They Just Mandated Masks…While Swimming…

covid masks mandate beach spain

Spain has passed a new law forcing people to wear face masks everywhere outside and even while swimming in the sea. Yes, really.

The masks mandates continue into 2021

The legislation, which came into effect on Wednesday, mandates face coverings for children as young as six, with refusniks facing fines of €100 euros.

The only exemption to the rule is adults playing sports outside, but people tanning outside or swimming in a pool or the ocean are still required to cover up.

“This will apply to people who are sunbathing or even swimming in the sea,” confirms the London Evening Standard.

The utter stupidity and real danger of having to wear a face mask while swimming in the sea goes without saying.

Having to wear a face covering while placing yourself in a situation where you have a heightened risk of encountering breathing difficulties is totally insane.

Thankfully, there has been a huge backlash to the law, which has “spread dismay through Spain’s tourism industry,” according to the London Times.

“We are going through the kind of hell that threatens to wipe out thousands and thousands of jobs and businesses,” said José Luis Zoreda, vice-president of Exceltur, the main lobby group for Spanish tourism.

“And now they want to turn the beaches into open-air field hospitals,” he added.

Big government using the virus as an excuse to control its citizens

One respondent on Twitter exemplified the sentiment of many potential holidaymakers – that they would simply avoid Spain altogether.

“If Spain requires masks on the beach after 17 May, I’ll cancel my holiday to Marbella and go to Cyprus or Florida where tourists’ money is welcome,” he said.

Officials in some areas have vowed not to enforce the mask law around swimming pools and on the beach and it is being ignored anyway by the vast majority of beachgoers if recent photographs are anything to go by.

Responding to the story, epidemiologist Prof Mark Woolhouse said there were zero examples of crowded beaches causing COVID outbreaks because there is “very little evidence of outdoor transmission” of the virus.

“There’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge,” said Woolhouse, who told a committee of MPs that visiting the beach would be one of the safest things to do.


Vaccines Will Never Be Enough, So Media Is Conditioning Americans To Live In A Digital Fantasy Land Forever

As of April 13, more than 189 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The seven-day moving average for cases sits at 49,409, the lowest since last October. There were 328 COVID-attributed deaths on April 11, the lowest number since early September.

This data, however, does not matter much to fear-mongering corporate media, who have tried to condition the American people into COVID alarmists camping out in their basements watching Trevor Noah until the end of time.

While those aged 18 to 24 have an estimated 0.006 percent probability of dying from the disease, a new YouGov poll shows this subgroup is the most “nervous about the prospect of social interaction.” Even though individuals 55 and older were polled as the least nervous about returning to normal, this subgroup is the most at risk of contracting the disease and dying.

Even though America is being vaccinated in record numbers and death rates are falling, whole swaths of the country remain in lockdown or full-mask modes.

Stay Inside Forever, They Say

The bars remain closed in Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s California, many businesses remain shuttered in New Mexico, and Wisconsin still advises residents to remain home, according to the most recent restrictions tracking. If you are a three-year-old child in Illinois, you are mandated to mask. Six-year-olds and up in Kentucky must wear a face covering in public, according to the state’s health department. Take a walk outside in Massachusetts as a five-year-old, and it’s time to mask up as well. Forget science.

Even with a case-fatality rate of 1.8 percent and a 99.8 percent survival rate for those younger than 70 in the United States, we allow ourselves to be led by talking heads who make a profit by pedaling fear porn. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who has contradicted himself more ridiculously than he can throw a baseball pitch, appeared on MSNBC on Sunday to say Americans still cannot eat indoors after being vaccinated.

Host Mehdi Hasan asked Fauci if it is okay for people to move indoors. Fauci replied, “No, it’s still not. For the simple reason that level of infection, the dynamics of infection in the community are still really disturbingly high.”

“If you are vaccinated, please remember that you still have to be careful and not get involved in crowded situations, particularly indoors where people are not wearing masks,” Fauci added.

Conservatives lost it after this — and for good reason.

At Mar-a-Lago beach club in Palm Beach, Fla. this past weekend, former President Donald Trump joked Fauci would eventually tell Americans to wear “five” masks. “Have you ever seen anybody that is so full of crap?” Trump said.

The message is clear. Even if you receive one of the COVID-19 vaccines, which have efficacy rates as high as 95 percent, you still need to supposedly social distance and live your life in a shell — or so the media says. An article in CNN a year ago said social distancing would continue until 2022 “if no vaccine is quickly found,” but it appears that the left is interested in Americans social distancing even after they receive a COVID vaccine, in addition to fostering endless societal alienation.

