoke to us that great ethics and character cannot necessarily solve the problems of the earth. We need the power of God to solve the earth’s problems. God’s power through understanding these Three Cs will equip us to be reformation leaders.

Humility was deeply stressed for the coming days. The word that came to us was, “Bend low, for the sword of the Lord is coming.” Part of this humility must be to give the glory to God, and not look for credit for what we have prophesied. Do we require credit?

God warned us that there is a divine urgency in the coming days to be holy and prepared for what is to come. Not to be afraid, but to walk in holiness.

Part of the move of God among the ekklesia will be the importance of honouring Israel and an understanding of God’s timetable through the feasts.

The ekklesia will see the raising up of “Architectural Forerunners” who have a building gift and see the vision and help make it happen, while honouring those who have come before them.

Prayer Movements

We received another important admonition for the prayer movements of the earth to not grow weary and lose hope as if their prayers were not being heard. God is moving whole civilisations around and it is a process. Keep praying during God’s process, for though the answers seem to tarry, they will not be late! God’s timetable seems to be “wait” and “suddenly.” Your prayers are availing much.

The next generation is going to catch the fire of intercessory prayer. All-night prayer meetings on college campuses will become normal. These “boiler room” prayer meetings are birthing rooms for campus revivals. Universities across the world will see great moves of God likened to the Jesus People movement in the United States.

New England, in the United States, is going to feel the rumbling of God’s power as the wells of revival are opened! Look to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, as well as others to experience God’s power and presence. God is preparing His “firebrands” who will be instruments of stewarding these moves of God, just like Whitfield and Wesley.


Nations must be discipled and taught of the Lord. The 7 Mountain teaching is one structure that will help the ekklesia do just that. This movement is no longer in the “early adopter” phase, but now in the mid-adopter phase where many people in nations are understanding their role as believers in seeing that their nations are righteous.

New power sources will be released into Europe and the nations of the earth, with technologies that will cause many to marvel.

Global Josephs and Daniels

In looking at the world’s powers, we see that the war over nations is also an economic one. For instance, Taiwan is the world’s largest chip manufacturer. Although the sand from Egypt is imported to build the chips, the nation that has the chip production is largely Taiwan. Therefore, it is a critical part of China’s desire to rule the world economically. It was noted that Arizona is becoming an important part of Taiwan’s production of the chip industry. Chips are used in computers, smartphones, and other technology.

As mentioned earlier about the Josephs, God is anointing Daniels as well, who will work internationally with the cluster anointing to release funds into the Kingdom. Nations, such as Kenya in Africa, will be the recipient of the bounty being released through international entrepreneurs. Look to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and other African nations to begin to move into transformation economically because of the leaders of these nations.

The Josephs and Daniels will be in the lead in East Africa as a great revival will break out in the region again.

The United States

There is already an awakening happening in the United States. Many fires are burning bright, including what is being called “facedown glory,” in which people are falling on their faces and weeping before a holy God. Tears water the seeds of harvest. God spoke to us many times from prophets of various nations about powerful moves where the glory of God would be manifested.

The pressure on the Church will increase. Further persecution is coming, but there is a remnant arising with great power. There will be pockets of light even in the political sector, and they will be given great power even in the midst of a wicked generation.

The US is going through a reset meant to shake even its very roots, but God has His righteous remnant through the ekklesia, who are going to be able to release godly legislation at the state levels. It is now obvious, even as we have been prophesying for many years, that there will be sheep and goat states; or those who will be holy and following God, and those who will be more and more wicked.

The economies of the righteous states will grow and grow, but some goat states will be practically bankrupt. However, God has a remnant even in those states and revivals will break out which, over time, have the ability to turn these states toward righteousness.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade gave some breathing room to the nation that stayed God’s hand of judgment. However, it also exposed what was in the hearts of many state governments.


Originally published at Generals International. Photo by fauxels.

