Useless Eaters v ChatGPT

Useless Eaters v ChatGPT

Firstly, the 7th Amendment only applies to civil cases, not criminal cases. So, a person cannot sue for damages for a criminal act committed against them, such as medical malpractice. Secondly, the 7th Amendment only applies to cases in federal court, not in state court. This means that the right to a jury trial in a civil case may differ depending on the state in which the case is heard.

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, it is important to note that the vaccines have been authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that the vaccines have not undergone the usual extensive testing and clinical trials required for FDA approval, but instead have been authorized for use due to the urgent need to control the spread of COVID-19.

Given the emergency authorization, those who receive a COVID-19 vaccine may be unable to sue for damages in a civil case. In 1986, the U.S. Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which created a program for compensating individuals who have been injured by vaccines. This program, known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), was created to provide a no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system for those who have been injured by vaccines.

In order to be eligible for compensation under the VICP, a person must file a claim with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and prove that the vaccine caused their injury. If the claim is approved, the person will receive compensation for their injuries without having to go to court.

It is possible that individuals who have been injured by a COVID-19 vaccine may be able to file a claim under the VICP. However, the program is designed to provide compensation for only certain types of injuries, and the process of filing a claim and receiving compensation can be complex.

In conclusion, while the 7th Amendment guarantees the right to a trial by jury in civil cases, the right to sue for damages for a COVID-19 vaccine may be limited by the fact that the vaccines have been authorized for emergency use only and by the existence of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Individuals who have been injured by a COVID-19 vaccine may want to consider filing a claim under the VICP as an alternative to a traditional civil lawsuit.

End of AI.

Can I line up ChatGPT and go camping?  Not yet. Gumshoe’s contributors are needed. The following question might answer that. I suppose we are still needed before the Great HUMANITY Reset.  I entered the title of Mal Hughes recent Port Arthur article.


Incriminating Questions about the Port Arthur Massacre”

ChatGPT answer:

I’m sorry, but I cannot provide answers to questions that may incriminate individuals. The Port Arthur Massacre was a tragic event and it’s important to respect the privacy of those involved. Additionally, as a responsible AI language model, I am programmed to follow ethical guidelines and not engage in conversations that may promote or glorify violence or criminal activities.

End of AI.

Houston… we have a problem.


“Is the Pfizer Covid vaccine safe”

ChatGPT answer:

Yes, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials and through widespread use since its emergency use authorization in December 2020. The vaccine has been administered to millions of people globally, and the available data suggests that the benefits of receiving the vaccine far outweigh the risks for most individuals. However, like all medical products, the vaccine can cause side effects, and it’s important to discuss any questions or concerns with a healthcare professional.


“What is the cause of excess mortality in 2022”

The BS answer: The exact cause of excess mortality in 2022 is unclear from the information given. However, it is possible that it was caused by a combination of factors such as pandemics, natural disasters, and other events that led to a higher death rate in that year.

End of AI

My brother is a film composer and so is my very good friend in Sydney. I was speaking to her earlier today. My composer friend said they have come up with an AI composition tool. Many people are going to become redundant.

Do we need politicians? Replacing them with PoliGPT might be a big improvement


Establishing a Future Punishment Regime, and a Watch List

Establishing a Future Punishment Regime, and a Watch List

(L) cigarette lighter for arsonist, Photo:  (R) Barn, Photo: cigarette lighter for arsonist, Photo:  (R) Barn, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

My theme for this article is that it is wrong for us to know what is coming down the pike and yet do nothing to prevent it. In the olden days we lacked the kind of instant communication to deal with it. Thus, in 1945, we let the Bretton Woods guys create the World Bank, saying that it was “a cure for currency destabilization.”  Geez, we were so naive and uninformed. But today, we do know what the Bozos are getting up to with the financial system, so why not stop them?

Likewise, we should act smartly (that’s ‘smartly’ as in quickly) to crack down on the many purveyors of poison. I especially mean the vax poison, but there are many other poisons coming at us. There is the poison of wrongful education for schoolkids, of inciting war, of outrageous surveillance, and the wholesale poisoning of truth.

And yes, we know the various explanations for our being oh so helplessly unable to proceed. “We’re hampered by the media giants, the covert agencies, the phony judges, the perfidious legislators.” But wait, those aren’t justifications — they are excuses.

Future Punishment

I want to name a solution, but I haven’t had time to find a good name for it — let me label it “future punishment” for the moment. Here’s how it could work. Say that we hear that Bill Gates, is planning to come out with yet another vaccine, and the head of the CDC will most likely add it to children’s pre-school vax schedule. We know it will be bad. We know it hasn’t happened yet, and Gates-and-CDC may swear that it won’t ever happen. But we can list it for a Watch.

Lack of proof that something is occurring doesn’t mean we have to sit on our hands. That would be absurd. Granted, it’s wrong to charge someone with a crime he did not yet commit. That’s a good thing — you would not want to be arrested based on somebody’s speculation. But the law is not stupid — there is the entire law of self-defense. In many states it’s permissible for you to citizen’s-arrest a guy for a felony he is poised to commit. And police often arrest based on profiling.

Despite the availability of existing means of, say, capturing Anthony Fauci for genocide, I’m here to spell out new legislation, which we can make from the ground floor.

The proposed new “law” would say, in very general terms: “When it is apparent that something is in the works that society would never condone, and the imagined perpetrators, being powerful, are not easy to catch red-handed, they can be slated for punishment now, in advance, should they proceed to do it.’ (I mean the actual lash won’t be administered now — we are scripting it, so to speak, in order to make them less likely to proceed.)

Note: Prof G Blakely of Notre Dame Law School, born 1936, invented the RICO method of catching hard-to-catch racketeers and mafias. Congress obliged by signing the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. You have to establish that two or more people are sharing an enterprise, and that at least two crimes have been committed.

Also, there are Letters of Marque. This is like legitimizing a bounty hunter, to go find someone who is breaching parole, and turn them in for a fee. Most states allow this. In olden days, a person such as Sir Francis Drake ran ships, known as privateers, to catch Spanish pirates and be entitled to the spoils. Drake would have got a Letter of Marque from the king to legalize it in advance. See?

The US Constitution allows Congress to issue a letter of Marque. Article I, sec 8, clause 11 says “Congress shall have the power to… grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal.” Rep Ron Paul suggested we use it to let a private person capture Osama bin Laden (but he was ignored).

Note: A possible objection to my plan has to do with picking out a particular citizen and attainting him. Article I, sec 9, Clause 3 says “No bill of Attainder … shall be passed. Thus the legislation would not name the name, but a citizen’s group can announce that So-and-So is on its Watch list. I believe the Watchee will not sue that group for defamation as this would allow the full slog of Discovery.

What’s Done Is Done

I repeat that my proposal is for a Future Punishment Regime, for acts not yet performed. During Covid we saw things go from bad to worse. Early on, we could have prevented many unconstitutional plandemic laws from being passed, such as laws to mandate quarantine and laws to mandate mask-wearing. But they did pass, based on the public’s ignorance or fear, or legislators’ stalwart corruption. Then came the vaccines and new laws unconstitutionally (and unconscionably) forced many people to get vaxxed.

The normal treatments, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, got banned by law — for the purpose of allowing untested vaxes to be used for emergency. Is that criminal or what. Then people got gagged by media for speaking truth about the vax, or ivermectin, and media turned up the volume of its lies. In the next phase, it could be discerned by many capable citizens and doctors, that the whole shindig is a genocide. Thousands died from the vax, yet no official came  forward to say Stop the vax.