In an article in NBC News, Christina Wyman, an adjunct professor at Michigan State University, romanticized how the pandemic has “benefited” Americans, such as herself, by lessening the anxiety of hugging and kissing. “The pandemic has unshackled me from the casual touches that define interpersonal communication for most people,” Wyman wrote.

“While I long for the day that the pandemic will disappear like a thief into the night, I fervently hope that this deeper respect for physical boundaries stays with us,” Wyman wrote.

This is the kind of nonsense that plagues America. People need to be together again, not shuttered away in Zoom cubicles, never touching anyone again. Any romanticizing of the “new normal” in America needs to be rejected. And it will be, as people more and more go out in public and realize the physical world supersedes the artificial one.

Social Distancing Not Required for Social Justice

Back in January, Matthew Conlen, Denise Lu, and Why Vaccines Alone Will Not End the Pandemic,” citing a model and supposedly predictive study by Columbia University.

“The arrival of highly effective vaccines in December lifted hopes that they would eventually slow or stop the spread of the disease through the rest of the population,” the article states. “But vaccines alone are not enough, the model shows.” If vaccines are not enough for Americans to resume their lives, what is? What is acceptable to cease the shifting goalposts?

This question has been answered already. The left wants to shutter our lives until something appealing to the “social justice” cause pops up, like another Black Lives Matter protest turned rogue. The New York Times, which has blared COVID alarmism throughout the pandemic, published a piece this past summer titled “Are Protests Dangerous? What Experts Say May Depend on Who’s Protesting What.”

“Why protests aren’t as dangerous for spreading coronavirus as you might think,” ran a headline in The Guardian. “Black Lives Matter protests haven’t led to COVID-19 spikes. It may be due to people staying home,” MSNBC said, referencing a National Bureau of Economic Research that only referenced data three weeks after the events ensued.

But when Floridians go out in public, or when people flock to the Sunshine State for spring break (which admittedly will get rowdy), it is a COVID-19 super spreader. When Trump has a rally, it’s a super spreader. When Republicans riot for a day at the Capitol, it is a super spreader.

Beyond the reality that everything is only a super spreader to a party intent on politicizing a disease, the left’s intention of keeping Americans in lockdown mode forever and ever is destructive beyond measure. In addition, it is insulting our intelligence while eroding our constitutional rights and societal freedoms.


Teachers Union Decides They Are Too Lazy to Go Back to School

chicago teachers union COVID strike

After months of battles between the Chicago Public Schools district (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), as well as the municipal government, high schools in the Windy City are set to reopen for in-person classes on April 19th.

Lazy ass teachers want to get paid for staying home

(Most K-8 schools have at least partially reopened at this point.) Or at least they were. With the reopening already announced and emails going out to families explaining the details, the situation looked largely resolved at last. But that’s when CTU President Jesse Sharkey stepped in yet again to try to slam the brakes on the process, in what CBS News described as a “snag” in the negotiations.

He’s citing rising numbers of new COVID cases in the city and positive test results in some of the schools that have already reopened as the reason for yet another delay. And, as usual, the CTU has its usual set of demands to be met before the high school teachers will return to do their jobs.

The Chicago Teachers Union is in ongoing negotiations with the Chicago Public Schools and that call led to some snags Wednesday.

CPS and Mayor Lori Lightfoot are holding firm on keeping April 19 as the date for high school students to return to the buildings. But union leaders now want that plan delayed for at least a week.

“We do not yet have an agreement for safe reopening,” said CTU President Jesse Sharkey.

But for CPS, it is full steam ahead – with some schools already sending emails to students opting to return that tell them what days they will be back in classrooms effective April 19.

Democrats milking the COVID pandemic for every last penny they can get

A quick look at the reasons Sharkey is offering makes this latest incident of hostage-taking look dubious at best. First of all, it’s true that Chicago has seen a 2% rise in new cases over the past couple of weeks, primarily among “younger people.”

But those are younger adults. The reason for that is the fact that so many of the older residents are vaccinated at this point that young people who were ineligible for the vaccine are mostly the only targets left for the virus. As for the claim about new cases in schools, there were some of those also. But we’re talking about 13 adults and eight students out of 642 schools, more than 41,000 staff members, and 355,000 students. That doesn’t really add up to an “outbreak,” does it?