Thank the Source

Victims Demand an End to Pakistan’s Unjust Islamic Blasphemy Laws

Asia Bibi, now living in Canada after being acquitted of a wrongful blasphemy charge in 2019, is speaking out against Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

Calling them a “great injustice,” the ex-pat Pakistani Christian pointed out the lack of proof and “long sentences” imposed on those accused.

Bibi then scolded Pakistan’s largely Islamic authorities for “beating the innocent, instead of protecting them.”

Plea for Mercy

In an interview with progressive online media organisation Naya Daur (NDM), Bibi, who spent eight years imprisoned on inconsistent and contradictory evidence,  condemned the “black law,” stating,

“The clerics do not understand the Bible or the Koran even after studying them. In the name of God, open your hearts to mercy. Pakistan is not just for Muslims.”

The mother of 5 spoke of how her own ‘mother died while she was prison, and how her father was kept away.’

Bibi also expressed lament at being so far from home.

While Canada is a safe distance from the cesspit cells of Pakistan’s correctional bureaucracy, exile, is, in many ways, itself a prison sentence.

Living in exile means her husband Ashiq (60) and daughters Eisham (22) and Eisha (23) are away from the country she loves and the family they had to leave behind, including three children still in Pakistan.


Additionally, Bibi has ‘no formal education,’ which has made adapting to her new country a challenge.

This, along with illiteracy, language barriers, her husband’s health issues, unemployment, and their low income, are making exile all the more bittersweet.Free At Last book

Bibi works a ‘menial job, lives in a rented house, and [allegedly] receives no royalties from the sales of her autobiography, Free at Last (co-written with Anne-Isabelle Tollet), the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCA) reported.

Summarising her story as “a painful test from God”, Bibi added, “People benefitted a lot from my name but I didn’t get anything.”

Other than allegedly being ripped off by her publisher, Bibi explained, the Canadian government only helped her out for a year.

Missing home, Bibi said the community support isn’t what she thought it would be.

Critical of her choices after being freed, Bibi’s jaded lawyer Saif ul Malook said her current struggle was one of her own making.

He told UCA,

“She was playing in the hands of NGOs who made false promises. Being illiterate, she has no idea of marketing herself and as a result she is depressed. She didn’t even thank me after the acquittal.”

Constant Danger

Malook’s unsympathetic comments are understandable.

He faces his own possible imprisonment and/or execution-via-Muslim-mob for defending Christians — aka blasphemy law victims — on a daily basis.

‘Blasphemy is a deeply emotive topic in Muslim-majority Pakistan and is legally punishable by death,’ noted the BBC in an information piece on Malook from 2021.

In the BBC piece, Malook said recent death threats were the worst he’s experienced.

He then criticised Pakistan’s government for ‘not providing him with adequate security.’

Though critical of Bibi’s homesick homily, Malook’s experience upholds Bibi’s claims.

As the BBC asserted:

‘Blasphemy convictions in Pakistan by lower courts are often overturned on appeal. Human rights activists say more junior judges are intimidated into convicting suspects despite flaws in their cases.’

Forced to Confess

Another case relayed by ACN in May recounted the story of Shagufta and Shafqat Emmanuel, a Christian couple imprisoned for seven years before being released in 2021.

Arrested in 2013, Shagufta described the scene, stating, “we were terrified to see several police vans pull up, with dozens of officers. They raided our house and detained us on charges of blasphemy.”

The couple was accused of sending an “offensive message about Mohammed” from their mobile phone.

During interrogation, her husband, Shafqat — paralysed from the waist down due to a stray bullet he took while trying break up a fight “a few years before” — was forced to “confess, or Shagufta would be raped in front of him. So, he confessed, even though we were both innocent.”

Mum and dad to three boys and one girl, the couple were separated. Shafqat was thrown into Faisalabad Gaol, while Shagufta was sentenced to death.

Their four children also had it rough, hiding and moving around a lot because Islamists “had threatened to kill them”, Shagufta told ACN.