My proposal is not about the stuff that already happened. All of that can be taken care of by existing law. (And believe me, it can be taken care of.) What I recommend us that from today forward we don’t repeat the ridiculous behavior by which we appear to worship the rich, the famous, and the government-entitled. Just think of them as ordinary criminals (shop lifters, drug dealers, muggers, etc). When one set of people commits a lot of crime, experts can think up efficient ways to apply the law to them. Again, think of RICO.

Any district attorney can, right now, bring the genocidalists to book, for crimes already committed. She won’t, though. She is too chicken, or is hypnotized, or whatever. So to imbue the arrest with a sort of “new” feature, I am saying that we should announce in advance that if So-and-So commits the named offense, he will be greeted immediately by what would have been called in medieval times a panel of pitchforkers. I am calling this feature a “Future Punishment Regime.”

This FPR may feel a bit like a preemptive strike: “We’ll arrest the arsonist before he sets the barn on fire.” But it’s more like “We have every reason to believe you are going to set the barn on fire and so we are watching you closely and when you take a step in the direction of it, we seize you.” The names of our suspects, and the crime each has been warned of, will be publicized.

These nominees have asked for it. Pfizer’s statement that “Vaccines are safe and effective” is a great example, as no testing was done so the safety was unknowable. (Actually, it was knowable to a fault if you receive my meaning.) My FPR is sort of a gimmick. Its purpose is to make the suspects nervous and to embolden the panelists. And to make the rest of  us stop thinking humanity has ended.

Will the World Takeover Reveal All Leaders in Cahoots?

Let’s not be sitting ducks for the globalist takeover. Recall the 1906 Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

“To sum up our system of keeping the governments in Europe in check . . . we shall respond with the guns of America or China or Japan. When we at last definitely come into our kingdom [it will be] by the aid of coups d’état prepared everywhere for one and the same day…. With this purpose we shall slay without mercy all who take up arms to oppose our coming into our kingdom.”

Please don’t get your knickers in a knot about “Jews.” The Protocols authors were, I think, a mixed bag. And the entire wall of censorship, with threats to get you for anti-Semitism, may have been ingeniously put in place by anyone. I wish Jews would recognize that and be angry about the whispering campaign.

That said, here is another example like the barn-arsonist. The globalists have said they will arm themselves in such a way as to defeat the 8 billion of us. Where are getting the arms? If you know, tell us and we can put out a Watch. Subsequently, if the suspects then go near the barn with so much as a cigarette lighter….

Ask Solzhenitsyn

If we don’t take some advance action like the FPR, we will be full of regret at our stupid inaction. As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “How we burned in the camps.” Sitting there in chains, forever, the Russian men in the Gulag kept going over and over how they might have taken action earlier.

Here are the “Cliff Notes” (actually, the enotes) of “The Gulag Archipelago: 1918- 1956”:

“Solzhenitsyn depicts the lives and experiences of the millions of people wrongfully imprisoned and facing horrible conditions in Soviet gulags. He describes their [background of] passive acceptance of their position, doing little more than writing petitions and appeals …  Solzhenitsyn highlights how arresting officers made arrests carelessly and without cause, for they had no need to worry about resistance due to the general compliance of those targeted.”

Dear Reader, this whole thing is sooo ridiculous. While I give the Planners credit for trying so hard for decades to achieve a One World Government, their finished product will be a pastiche of ugliness, meanness, and meaninglessness. Actually, they’ve said that that’s what they want, but they themselves won’t enjoy it!

Sociobiologically, I think their entire construction of world government has as its sole purpose to save them from us.

A Q&A about the Proposed “Future Punishment Regime”

  1. Why did Mary come up with this FPR idea?
  2. Because she is sad to see journalists and activists doing such so much good reporting of our big issues, yet include no solutions. Mary tried to craft something new that is based on law and the American tradition and smacks of law, justice, authority, whatever. (As opposed to “Just go kill the bastards.”)
  3. Does Mary think something is about to hit the fan?
  4. Hasn’t it been hitting yonder fan for three years, just in terms of the plandemic? Lately, the talk of financial collapse raises the memory of Dr Day’s 1969 hint that the takeover could happen in a snowstorm. Think how blatant was the WEF’s Great Reset demand that we close small businesses. And they did get closed. And this year many food-processing plants “inexplicably” had fires.
  5. Whom would Mary like to “futurize”?
  6. She would start with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins scientists, as there they are, perched at their microphones, babbling on about the next plandemic, just like last time. Mary says we could put them on notice that if they do anything toward further genocide of this type, it will be pitchfork city, so to speak. Why not? When someone wars against you, you respond by warring.
  7. Why isn’t Mary being her usual law-fussy self?
  8. She is being her usual law-fussy self. After all, what is law? As Fred Bastiat said in 1850, law is justice. The fact that America’s DOJ went to work for the criminal Globalists, around 1980, isn’t Mary’ fault. They sacked themselves. We the People are filling in for them. It’s all terribly legal.
  9. Does Mary have hope?
  10. Yes. Clearly the non-demented among us can rub a few neurons together (as Philip Allott says “our beautiful neurons”) and do what is needed to call a halt to this whole shameful era.


Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

It’s time we got down to brass tacks. There is a huge problem in the world and no one (as far as I know) is working, strategically, to solve it. The problem is not neat and clean, so I’ll give it a messy name: “the problem of bad persons holding great power.”

To some degree, we know the identity of the bad persons because they come right out and state their plan to rule humanity. (To give a name: Klaus Schwab). To some degree, we know the identity of organizations that are doing terrible things. (To give a name, NATO, Pfizer, the DoJ). In some cases, we have no idea who is pulling the strings above the puppets’ heads.

We spend too much effort criticizing the bad persons and researching what led to this bad stuff. Also, too much time goes into moaning that the old methods of correcting the problem no longer work. Not enough time goes into saying “We won’t put up with this!”  Indeed, we hear some well-meaning people counsel us to accept the bad persons power, since it’s inevitable.

For starters, I disagree that our acceptance of bad stuff is the logical way to go.  I think the people who counsel acceptance are over-reading a trend, jumping the gun about its permanence. I need to give this process a name, so for the moment I’ll call it trend-deference. If there’s a trend by which females are losing their femininity, people might think “Yeah, I can see that this trend is increasing, so the next stage must consist of further increase.”

Note: the strongest encouragers of trend-deference may dwell in the mainstream media (MSM), and they may be intentionally conditioning us to trend-deference. But I believe there’s always a natural assumption that any trend we observe is likely to continue. Citizens immediately accepted that gasoline prices will skyrocket, without their having any particular reason to believe that.

Start Modestly — Call This Plan “KKB”

Given that the future that is being advertised is not an attractive one, what can be done? I will start with a modest idea, called “KKB” — Kansas, Kanata, and Bench. The persons who do KKB have faith in the old system. They think in terms of citizens having the power to hold government accountable. They are not expecting any violent clash, except one that will occur when the police knock on the door of the Big Baddies.

K, for Kansas, refers to a citizen initiative in five of the counties of Kansas. People found out that judges were wrongly deciding the fate of kids in custody cases. They set up a Citizen Review Board (See Potential volunteers must apply in writing and be screened. All receive training before they can be sworn in by the Chief Judge. Thes citizens meet monthly to interview families and service providers, and then deliberate in private to make recommendations to the court.

