Primary Elections in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania – Results and Open Discussion

Primary Elections in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania – Results and Open Discussion

Today is the primary voting day in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, & Pennsylvania.  Results will begin coming out tonight.  Consider this an open discussion and results thread (will remain atop site throughout).

Polls close in Kentucky at 6:00pm (EDT) / 7:00pm for counties using Central time, North Carolina at 7:30pm (EDT), Pennsylvania at 8:00 pm (EDT), Idaho at 8:00 p.m. (MDT) / 9:00pm for counties using Pacific time, and finally Oregon at 8 pm (PDT) Oregon primary is mostly by mail.

New York Times – Election RESULTS HERE


Decision Desk HQ – Election Results HERE

The most watched race tonight will likely be the republican Pennsylvania Senate primary race between Kathy Barnette, David McCormick and Mehmet Oz.  Pennsylvania polls close at 8:00pm EST.


*** Election Night Livewire *** Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, Oregon Vote in Contentious Primaries

*** Election Night Livewire *** Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, Oregon Vote in Contentious Primaries

Voters in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho, and Oregon all head to the polls Tuesday to select their nominees in both GOP and Democrat primaries in what is thus far this year perhaps the biggest election night yet.

Center-stage is Pennsylvania’s GOP U.S. Senate primary, where celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz – with former President Donald Trump’s endorsement – aims to secure the nomination and advance to the general election. Both Oz and businessman David McCormick, who despite his Wall Street history has run one of the most America First campaigns this cycle, have spent north of eight figures bashing each other to smithereens in a brutal ad campaign. Kathy Barnette, the author and conservative commentator whose powerful personal story has captivated voters, has surged into the top tier in the final weeks of the campaign, giving both of the big spenders a run for their money. Who wins between Oz, McCormick, and Barnette, will have major implications for the future of the GOP, for the party’s chances in the general election in Pennsylvania, and whether the GOP has a shot at retaking the U.S. Senate majority in these upcoming midterm elections in November.

The winner of that primetime primary is likely to face Democrat Lt. Gov John Fetterman in the general election, assuming Fetterman can swat away primary opponents, including Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA), even after suffering a stroke that has left him hospitalized in the final days of the campaign.

In addition to many key congressional primaries as well, voters in Pennsylvania will also select nominees in both parties for governor. On the Democrat side, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is a shoo-in and looks to make his general election bid formal on Tuesday night. On the GOP side, divisions remain despite a last-second endorsement of state Sen. Doug Mastriano from Trump. Mastriano, a deeply-flawed candidate with a messy history on the issues, has relied on a divided field to poll well ahead of the rest of his opponents. Other Republicans, most prominently former Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA), have waged a desperate campaign in an attempt to hold him off.

In North Carolina, Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) appears to be coasting into the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate – something that just a few months ago was no sure thing. However, Budd, with Trump’s endorsement, has rallied late in the spring to a commanding lead in the polls representing a generational shift inside the GOP towards outsider candidates like him and J.D. Vance in Ohio, who won his primary a couple of weeks ago. Several down ticket congressional primaries are up for grabs, too, most notably whether Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) can hold off a primary challenge, and some open seats will test Trump’s endorsement there as well.

In Oregon and Kentucky, Democrat infighting in their primaries could potentially be the story of the night, and other races loom large there possibly. In Idaho, GOP Gov. Brad Little faces GOP Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin in a primary. Trump endorsed McGeachin, another test of the former president’s strength inside the party, especially in a deep red state like Idaho.

Follow along here for live updates as the results pour in from across the country. The polls begin closing in parts of Kentucky at just 6 p.m. ET and the rest of the state at 7 p.m. ET. In North Carolina, the polls are open until 7:30 p.m. ET, and in Pennsylvania until 8 p.m. ET. In Idaho, the polls close at 10 p.m. ET, and in Oregon most of the polls close at 11 p.m. ET though some in areas that follow Mountain Time close at 10 p.m. ET.