Sharkey is pushing for a one-week delay, but also once again insisting that everyone is vaccinated. Teachers were already prioritized for vaccinations, but since Sharkey’s union told the teachers to hide their vaccination status, the district can’t very well deliver the figures on that score. As for the high school students, nearly half of them are too young to receive the vaccine and the 16-18-year-old kids are supposed to wait two more weeks before signing up.

That should be a largely moot issue anyway since the CDC has confirmed that transmission rates among students are quite low. At this point, it’s looking as if the CTU is just trying to run out the clock and keep the schools closed until the summer recess begins.


Yosemite National Park Cites COVID-19 To Limit Number Of Summer Visitors

Yosemite National Park will require visitors to obtain day-use reservations to enter this summer citing the coronavirus pandemic. The reservation system will go into effect May 21 and will last through the peak summer season to Sept. 30.

“The health and safety of park visitors, employees, and partners continues to be our number one priority,” the park service said in a press release Thursday announcing the decision, despite a lack of any data that shows widespread danger of outdoor viral transmission.

In fact, highly ventilated outdoor spaces with fresh air and ultraviolet light make for the safest circumstances to deter spread of the novel Wuhan coronavirus. Yosemite however, among the nation’s most prominent parks will again remain closed and off-limits to those without temporary day-use permits required for all pass holders just as it was last year.

Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park and Montana’s Glacier National Park each also announced the implementation of reservation systems this summer.

The new restrictions come as domestic travel is expected to spike as the nation’s economy recovers and more American adults become eligible for vaccination by May. Airline traffic is already on the rise. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), more than 1,580,785 individuals were screened at airport checkpoints on April 2, the highest number of screenings in any single day since March of last year.

While the National Parks Service has consistently reported upwards of more than three-hundred million visitors each year since 2015, only less than 240 million visits were recorded in 2020.


Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination and the SPARS 2025-2028 Simulation? A Plan to Launch a New Pandemic?

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Compulsory Vaccination in Europe

Today the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has just opened the door for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines across the continent. It voted against the right of parents in the Czech Republic to refuse mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for their children. The judgement was based on the value of the “common good” which, according to the court, is above the human right to refuse vaccination. See here.

RT reports today,

The COVID-19 pandemic has coughed up many issues about what our governments and public health authorities can do, none more controversial or divisive than those surrounding the mass compulsory vaccination of entire populations.” 

This is setting a precedent throughout Europe for the governments to proceed with compulsory vaccination against what was once upon a time a “human right”.

The seemingly unavoidable tyranny is taking form, every day more and clearer. It seems, all courts have been taken over by the “satanic cult” that pretends to rule our world, our humanity 

SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028

On another note, is there a plan to launch a new pandemic (plandemic), the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028.

This is based on a Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security paper that was apparently written already in 2017, as a fictitious scenario “in the future”.

This, just 2 years before the infamous Event 201 (18 October 2019 in NYC), where a SARS coronavirus simulation gave birth to the COVID-19 plandemic the humanity is presently burdened with.

It had been written for “decision-makers”, government officials, the co-opted scientific and medical community and politicians. Is it real, or is it fake to deviate public opinion from what is being imposed today on humanity?

Why would it surface now, and why would they tell us what strategy those who are to betray us shall apply?

Be the judge.

Below, two important recent articles by Peter Koenig: 

Human Rights for Children: Saving Children from COVID Measures Abuses (6 April 2021)

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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he has worked for over 30 years on water and environment around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020)

He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.

Featured image is from Children’s Health Defense


Did Big Government Make The Pandemic Economy Worse?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, John Tamny, author of “When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason” and Vice President at FreedomWorks, joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss how federal government’s decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic made the U.S. economy worse.

“Let’s not forget that historically, economic growth has always been the biggest enemy of death and disease whereas poverty has easily been the biggest killer mankind has ever known,” Tamny explained. “Yet, when given a choice in March of 2020, politicians chose contraction as a virus mitigation strategy.”

This “one-size-fits-all” strategy based on the decisions of a few people, Tamny argued, did nothing but destroy the economy.

“It also blinds us to the information that tells us, why is it spreading more in New York? Why does it seem to hit New York so hard? Why does it seem to hit Florida, with so many old people not as difficult? What are the answers to this? We didn’t really get that because they chose one-size-fits-all in so many instances,” Tamny said.

