Report: At Least 34 Babies Born Alive in Botched Abortions Between 2020-2022

Report: At Least 34 Babies Born Alive in Botched Abortions Between 2020-2022

Abortion data from seven states in the U.S. show that at least 34 babies were born alive in botched abortions between 2020 and 2022, Life News reported on Thursday.

The pro-life outlet looked at data from Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Michigan, though it noted that “most states do not keep track of the number of babies who survive abortions…”

“[A]nd the few that do provide little information about whether the babies received care, survived or were abandoned to die,” according to the report.

Arizona Department of Health Services data show that nine babies were born alive during abortions in 2020, which is the latest data available, the report states.

Eight babies were reported born alive in Florida this year, four in 2021, and seven in 2020, reports from the state Agency for Health Care Administration show.

Five babies were reported born alive in 2021 in Minnesota, and one was reported born alive in Texas the same year, according to reports from the Texas Department of Health and Minnesota Department of Health.

“None were reported in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Michigan in 2020 or 2021. However, there were two unknown cases mentioned in the 2020 Michigan abortion report, meaning the abortion staffer did not report to the state whether or not the two babies were born alive,” the report alleges. 

Life News noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “provide[s] evidence that babies survive abortions,” showing that at least 143 babies were born alive after botched abortions between 2013 and 2014 in the United States.

Between 2016 and 2018, just three states reported that 40 babies were born alive after botched abortions. According to the report:

According to the state health data, 11 babies were born alive in Minnesota, 10 in Arizona and 19 in Florida. Texas reported six babies were born alive in botched abortions in 2019. In Michigan, state health reports from 2008 through 2013 indicate that 11 babies were born alive after abortions,

For years, Congressional Republicans have been trying to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would require “the same basic medical care be provided to babies who survive abortions as would be provided to any other baby born at the same gestational age,” the report states. However, Democrats have blocked the bill more than 80 times


If On-The-Ground Energy Is A Sign, A Midterm Upset Is Brewing In Michigan

If On-The-Ground Energy Is A Sign, A Midterm Upset Is Brewing In Michigan

The weekend before the 2016 election, my mother called and asked, “Well? Who’s gonna win? Trump or Hillary?”

I said, “Depends. If you think it’s a conventional election where the electorate is mostly people who normally vote, then Hillary wins. But if you think Trump really has pulled off the impossible and gotten millions who don’t normally vote out to vote, well, then Trump wins. But there’s no way you’re going to know until Tuesday. Pollsters will never see these new voters coming.”

The rest is history. The Trump team got to mid-afternoon Election Day and realized places like the Florida Panhandle, Western Pennsylvania, and rural Michigan were smashing their vote goals. Some counties had voted by noon at nearly twice the rate anticipated for the whole of Election Day. When Team Trump saw those numbers, they knew: The models were all wrong. They were going to win.

I thought of that conversation driving around my home state of Michigan last week. I wanted to attend some events, see candidates up close, and get a feel for what the enthusiasm levels felt like with the governor’s race coming up Tuesday between the incumbent Democrat Gretchen Whitmer and Republican Tudor Dixon. I also wanted to see Dixon on the stump for the first time.

Dixon is legit. She was engaged and on message, absolutely savaging Whitmer with a mix of earnestness and humor that’s hard to pull off. If she somehow wins, she’s an instant national rock star. But coming away from it, my biggest impression wasn’t about the governor’s race at all. It was about Proposal 3 and the effect it might be having on the larger campaign.

What’s Prop 3? It’s the most radical pro-abortion proposal on the ballot in America this year. According to the Michigan Catholic Conference, “It would allow abortions to be performed by anyone, at any point in pregnancy, and for any reason. It would throw away state laws regulating quality, safety, and inspections for abortion clinics. It would remove parental consent requirements for teens seeking abortions, and also teens seeking gender reassignment surgeries.” 

The left has poured in millions from across America all year trying to get this thing passed. “As of Oct. 23, Reproductive Freedom for All, the coalition championing Proposal 3, had raised a total of $40.2 million, more than double the $16.9 million from the anti-abortion coalition Citizens to Support MI Women and Children,” Bridge Michigan reports. Conventional wisdom has been that it would pass for months.

But something stood out: There were more “NO ON PROP 3” signs across Michigan than I’ve ever seen for or against anything else in a Michigan campaign, including Trump ’16 and ’20. More importantly, the churches appeared to be activated in a way I’ve never seen before. In Michigan politics, the Catholic Church is always very active in speaking out about life issues, but mainline Protestant evangelicals, less so. Well, they’re off the sidelines now.

Not only did we see churches with “No on Prop 3” signs in their yards — it was on multiple church marquees. As in, “Services Sunday, 10 AM, all welcome. NO ON PROP 3.” Growing up in evangelical circles, that was simply not done. Consultants joke about yard signs, and rightly so, but this energy just felt different.

So what’s all this mean for Tudor Dixon and the governor’s race?