UPDATE 8:48 p.m. ET:

In North Carolina, two more Trump-backed GOP House members have fended off primary challengers:

UPDATE 8:35 p.m. ET:

With 5 percent reporting in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary, McCormick still leads–now with 33.4 percent compared to Oz’s 21.9 percent. Barnette is in third with 20.3 percent.

UPDATE 8:30 p.m. ET:

Another Trump-backed candidate won in Kentucky:

UPDATE 8:26 p.m. ET

With 4 percent reporting according to the New York Times, McCormick is holding a double digit lead over Oz. McCormick’s 36.4 percent leads Oz’s 23.3 percent. Barnette, meanwhile, is in third at 17.3 percent.

UPDATE 8:22 p.m. ET

Another update on the Cawthorn situation in North Carolina–he is performing really strongly in Election Day votes versus early votes where he did poorly:

UPDATE 8:18 p.m. ET:

On the Democrat side, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman appears to be coasting to the nomination and Dave Wasserman of Cook Political Report says he already won:

Fetterman is literally in a hospital right now recovering from a stroke, a late breaking story that threw a curveball into an otherwise uneventful Democrat primary even though Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA) was running against him. No news organizations have called this one yet, but it seems to be a lock. Fetterman is an avowed socialist and will give whoever the GOP ends up nominating a good fight in November.

UPDATE 8:14 p.m. ET:

Oz is leading in the early Philadelphia County returns, but McCormick has the early statewide lead for now.

UPDATE 8:10 p.m. ET:

It’s worth noting those first Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary results are from Allegheny County, where McCormick is expected to do very well. Some early results from Northampton County on the other side of the state also have McCormick leading there too. It’s still very early, so this race will tighten big time as other counties begin reporting.

UPDATE 8:07 p.m. ET:

The very first results are coming in in Pennsylvania. With 1 percent reporting according to the New York Times, David McCormick has a huge lead. McCormick, at 42.6 percent, is way ahead of Mehmet Oz’s 22.7 percent while Kathy Barnette is at 15.6 percent. It is still very early here so expect this to tighten and change significantly.

UPDATE 8:05 p.m. ET:

An update on Cawthorn’s situation–Wasserman says it is looking good for young flashy congressman at this point:

UPDATE 8:03 p.m. ET:

In North Carolina’s 13th congressional district GOP primary, Bo Hines–the Trump-backed pick–has a healthy lead so far but it is early. With 23 percent reporting according to the New York Times, Hines has 30.9 percent–close to a double digit lead–and leads by about 1,500 votes.

UPDATE 8:00 p.m. ET 

The polls have closed in Pennsylvania, where the banner race of the night–the U.S. Senate GOP primary–is, and results there are expected imminently.

UPDATE 7:54 p.m. ET:

It is worth noting that the open U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina that Budd just won the nomination for and is easily the favorite over Beasley in November’s general election is being vacated by retiring Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC). Similar to in Ohio a couple weeks ago, where the outgoing Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) saw the GOP primary for his seat won by another outsider J.D. Vance, this seems to be the beginning of major changes to the Republican Party–and the U.S. Senate–in 2022.

UPDATE 7:52 p.m. ET:

On the other side of the aisle, Democrat Cheri Beasley has wrapped up her primary and will face Budd in November in the critical swing state of North Carolina:

UPDATE 7:51 p.m. ET:

The polls were not closed for even 20 minutes before the Associated Press made the official call for the Trump-backed Ted Budd, who is now the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate:

This was clearly a landslide, or blowout, election victory for both Budd and Trump.

UPDATE 7:49 p.m. ET:

Meanwhile, in the 11th district, Cawthorn might be in a bit of trouble:

UPDATE 7:47 p.m. ET:

With 11 percent reporting according to the New York Times, Budd has a commanding lead over McCrory and former Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC). Budd has 57.8 percent to McCrory’s 25.5 percent while Walker has just 8.7 percent.