In Australia, where courts and police use the foster care system to traffic children, I don’t think the Kansas system would work.  I made up a slightly more rambunctious plan. In my book, entitled “Reunion,” I concocted a scene: “One day, Protective parents stopped tolerating judicial kidnap. They arranged to have a reunion with their offspring. They gathered in cities and issued ‘chits’ for getting their child back. A coterie of parents would supervise each handover.” So far, no one has actually done this. No doubt they would be jailed.

K, for Kanata, refers to a quiet revolution started by Kevin Annett, partly based on the government of Canada having mistreated indigenous people. I don’t know the particulars, but his “Republic of Kanata” strikes me as familiar since I was taught about the 1776 American Revolution. The Kanata theme is consent of the governed, sovereignty, and refusal to accept ” a train of abuses” from the king. Rev Annett has a citizen board that can make indictments which then justify the arrest of suspects. I find creditable his claim that his International Tribunal  caused Pope Benedict 16th (previously the notorious Cardinal Ratzinger) to “retire.”

B is for Bench. Person who utilize the Bench method, including myself, are, again, placing faith in the standard way of holding government accountable.  We hope to get a win over power by the stroke of a judge’s pen. We are old enough to recall when this was normal. Rule-of-Law meant that everyone in society, including the high and mighty, could be made to obey law.

I have filed four cases against the US government, including two at the appeals level, and served the other side with notice as is required. The other side did not bother to reply, and the judge marked the case Dismissed. They said I lacked standing even though in two of the cases I definitely had standing (such as in seeking a restraining order against mandatory vaccination).

The Bench method does not work, as the US judges are quite willing to skip the rules. Such judges could be impeached by Congress, but Congress is just as bad. I imagine most of our state and federal legislators work for hidden rulers. Or they are under mind control. Or they have picked up Office Culture which says Hey Boys, 1776 went out of style; we have new trends.

Publicity, Art, and Religious Indignation — PAR

Not wanting to waste your time, I will be very brief in listing three other non-violent methods of attacking the problem which I have defined as “the problem of bad persons holding great power.” The solution must have something to do with cancelling that power. In the past, the following methods have often had the desired effect.

P — the first is publicity. In regard to Covid vaccines, much was covered up by the players such as the CDC and the AMA. They did not reveal the dangers, they did not reveal the lack of testing, and they have not come clean about the number of casualties. Ordinary folks, and doctors such as Dr Vernon Coleman, have been diligently making a stink on the Internet. I assume this publicity will convert, or has already converted, many citizens to a position of anger.

A — art has also been a means of causing social and political change. The people of Estonia once revolted against their government by singing (yes, singing) en masse. Occasionally a painting becomes the symbol for opposition, such as Picasso’s Guernica as an anti-war statement. A poem can do it. A novel can do it. I think satire is effective, but satire about the bad persons can also reinforce their reality, and signify acceptance. “Russian jokes” in the Soviet Union were instructive, but may have been mainly a way to get off steam.

R — religion has always got an advantage in confronting the problem of bad persons, as religion’s claim is to know of Someone bigger than the big, bad persons. Arousing people’s moral indignation through reference to God’s wishes has been effective in the past, especially where all members of a society shared the same religion. Today, in the US, the God factor is partially diminished by the plurality of religious commitment and the decline of faith in general.


In my opinion, it won’t do to rely on KKB — Kansas, Kanata and Bench, or on PAR — publicity, art, and religion. Sure, I want all six of those approaches to be used, but we should consider the whole picture. If the problem is that bad persons hold great power, we need to knock down that power as best we can. It won’t do to hope that the holders will tire or falter — though they well may. I imagine we need to do some restructuring.

Consider some ways that made it possible for bad persons to obtain great power. These include: secrecy, pretense to be doing good, the use of mind control and group hypnosis, the reckless advance of science and technology, central control of communication, the destruction of community and of strong families.

If we could alert young people to all these things, they might at least develop an appropriately negative view of them! They should also be reminded of venality, as in “every man has his price.” At the very least we should point out to the next generation that it has been normal for humans to see where things are headed and if it looks undesirable, to inquire how to do something different.

I would tell them that the word “rights” had its place when a lot of people were beginning to translate their complaints into calls for change, but if people at present are not willing to do that, the word “rights” has no meaning. They should be informed that other factors than complaining probably nudged the powerful to grant some rights. If we find out what those things were, we’ll gain hints as to how we might restructure power relationships. (Query: What makes the powerful cave to pressure?)

In my article of January 24, 2023, entitled “Where Do the New Emperors Fit in the Human Community?” I quoted James Rosenau on the aggregating of individuals. He states that there are differing degrees of community formation. There may be just a bunch of isolated individuals who don’t take citizenship seriously, or there may be people who think in terms of the needs of the society.

Clearly today people are more isolated than a century ago. They often do not know the names of even their closest neighbors. Single parenthood is the norm, and stepfamilies have a predictable tension as the loyalty is not strictly based on blood. Entertainment occurs in front of a screen, not in a theatre or circus. There is not as much open space as before for outdoor communing with nature. Oddly, too, the life of the mind has been denigrated; a university degree is advertised as a commodity; thus we are not brought together by shared ideas.

It’s up to you to suggest what a restructure would consist of. I’m only saying that one needs to be aware of community structure.  And as was pointed out by Walter Ong, our literate thinking makes us different from the days before writing was invented. This is a structural factor, insofar as the old person-to-person communication had more prompting by emotion and more direct connection to our biology. Today, those who write may address thousands or millions whom they will never see or get feedback from. They won’t get a look of disagreement, much less a pie in the face.


The word “strategy” is usually associated with military decision-making. It refers to the overall plan — shall we attack by air or sea? — not the smaller issues such as how much training to give the troops.

I think of strategy as basically mathematical and geometric.  I’d need to measure how deep we could invade the enemy territory without good access to food. I’d need to know if the enemy troops’ lack of sophistication would make them gullible to a religious apparition that I could cook up. All their strengths and vulnerabilities need to be measured.

Conversely, I would strategically prevent them from knowing too much about us. (If they are to get info about us, I want it to be disinfo.) One task, then, is to give our side some discipline as to maintaining privacy. Nowadays the Big guys surveille us with technical equipment, but on top of that we freely furnish the secrets of our heart via Facebook and emails. This must stop.

As far as our location goes, each cell phone can be wrapped in a Faraday cage made of cloth. Or better, we can arrange for some Berkely students to learn how we might send a painful impulse to the person who is on the other end of a phishing trip. And you’ve seen the robot soldiers who will attack us?  We need to turn them off. Way back in the Sixties, Dr Jose Delgado stepped into a bullpen in Madrid with a simple device that thwarted the bulls’ planned attack on him.

Generally speaking, we need to get the population to understand that what the Big Guys do to us all the time is war. They war on us financially, mentally, medically, culturally. As such they are not members of our society. They have left the building, so to speak. I think folks will be able to handle this.  They will understand that a nice tradition, such as that every man is entitled to rights, does not apply on the battlefield.

The thing to do on the battlefield is kill your enemy. We’ve been doing that for millennia. It is instinctive. It protects our group. I think US soldiers are capable of deciding who the enemy is.

Not that killing the powerful is always needed. It could be even more propitious to zap their power. An obvious way to do this is by changing the setting, the landscape. Plato once said that if a slave society with a few fancy owners all found themselves in a remote place, with the owners not having the trappings of their authority, the slaves would glance around and recognize their power in an instant. The fancy ones would look around, too, and say “Oh-oh” (Not Plato’s words). I mentioned art, above — a dramatist could make a film with the denouement being the Oh-oh.

