Australia Day is Controversial — But Only for the Noisy Few

Australia Day is Controversial — But Only for the Noisy Few

Every year, the polls show that Aussies love Australia and support keeping our national holiday as it is. It is not racism or ignorance driving this, but the belief that what unites us is worth celebrating.

This week our nation celebrates Australia Day. For many it will be a day of barbecues, beaches and backyard cricket. For others, the 26th of January will be marked with flags and fanfare over our country’s proud achievements. Once again, thousands of migrants will choose the national holiday to celebrate their full adoption as Aussie citizens.

And yes, for some, Australia Day symbolises pain and trauma. As in previous years, we will hear calls to change the date, rename it ‘Invasion Day’, or abolish it altogether.

Most Australians have some familiarity with our nation’s mixed history, and therefore understand where these calls come from.

Atrocious acts were committed against Indigenous communities by well-armed and often-prejudiced Europeans who made the journey here in the 18th century. Disease, malice and bad policy also took their toll on Aboriginal communities in the centuries since.

While the gap in outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians today has many causes, one is undoubtedly the injustices of the past whose affects still linger.

But with all this in view, the majority of Australians support keeping Australia Day as it is. According to the most recent poll, 65 per cent of the country believes Australia Day should be celebrated on the 26th of January, and only 15 per cent believe it should be changed. Happily, 84 per cent say they are proud to be Australian.

Why Australians Support Australia Day

It is not ignorance, racism or a lack of compassion that lead most Australians to this view. It is common-sense love of country: the belief that Australia is good despite its many imperfections, and that what unites us is more important than our differences.

Renaming our national holiday won’t achieve what we’re told it will. We already have many days each year to observe Indigenous culture, history, disadvantage and resilience. In 2022, Australia will mark:

13th February | National Apology Day
17th March | National Close the Gap Day
26th May | National Sorry Day
27th May | Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum
27th May—3rd June | Reconciliation Week
3rd June | Mabo Day
1st July | Coming of the Light
3rd—10th July | NAIDOC Week
4th August | National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day
9th August | International Day of the Worlds Indigenous People
7th September | Indigenous Literacy Day
13th September | Anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

Australia Day is distinct from all other such days because it isn’t about a subset of our country’s population. It’s about all of us — about what we share in common despite our past and our differences.

Changing the Date Won’t Solve Any Problems

Moreover, changing the date of Australia Day will achieve little. As part of its campaign to this end, News.Com.Au recently listed a range of alternatives in a survey:

1st January | when Commonwealth of Australia came into being
31st January | keeps it in January, but away from 26th
First Monday in February | we all just want a long weekend
8th May | because it looks like “M8”
9th May | when we became a self-governing federation in 1901
26th May | National Sorry Day
27th May | when Indigenous Aussies were included in the census
30th July | the first Australia Day celebrated in 1915
17th September | last trace of White Australia policy removed

All these options suffer from one of three flaws. Some are already commemorated for their Indigenous significance and are specifically for Indigenous Australians, not all Australians. Others are flippant, with no substance or national significance. And the remainder are about important events in Australian history which we can be certain will offend the same noisy voices who are unhappy with January 26.

‘Invasion Day’ and the Inner-City Bubble

The other option is to abolish our national holiday altogether. But this is a nihilistic endeavour. It is borne of the misguided belief that there is nothing to celebrate about modern Australia save for its radical activist movement.

Indeed, the loudest proponent of the ‘Invasion Day’ campaign is Greens Senator Lydia Thorpe, who cheered the recent act of arson at Old Parliament House by tweeting, “Seems like the colonial system is burning down. Happy New Year everyone.” How can such a mindset ever be appeased?

The reality is that opinions on this subject are often determined by geography, not race. Inner city elites who feed on a diet of neo-Marxism are much more concerned about this debate than most Aboriginal communities.

For instance, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp has cancelled the Australia Day parade for the second year in a row while giving the green light to an ‘Invasion Day’ rally. Capp is as white as the driven snow just, as many rally-goers will be — and yet outside of the inner-city bubble, countless Indigenous Aussies will be celebrating and relaxing with their mates without a second thought this Wednesday.