UPDATE 7:40 p.m. ET:

Ted Budd has taken a huge lead in the very early results, and Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report has already called the race for him:

News organizations have yet to call it, but it seems like Budd is as expected coasting to victory. This is another win for Trump, and more importantly was not always as sure a thing as it turned out to be in the last few weeks. As recently as late winter or early spring, Budd was trailing in the polls or even with his opponents. Trump’s early endorsement, as well as a strong campaign from the conservative outsider, seem to have generated significant momentum for him and propelled him to way out in front in this critical race. Budd is likely to face Democrat Cheri Beasley in the general election.

UPDATE 7:36 p.m. ET:

Another Trump endorsement, Rep. Andy Barr (R-KY), won his primary:

UPDATE 7:34 p.m. ET:

One to watch closely in North Carolina is the primary challenge that Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is facing. He’s endorsed by Trump, but has been dogged by a series of attacks in recent weeks. The primary runoff thresholds also, per some experts, benefit him:

UPDATE 7:31 p.m. ET:

Another Trump endorsement, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), has won his primary:

UPDATE 7:30 p.m. ET:

The polls have now closed in North Carolina, where the GOP U.S. Senate primary is set to be the banner race but several down-ticket primaries matter as well. Results should be coming very soon and if the polls showing Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC) significantly leading huge over former GOP Gov. Pat McCrory are right a call should be imminent.

UPDATE 7:23 p.m. ET:

Those 26 Trump endorsements on the line on Tuesday night are as follows, according to Trump’s team:

Idaho-Governor: Janice McGeachin
Idaho-Senate: Mike Crapo
Idaho-01: Russ Fulcher

Kentucky-Senate: Rand Paul
Kentucky-01: James Comer
Kentucky-02: Brett Guthrie
Kentucky-04: Thomas Massie
Kentucky-05: Hal Rogers
Kentucky-06: Andy Barr

North Carolina-Senate: Ted Budd
North Carolina-03: Greg Murphy
North Carolina-05: Virginia Foxx
North Carolina-07: David Rouzer
North Carolina-08: Dan Bishop
North Carolina-09: Richard Hudson
North Carolina-10: Patrick McHenry
North Carolina-11: Madison Cawthorn
North Carolina-13: Bo Hines

Pennsylvania-Governor: Doug Mastriano
Pennsylvania-Senate: Mehmet Oz
Pennsylvania-08: Jim Bognet
Pennsylvania-10: Scott Perry
Pennsylvania-11: Lloyd Smucker
Pennsylvania-13: John Joyce
Pennsylvania-14: Guy Reschenthaler
Pennsylvania-16: Mike Kelly

UPDATE 7:21 p.m. ET

The polls have closed in Kentucky, and several of Trump’s endorsed candidates have already won. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) won his primary easily:

So did Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY):

In total, Trump has 26 endorsements on the line nationwide on Tuesday night.


New ‘Menstrual Dignity’ Act Puts Taxpayers On The Hook For Thousands Of Tampon Dispensers In Boys’ Bathrooms

New ‘Menstrual Dignity’ Act Puts Taxpayers On The Hook For Thousands Of Tampon Dispensers In Boys’ Bathrooms

More affirming the delusions of people enduring a gender identity crisis…

Red Voice Media | By Gregory Hoyt May 6, 2022

SALEM, OR – The state of Oregon recently enacted a new law that is going to put taxpayers on the hook for having tampon dispensers installed in boys’ bathrooms inside every public school and college in the state, with the express purpose of the legislation meant to affirm the delusions of people enduring a gender identity crisis.

The legislation signed by Governor Kate Brown has been dubbed as the “Menstrual Dignity Act,” which initially started out as a bill intent upon ensuring female students at school have access to feminine hygiene products – a.k.a. tampons.

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But when it comes to the state of Oregon, absurdity is always around the corner, and such was the case for the Menstrual Dignity Act, as legislators decided to expand feminine hygiene product access to all boys’ restrooms in public schools and colleges.

Writing for The Daily Signal, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins claims that this “latest madness, which affects every public school and college in the state, is expected to cost up to $400 a machine.”