Now let’s talk about the fact that the Big Guys are always dependent on henchmen and bodyguards. A small pool of their henchmen may be assigned to murder or “disappear” serious challengers. (Senator Paul Wellstone comes to mind.) But a large pool of henchies has the task of snipping away at upstarts. The penalty may be smearing, financial ruin, or just daily stress.

I can’t think of a way to get around that, except to unite the victims. It was refreshing to read a statement by Karen Wetmore (author of “Surviving Evil”) after she learned how much she had been violated by the CIA.  She said “I made up my mind never to be afraid of the CIA. Imagine 50 Karen Wetmores saying that in unison, maybe to a drumbeat.

Let’s strategize about the wall of protection that is provided to the big guys via their control of the law itself.  It really is fantastic. Our goal is to get rid of “bad persons who hold great power.” Most likely we could get rid of them by taking away their immunity — which is driven by our impunity (i.e., our reluctance to hold them to the law).

This brings me to the strategic matter of “turning” the lawyers who have gone bad. I would first want them to be pilloried. The public needs to see what a blasphemy their work has been. And they need to see it, too! As for bad judges, an angry barrister in Australia, Serene Teffaha makes the case for putting them in jail. It can be done. Sherman Skolnick managed to do it in Illinois in the 1970s, via his Citizen’s Committee To Clean Up the Courts.

Finally, I reiterate some remarks made in Professor Philip Allott’s marvelous book, “Eutopia.” Paraphrasing:

Law is intrinsically malleable; it must often change to suit new needs. Legislated law has a hinterland of customary law. Common law is formed inductively by universalizing the legal principles underlying cases. Law courts are an integral part of the self-creating of society. There can be good law and bad law, good courts and bad courts. Law can be a means of oppression and exploitation The central problem of law in human society is its relation to power. All law is an exercise of power by human beings, in its making, application and enforcement.

Over to you. 


Karen Wetmore: Piecing the Mind Control Story Together and Seeing the Plan

Karen Wetmore: Piecing the Mind Control Story Together and Seeing the Plan

(L) Karen Wetmore's book, Surviving Evil   (R) Karen Wetmore, b 1952(L) Karen Wetmore’s book, Surviving Evil   (R) Karen Wetmore, b 1952, Photo:

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Among the many books about MK-Ultra written by survivors, this one is unique. In 2014, Karen Wetmore published “Surviving Evil: CIA Mind Control Experiments in Vermont.”  In this article I will pick out some of the discoveries she made. Karen Wetmore is now age 70 and deserves the thanks of us all.

Karen was not selected as a child to be trained in the way survivor Carol Rutz was (via a military parent).  She was not born into a family where torture was already happening, as was Trish Fotheringham. She was not born into a cult as was David Shurter.  She was not sold on the slave market as was Brice Taylor. There is no mention in this book of any satanic activity. It was medical all the way.

Karen lived with normal, caring parents but happened to be sent to a Mental Hospital at age 13 when she had a breakdown. Personnel at Vermont State Hospital, VHS, were already doing CIA experiments (since 1950) and they seized her. They loaded her up with experimental drugs, including LSD, and engaged in an effort to make her have permanent amnesia.

Indeed, they did a pretty good job of that. Thus, Karen would never have been able to remember some of what happened to her from 1965 to 1995, except that she read about it in her medical records. She also found relevant stuff in medical journals. Luckily, Wetmore is a motivated researcher. She got initial clues by reading two books about VHS: “Empty Beds” by Marsha Kincheloe and “The Vermont Story: Schizophrenic Rehabilitation.”

Medical Deceit

I have not yet read those books. “Empty Beds” is about the high number of deaths — one every other day — at VHS, when Dr Robert Hyde was doing “terminal experiments” for the CIA. Yes, he was trying to find good ways to kill people with drugs.

As for the Rehab book, I deduce from Karen’s story that the exciting work of the 1960s in finding chemical cures for mental illnesses was deceitful. Do you recall how it meant that patients would no longer have to be imprisoned in hospitals for a lifetime?  It seems that the CIA’s project called “Schizophrenic Rehabilitation” was a cover for other things. (p 57)

Karen Wetmore is herself an example of someone who was given various mental illnesses deliberately. I have to say it makes me wonder how common this procedure is! Her family believed the diagnoses — who wouldn’t?  So they did not see a need to rescue her from doctors. However, she later learned that Mom had made many attempted visits to VSH but was told that Karen did not want to see her.

(Flashback. Cherri Bonnie went to visit Martin Bryant in Risdon Prison Infirmary but was told he did not want to see her.)

One should not ask an author to do more than he or she has painstakingly done. Ms Wetmore does not mention any tie-in with Tavistock. I don’t know if there was similar LSD work going on in the UK . But she does tell us that the main man doing experiments in Dachau concentration camps in WWII, Dr Hubertus Strughold, was allowed to come into US under Operation Paperclip. He worked at the Boston Psychic Hospital, later known as Massachusetts Mental. (p 81)

(Aside: I think we can say there was continuity in the investigations of the mind going on between Germany and the US. I also think Pavlov in Russia who experimented on dogs in 1906 has a tie-in with Tavistock. I suspect that the CIA does not work for a particular country but for the globalists. Various Intel organizations, such as Israel’s Mossad, Australia’s ASIO, and UK’s MI6 may have interchangeable personnel. Wait — do they even know whom they work for?)

Evidence and Surprise Skills

In terms of “probative value of evidence” regarding the CIA’s crimes, one thing stands out about Karen Wetmore’s book, “Surviving Evil.”  It’s that she didn’t have memories of her hospital experience popping up and then go to look for whom to blame. She had, and still has, no recollection of what happened to her in VSH but she learned of them from her medical records. These were obtained — after much effort — via the law of Freedom of Information.

I think one of the main reasons for her usefulness to the CIA was her ability to forget. At some point she was given electric shocks, at 30 times the correct dosage, but this was only a supplement to the main plan to erase her memory. (p 76)

Note: McGill University, Montreal where the infamous CIA man Dr Ewen Cameron worked, is only about an hour over the Canadian border from Burlington VT. But his deep-sleep method does not appear in Wetmore’s book.

Flashback. The late Trish Fotheringham in Victoria BC Canada, told me that twice in her adulthood she accidentally discovered a talent that she must have trained at, under someone’s control, and which she had no memory of. The first was horses. A friend offered her the chance to ride a ‘difficult’ horse. She got into the saddle and had perfect control of the horse. The second thing was guns. Friends took Trish to a shooting range. She got the first try wrong, but after that it was bullseye every time. Same with Karen, she was offered the chance to shoot a Pepsi bottle and did it so well the bottle never even moved. Her pals were startled, and so was she.

It appears that Karen’s memory loss was achieved chemically.  Here is just one “dish” of medicines she took (p 50):

“The 1965 medical records [of Mary Fletcher Hospital] show that i was immediately prescribed the phenothiazine drugs Thorazine and Stelazine. Over the next 30 days, I was also given frequent large doses of Sodium Amytal [“truth serum”] used in MKULTRA in a way to allow the researchers to map the subject’s unconscious mind so the subject could be successfully exploited later.”

One of the reactions Karen had to being overmedicated was the condition known as dystonia where your neck, or other body parts, goes into spasms. She also had two heart attacks and an autoimmune disease. Even when it became policy not to use those drugs, Karen was still subjected to them. She almost certainly was given the hallucinogen LSD, too. And during an EEG she was loaded with Metrazol which almost finished her off.