Listen here:


Jewish Family Forced Off Plane Because Their 2yr Old Wasn’t Following the Communist Rules

family kicked off plane orlando

A video has gone viral of a Spirit Airlines flight attendant forcing a Jewish family of four to disembark a plane in Florida on Monday because their 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a mask.

COVID Nazis kick a family off a plane because the baby took off her mask

The mother is 7 months pregnant and the little girl was eating yogurt on her mom’s lap at the time of the incident. The family also had their special-needs 7-year-old son with them and he reportedly experiences seizures. The flight was going from Orlando to Atlantic City. The Eisenberg family had just celebrated Passover in Florida.

Video shows a flight attendant reprimanding and threatening the family because of the toddler who had just turned 2-years-old a month ago. The father, Ari Eisenberg, spoke with the attendant but she insisted that they needed to leave the plane for “non-compliance” with the mask rules. She blamed it on the pilot but it turned out it was another male flight attendant who was objecting to the family.

The father had his mask down and then pulled it back up while the attendant pointed to the child and said: “She’s not wearing a mask,” as the child spooned more yogurt into her mouth.

“The baby?” the mom, Avital Eisenberg, asked.

A woman next to the family pointed out to the attendant that “a lot of kids aren’t wearing masks.”

“You’ve been sitting next to me. Was I wearing the mask the whole time? Was I wearing the mask the whole time everybody?” asked the father.

“I’ll make sure he wears it. Everything is going to be fine,” said another man who videoed the incident.

The mom told the attendant, “That’s only a child and a 2-year-old.”

“It’s not my choice. You have to take your stuff and get off,” the attendant demanded. She kept repeating over and over that the family was in “non-compliance with the mask policy.”

“We’re done talking. The pilot wants you off, so you have to get off,” she asserted.

The mother pleaded with the woman: “She’s a baby. She just turned two a month ago. She’s been trying to wear it.”

The China Flu is making people crazy

Then the attendant threatened to call the police which she evidently followed through on. Everyone was forced to disembark the plane. The father can be heard saying, “the captain was OK with it, the entire plane was OK with it but there was one African American that was not OK with it.”

The police were present in the walkway coming out of the plane. One officer stated: “They’re the ones who were the problem,” as the family in the middle of the controversy walked by.

“Upon arrival, officers saw that the flight was in the middle of de-boarding. Our officers stood by, while Spirit Airlines resolved the issue,” a spokesman stated.

Spirit Airlines claims that the parents broke their rules and that the real incident was not caught on video. But many are disputing that claim and call it a lie. They said that the family was issued a warning and then allowed back on the plane so they could continue to their destination.

“I have no words. Next level craziness. I understand if I gave someone attitude…but there was none of that. We were about to take off,” the father, Ari Eisenberg told Fox News. “Everything was fine and all of the sudden someone comes over to us and asks us to deplane. We did comply they and nothing to say. I kept asking what didn’t we comply with and they had nothing to say.”

“My son missed his medication window. Thank God he didn’t have a seizure. He was sitting there in a soaking wet diaper because I couldn’t change him during the whole thing,” the mother said. “My daughter is going crazy from all this it was a terrible terrible experience to go through let alone someone with a special needs child.”

The Daily Mail is claiming that the male flight attendant who had the problem with the family in the first place was escorted off the plane by police and not allowed to re-board. Comments from a number of passengers seem to support that accusation, however, Spirit Airlines is adamant that was not the case. They are claiming that he left because of a crew change and the police being near him was sheer coincidence.


Covid is SURGING in Another Dem Operated State, Joe Can’t Seem to Get Things Under Control

covid lockdown virus michigan spike

The month of March brought massive increases in COVID in Michigan, according to data from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Active cases of the virus are up more than 163% from March 1 through March 30, according to the data, and up more than 56% just in the last week.

The COVID scamdemic continues into year two

The increase in active cases coincides with a massive increase in daily new cases of COVID-19. On Tuesday, Michigan reported a daily total of more than 5,000 new cases and 48 new deaths, 20 of which were identified in a review of vital records.

The day before, the state reported more than 8,200 new cases over the weekend, which averaged out to more than 4,000 new cases per day.

On March 1, there were around 32,400 active cases of the virus, and by March 30, there were around 85,400 active cases. That’s an increase of 163.58%.