MORE NEWS: CNN Claims Capitol Police Are Worried About ‘Far Right’ Violence Following SCOTUS Leak [VIDEO]

According to the guidelines that followed the legislation, it’s plainly spelled out that this effort to install costly tampon dispensers inside boys’ restrooms across the state is being done to appease the perennially gender-confused hyper-minority within Oregon.

“Importantly, this law affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation.”

Also, any references to “women” or “girls” menstruating are nowhere to be seen within the published guidelines for the Menstrual Dignity Act, instead the guidelines explicitly instruct school staff to never associate menstruation with women or girls – calling for staff to adopt language like “menstruating students.”

“Refer to menstruation without calling in gender in order to be gender-affirming for trans, non-binary, and two spirit students. Emphasize physiology during puberty education more broadly. Use ‘menstruating students’ instead of ‘girls’; Use ‘menstrual products’ instead of ‘feminine hygiene products’; Explain ‘someone with a uterus and ovaries may begin to menstruate’ instead of ‘girls may begin to menstruate’ during puberty education; Use gender-inclusive ‘students’ ‘folks’ ‘everyone’ ‘learners’ or ‘they/them’ instead of ‘boys and girls’ or ‘he or she’ when referring to students.”

Read more

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

‘Menstrual Dignity Act’: Oregon Public Schools to Stock Feminine Products in Boys’ Bathrooms

‘Menstrual Dignity Act’: Oregon Public Schools to Stock Feminine Products in Boys’ Bathrooms

Feminine products, including tampons and pads, will be placed in all boy’s restrooms at Oregon Public Schools starting in the 2022-2023 school year to comply with the state’s 2021 “Menstrual Dignity Act” law.

The law requires “that both tampons and sanitary pads are available at no cost to students through dispensers located” in all student bathrooms, including boys’ rooms at elementary, middle, and high schools and every other public school building in the state.

Currently, the law requires that tampon and pad dispensers are placed “in at least two student bathrooms of every public school building.” “Student bathrooms” in the legislation refers to girls’ rooms, boys’ rooms, and unisex bathrooms. The change goes into effect on July 1, 2022.

Portland Public School (PPS) announced in an April 17 release that it had begun preparing for the upcoming requirements:

Starting next year (2022-23), products will be available in all restrooms (male, female, and all-gender) in every PPS building where education occurs. To ensure timely compliance, PPS ordered 500 dispensers. Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls’ restrooms, and more will be installed in all remaining bathrooms, including boys’ restrooms, next year. Instructions for how to use tampons and pads will be posted in all bathrooms.

The release later added that all K-12 schools are receiving “basic lessons around the four pillars of Menstrual Dignity including Privacy, Inclusivity, Access, and Education” from the “Health and Adapted/Physical Education team.”

Free pads and tampons are seen in a bathroom at Justice High School in Falls Church, Virginia, on September 11, 2019. (Photo by Alastair Pike / AFP) (Photo by ALASTAIR PIKE/AFP via Getty Images)

Free pads and tampons are seen in a bathroom at Justice High School in Falls Church, Virginia, on September 11, 2019. (Photo by ALASTAIR PIKE/AFP via Getty Images)

Oregon has also published a 26-page Menstrual Dignity for Students Tool Kit, the introduction of which reads in part:

Importantly, this law affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation. Research also connects gender-affirming bathroom access to supporting student safety at school.

Bridget Barton, who is running as a candidate in the state’s Republican Gubernatorial primary, ripped the law while speaking with Fox News Digital:

Radical leftist woke policies are destroying Oregon from our streets to our businesses to our schools. But as a mom, a new grandmother, and a Republican candidate for Oregon governor, I can’t believe we’re even discussing this — America’s most unpopular governor, Kate Brown, is putting free tampons in the boys bathrooms of Oregon’s elementary schools.

Clearly Brown cares more about what’s going on in the bathrooms than what’s going on in the classrooms.

