House Republicans on ‘Offense’: NRCC Chair Tom Emmer Targets 10 More Districts to Take Back House

Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said Tuesday that the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) will expand their list of target Democrat-controlled districts in their mission to take back the House majority.

The NRCC released its increased list of districts to target after the U.S. Census Bureau announced many swing and Democrat-leaning districts will lose a congressional seat. The reapportionment data will reshape the makeup of congressional districts in a way that could create an opening for Republicans to flip enough districts to take back the House majority during the 2022 midterm elections.

Emmer said that Republicans continue to play on offense now that Democrats have to defend their “socialist” agenda.

“Republicans are on offense all across the country,” Emmer said in a statement Tuesday. “Every House Democrat is facing an uphill battle having to defend their toxic socialist agenda that prioritizes trillion-dollar tax hikes on the middle class, opens our borders, closes our schools and defunds the police.”

The new targeted districts include:

  1. Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA)
  2. Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA)
  3. Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-CA)
  4. Rep. Marie Newman (D-IL)
  5. Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MN)
  6. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY)
  7. Rep. Paul Tonko (D-NY)
  8. Rep. Joe Morelle (D-NY)
  9. Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY)
  10. Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA)

Republicans announced plans to target 47 Democrats representing battleground districts, Democrats that underperformed compared to the 2020 presidential ballot, and those that may be impacted by redistricting.

Further compounding Democrats’ problems, several Democrats have announced that they will either retire or seek higher office.

Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL), a former Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair and a top ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), announced last week that she will not seek reelection.

Reps. Conor Lamb (D-PA) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) reportedly plan to run for higher office and Reps. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ) and Filemon Vela (D-TX) intend to retire.

An NRCC poll released in April found that Republicans are projected to win back the House.

The survey said in battleground districts, 54 percent want a “Republican who will be a check-and-balance to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ agenda in Congress.”

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


Fact Check: Democrats Launch Ads Falsely Accusing Republicans of Backing QAnon

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) falsely attacked several House Republicans in a series of ads launched Tuesday, claiming that the House GOP members backed the QAnon conspiracy theory.

The DCCC, the campaign arm of the House Democrats, launched a half-million-dollar television and digital ad campaign accusing Republicans of “standing with Q and now with you.” This is the DCCC’s first ad buy of the 2022 congressional midterm cycle.

The ad buys feature footage of the January 6 D.C. riots.

The ads target Reps. Mike Garcia (R-CA), Young Kim (R-CA), Michelle Steel (R-CA), Maria Elvira Salazar (R-FL), Don Bacon (R-NE), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), Beth Van Duyne (R-TX), and House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

This ad attacks Garcia:

[embedded content]

The ad claims the members’ two votes against former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment amounts to support for QAnon.

However, Garcia, Bacon Fitzpatrick, and McCarthy all voted last October to condemn QAnon.

Kim, Steel, Salazar, and Van Duyne were elected last November, so they did not have the opportunity to vote to condemn QAnon when the October vote arose.

The ads also call the members cowards for voting to “protect” Trump, even though Garcia is a decorated United States naval officer, Bacon served in the Air Force for nearly 30 years and retired as a brigadier general, and Fitzpatrick supported counterterrorism efforts and embedded with the U.S. Special Forces as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesman Mike Berg told Breitbart News in a statement Tuesday the DCCC continues to spend money on “ineffective” ads while lying about Republicans and their military service.

“These ads will be as ineffective as the $345 million the DCCC lit on fire the last cycle,” Berg said. “But it’s still important to note that the DCCC is blatantly lying about members who have condemned QAnon, and that they are smearing multiple veterans to score political points.”

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


Exclusive — Mike Pence: Trump Is ‘Last Line of Defense’ Against ‘Radical Left’

AIR FORCE TWO — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Friday that he believes Donald Trump’s supporters are more enthusiastic now than they were during the 2016 presidential election and that Trump is the “last line of defense” against the “radical left.”

Vice President Pence spoke to Breitbart News as the vice president traveled to Duluth, Minnesota, and Traverse City, Michigan, to rally support for President Trump’s reelection and several down-ticket races, such as conservative John James’s bid to unseat Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI).

Pence noted during his speech in Michigan that a Trafalgar Poll released on Friday found Trump and James lead their opponents in Michigan. Another Trafalgar poll found that Trump is closing the gap in Minnesota.

Pence told Breitbart News he believes support for Trump has only continued to grow from four years ago.

Pence traveled in Minnesota with Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) chairman, while he was in Minnesota for his campaign.

The vice president emphasized that not only do they want to give Trump a second term in office; they also want to keep the Senate Republican majority and make House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) the next speaker of the House.

“When I think of what we can do for this country over the next four years — I talked with him today, Tom Emmer, the NRCC; he was with us for a while — our first priority with this president is to get him reelected, but we’re going to be working to make sure that Kevin McCarthy is speaker of the House and we have a Republican Senate,” Pence said.

During his speech in Minnesota, Pence also praised Rep. Pete Stauber, as well as former Rep. Jason Lewis (R-MN). Lewis hopes to unseat Sen. Tina Smith (D-MN) in November.

“The road to victory begins in Duluth, Minnesota, and … we’re going to win the state,” the vice president said during his speech in Duluth.

McCarthy has noted that Republicans only need to retake 17 congressional seats to regain the House majority. Republicans have targeted the 31 congressional seats across the country that Trump won in the 2016 presidential election but House Democrats managed to flip during the 2018 midterm elections.

Pence reiterated that he remains more confident than ever that they will win the 2020 presidential election; however, he cautioned that Democrat-controlled Congress could lead to the “radical left” pushing progressive policies that could undermine American freedom. He warned that a Democrat Congress could unleash the “radical left,” pushing for policies that could harm America’s economic recovery.

He explained, “I believe we will win, and I always believed that we will win in 2016. I’m more convinced of it now than I was in 2016. People need to understand that the stakes of this election, is if Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House, and we don’t hold the Senate, Barack Obama said … that we should do away with the filibuster.” However, Pence cautioned that Trump will always fight the radical left and their push to transform the country towards their progressive vision.

“I was told today that Chuck Schumer is open to it [ending the filibuster],” Pence said. “So the last line of defense is President Donald Trump and the veto because you look at the radical left agenda of Nancy Pelosi and the House, and the bills they passed the last year, when you think of a Senate without a filibuster, with a Democrat majority, President Donald Trump and his veto are the last line of defense for stopping the agenda of the radical left that’s being foisted upon the country.”

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.