The city of Detroit clerk is already forecasting a turnout in the city of less than 30 percent. That’s what turnout was like in 2014 when Rick Snyder won. Meanwhile, if the churches really are as activated as they appear to be, then we might see presidential-level turnout in rural Michigan. That would mean thousands of conservatives who don’t usually participate in midterms coming out to vote “No” on Prop 3, and then voting to fire Whitmer. If it happens, just like in 2016, the pollsters will never have seen it coming.

Anemic turnout in Detroit, and energized, conservative rural areas over-performing. That’s the recipe for pulling an upset in Michigan.

By the way, what an absolutely delicious irony it would be if after six months of being lectured by the media about Dobbs backlash, and the tens of millions in dishonest attack ads against Dixon about her “extreme” abortion position, if Whitmer loses because of her own extreme abortion position.

Keep an eye on Michigan on Tuesday night. There might be an upset brewing there.

A Michigan native, Jordan Gehrke is a Republican political consultant based in Nashville. He can be reached at


Exclusive — Tudor Dixon: Gretchen Whitmer Oversaw Lockdowns, School Shutdowns, Nursing Home Deaths, Rising Crime, Destruction of Auto Industry

Exclusive — Tudor Dixon: Gretchen Whitmer Oversaw Lockdowns, School Shutdowns, Nursing Home Deaths, Rising Crime, Destruction of Auto Industry

Tudor Dixon, Republican nominee for governor or Michigan, described Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MI) record as epitomized by lockdowns and shutdowns ostensibly decreed as measures “to protect the public health” by reducing coronavirus transmission.

Dixon said, “[Whitmer] shut everything down over and over again, and she had restaurants closed down for eight months in the state of Michigan. We lost 3,000 restaurants. We still lose restaurants every single day. There are a whole towns that have been destroyed by the shutdown.”

In a televised debate, Whitmer falsely claimed that Michigan’s public schools were closed for three months. Dixon recalled this moment while describing the damage to children’s education driven by Whitmer’s closure of public schools.

“A key moment in the debate, I think, was when she came out and kind of smiled — a sideways smirk — and said schools in 
Michigan were only closed for three months. That was a moment where people were immediately taken back to what actually did happen.”

She continued, “On statewide TV, people were able to see that really, truly, she doesn’t have a plan. She didn’t care. She shrugs it off and laughs it off, the fact that our kids are so far behind.”

Whitmer shut down public schools at the behest of teachers unions, Dixon held.

“We know that the choice was to lock kids out of school because that was what the [teachers] unions wanted,” she said. “It’s ridiculous to think that [Democrats] are saying, ‘Give us a pass and reelect us, even though we damaged the education system to a point that we can barely get back, and we have zero plan to get kids back on track.’”

She went on, “The teachers unions, they’re not there for the kids. Gretchen Whitmer is completely beholden to the teachers unions. That’s why our kids are so far behind. Our reading scores just got back from spring, nearly 60 percent of third-graders across the state failed reading and writing. That is a catastrophic effect.”

“They actually do not care about the kids that have a 90-percent illiteracy rate in Detroit,” she added.

LINDEN, MI – OCTOBER 22: Attendees listen while Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon addresses the crowd during a “fall family” rally at Mueller’s Orchard on October 22, 2022 in Linden, Michigan. Dixon is challenging Michigan incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in the November midterm election. (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)

Dixon recalled a report from Michigan’s Office of the Auditor General in which the number of deaths in long-term care (LCT) facilities attributed to COVID-19 was underreported by Whitmer’s administration. The audit determined the actual number of COVID-19 deaths in the state’s LCT facilities to be nearly 30 percent higher than the numbers shared by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Michigan is losing its automotive manufacturing industry under Whitmer’s governorship, Dixon said.

“[Whitmer] will look in the face of every Michigander and lie, and say that she is preserving the automotive industry,” she stated. “Michigan is losing automotive, and it’s just a sign of how we treat businesses in general. You’ve got Ford and GM saying … it’s just too hard to do business in the state. We have a regulatory system that is out of control. It is crushing the automotive industry, and it’s crushing all of our smaller businesses, as well.”

Ford’s decision to spend $11 billion on plants producing electric vehicles in Kentucky and Tennessee illustrated the economic environment hostile to business in Michigan, Dixon said.

She remarked, “[Whitmer] has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to economic development. We have a very short period of time here to turn this around to get Michigan back on track when it comes to economic development, or the the impact of what she has done will be catastrophic for the state.”

“We are losing automotive,” she emphasized. “We have a small window of time to try to bring it back, and that’s what we’ll do as soon as soon as we get Gretchen Whitmer out of office.”

Dixon assessed rising rates of crime in Detroit, Michigan’s most populous city, as reflective of Whitmer’s failure to protect the public. The city has “ title of second- or first-most violent city in the nation,” she said.

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RNC Sues Flint, Michigan For Stacking Polls With Democrat Workers Ahead Of Key Midterm Election

The Republican National Committee has filed a lawsuit against the city of Flint, Michigan, for failing to hire an equal number of poll workers from each of the two major political parties in preparation for the midterm elections.