A similar law was also passed in Illinois last year. Republican Illinois state Rep. Avery Bourne noted at the time that elementary school-aged boys were likely to misuse the products, the Center Square reported.

“When you give a grade school boy something that’s adhesive, they’re going to put it in places,” Bourne said. “These products are not inexpensive and they are going to be misused if they are placed in elementary school boys’ bathrooms.”


Jury Refuses To Convict Men Entrapped By FBI In Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

Jury Refuses To Convict Men Entrapped By FBI In Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

A jury refused on Friday to convict any of the four men standing trial for supposedly plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer after strong evidence that the FBI tricked them into the plan.

After 20 days of trial, jurors determined that Daniel Harris, 24, and Brandon Caserta, 33, were not guilty of felony charges of conspiracy to “unlawfully seize, confine, kidnap, abduct and carry away, and hold for ransom and reward, or otherwise, the Governor of the State of Michigan.”

Jurors could not agree on the fates of Adam Fox, 38, and Barry Croft Jr., 46, so the men left the trial with no verdict and with the possibility of being brought to trial again.

Prosecutors representing the U.S. Department of Justice argued that the group of men were anti-government extremists who schemed to violently take down Whitmer for her role in promoting Covid-19 tyranny in Michigan. They exchanged lighter prison sentences for testimony from two other men found guilty of participating in the Whitmer kidnapping racket, helping absolve the government of any blame in the case.

When news of the alleged plot surfaced, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and corporate media smeared the men accused of wrongdoing as “white supremacists.” Some journos blamed the plot on President Donald Trump even though some of the men involved were openly anti-Trump.

“If the president read his intel briefings and understood the dogma of white nationalist groups, he’d realize that language like ‘LIBERATE MICHIGAN!’ is read as tacit permission — if not explicit encouragement — for militias to take action,” Politico’s chief political correspondent Tim Alberta wrote.

Defense attorneys, however, countered the government and media’s attempts to pin the plot on Harris, Caserta, and others with evidence that the FBI deliberately hatched the plot and manipulated the men into joining the motley crew led by government informants.

District Court Judge Robert Jonker tried to stop the defense from raising issues of entrapment until after the government argued its case but rescinded his decision after it became clear that the FBI’s involvement in the ploy could explain the defendants’ participation.

As Julie Kelly, a senior writer at American Greatness, documented in her work exposing the FBI’s corruption, “more than a dozen FBI undercover agents and informants were involved in the kidnapping caper” and even paid tens of thousands of dollars by the government for their role.

These agents and informantsserved in the key leadership positions of the militia group, trained the militia members in military tactics, actively recruited participantsand funded much of the militia’s activities.”

The FBI’s plot to entrap the men draws strong parallels to the intelligence agency’s attempts to charge and convict a group for occupying federal land in Oregon. Brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy were ultimately found not guilty of conspiracy and weapons charges in 2016 when evidence that the government used at least a dozen confidential informants to exacerbate the occupation.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordangdavidson.


Portland Children’s Hospital Instructs Kids To Bind Their Genitals And Solicit Sex Shops

Portland Children’s Hospital Instructs Kids To Bind Their Genitals And Solicit Sex Shops

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland has been teaching “safe tucking” and “chest binding” to minors confused about their sex, even referring them to a local sex shop as a resource. Chest binding means putting pressure on breasts to hide them, and tucking means similarly treating male genitals.

Doernbecher, a division of Oregon Health and Science University, operates a “gender clinic” for “transgender and gender-nonconforming children and teens.” The “clinic” provides puberty suppression, hormones, and genital mutilation (under the name “gender-affirming surgery”) to children confused about their sex. 

Teaching Kids to Tie Up Their Organs

The hospital’s “Safe Tucking” handout describes ways for boys confused about their biology to hide their healthy organs. “Tucking can reduce any concerns you have about your body, how your clothes fit and how safe you feel in public,” the handout reads.