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Celebrating What Unites Us

You might be under the impression that Australia Day is a contentious issue. The vocal minority want you to think that. The truth is that it’s only controversial among the small percentage of Australians who want it to be.

Commenting on the recent poll which was commissioned by her organisation, the Institute of Public Affairs’ Bella d’Abrera said that “mainstream Australians are fundamentally optimistic and positive about Australia and its values”.

So they should be. Australia has come a long way since 1788, and we have much to be thankful for, even as we strive for better outcomes in Aboriginal communities. The Judeo-Christian values that underpin modern Australia have been an unspeakable blessing, and they remain a legacy worth preserving.

No matter who we are, where we live or what our circumstances are, we share this home. And we need every opportunity we can find to strengthen the bonds that hold us together.

So happy Australia Day, and see you out there in the sun!

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Exclusive — Mark Levin: Fight Back Against CRT with Classroom Cameras

Exclusive — Mark Levin: Fight Back Against CRT with Classroom Cameras

Mark Levin, author of American Marxism, advised the use of cameras in classrooms to monitor teachers in response to the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in public school curricula.

Levin noted how government-decreed school shutdowns, ostensibly in response to the coronavirus outbreak, inadvertently allowed parents to observe neo-Marxist indoctrination of children relegated to remote-learning at home.

“Six months ago … people were calling my show and talking to me about what they were seeing on the monitor going on with their kids as a result of the pandemic,” Levin shared. “The vast majority people in this country would never have heard of critical race theory but for the pandemic [and] home teaching, where the parents are looking in the monitor and going, ‘What the hell did that teacher just say to my kid?’ which is why I now support cameras in the classroom and have been pushing for that for two months.”

He added, “I figure if courtrooms and cops can have [cameras], union members with the NEA [National Education Association] and the AFT [American Federation of Teachers] should have them in the classroom.”

He determined, “Teachers’ unions are our enemy. They are Marxists. There’s no question they are an appendage of the Democrat Party. They are in business to make as much money and have as much powers they can. They don’t give a damn about our kids. If you haven’t learned anything in the last 18 months, you’ve learned that, and they’ve announced that regardless of what parents or taxpayers think, they’re going to push this ideology.”

He continued, “It’s time to push back. We have FOIA laws. We have organizations that can bring lawsuits. You have lawyers in your communities that can bring lawsuits. These are civil rights violations. They are not free to teach your children racism.”

Levin identified Critical Race Theory as a novel iteration of Marxist ideology. Karl Marx framed human affairs as a function of what he described as “class struggle,” whereas contemporary proponents of Critical Race Theory replace class with race in their sociological analyses, viewing racial struggle as the driving force in human affairs.

Leftists pushing Critical Race Theory frame white people as an oppressive group who must be brought to heel, Levin noted. Individuality is erased within such a political paradigm, he added, as all white people are cast as oppressors.

He remarked, “Their argument is this, ‘If you’re white, you have no say in this. You’re the problem. So you’re cut off.’ But I’m an individual white guy. I’m not racist. ‘It doesn’t matter. You come out of that white culture. You’re the subject of our dispute. You’re the subject of our criticism. So you don’t have the experience that I do. So I’m not going to even engage you in discussion.’”

Levin referenced the left’s social commodification of supposed victimhood within their neo-Marxist paradigm of racial oppression, and how such an ideology rejects the value of free speech and expression.

He stated, “There isn’t any debate with you. There’s nothing to debate. I’m right. You’re wrong, I’m righteous and you’re not. You’re the oppressor. I’m the oppressed. I’m the victim. You’re the perpetrator, and so I don’t want to hear from you.”

“That’s why they do not believe in free speech,” he continued. “That’s why they do not believe in freedom and competition of ideas.”

He explained, “[Critical Race Theory] is a radical, Marxist, racist, Farrakhan-like ideology dressed up [as] scholarship.”

The Biden administration and broader Democrat Party have embraced Critical Race Theory via implementation of law and policy built upon the leftist ideology.

Breitbart News Daily broadcasts live on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.