Pressured into converting to Islam on the premise her death sentence would become life in prison, Shagufta refused, declaring: “I would rather be hanged than deny Jesus Christ.”

Recalling her time in prison, Shagufta said,

“For a while, Asia Bibi was my neighbour on death row in Multan. Whenever we met, we used to pray together, console each other and renew our firm faith in Jesus Christ.”

Shagufta continued,

“At Christmas time, we would share cake with other Muslim and Christian prisoners.”

Remembering how Bibi’s release gave her hope, Shagufta recalled,

“My heart was filled with joy, and I was convinced that one day I too would be released. Finally, it happened, and my husband and I were set free.”

Hitting the same notes as Bibi’s lament, Shagufta added,

“How unfortunate it is that, just like Asia Bibi, Shafqat and I could not stay in Pakistan with our family, and had to get asylum in another country, because fanatic and extremists Muslim were set on killing us if we stayed in Pakistan.”


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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The Public Square, “Religious Neutrality” and the War on Christianity

The public arena is not neutral — rival religions are competing for hegemony.

We are told — at least in theory — that in the West all points of view are welcome, and they can be argued for in public forums. This may have been more or less true not all that long ago, but things have changed. Here I want to look at how one recent book deals with this issue, but I must do two other things first.

One, I must mention that I recently revisited the important 1984 book, The Naked Public Square by Richard John Neuhaus. In it, he argued that religion was being stripped away from the public square. But the question is, do we still have a neutral or empty public square? Or has a new religion rushed in to fill the void? As one writer put it a few years ago:

True as Neuhaus’ observation of a “naked public square” may have been for his time, it no longer holds. The public square was “naked” only as a transitional stage, as one set of adornments — woven from religious tradition and taken from the wardrobe of the moral imagination — were taken down to make way for other, more daring ones.

Today the public square is festooned with the draperies of multiculturalism, gender fluidity, and all the false colors of an ideology committed to using the federal government to re-order society in accordance with the dictates of the new religion. Adherents of this new religion no longer feel the need to hide their contempt for the old draperies, or for those who loved them.

Two, and related to this, I recently quoted from a February 2022 article by Aaron Renn who discussedThe Three Worlds of Evangelicalism”. He says that things have radically shifted in the past few decades (at least in America), so evangelicals will need to rethink how we engage in the public arena.

He mentioned three worlds: The Positive World (Pre-1994); The Neutral World (1994–2014); and The Negative World (2014–Present). While Christianity was once viewed positively, it is now treated in a hostile fashion. So just trying to be winsome and nice will not cut it. We are now on a war footing.

Those two preliminaries nicely tie in with the book I said I wanted to focus on. I refer to Stephen Wolfe’s Christian Nationalism (Canon Press, 2022). This is a significant book that I will discuss in a number of forthcoming articles, including a proper review.

Christian Nationalism bookSubtle Stranglehold

Here I just want to look at a short section (pp. 339-345), where he discusses the stranglehold of liberalism’s soft tyranny, especially on public life, and how we must reject the myth of religious neutrality. He does not refer to Neuhaus, but he does mention Renn once or twice, although not in this section.

He of course is not the first Christian thinker to discuss these matters. But I like what he has to say here. And it comes in the context of why believers should not be shy in affirming their faith and beliefs in the public arena. The other side is always pushing theirs, so we should be willing to stand for Christian truth in public as well.

Wolfe notes that hardcore outward persecution of Christianity is rare. What is happening is much more insidious:

“Today, we contend with the soft power of liberalism — a power that has been remarkably effective at destroying religiosity in the West without firing a shot and without significantly undermining ‘religious liberty’.”