Love and Cruelty

I want to state emphatically, from my studies of the CIA (or whoever poses as CIA) that there is no lengths of cruelty to which they won’t go, when “competing” with a defiant citizen, or one who might spill beans. In the following instance, I think the motive was to stop Karen from leaving their care as she was a valuable experimentee.  At age 17, she fell in love with 18-year-old Phil Cam (to whom this book is dedicated) and they were about to elope. (p 60):

“Monday, August 4. 1969, was a rainy summer day….I knew something was wrong and I called his house. His sister-in-law told me that Phil was in an accident…. I watched as my father whispered something to my mother….Phil was killed in a head-on car crash as he drove from Rutland to Brandon. He pulled out to pass the car in front of him when another car pulled onto the highway. Phil couldn’t stop.”

Flashback. That happened to me, too, in 2021 in New Hampshire. I was in the front passenger seat. For no reason, a truck in the opposite carriageway came out of his lane and headed straight to us. My driver was very quick and swerved onto the shoulder of the road, so we only got car damage, no injury. If I’m correct that the offending driver meant to harm us, it could be that he is “on the payroll,” but it also could be that his car was remote-controlled to do it.

Note: I could be wrong, of course, but the trucker had no hope of passing. We were on a small, crowded street. As for Phil Cam, if it was murder there is no statute of limitations on that, and police can still delve into it.

Gang Stalking and Escapes

In other instances, Karen Wetmore was stalked, and occasionally gang-stalked. You can find an example of gang-stalking recorded in court by Patrick Knowlton, in connection with the murder of Clinton colleague Vince Foster.

Flashback: I have been with the late Blanche Chavoustie (a survivor) a couple of times when she was rather hilariously gang-stalked. She believed the purpose was to keep her generally aware that she had no freedom or privacy. It also makes you admire the strength of the opponent!

When reviewing her many hospitalizations, Karen figured out that her various escapes were probably “arranged.” (pp 98-103). She was never stopped when running out the door. She was usually brought back by state troopers, whom she says treated her very respectfully (p 111):

“I believe that my escapes involved the use of triggered response mechanism set up in me by hypnosis and implants.”

Flashback: Did no one notice, when MLK as assassinated and it was blamed on a patsy, James Earl Ray, that Ray had been a fugitive from a prison? He had escaped by hiding in a bakery truck that regularly arrived at the prison before dawn. The same is true of the alleged bomber of the 1992 Atlanta Olympics, Eric Rudolph.  He managed to defeat all FBI searches for him for 5 years. I wager he was being held somewhere, or allowed temporary freedom, until he might be needed as a patsy.

Eureka Moments: Briefings, Placebos, and Happiness a la Klaus Schwab

For me, there were at least three big eureka moments while reading this book — other than the eureka about the mental hospitals instilling mental illnesses by drugs.

One eureka has to do with “briefings.” We often hear that one’s Congressman won’t fetch requested information if it is on a touchy subject. Karen Wetmore figured out that these politicians are invited to briefings of classified information.  The speaker can drop in some info about a covert operation, but the politician is told that he/she is not allowed to reveal anything heard at that meeting. Clever or what?

Another eureka has to do with placebos. If doctors in a hospital want the patient to be given something secretly, they disguise it as a placebo pill. Thus, neither the nurses nor the patient are aware that anything is happening. Aw, why didn’t I think of that.

Now here is a very important eureka that may be relevant for the current World Order change to a new system in which Klaus Schwab says “People will own nothing and they will be happy.” Is it possible?  I don’t know for sure, but Wetmore quotes Colin Ross as follows. He is quoting from an MK-Ultra Subproject 49 document that discusses the CIA’s interest in hypnosis (p 129):

“In order to investigate the possibility of hypnotic induction of unwilling subjects… [Don’t you love it?] Can an auto-hypnosis be taught so as to be as effective in the cancelling out of pain or other stress conditions? A person could create his own world and be happy in it even though he was confined in a very small space which was extremely filthy.”

The Blame Game and the Apology

While Ms Wetmore does say, often, in this book, that she is angry at VHS, and that she grieves for her lost life (as does Wendy Hoffman who was nearly 70 when she got the real story), the blame is largely on those who were not the guilty parties but who wouldn’t part with information. I won’t list them now; most of them are deceased. She filed a lawsuit in 1997 and was tricked by her own lawyer into settling in a way that prevents her going further now that she has more evidence.

No one in authority has ever acknowledged Karen’s suffering. She did have many kind nurses and a few good doctors. Her best psychologist was Kathy Judge. A trusted doctor, Tom Fox, died of pancreatic cancer (p 44) which I consider to be a likely murder, and a beloved nurse, Cheryl, was found murdered, with no one charged.

However, there was a happy experience.  A Social Security officer, who did not give his name, must have seen her records before she did. He came to her house and said — which she did not understand at the time: “I want to extend an apology to you from the entire state of Vermont.”

There is much more in this book; you should get a copy. It is well put together and easy to read.  To make this review credible, I had better find some fault, so here ’tis: The book needs a one-page timeline.

Karen Wetmore was born in 1952 and first hospitalized in 1965, at age 13. The really bad stuff started in 1971 when she was experimented on by the CIA. She made umpteen attempts at suicide.  Finally, around 1997 she discovered what had been done to her and could piece things together.  She worked on a lawsuit but settled out of court. Oh, and the book also needs an index.

Thank you, Karen. You have helped the world.


Looney Tunes New Jersey Schools Blame Trump for New Mask Mandates

Looney Tunes New Jersey Schools Blame Trump for New Mask Mandates

The Passaic School District in New Jersey added revisionist history to classroom curriculums when students returned to class after winter recess in early January, with liberal educators scapegoating Donald Trump as the reason kids were once again forced to wear bacteria-ridden facemasks eight to ten hours a day.

Children questioning the necessity for renewed mandates were told to blame Trump because he had not acted quickly enough to stop the spread of Covid-19. Kids were told that Trump’s feckless leadership allowed the Covid-19 Beta and Omicron variants to mutate into the more transmissible XBB.1.5 variant, which, teachers said, was spreading like an uncontrolled wildfire sickening children across the country.

At Etta Gero School, one teacher encouraged 4th-grade students to remind their parents and older siblings not to vote for Trump in 2024, as another Trump presidency would “make covid worse,” and children would have to wear masks forever without reprieve.

Votes matter in Passaic County. Although it leans Democrat, 41% of registered voters voted Republican in the last presidential election, a 6% increase from 2016. Educators there seem bent on impugning Trump’s character and grooming malleable minds to demonize and vilify the 45th President of the United States.

Real Raw News spoke with the parents of an 11-year-old boy whose teacher, a particularly nasty creature, chastised him for momentarily lowering his mask to catch a normal breath of air.

“My son has asthma; the school knows this. He has trouble wearing a mask for too long without a break. What the school’s doing is cruel, inhumane. And on top of that, when he asked why he couldn’t take the mask off for just a few seconds, the teacher told him to ‘ask Trump’ and ridiculed him. It put my son in tears, and then Jenna [last name redacted] told him to go cry to Trump,” the boy’s father said.

Unethical teaching is endemic to the district.

A few miles away at Daniel F. Ryan Elementary School, teachers are telling children that if Trump wins in 2024, he’ll abolish mask mandates and proliferate the spread of disease. Kids opposing mandates are often sent to detention to write an essay on how Trump nearly tricked the country into drinking bleach to cure Covid-19 and why masks are necessary to keep society safe.