It’s Critical Race Theory That Is Un-American, Not Laws Banning It

Without breaking a sweat, the New York Times has gone from insisting critical race theory doesn’t exist to arguing state legislatures must let public schools inflict it on kids. Kmele Foster, David French, Jason Stanley, and Thomas Chatterton Williams claim in the Times that “Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws Are Un-American.”

This is exactly backwards. It’s teaching critical race theory that is un-American. The reframed Marxist ideology aims to destroy core American cultural and legal norms, including those these authors claim as the basis of their support for forcing taxpayers to subsidize its racism.

Just to name a few, critical theorists oppose free speech, the consent of the governed, freedom of association, and equal justice under the law. This is not about banning them from speaking, but in using representative government to deny them the privilege of taxpayer sinecures to help them foment America’s subversion and collapse.

CRT teaches not only that people are defined by their skin color but also that paler skin is inherently evil. So this theory is used to justify the insistence that the United States is inherently evil, which is also patently anti-American.

The concepts of “systemic racism,” “white privilege,” “anti-racism,” and “equity [as opposed to equality]” all stem from critical theory. Since this ideology is obviously false and toxic, state legislatures have moved to protect children from being taught it as gospel in the public education systems they directly oversee.

Racists Can Still Speak Freely, Just Not on My Dime

Despite the obvious anti-American racial toxicity of this worldview, here’s the core of the four men’s NYT argument against banning its promulgation in public schools:

They are speech codes. They seek to change public education by banning the expression of ideas. Even if this censorship is legal in the narrow context of public primary and secondary education, it is antithetical to educating students in the culture of American free expression.

This is plain dissembling. Prohibiting government employees from pushing racism on naive children while on the public clock is not a “speech code,” just like banning Drag Queen Story Hour is not “illiberal.” It is an exercise of priorities: deciding that limited taxpayer resources will not fund antisocial filth. This doesn’t ban antisocial filth; it just requires antisocial filth to build its own infrastructure rather than parasiting everyone else’s.

Government has a right and duty to decide what government schools will teach and what it will force taxpayers to subsidize. State legislatures are merely telling public employees what their bosses — the people of their states — have and have not consented to their funds and institutions accomplishing. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go find a street corner and free speech her heart out.

(You will notice that French, at least, takes this exact tack on social media leftism, but curiously reverses his “principled approach” for publicly sponsored racism. In so doing, he enables what Bolsheviks do: use the freedoms of a society until they gain enough power to end them.)

Identity Politics a Feature of ‘Civil Rights,’ Not a Bug

Here is what these authors propose in lieu of state legislatures ensuring good instruction in public schools:

A wiser response to problematic elements of what is being labeled critical race theory would be twofold: propose better curriculums and enforce existing civil rights laws. Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act both prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, and they are rooted in a considerable body of case law that provides administrators with far more concrete guidance on how to proceed.

This would seem eminently reasonable if the year were 1965, instead of 2021. That’s not to proclaim the tired leftist trope of History being on one’s side, or the current year somehow justifying some fresh outbreak of vice. It’s to say that this argument is entirely detached from what public schooling and the identity preferences regime have become over the last 60 years.

We do not live in the era in which it seemed to make sense to address racial discrimination with creating protected identity classes. We live in an era in which protected-class designations have been turned into a “new constitution” of identity politics that is clearly at war with the original. Decades of federal force pushing identity-conscious behavior into formerly private life has created an anti-American culture and a managerial class dedicated to maintaining and expanding it for power.

Stanley Kurtz notes that lawsuits provide only spotty relief even were existing civil rights laws enforced against CRT. But the bigger problem is that U.S. civil rights law is part of the problem. Its enforcement has created the protected classes that the left’s new racism is now weaponizing through CRT.

What courts have done to U.S. civil rights law is epitomized in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s opinion in Bostock v. Clayton County ridiculously arguing that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to create legal preferences for men who dress up as women. As Richard Hanania argued recently, the regime this law immediately spawned has performed a similar hijacking on behalf of racially conscious policies.