Michigan also had the worst COVID-19 infection rate for any state in the country over the last 7 days, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the data on their COVID tracker, Michigan had 361.5 cases of COVID-19 per every 100,000 people. That puts Michigan at the highest in the country, grouped only with New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Virus being used to advance left wing agenda

New Jersey had the second-highest COVID-19 rate at 351.7 per 100,000 people. Both New York and Connecticut were below 300 per 100,000.

However, Michigan’s COVID-19 infection rate does trail New York City, which the CDC does not calculate as part of New York State. NYC over the last 7 days had a COVID-19 rate of 366.5 per 100,000 people.

The state also ranks second in the country for the B.1.1.7 variant, which is more transmissible. According to CDC data, Michigan has 1,237 cases of the B.1.1.7 variant, behind only Florida which has 2,351 cases of the variant.

The state is continuing to vaccinate more people. As of March 29, there have been 2,680,794 Michiganders who have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.


Climate Activist Dealt Dose of Karma After Video Goes VIRAL

John Kerry flight no mask

White House climate envoy John Kerry is firing back against accusations of liberal hypocrisy after photos of him flying with a mask dangling from one ear circulated on social media. Lefties shut down small businesses while they continue collecting their paychecks. They tell us to stay home while they continue to travel and have fancy dinners out with friends. They tell us to wear a mask while they take theirs off on flights.

John Kerry is another hypocritical Democrat

“Feels like there’s some St. Patrick’s day ‘malarkey’ afoot on Twitter,” Kerry tweeted Wednesday evening from his official White House climate envoy account. “Let’s be clear: If I dropped my mask to one ear on a flight, it was momentary. I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do.”

The former secretary of state, senator and 2004 presidential candidate was photographed while reading in the first-class cabin with his mask hanging from his left ear on an American Airlines flight from Boston to Washington, D.C., as reported by conservative news outlet The Tennessee Star.

President Joe Biden signed an executive order in January requiring face coverings on commercial flights and other forms of public transportation. Ten days later, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued more specifics on which face coverings are acceptable, who is exempt and when passengers are allowed to remove their masks.

American Airlines spokesperson Stacy Day told USA TODAY that the cabin crew “did not observe Secretary Kerry without a mask, and they were not alerted by other customers to a noncompliance issue.”

She added: “We continue to review the matter, and we are reaching out to Secretary Kerry to underscore that all customers are expected to wear masks for the duration of their trip.”

The CDC’s mask order allows passengers to remove their mask while eating or drinking; however, in the photo, Kerry’s tray table appears to up and there are no drinks or food in sight.

[embedded content]

Lefties make rules for us while they do what they want

Donald Trump Jr. and Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton lambasted Kerry.

“His mask is off & he isn’t eating or drinking,” Trump Jr. tweeted. “Will he be fined for breaking the law & banned from [email protected] like regular citizens would be?”

Cotton, who was asked about the incident during a Fox News interview, said, “Leaders should try to set a good example if they’re going to impose rules on the American people – they should try to follow those rules as well.”

Last July, American Air said it reached out to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz after he was spotted on one of its planes with no mask in sight. But there was no federal mask mandate in place at that time.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been aggressive in enforcing the mask mandate since it took effect in late January. In January, the agency announced there would be no more warnings for uncooperative passengers. It has since proposed steep fines for passengers who repeatedly refuse to comply with the mask rule.


Is Social Distancing Over Or Is It Just Beginning?

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Senior Editor Chris Bedford and Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky discuss how a year of irrational lockdowns and strict mandates has divided Americans on how involved the government and communities should be in policing residents and their neighbors about social distancing and other COVID-19 mitigation regulations.

“It quickly became like, around here in different areas of D.C., performance, and people who are willing to rat on you and tell on you and say that they’re better than you and to go after your priests, to go after anyone,” Bedford said. “And that’s, that’s a really bad thing for society to have that level of anger at each other. ‘I’m the new police officer around here.’ … That’s really dangerous.”

While distance from human experiences already plagued people before the pandemic due to the shift into a virtual era, the social distancing measures demanded over the last year seem to have added to that phenomenon in a way that might be difficult to reverse.

“We’re never going back to normal, and that is abundantly obvious,” Jashinsky said.

“You learn that entirely,” Bedford agreed. “And that comes with so many different forgotten things. People say it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal, it’s no big deal, and it’s kind of like the same thing we have with the masks, and now I can’t see half of the person’s face. No one can smile or frown or show any expression. We’re all just eyeballs.”