School to Racially Sort Students for Social Justice Discussions

A middle school in New York City plans to racially separate students for discussions on social justice topics and identity issues next week, the New York Post reported Thursday.

The Lower Manhattan Community School will hold the discussions November 23 and 24 to fulfill its mission to “undo the legacy of racism and oppression in this country that impacts our school community,” read an email sent to parents by Principal Shanna Douglas.

White, Asian, and multi-racial students are expected to have their own categories, while black students and Hispanic students will be combined into one group, the principal’s email reportedly said.

“On November 23rd and 24th, 7th and 8th graders will explore the question ‘How do our racial identities influence our experiences?’ in affinity groups,” Douglas stated. “An affinity group is a group formed around a shared interest.”

Apparently an additional group will be available for those uncomfortable with the planned format. This group will discuss the question, “Why are we even talking about racial identity?”

“This optional program was developed in close coordination with both the School Leadership Team, PTA and families,” said Department of Education spokesperson Nathaniel Styer, who said it is “abundantly clear to both students and parents that anyone can opt-out of this two day celebration if they desire.”

According to the Post, Douglas wrote she is focusing on race because “students are talking about it since race has become a popular topic on social media, or parents are talking even more about it at home due to the recent incidents across the nation.”

The principal added the school is 44 percent Asian, 29 percent white, 15 percent Hispanic, and 8 percent black, and has not been able to sufficiently address racial issues in the past.

While some parents told the Post the school and teachers “know how to handle” the subject of race, others were not comfortable with the exercises, expressing concern they were adding to a climate of divisiveness.

“I think a lot of us feel like this is too much,” said one mother. “But most parents are too afraid to say anything at this point. Why are we separating our kids like this?”

A father said some families would prefer to make traditional academic subjects a priority, rather than political issues.

“Teach the history,” he said. “Tell that story. I’m all for an honest accounting. But this is something different. It’s insidious.”


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Loudoun County Sheriff Investigating Multiple Incidents of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ in Middle School

An investigation is underway in Loudoun County by the sheriff’s office after multiple reported incidents of a male student touching other students inappropriately at a district middle school.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) reported Thursday its school resource office learned from school personnel that on Wednesday a male student had been inappropriately touched over his clothing by another male student in a hallway of Harmony Middle School.

LCSO reported:

At this time detectives have determined there are additional male students who were inappropriately touched by the same juvenile. Those incidents had not been previously reported to school officials or law enforcement.

The LCSO is currently conducting follow-ups with school officials, witnesses, and parents.

The report comes only two days after high school students in the scandal-ridden school district held a walkout in support of other sexual assault victims.

The walkout occurred one day after a Loudoun County judge found a boy guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. The boy was wearing a skirt and entered the girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School.

On Monday, Juvenile Court Judge Pamela Brooks found the boy, who is also a minor, guilty of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio. The boy has also been charged with a more recent sexual assault this month of another girl at Broad Run High School.

Scott Smith, whose daughter was assaulted during the first incident in May, had been dragged out of a school board meeting and arrested on June 22 after hearing school officials supportive of transgender bathrooms deny there had been reports of sexual assaults in these spaces.

LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler also stated he was unaware of any assaults happening in the bathrooms.

As Breitbart News reported last week, Ziegler later acknowledged, following parents’ outrage, the school district has “failed” to provide safety for its students.

Former President Barack Obama, who was in Virginia over the weekend campaigning for former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), dismissed the issues parents have raised at school board meetings as “fake outrage,” and “trumped-up culture wars,” as Breitbart News reported.

Smith and his wife are demanding an apology from the National School Boards Association for characterizing parents who are outraged about actions taken by their local school boards and school officials as “domestic terrorists.”

The NSBA letter was crafted by Chip Slaven, NSBA’s interim executive director and CEO, and Viola Garcia, the association’s president, who, emails obtained later revealed, informed the association’s board of directors they had worked with the White House prior to sending their September 29 letter to President Joe Biden, requesting federal law enforcement use the PATRIOT Act to target parents voicing concerns at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Caller reported Monday LCPS is requiring parents to sign a form similar to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to review part of the district’s curriculum that consists of principles of Critical Race Theory (CRT).

According to the report:

As part of LCPS’ broader equity agenda, the district spent approximately $7,700 to become a “licensed user” of Second Step Programs, a branch of the left-leaning non-profit organization Committee for Children. According to a copy of the NDA-style form reviewed by the Daily Caller, “eligible parents” at LCPS must sign the document to view the Second Step curriculum.

Parents are required to view the curriculum in person as any form of downloading, photographing, or recording “in any manner whatsoever” is prohibited, states the report.

Part of the curriculum is available for downloading on the LCPS website, according to Second Step’s copyright policy.

“I understand that the Authorized Presentation of Second Step Materials I am about to view is not a public event, and that copying, broadcast or recording of any kind is not permitted,” the form reads. “I agree to comply with the terms of the above Special License.”

LCPS has reportedly entered into an agreement with Second Step that states the curriculum is not subject to Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws.

“LCPS is partners with Southern Poverty Law Center, Racial Equity Tools, and Learning for Justice (SPLC), all of which have copyrighted material, however, LCPS freely provides access to these materials,” said Scott Mineo, who heads Loudoun County’s Parents Against Critical Theory (PACT). “Why is there such a double standard when parents want to review Second Step SEL material in its entirety?”


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