Almost immediately after the law was enacted, the Supreme Court, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and government entities ran amok, using it as a license to push “disparate impact” and other “separate but equal” theories on private businesses, clubs, universities, and so forth. Therefore, Hanania argues, “Taking apart disparate impact and repealing affirmative action executive orders should be litmus tests for Republican presidential candidates in the same way taxes and abortion are.” Add to that the abolishment of all taxpayer-provided aid and comfort to critical race theory.

Almost No Americans Get a ‘Liberal Education’

The four authors open their article asking: “What is the purpose of a liberal education? This is the question at the heart of a bitter debate that has been roiling the nation for months.” Later, they repeat this theme, saying “we are united in one overarching concern: the danger posed by these laws to liberal education.”

I don’t know what planet these people have been living on for the last half-century, but it’s not ours. Most American children have not gotten “a liberal education” for at least that long. This has been well-documented by almost every observer of the matter in the past half-century, from the mercurial Allan Bloom to the more natively hopeful E.D. Hirsch.

Before President Obama dialed back national U.S. history tests, American children performed horribly on them every time. Most native-born Americans cannot pass the citizenship test. Polls constantly affirm every subsequent generation declining in support for Americans’ constitutionally secured natural rights, including liberalism’s bellwether, free speech.

What long ago replaced the educated-for-citizenship birthright of American children is politically leftist indoctrination. There are many reasons for this that will not fit into an article, but perhaps the chief one is the left’s long-pursued monopoly over U.S. education.

It has gotten so bad that the nation’s largest teachers union sees the grassroots opposition to teaching critical race theory and responds by openly declaring plans to use their millions of dollars obtained from public coffers to assassinate the character of citizens who don’t like CRT. The illiberal left thinks public schools belong wholly to them, and they aren’t wrong.

As two-time former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr noted recently in a discussion that included note of how CRT has swept public schooling, “If the state-operated schools are now waging war on the nation’s moral, historical, philosophical, and religious foundations, then they would seem to have forfeited their legitimacy as the proper vehicle to carry out the mission with which the American People have charged them.”

It is impossible to expect “liberal education” from institutions controlled by a class of malignant mental-midget bureaucrats who require laws to restrain them from openly allowing anti-American racism to fester in American taxpayer-funded institutions. The men who wrote this New York Times essay appear to be content to publicly express their desire for the trappings of classical liberalism while assisting its implacable foes in destroying liberalism’s foundations. Enacting their prescriptions is the equivalent of opening the gates of the city wide to an incoming horde of barbarians.

You can bet those barbarians will not offer the same courtesies these men claim to care about while they help Marxists set fire to the cultural consensus, equality under the law, and respect for the consent of the governed that makes liberal attitudes possible.


Frank Gaffney on ‘Breaking the News’: ‘Extraordinary Book’ from a Man Fighting ‘the War for the Free World’ in ‘the Battlespace of Ideas’

Frank Gaffney, vice-chairman of the Committee on the Present Danger: China and host of Secure Freedom Radio, praised Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption as “an extraordinary book” by a man fighting in “the war for the free world” in the “battlespace of ideas.”

Gaffney spoke with Marlow about Breaking the News on Thursday’s edition of Secure Freedom Radio.

“[Alex Marlow is] a man who I have come to admire greatly for the outsized role he has been playing now for years in the war for the free world, particularly in the battlespace of ideas and the public education about them that is vital to the survival of our republic,” Gaffney said. “Alexander Marlow is the editor-in-chief of Breitbart, an outstanding web resource, [the host] of Breitbart News Daily and the author of a really important new book.”

Gaffney highlighted Marlow’s professional pedigree as Andrew Breitbart’s first employee for the news media outlet bearing his name.

“You’ve been  a good apprentice [for Andrew Breitbart],” Gaffney remarked, “One of the things that he famously talked about was culture being upstream from politics, and one of the things that I always prized about what Breitbart did during his time — and what you’ve done with it in the years after he passed away — has been to help connect the dots between what’s being done in our culture — in our society, more broadly — and how that impacts public policy and the direction of the country.”

Gaffney recalled Breitbart News’s 2012 revelations of former President Barack Obama’s connections to critical race theory, an neo-Marxist ideology linking race to the communist paradigm of class struggle.