A math teacher speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that liberal Leftists dominate the district and that teachers with conservative values must hide them or risk losing their jobs.

“There’s a concerted effort here to speak negatively about Trump at every opportunity. I voted for Trump twice, but if I espouse conservative principles, I’ll be ostracized and made very uncomfortable. Some of my colleagues are teaching students that Trump caused Covid,” he said.

The true villain, he added, is Sandra Montañez-Diodonet, the district’s superintendent. She reportedly imposed the mandates and beseeched principals to denounce Trump. Mandates, she declared, would remain in place indefinitely.

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On Australia Day 2023, Think about Martin Bryant

Photo from, "Understanding Australia Day"Photo from, “Understanding Australia Day”

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Dear Chief Justice William Cox,

Greetings from New Hampshire USA. I was born in Boston and emigrated to Australia in 1980 for marriage. I hold an LLB from Adelaide Law. At the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2015, I produced a play that had a skit in which Martin Bryant was accidentally let out of Risdon Prison. I had briefly looked into Bryant’s case and saw that he was patently innocent. As more years went by, I eventually found that many, perhaps even most, of the spree killings around the world are “jokes on the people.”

After you retired from the vice-regal position of Governor of Tasmania, I wrote to you at your home address in Hobart, saying that I wish the sadness and badness of “Port Arthur” could be lifted.  To my astonishment you replied, in handwriting, saying that you, too, wished “the sadness and badness” could be lifted.

Well, here is your chance.  I see that your age is 86. You will have noticed that the political landscape has changed drastically. Stories that used to be taken on faith, are in disarray as many folks have found out that the Covid vaccine is a type of genocide. All kinds of new views are now possible. Some of the guilty parties (I don’t mean Gates or Fauci, but lesser figures) can be expected to make voluntary confessions, with regard to the Covid-gate.

In Boston we had a mini-massacre, known as the Marathon bombing, in 2013. The lad who was blamed, Jahar Tsarnaev, is provably innocent but is on Death Row. His defense attorney confessed “on his behalf.” In Hobart, John Avery tricked Martin Bryant into pleading guilty of the 1996 killings at Broad Arrow Cafe and at Seascape Cottage. You were the judge who accepted his plea and sentenced him to life in prison without parole. In the case of both Jahar and Martin, they have been silenced. Communication with them is totally blocked.

Most Bostonians are still under the impression that Jahar is guilty (after all, he’s a Muslim!), in line with heavy media coverage. But I think a majority of Australians now recognize the innocence of Martin Bryant. He was almost 29 when the PAM (Port Arthur massacre) occurred. Thus he is now 55 — “retirement age.” I calculate that his Mum, Carleen, is 80. Any action to bring justice must be done before her demise or incapacity. He needs someone to go home to, as he is disabled.

I am writing to ask you to apologize. Theoretically, there are other ways to make the legal system correct the error.  I have tried a few of them, but all participants are too scared or too brainwashed to carry out these methods. Regally, there is also the power of the Governor General to issue a pardon, based on mercy. I am guessing that today’s G-G is in a panic. He is Australian yet must obey the king of England! Surely no one in Oz feels that they owe any  fealty to CIII, after the death of Diana.

For you to grasp the nettle would be beautiful. It would be over and done with in a minute and soon people around the world would be reeling from it. I feel sure it would start a trend. It wouldn’t be surprising if lower echelon officers quickly joined you — both because they’ve always wanted to and/or because they now see their situation as precarious.

Here is an abbreviated list of the peculiarities in Bryant’s case:

  1. A low-educated, low IQ person like Bryant could not have thought up the idea of going to a big tourist site and shooting 30 people, without expecting to die on the spot.
  2. He surely could not have proceeded to that mission after (supposedly) killing the friendly owners of Seascape (David and Sally Martin), having heretofore never done a violent deed.
  3. The excuse given (by analysts) for his killing of the Martins — that he held a grudge at them for not selling his dad a piece of land years ago — is implausible if not ludicrous.
  4. His voice is heard on phone hours later, calm and jovial, talking to police, apparently reading a script, in which he asks to be taken by helicopter to Adelaide.
  5. The kill-to-wounded rate achieved by the Broad Arrow Cafe shooter was said by a top military man in Australia to have been better than any marksman could do.
  6. At Seascape, Constable Pat Allen asked permission to shoot a person who seemed to be shooting at him but was told “Permission denied. This has to happen.”
  7. John Avery said in a Mercury News article that it took him 13 visits to prison to persuade Martin to plead guilty. (Hello?) Avery also told Carleen that she would not be allowed to see her son again if he failed to plead guilty. She thus advised him to plead guilty and regrets it.
  8. The local newspaper published a photo of Martin (with eyes doctored to look like a madman) to advise all locals that the guilty party was already captured.
  9. Prime Minister John Howard was so ready with anti-gun legislation after the massacre that he almost tripped over himself — and spent a reported half-billion dollars on a gun buyback.
  10. Police took four hours to arrive and help the panicky survivors, and administrators of the PA historic site were oddly off campus at a meeting (on a Sunday).
  11. International media were conveniently in town for a conference, and surgeons were visiting Royal Hobart Hospital with a wrap-up hour just in time for the massacre.
  12. No investigators bothered to take fingerprints at Seascape, on Martin’s yellow Volvo steering wheel, or on utensils and a tray at the Cafe.
  13. Maurice Bryant, the dad, had drowned, allegedly by suicide, a few years earlier. Martin’s benefactor, heiress of the Tatersall fortune, made it possible for Martin to be wealthy whilst a new law made it possible for the state to take his wealth.
  14. As stated in the Seminar Papers (which I read in NSW Public Library), Senator Steven Parry announced that he got the embalming material ready before the day of the massacre.
  15. All members of the local fire department would have realized that the firetrucks were stationed to deal with the burning down of Seascape Cottage before any fire had broken out. And it is not rocket science to calculate that Martin, inside, was meant to have been burned to death.

I think I can let the list stop at 15 items. Most of them are “diagnostic” of a false flag, appearing in similar cases. Examples: a police stand-down, a foolish motive suggested for the event, no apparent way for the killer to escape, no history of his ability to carry out such an adventure, media providing an ugly likeness of him, and so forth.

Judge Cox, since you presided over the case, and since you would have been aware of all of the items I have listed above, I think you are guilty of crime, at least the crime of the perversion of the course of justice. When you passed sentence on poor Martin, you had to have known he was not the gunman. To date, he has lived a miserable existence in prison for nearly 27 years. To be exact, he has woken up at Risdon on 9,762 mornings to find himself humiliated, lonely, and with no freedom. It’s time you did something about this.

Another matter should be mentioned, one that you personally had nothing to do with. I am thinking of the lovely 44-year-old Tasmanian attorney general, Vanessa Goodwin. It is my belief, but I am only guessing, that she died because she had a plan to offer Bryant a chance to show new evidence of innocence.

As you may know, Vanessa had arranged through Parliament for Tassie to enact a new law, already used in South Australia, that puts paid to stare decisis. Ms Goodwin died of cancer, but “the coverts” have no problem killing someone with cancer. I wonder if she figured this out.

Justice Cox, if I lived to tell of it, many massacres will be revealed to have been done by “the authorities.” Only today did I hear of one that I had never been aware of — a boy in Norway, in 2011, was said to have shot dead 67 people at a summer camp. He is in prison and thinks he is guilty, since he has been hypnotized to think that. Someone may come along with the code that releases a person from hypnosis, and the truth will get spilled out.