Doernbecher advises youth to use tight underwear — or even tape — to hide their genitalia. “There are two main ways to tuck: with tape and without. You might find that simply wearing tight underwear smooths things out enough,” the handout continues.

The hospital even goes so far as to instruct boys on “putting your testicles inside your body.”

“This part of tucking is not for everyone. … But if you want to try it, here are the steps,” the handout says, before proceeding to describe this process. I’ll refrain from discussing further details for the reader’s sake, but Doernbecher offers a diagram of the process for children. While the hospital gives confused boys instructions on how to hide their genitalia, it acknowledges several side effects, including urinary tract infections and loss of circulation. 

Doernbecher also offers a handout entitled “About Chest Binding.” This handout describes ways for girls confused about their sex to hide their feminine biology.

“Chest binding can help people of any gender feel more comfortable with the way their chest looks and feels,” the handout reads.

The hospital instructs girls on ways to measure their chests for binding, in order to flatten their breasts. At the same time, however, Doernbecher acknowledges the potential health complications, noting that improper binding “can keep you from breathing normally, make fluid build up in your lungs and even cause serious injuries, such as broken ribs.”

Giving Kids Sex Shop Recommendations

If that wasn’t enough, Doernbecher refers minors to sex shops as resources. In instructing boys where to find “tucking clothing,” the hospital boasted that one shop, Origami Customs, has been featured by Planned Parenthood. The business aims to be “anti-capitalist,” according to its website.

Origami Customs is “a company that offers people of any size, shape, age, ability and gender expression a safe way to have customized items that meet their needs,” the site says. “While we can’t say that any company is truly anti-capitalist, we are trying our hardest to find a better way to be.”

Doernbecher also refers children to a local sex shop called “SheBop.”

“SheBop is a sex-positive shop in Portland. They sell gender-affirming clothing items as well as sex toys, videos and more,” the “tucking” handout originally read. (Since I originally took a screenshot of the page on March 17, the references to sex toys and videos appear to have been quietly removed.)

SheBop advocates for “equity in the adult industry,” according to the shop’s website.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to sex education or pleasure,” the website reads. “We are working to decenter whiteness — in our hiring practices, education program, product selection, and beyond. We recognize there is more to equity than dildo skin tones.”

SheBop is officially only open to adults, but Doernbecher recommended children contact the shop outside of business hours.

“The shop is for people age 18 and older, but they offer appointments before or after hours for younger shoppers. You can schedule an appointment by calling them or emailing,” the handout originally noted. (The language has since been changed to note the need for a parent or guardian and a consent form.)

Damaging Kids’ Minds and Bodies

The handout’s recommendations potentially violate state law, as ORS 167.075 and ORS 167.080 prohibit “exhibiting an obscene performance to a minor” and “displaying obscene materials to minors.” I reached out to the Doernbecher Gender Clinic and SheBop for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Doctors usually begin taking steps to repress children’s biological sex around puberty, according to the hospital’s website. “Medical treatment usually doesn’t begin until puberty. This is commonly age 10 or 11,” the website says. “We are happy to meet with you and your child before that, though.”

The United Kingdom’s High Court affirmed the obvious in December 2020: Children do not have the capacity to appropriately weigh gender transition treatment. “There is no age appropriate way to explain to many of these children what losing their fertility or full sexual function may mean to them in later years,” the High Court said, in a decision that was later appealed.

Youth who describe themselves as transgender also face higher risks of depression, self-harm, anxiety, suicidal ideation, or attempting suicide by two to three times, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health.

Logan Washburn is studying politics and journalism at Hillsdale College. He is a correspondent for Campus Reform and an outreach assistant for the Freedom Foundation.


Former Democrat Mayor Faces Charge for Child Pornography

Former Democrat Mayor Faces Charge for Child Pornography

The former mayor of Beaverton, Oregon, was arraigned Friday for possession of child porn but pleaded not guilty.

Dennis “Denny” Doyle served three terms as mayor and between November 2014 and December of the next year “allegedly possessed digital material containing child pornography,” the Beaverton Valley Times reported.