“One of the things I’ve particularly wanted to salute you for is that back in 2012, Breitbart really was one of the first to the fight with respect to this phenomenon that has come to be called critical race theory,” he stated. “I really think of it as communist racist training — both are CRT — but one is more accurate.”

Gaffney lauded Marlow as “a great friend and a much admired comrade in the war of ideas” and Breitbart News as “a tremendous resource on the web.”

“Breitbart has been helping to identify what I think of as really the enemy within for years, now,” Gaffney remarked. “Let’s turn to the role being played by an increasingly hostile media that is corporatized, that is radicalized, and that is — it seems, increasingly — mobilized to cancel those of us who are not with their program.”

“The book is so rich,” Gaffney concluded. He added, “[Breaking the News] is a terrific new book.”


Exclusive — Sen. Tom Cotton: Critical Race Theory in the Military Is ‘Destructive to Morale and Unit Cohesion’

Exclusive — Sen. Tom Cotton: Critical Race Theory in the Military Is ‘Destructive to Morale and Unit Cohesion’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told Breitbart News on Friday that critical race theory undermines the U.S. military.

Critical race theory is a neo-Marxist ideology and sociological paradigm framing human affairs as defined by class struggle along the lines of race.

“It’s particularly bad for this to be taught to our young troopers, whether it’s at service academy use or in professional military education, or just in routine quarterly or annual training, because they need to look to their right and their left and see not the representative of a racial group, but a battle buddy, a comrade in arms who will lay down their life in defense of each other and their nation,” Cotton said on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

America’s enemies benefit from internally undermining the U.S. armed forces through left-wing politics, Cotton noted.

He remarked, “If I were in a foreign intelligence service, I can think a few things that would be more destructive to morale and unit cohesion in the United States military than critical race theory, the idea that we are somehow simply representatives of our race as opposed to American patriots who are wearing the flag of our country in defense of our common ideals.”


Cotton observed the increasing aggression with which Democrats and the broader left push racial politics through the framework of critical race theory.

“Almost every bill that comes before the Congress these days has these kinds of affirmative action quotas and set asides, which I would remind your listeners are blatantly unconstitutional and have been for years,” Cotton remarked.

He continued, “But this is the modern Democratic Party. They see the entire world through the lens of race. They see it [through what is] essentially a neo-Marxist view that there only can be oppressors and the oppressed. It’s deeply antithetical to the ideals that animate America.”

Cotton observed the application of critical race theory to Democrat and left-wing analyses of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

He said, “[Critical race theory] popped up most recently in this conflict between Israel and Hamas. You have a very vocal — I think small, but very vocal left-wing of the Democratic Party led by the Squad — people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib — who see the entire world not as individuals, but simply as groups of people, the oppressed versus the oppressor.”

“Obviously, in their worldview, Israel is the oppressor and the Palestinians are the oppressed,” he added. “I think one of the new so-called Squad members likened what was happening to Hamas to what happened to Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, seven years ago, and of course, the BLM organization is an openly Marxist and antisemitic organization.”

Critical race theory erases individualism and frames human affairs as functions of conflict between racial groups, Cotton stated.

He shared, “[The Israeli-Arab conflicts] is just one more instance where you see critical race theory influencing our public debates, and it’s a deeply offensive and anti-American worldview that we aren’t individuals, [but] are simply representatives of a group to which we belong, in this case, the group represented by our skin color, and that some races are inherently privileged and other races are victimized or oppressed.”

“It is a deeply unpopular view among normal Americans, but also very popular in university towns, in the left-wing press, and increasingly in our mainstream media,” he concluded.

Cotton is a retired U.S. Army officer and veteran who completed combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He also served in the Old Guard and is the author of Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery.

Breitbart News Daily broadcasts live on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.


The Wall Between Civilization And Our Innate Savagery Is Weakening

The Wall Between Civilization And Our Innate Savagery Is Weakening

Civilization is difficult.

Civilization is especially difficult if it means not just political stability and material advancement, but also a decent moral order. We’re all born into this world as tiny barbarians. Without care, we will grow to be larger, more dangerous barbarians.