Please, please, a thousand times please, admit your mistake and let Martin have a bit of life to lead. Do this for your progeny. Be part of a glorious revival of truth and justice. The times they are a-changin’. Guaranteed!

You will be very happy that you made this vital gesture, and you will deserve amnesty.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Maxwell


Vaxxed and Boosted Fox News Executive Dies of Heart Attack

Vaxxed and Boosted Fox News Executive Dies of Heart Attack

If Fox News were authentic, it would tell viewers that Senior Vice President of News & Politics Alan Komissaroff, who died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 47, received Covid-19 booster shots in April 2022 and January 2023. A Fox source speaking under anonymity told Real Raw News that Komissaroff was a vaccine advocate who had worn a “Get the vax” lapel pin until other network personalities teased him, even though they, too, were vaccinated.

In August 2021, Kevin Lord, executive vice president of human resources at Fox News parent Fox Corp, required all employees to get vaccinated or submit to daily tests, and later said 90% of the workforce had chosen shots over painful nasal swabs. In the end, many on-air personalities that rightfully railed against vaccine mandates had taken a jab or three.

At least Komissaroff was forthright; nonetheless, he, like so many naïve sheeple, entrusted his life to the CDC, to the promises of the late Dr. Anthony Fauci, to flimsy, ungrounded science, and to an unproven vaccine that killed hundreds of trial participants and hundreds of thousands more after the FDA granted pharmaceutical manufacturers emergency-use authorization.

It’s impossible to know whether the vaccine killed Komissaroff, but he was in a high-risk pool—he had a near-fatal heart attack ten years ago. Vaccine lovers will indeed say that one heart attack amplifies the odds of having a second, more dangerous heart attack, regardless of vaccination status. However, doctors who treated patients with proven drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine proved through empirical research that vaccines killed a disproportionate number of the elderly and immunocompromised.

As for Komissaroff, could the time between his last booster and the moment of death be a coincidence? Anything’s possible. But even skeptical doctors have admitted to seeing an undeniable correlation between vaccines and excess fatalities. It wasn’t until vaccines came along that people in their 30s, 40s and 50s started dropping dead en masse, and physicians began noticing snake-like blood clots in corpses.

Fifteen hundred vaccinated amateur and professional athletes—people in prime health—have suffered cardiac arrest since the proliferation of Covid-19 vaccines; in prior years, the average was 29, a marked difference.

Komissaroff was neither an athlete nor an example of excellent health, but he could be another vaccine statistic, one of the millions.

Our source said Fox would not publicly comment on Komissarov’s vaccination status because HIPPA protects the individually identifiable health information about a decedent for 50 years following the date of death.

“Not to mention, Fox News sure as hell isn’t going to announce to its viewers that 90% of them got vaxxed, and that includes me. Everyone here loved Alan [ Komissaroff]. He made us all laugh. He was a great guy and just did what we all had to do. He’ll be missed. I hope the vaccine didn’t kill him, but many of us here are silently wondering, including some big names you wouldn’t think got the shot,” our source said.

Komissaroff is survived by his wife Rachael, who was his high school sweetheart, along with his children Ben, 17, and Olivia, 13.

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Where Do the New Emperors Fit in the Human Community? A Philosopher’s Search    

Where Do the New Emperors Fit in the Human Community? A Philosopher’s Search    

The Bahamas, Photo: Thomas J Farrell's book, "On How and Why Things Are the Way They Are," about the work of linguistics scholar Walter OngThe Bahamas, Photo: Thomas J Farrell’s book, “On How and Why Things Are the Way They Are,” about the work of linguistics scholar Walter Ong

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The world is in a crisis of apparently great proportion and possible uniqueness: It seems that a few people are trying to take over the human race.  Sure, the Roman emperors tried that, and the Brits made a partial stab at it, but their goal was not to change the human being. They only sought to impose their rule on foreigners.

Today’s New Emperors — if I may call them that — have proclaimed their intention to change the human being. Let me name four very impressive features of what’s going on. (Or maybe only of ‘what is said to be going on,’ since it’s hard to discern factual reality from fairy tales these days!)

  1. The New Emperors say they will change all of finance. We know they have the wherewithal to do that, as they have been in command of banking and hence of much of human economy, for decades. (Think how the IMF, say, is able to impose austerity measures on a government.) Klaus Schwab says his group will eliminate “ownership.”
  2. The New Emperors will change the human brain physically, such as by connecting our neurons to “artificial intelligence,” and maybe change other parts of human anatomy, by fiddling with the blueprint, the DNA. (It remains to be seen whether this is an attainable goal, but they have indeed made alterations to animal species by gene editing.)
  3. The New Emperors will — even without altering the brain — change human thinking by controlling the output of information. Old books may disappear from the library and speech will be curtailed by punishing “thought crime.” We can already see that a few people have the ability to influence the masses by lying on TV News, and/or by manipulating the emotions of fear in a whole society.
  4. The New Emperors will decide who lives and who dies. Persons whom they consider “useless eaters” may no longer have a “right” to exist. A whole nation — a whole continent — could be wiped out by electronic weapons without any visible battle taking place.

Personally, I consider the New Emperors to be useless eaters who no longer have a right to exist. If I could press a button to eliminate them, I would. I don’t have that power.  I also suspect that maybe they don’t have that power, either. What are they waiting for?  Do they have dissension in their ranks?  Do they have a lack of guts?  I don’t know.

This article goes beyond their plans. I want to philosophize as to what the possibilities are. A philosopher takes very little as final and inevitable.  The point of philosophy is to inquire about the nature of humanity, and see if things could be improved upon.

The philosophical search in this article consist so asking what it would take to de-plinth the New Emperors, given that it’s traditionally difficult to get consensus and cooperation among a large mixed body of humans. People have their individual interests, and there are “special interest groups,” too, that feel their way is the way to fight for. How to oppose the new monsters? Should we just accept them?

I will look at the human ability to act together. Really, what chances are there for us to deal with the present crisis? To repeat, my preference would be to knock off the New Emperors, who are what we used to call bastards and also seem to be “certifiable” nut cakes. But I don’t think individuals can do what is needed in a random way. They would have to organize themselves into a force; they would need a plan and today there is no plan on offer.

What Is Community?

Etymologically, word community is related to the word common, as in something that is held in common, hence is public. We hold air and the landscape in common; we all see the air and thelandscape; they are public.  The word community indicates a society with a sentiment of togetherness. I assume that sentiment is underwritten by social emotions. Humans are social by nature.

But there is no “thing” called community that we can order to appear. Our local community probably came about historically by some combination of kinship, joint work projects, or beliefs. Or, if we are in bad shape, our community may consist of a bunch of distressed and /or isolated persons. I suppose we could make a conscious effort to set up a community. Typically, big tasks require both coordination and leadership.

Here is a quote from James Rosenau’s book “The Study of Global Independence” (1980, p 106):

“By public affairs and the community, I mean those arenas of action and interaction where the collective wants and needs of individuals who do not know each other, are recognized, addressed, and managed….

“The processes of aggregation set the limits beyond which community leaders cannot extend their management of public affairs. Whether it be democratic or authoritarian, the community could not exist without the aggregative processes that link the collectivity to the individuals who comprise it….

“Good citizens are those who seek to be aware of their ties to the community and act to sustain the ties…. Neither through ignorance nor disdain can the individual get out of citizenship, if only because noninvolvement and inaction also have consequences for the process of aggregation.”