The 73-year-old was charged with one count of possession of child pornography, the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Oregon said in a press release regarding the case.

The material that was allegedly in his possession included images of children under 12-years-old.

“If convicted, Doyle faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, and a life term of supervised release,” the agency noted.

He was the city’s mayor from 2009 until 2020 after losing his reelection bid. He had previously served with the city council for over a decade.

“Doyle, a Democrat, was re-elected for a second term as mayor after gaining 69% of the primary vote in May 2012, and he ran unopposed in 2016 for a third term,” the Times report continued:

During his time in office, Doyle focused on various environmental initiatives in the city. He worked on adding more solar panels to Beaverton homes, and in 2012, he was awarded the 2012 Mayors’ Climate Protection Award.

Doyle was a paid employee of the Westside Metros Soccer Club when he took office. He helped found the nonprofit youth club, which is now the now the Westside Timbers Soccer Club, in 1993.

In a social media post on Friday, journalist Andy Ngô shared a photo of Doyle and noted Beaverton is located near Portland.

Current Mayor Lacy Beaty addressed the situation in a statement, writing, “Like you, I am shocked by the news today. We elect leaders with the expectation that they will serve, protect and advocate for our children, families, and communities. The charges against former Mayor Doyle are deeply concerning.”


Protest of School Mask Mandates — Students Begin Walk-Outs [Video]

Protest of School Mask Mandates — Students Begin Walk-Outs [Video]

Students Begin Walk-Outs Across America in Protest of School Mask Mandates

Becker News

Blue state governors are in full retreat across America, save for last bastions of Covid insanity like New York.

As reported earlier: New Jersey is done. Connecticut is done. Delaware is done. Oregon is done. But many school boards are defying governor’s orders and court rulings that dictate that parents and students have the right to determine whether or not the schoolkids wear masks.

In Illinois, a judge has issued a restraining order on the governor’s school mask mandate, but Chicago area school boards are resisting the court ruling and clinging to the edicts.

“Frustrated Chicago-area students walked out of school Monday after being told they were required to wear masks to attend class, despite an Illinois judge having issued a temporary restraining order against the governor’s statewide school mask mandate,” the Daily Mail reported.

“The maskless Vernon Hills High School students were denied entry into classrooms and escorted into the gymnasium, where they were instructed to either mask up, leave school and have a parent report the absence, or work on classwork isolated in the gym,” the report added.

“Video of the protest shows a throng of students exiting the gym before walking out the school’s front doors where they are met with applause and positive remarks including: ‘Good job, way to stand up for yourselves.’”

In Vernon Hills near Chicago, students filed out of the school after being given an ultimatum by the principal: Mask up or go home.

“Students at Vernon Hills near Chicago leave their school,” STV tweeted. “The director announced to them that from now on they either come to school wearing masks or they leave. The students chose the latter. Previously, the same situation occurred in Virginia and the state of Washington.”

In Virginia, school boards have pushed back against new Governor Youngkin’s executive order that make masks optional in the state. A legal challenge from the parents and school boards that had issued a stay on the order was recently struck down.

“The Supreme Court of Virginia has tossed out a case challenging Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order allowing parents to opt their children out of school mask mandates,” the Blaze reported.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares celebrated the court ruling as a victory for parents.

“Today, the Supreme Court of Virginia rejected a challenge out of the City of Chesapeake to Governor Youngkin’s Executive Order Number 2. The Governor and I are pleased with today’s ruling. At the beginning of this pandemic, Governor Northam used his broad emergency powers to close places of worship, private businesses, and schools and impose a statewide mask mandate,” Miyares said.

Blue state governors and teacher’s unions can cling to the inordinate power that Covid seems to have given them. But that power is proving to be fleeting as scientific reality has set in. The truth has finally caught up to the lies. The charade is over.


(TLB) published this article from Becker News as written and compiled by Kyle Becker

Header featured image (edited) credit: Students/Photo by Sophia

Emphasis added by (TLB) editors



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