The murder of Mohammad Anwar, an immigrant working as an UberEats driver, allegedly by two teenage girls attempting to carjack him, is a case in point. Following the fatal accident, video footage shows one of the accused girls complaining that her phone was still in the wrecked car. A man was dead or dying next to her, apparently by her hand, and she was focused on retrieving her technological bauble.

Unfortunately, this horrible event is already receding from our consciousness, slipping out of the headlines and away from our attention. Still, it’s worth more reflection before it fades away, as it shows the frailty of our modern hopes of taming the savagery that lies within us, and the need to remember where our real hope lies.

To begin with, the event illustrates that science cannot save us. Surrounded by material abundance and wondrous gadgetry, human depravity still finds a way. Having enough is not sufficient to make us good. Indeed, humans will often commit evil acts simply out of boredom. Ironically, contained within innumerable texts, podcasts, and videos, the phone the accused was so concerned about retrieving provided free access to the moral wisdom of the ages. Yet, the availability of moral teaching is insufficient to inculcate virtue — indeed, without guidance, we lack even the rudimentary virtue needed to know that we are morally deficient and have much to learn and practice.

Children need personal instruction and examples to develop into good men and women, but our culture no longer shares the same moral vision. Morality is, of course, always contested to some degree, but ours is particularly an age of fractured moral consensus and seemingly intractable moral disagreements. Those who mourn what they see as moral decline must recognize that many symbols and rituals of the older consensus were losing power even before they were discarded, and they will not be efficacious if restored. Official but superficial school prayers, observing the national anthem before games, and other civic or religious ceremonies are no longer representative of a united moral and social order.

The modern illusion that we can leave people to develop their own moral codes is fading, and the need for a shared understanding is becoming clear. Thus, a new moral order is attempting to assert itself — the still-cooking stew of wokeness, intersectional ideology, critical theory, and left-wing social justice claims. Though it lacks a settled name, it makes bold claims about being able to identify and address the evils the plague us.

Unfortunately, while this ideology is a poisonous substitute that erodes society, it has, nonetheless, captured much of our leading institutions as well as America’s upper class. In particular, it is in control of the education system. What we teach children is largely a function of who is doing the teaching, and teachers are increasingly the acolytes of the new moral order. They may not be a majority, but few are willing to resist their programs and priorities.

Among their priorities is bringing demon worship into public schools. When we see, California’s new mandatory ethnic studies program includes prayers to Aztec gods — or, to be more accurate, to Aztec demons — who were worshipped by human sacrifice, including torturing children to death, we’re reminded civilization is no guarantee of good.

While human sacrifice is not (yet) part of the curriculum, its designers are open about wanting to reverse the replacement of native gods by Christianity. Whatever we call this ideology, it is leading to depravity, not virtue. This embrace of evil is, as Cameron Hilditch notes, an attempt to out-Christian Christianity itself, taking Christian concern for the downtrodden to the point of sympathy for the devil.

This ideology is not particularly coherent. The Aztecs, after all, were imperialists who enslaved and murdered the peoples around them, which made it easy for the Spanish conquistadors to recruit indigenous allies. To mourn the demise of the Aztecs’s bloodthirsty gods is to take sides against the indigenous people sacrificed to those gods.

This curriculum also reveals a complacency about civilization; it forgets the demons that haunted humanity for so much of our history. The world is still sinful, but it is better with the demonic gods of the Aztecs on the ash heap of history. This bitter, incoherent ideology that seeks a renewal of the Aztec gods will not form children into moral men and women. Rather, it resummons, in name, if not yet, in fact, the demons that have haunted humanity.

Against this, we must remember that the demons have been defeated. Around two thousand years ago, another empire, powerful, magnificent, and sometimes cruel, casually crucified a man. He was one of many it condemned, and with little thought. He had taught remarkably and even performed miracles, but He still died an agonizing, ignominious death.

And then something happened. He rose from the dead. Not as a ghost, not as a spirit, but bodily, with a heart pumping blood and lungs breathing oxygen. And the demons retreated as word of the resurrection spread, for He had conquered sin and death, by which man had been bound to the demons. Unlike the demons, He did not demand human sacrifice to earn favor, for He had become human to be sacrificed on our behalf.