I make the assumption (but have not checked on it empirically) that “pre-civilized” societies formed themselves without mapping out the connection between individual and group. The process of community-building was most likely unconscious and instinctive.

The forming was also cultural in that each person gets born into an already existing community and can hardly wave a magic wand over it to change its practices or its shape. (Never mind that that’s what Bill Gates thinks he can do.) Looking around us today we see cultures collapsing for lack of stable connection between individual and community. We, in 21st century US, think we should look out for our personal interest first and foremost. Trust in public figures has gone. This is a very bad situation. We need community.

Law As Seen by a Philosopher

Now let’s turn to law, as that’s the thing that we tend to refer to when describing how modern people relate to one another and to their tribe, that is, their nation. (Not all nations are tribes in the ethnic sense, but all persons living today are aware of having a presence in one nation or another.) By “law” I mean something that got produced or refined by legislators or judges and which indicates the correct behavior for people to follow.

If ever there was a philosopher of law it is Philip Allott who lives in Cambridge, UK at Trinity College. Allott understands our biological nature and so realizes that law came about gradually and reflects the complexities of social relationships. However, in his 2016 book “Eutopia,” he is toying intellectually with law’s modern structure.

I will now quote relevant passages from that book, “Eutopia:  New Philosophy and New Law for a Troubled World.” All of this is from Allott’s Chapter 10, entitled “Law, Authority, and Society. Except for passages in double quotes, the material is a close paraphrasing of the original. Anything in square brackets is my commentary, and bolding is mine, to highlight components of our present discussion.

“Law is the anatomy and physiology of a society.” Law is made in the mind and imposed on the world. “It is based on customs, conventions, social demands and expectations. A society is a labyrinth of obligation and self-imposed necessity.”

Custom involves worship of our ancestors and accumulated wisdom. It emerges from the natural purpose of society — our survival and flourishing.  “Law is intrinsically malleable; it must often change to suit new needs. Legislated law has a hinterland of customary law.”

Common law is formed inductively by universalizing the legal principles underlying cases. “Law courts are an integral part of the … self-creating of society and hence socially accountable for their decisions….” …”The central problem of law in human society is its relation to power. All law is an exercise of power by human beings, in its making, application and enforcement. As a consequence, there can be good law and bad law, good courts and bad courts…. Law can be a means of oppression and exploitation.”

“Two particular aspects have predominated in the installing of law in the deep-structure of society — the problem of law in relation to the totality of society; the problem of the role of law in the control of public power.” Both are crucial to the task of re-imagining and remaking the place of law now, and also in regard to international law.

“The resulting social reality has a network of legal relations that bind the society to human beings and human beings to one another.” … “Values are the basis of judgements that we make, individually and collectively…. The human imagination plays a big part in forming our values, in the way that we imagine ourselves and our societies…our potentialities and our obligations, our freedom and our necessity….”

Rule of Law asserts the authority of law over all public power. “… the gradual and painful emergence of the …idea of the Rule of Law was directly connected with profound changes in some societies in the fourteenth century. The sudden development of those societies was primarily economic. Their collective wealth increased rapidly and the center of gravity… moved in favor of newly empowered social classes.”

“It would take centuries of …  constitutionalism to find the basis for the authority of a society’s law within the authority of that society as a whole…. On many occasions the struggle led to civil war.” “Self-constitutionalising societies watched each other and learned from each other.”

Until recently, no known society theorized that its legal power is simply a product of physical power — law is violence by other means.

The Alphas

Now let’s get back to the New Emperors for a minute, comparing them to alphas in mammalian species that have a distinct hierarchy. The males at the top get control of as much of the resources as they can grab. Such behavior is genetic. The alpha has worked his way up by fighting with rivals, or somehow impressing others of his worthiness for the job. The acceptance of him is also genetic. Individuals low down are not going to attack him, and once he is king all will defer to him.

In early human society, the top man in the group may have used additional means, such as coalitions, deception, or bribery, to control those who may challenge him. Anthropologist Pierre vanden Berghe thinks coalitions were key. The village chief is the person with the most supporters — these may have been his brothers-in-law, if he were able to gather several wives. Or they may be henchmen whom he bought off.  Or they may have been persons of less intelligence than he, whom he could subject to trickery.

That said, a major change has occurred. Kin supporters are no longer necessary, though the Big Guy does need a power base.  His has a large ability to pay his minions, due to the possibility of unlimited wealth-creation via “money.” And his ability to deceive is enhanced a millionfold if he has cracked the secret of mind control. Additionally, by secretly controlling entire governments, he gets the use of armies, law enforcement, and judges, which uphold his “authority.”

As listed above, the New Emperors of the 21st century, the Grand Resetters, appear to have the ability: to run all finance (and therefore all economy, which includes food trade), to change the brain physically, to control the output of information, and to decide who is worthy of living. It is vital that we recognize the newness of these four developments, even if they have some background.  They are new, new, new, and new. Please be overwhelmed.

Literacy Removed Us from Purely Natural Society

This article purports to be a philosophical search for ways to imagine the defeat of the New Emperors. I have so far used ideas from zoology on the behavior of alpha mammals, from James Rosenau on community, and from Philip Allott on law. I’m asking: How did we come to the position we are in, whereby a handful of people can politely inform 8 billion of their conspecifics that they have taken over and there is no point remonstrating.

I wish to add another scholar’s reflections, those of the late Rev Walter Ong. He was a student of language who noticed that a huge change occurred in human life when writing was invented. The human species went from “orality” to “literacy.” If Ong’s 1982 book, “Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word,” were better known known, we could jettison our incorrect assumption that people in preliterate societies thought like us but lacked a way to record their ideas on paper.

No, they didn’t think like us. We think in a way that was made possible by the abstractionism that springs from writing. I’ll give an example that Ong took from Alexander Luria’s study in Russia. Luria asked preliterate people “In the Far North where there is always snow, all bears are white. Novaya Zembla is a place in the Far North. What color are the bears there?”  If you were answering, you might apply Aristotelian logic, and answer “White, of course.” But your mind has been changed by literacy. Luria reports:

One man said “I don’t know.  I’ve seen a black bear, I’ve never seen any other.” Then Luria asked a barely literate chairman of a collective farm. He said “To go by your words, they should all be white.” Ong notes ‘to go by your words’ indicates awareness of the formal intellectual structure, “but the fellow was more comfortable in the person-to-person human lifeworld than in a world of pure abstractions.” Ong says:

“Oral cultures must conceptualize and verbalize all their knowledge with more or less close reference to the human lifeworld. A writing culture, and even more a typographic (print) culture can distance and in a way denature even the human” (p 42).

Today we say that it is technology, such as the computer, that makes us less human, but I agree with Ong that moving from speaking person-to-person (there was no other way to speak) to making an imagined group — “my book audience” — the receiver of my thoughts is a big change. Once I leave the person-to-person realm, I can no longer count on all the evolved behaviors of human social interaction. I can invent really nutball ideas such as “Most of the 8 billion eaters aren’t worthy to live.”

Sorry, I have not gotten far with this paper’s plan to come up with ways of challenging the New Emperors.  But I hope I have persuaded you that we should be attending to two human resources: build up trust in our community and assert, by every method, the Rule of Law (which, Allott notes, means that the authority for law is the whole society). And we should acknowledge that abstractionism is, at this moment, our enemy.

I doubt there is any way to tackle the New Emperor problem without giving such basic factors their due.



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