He then offers a great quote from the recent book The Demon In Democracy by Polish philosopher Ryszard Legutko, who lived under both communism and liberalism. He says the endgame of both seems quite similar: both have succeeded in making secularism triumphant:

All the objectives the communists set for themselves, and which they pursued with savage brutality, were achieved by the liberal democrats who, almost without any effort and simply by allowing people to drift along with the flow of modernity, succeeded in converting churches into museums, restaurants, and public buildings, secularizing entire societies, making secularism the militant ideology, pushing religion to the sidelines, pressing the clergy into docility, and inspiring powerful mass culture with a strong antireligious bias in which a priest must be either a liberal challenging the church or a disgusting villain. In short — one may wonder — this nonreligious and antireligious reality of today’s Western world very close to the vision of the future without religion that the communists were so excited about, and which despite the millions of human lives sacrificed on the altar of progress, failed to materialize.

Says Wolfe, this has

occurred both without the use of explicit power and under the guise of “freedom” and “toleration.” There was no explosive event of anti-religious tyranny. A thousand nudges seemingly led Christians, largely willingly or at best begrudgingly, to confine their religion to churches, privatize religion, and surrender the public to hostile secularization.

The uniqueness of our time is that modern liberal power seemingly protects religious liberty while simultaneously undermining religion with implicit social power. Secularism dominates the institutions and has normalized a “neutral” value system that conflicts with Christian moral teaching. “Neutrality” and “diversity” provide the perfect cover for the pervasive use of implicit power to undermine and control religion.

Christians were not ready for this. We are ever-vigilant for that explicit, outward, open, physical, declared, and official persecution. We received this expectation from the Christian tradition — a tradition formed in times very different from our own. But we don’t live in the same world as our spiritual forefathers, in the world of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. The powers of our modern world — the ones that undermine true religion in the West – are more implicit and psychological; they operate in the normalization of secularism.

He continues:

Christians in the West are enmeshed in totalizing liberal regimes. Though seemingly limited in explicit power, liberal regimes have universal reach: Every square inch is secularist, unless granted an exception by the state. Christians in civil life must adopt either a secularist or a non-threatening religious posture. Contrary to what is promised and assured, there is no neutrality or contestability in the public square. As Lugutko said, “In defense of pluralism, we give people the right to choose any available philosophy, provided that they choose liberalism.”

Compelled Conformity

The war on real Christianity becomes apparent in such a milieu:

The regime’s chief objective is suppressing an activist Christian religion that seeks Christian normalization and anti-secularism. The American regime does not want to eradicate religion. Thinking so was the error of prior generations of concerned Christians and perhaps also the error in strategy of the New Atheists twenty years ago. Rather, modern liberalism, at least in the post-Trump era, requires that the distinctives of the religion are either rendered harmless to the regime or the regime harnesses it for its own ends…

Christian Americans should see themselves as under a sort of occupation. … The occupation universalizes their ideology, forcing your Christianity to exist only in the walls of churches, denying any civil and social ordering to God and Christ’s kingdom. The top-down and foreign imposition of secularism is evident in Supreme Court decisions, though these are only the tip of the iceberg and most visible to us.

He wraps things up this way:

When Christians are under a universalizing and totalizing non-Christian regime that wields implicit powers against true religion, how is this not tyranny? Is this not an assault on the people of God, who are forced to live in a public square that wars against Christ’s kingdom and against the nature of true humanity?

The natural spheres of life, each with its own God-ordained power, are ordered against God and His people. This certainly is tyranny, though there isn’t, at first glance, a clear tyrant. We see a modern regime made up of politicians, bureaucrats, media, Hollywood, public intellectuals, academics, corporations, HR directors, public health officials, foundations, medical associations, etc. The regime is the threat.

Everything he says here comes from Chapter 8, which is about “The Right To Revolution.” What he says about revolution will have to wait for another article. But I like how he highlights the very real changes that have occurred over recent decades, and how we need to recognise that full-on persecution is already here, but just in a form that we may not have expected.

As such, the public square is not at all naked, but a new kid on the block has moved in and taken control. And his values and beliefs are overwhelmingly opposed to those of the biblical Christian. How we got this way and what we should do about it is the focus of this important new book. Stay tuned for further articles on it.


Originally published at CultureWatch. Photo by Malcolm Lightbody.

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