This is a revelation that goes beyond making us moral, for it transforms our being. Before the perfection of the Divine Victim, moral remonstrances are both affirmed and humbled. We are, at best, like the blessed criminal crucified with Christ, acknowledging his own guilt and need for mercy even while rebuking his companion for reviling Christ.

Like that man, for whom civilization could no longer give anything but death, we may look to Christ’s promise of something better than civilization — the kingdom of heaven.


Scott Walker on YAF’s ‘Long Game’: Sponsor One Million Students, Sue Schools Violating Free Speech, Launch Tip Lines Exposing Leftism

Scott Walker on YAF’s ‘Long Game’: Sponsor One Million Students, Sue Schools Violating Free Speech, Launch Tip Lines Exposing Leftism

Former Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), president of Young America’s Foundation, explained his organization’s “Long Game” strategy — including constitutional lawsuits, partnerships with other conservative organizations, and use of a tip line to expose leftism in the educational establishment — on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

YAF plans to establish chapters across all the nation’s college and university campuses, Walker said.

“We support students in more than half of all the campuses in America,” he noted. “That’s over 2,000 campuses, but we’ve got to be in all 4,000, because the left is.” He added, “We need to start sooner — not just in college — but in the high school and even junior high, so we’ve got aggressive programs [to do this].”

The former Wisconsin governor shared YAF’s intentions to expand into elementary, middle, and high schools. He described the composition of curriculum as another front in the political battle against the left.


“We want to get a million new students involved as participants in our program,” Walker remarked, listing the first goal of YAF’s new plan.

YAF launched a tip line through which students, teachers, and other stakeholders can share information about leftist policies in education.

Walker stated, “We’ve got this aggressive tip line that often exposes radical and out-of-control professors. We’ve exposed  — sadly — many situations where increasingly campuses are segregating students, even in terms of training and even living circumstances.”

The YAF tip line led to revelations of a local school district in Iowa pushing the “Black Lives Matter” campaign on children as young as four. “Among the ideas forced on students—aged four to eighteen—are ‘queer affirming,’ ‘transgender affirming,’ ‘globalism,’ and ‘disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics,’” reported YAF.

The local Iowa school district pushed “transgender” narratives to students, framing sex as an arbitrary social construct, denying human sexual dimorphism and rejecting family as a universal human institution.

“Last month for black history month, [an Iowa local school district] partnered with BLM for a BLM ‘Week of ‘Action,’” Walker recalled. “It had literally nothing to do with black history, and in fact went from preschool all the way ’til 12th grade, and what we found was they were giving out coloring pages. [They were] telling kids that they could pick their gender. Now, these are preschoolers and kindergarteners.”

He continued, “This makes no sense. They were saying the father didn’t have to be a part of the family structure anymore. These are radical ideas. Instead, maybe we should be teaching kindergarteners and young kids in elementary school how to read and how to write, and appreciation for American history instead of the 1619 Project.

Walker identified hatred of America as a component of leftist pedagogy. He said YAF would provide patriotic materials to parents and students to “counteract all this nonsense about hating America.”

“We’re going to lift up our American icons,” Walker remarked. “We’re going to lift up our Americans founding principles. We’re going to lift up our Judeo-Christian values. Those are things that are timeless [and that] we need to get back to to get this country back on the right track.”

YAF also intends to expand its digital reach as part of its vision, Walker added.

“We found in our research and polling, the number one place that young people get their information is on YouTube,” he stated. “So we created a YouTube channel, YAF TV. We’ve seen a tremendous jump this past year with the shutdowns because people want to gravitate to real content and watching our speakers.”

Walker added, “We want to have five million subscribers [on YouTube] under the Long Game plan and one billion views on our YouTube channel.”

YAF will assist in lawsuits to combat violations of the First Amendment, Walker held. The organization said it will be “holding schools accountable in court for free speech violations [and] fighting back across the country against anti-conservative bias and discrimination.”

Walker remarked, “When it comes to free speech … we’re going to be aggressive, take it to the campuses, [and] take it to the liberals. [We will] not just wait until someone complains to us and asks us to get involved in the lawsuit, but we’re going get involved.”

“I don’t like to typically litigate, but the Constitution’s on our side when it comes to free speech,” he added. “We’ve won big cases, even at places like UC Berkeley, but we’ve got fights to fight everywhere across America. We’re in a fight right now in Florida, we’re involved with our students — College Republicans, Turning Point, others — who are unfairly targeted. We need to do more things to back up our students on every campus, whether they’re in our chapters or our members or not. We’re going to back up conservative students with the law and fight for what’s right, for free speech.”

Walker called for an end to “turf battles” between varying conservative groups.

“We want to partner with other organizations,” he expressed. “It’s not enough just to have YAF doing it … The left gets this. They unite. They form together. They don’t fight each other. We need to get beyond turf battles and say, ‘We’re in this together.’”

Walker identified “critical race theory” as a neo-Marxist ideology designed to sow seeds of discord between Americans.

‘We’re gonna push back even harder on things like critical race theory,” he stated. “[Critical race theory] is not about peace amongst the races. This is part of a larger plan. It started decades ago, even before I was born, with Marxists trying to impose Marxism and communism and socialist tendencies on the United States. That didn’t work, because we’re not in a class-based society in America.”

He concluded by highlighting the American Dream as contrary to communist visions of egalitarianism.

“You can come out of the poorest-of-the-poor households and succeed and do well, whether it’s in business or politics or anywhere else in life, and the opportunities are endless and boundless to people who come to America or were born here. Critical race theory [and] the BLM efforts and others are really about coming at Marxism from a different direction. In fact, the three founders of BLM flat out acknowledged that they are Marxist-trained sympathizers, and in the end, they want to use race and sex and gender as new ways to pit groups of Americans against others to try to reestablish the economy.”

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Mark Levin: Joe Biden’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Will Destroy Every Aspect of Our Culture and Society

Mark Levin: Joe Biden’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Will Destroy Every Aspect of Our Culture and Society

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s joint political platform with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) amounts to a “communist manifesto” that will destroy America, warned Mark Levin, author of Unfreedom of the Press  and radio show and television host, on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

After Biden took the Democrats’ presidential nomination, his presidential campaign joined Sanders’s team to compose a document titled the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations.” The leftist proclamation derides the U.S. as pathologized by “systemic racism,” makes 85 mentions of “climate” while describing “climate change” as a “global emergency,” and calls for “restorative justice” to benefit “marginalized” demographic groups.

Levin said, “Most people haven’t taken time to read the 110-page communist manifesto. I don’t think Biden’s read it. It doesn’t much matter. They’re going to implement it. Every aspect of this culture and society is going to be turned on its head, and I don’t mean it in a good way.”

“It is the most radical, extreme document in American history,” added Levin. “They’re going to destroy our energy sector. They’re going to destroy our healthcare sector. They’re going to destroy our school. They’re going to destroy our suburbs, and they’re going to do it as fast as humanly possible.”


Levin warned of America’s increased vulnerability to totalitarianism given decades of erosion of the nation’s foundational values. He cautioned that constitutional guardrails designed to protect the public from the abuse of state power have been weakened over time.

“Look, I live in Virginia,” Levin remarked. “The Democrats took over [Virginia] for the first time in modern times, the Assembly, the Senate, and the governorship. They have rammed through the most radical abortion laws, gun laws, taxes, and so forth, and they move fast. It takes not two years. It takes no time at all. Since we’re so detached from our Constitution, and we are in many respects a post-constitutional country, and I’ve talked about this before, and because of that because so many of our firewalls have already been breached.”

Levin continued, “There’s not a whole lot left to breach, and so they’re going to make a run, you know for the final jumping of these final firewalls in two years, and they’re telling us that. So this is so important.”

Levin concluded with praise for Breitbart News. “Thank God for Breitbart,” he said. “You do a tremendous show, and you guys are very very generous with your time and your support. I just want to thank you, and I want your audience to know that.”

Breitbart News Daily broadcasts live on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Eastern.



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