Michigan law requires election officials appoint an equal number “of election inspectors in each election precinct from each major political party.” Despite a demand letter from the RNC, Flint has failed to comply with state statutes. Roughly only 120 of the 680 election inspectors hired in Flint for the 2022 midterms are Republican, the newly filed lawsuit alleges. While Flint recently told the RNC it hired 50 more Republican-affiliated poll watchers, it refused to further ensure equal party representation among election workers.

That means only 18 percent of Flint’s approximately 680 election inspectors are Republican. Not to mention that on the city’s absentee ballot counting boards, the lawsuit claims, there are only six Republicans to 56 Democrats — a 9 to 1 ratio.

“Michigan election law clearly states that election commissioners have a responsibility to hire an equal partisan breakdown of election inspectors, but Flint has hired hundreds more Democrats than Republicans,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. “This is unacceptable and unfair to Michigan voters: Republicans are going to court to deliver the fairness that Michiganders deserve.”

The RNC’s lawsuit follows another election-related controversy in Flint.

After reports surfaced that city officials had disproportionately hired more Democrat than Republican poll watchers during Michigan’s Aug. 2 primary, attorneys for Pure Integrity Michigan Elections sent a letter to the city demanding it balance out the number of partisan poll watchers before the November general election. Flint’s longtime, controversy-riddled city clerk, Inez Brown, announced she was stepping down two days after receiving the letter.

Victoria Marshall is a staff writer at The Federalist. Her writing has been featured in the New York Post, National Review, and Townhall. She graduated from Hillsdale College in May 2021 with a major in politics and a minor in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @vemrshll.


Can Concerned Parents Turn Michigan Red This November The Way They Did Virginia

The city of Dearborn, Michigan has been popping up in the news an awful lot lately, and for good reason. Within the past few weeks, the suburban enclave located just outside of Detroit has become a hotspot in the ongoing fight for greater parental oversight in children’s education.

After discovering sexually explicit material within the school district’s library system, Dearborn parents have begun showing up in droves to the locality’s school board meetings to protest the city’s allowance of such content in public schools and push back against the left’s continued promotion of radical gender theory in the classroom.

“We as concerned parents in Dearborn are not tied to the left, to the right when it comes to this issue and we’re not going to be used as pawns for any organization for their agenda,” said local resident and parent Hassan Shami. “We’re here to protect our children.”

As documented in a tweet by the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo, one of the books in question purportedly teaches children the “ins and outs of gay sex” and “how sex apps work.” A separate social media post from Rufo detailing the explicit material also shows a diagram of a young boy that provides readers with a “rogue guide” about which “parts FEEL NICE when you touch them.”

“A lot of guys like having their nipples played with — they are mega sensitive,” one of the captions reads.

In predictable fashion, local leftists, as well as those throughout corporate media, have gone out of their way to label the concerned parents as “unruly” and “anti-LGBT,” with one Dearborn resident even going as far as to compare the protesters — a large segment of whom are Muslim — of engaging in the same kinds of activities as Adolf Hitler.

“I am not in favor of banning any books in Dearborn. If parents do not want their children to read a book, they should not allow them to do that,” the middle-aged white woman said. “But to foist their views of one group of citizens on the rest of Dearborn doesn’t work either. This is what Hitler did and we all know how that worked out.”

The controversy in Dearborn comes on the heels of a bombshell report that found Michigan’s Department of Education is actively encouraging teachers in the state to “facilitate the sexual transition of minors without parental consent” and embrace leftist concepts like gender “fluidity” in the classroom.

Virginia on My Mind

While outrage over inappropriate curricula in public schools may be a new subject for Michigan, the brewing battle for greater parental rights in education is reminiscent of what happened in another state just last year: Virginia.

Following the adoption of policies advancing critical race theory and transgenderism in schools by several Virginia localities last year, parents across the state began turning out to their county school board meetings to protest the leftist indoctrination happening in their children’s classrooms. As the push for increased transparency and parental oversight continued to grow, even more fuel was added to the fire when it was revealed the Loudoun County School Board had covered up a female student’s alleged rape at the hands of a “gender-fluid” boy in a school bathroom.

The revelations didn’t just shape the relationship between parents and their local school boards; they shaped the outcome of Virginia’s 2021 gubernatorial election. What started as an unlikely bid to defeat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in a traditionally blue state soon evolved into a major upset victory for Republican Glenn Youngkin. After capitalizing on the struggle for parental rights and embracing the state’s signature culture war issue, Youngkin sailed to victory in November, with Republicans also winning the races for lieutenant governor and attorney general and gaining control of the state’s House of Delegates.

Can Michigan Parents Pull Off the Upset?

Much like Virginia, Dearborn, Michigan is no Republican stronghold. In 2020, nearly 75 percent of Dearborn voters supported Democrat Joe Biden for president, compared to only 24 percent who backed Republican President Donald Trump. But the fight against radical, leftist instruction in public schools unveils the same truth brought to light in Virginia; that is, regardless of their political party or background, most parents want their children to receive a quality education free of indoctrination and outside agendas.

Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon seems to have recognized this stark reality and has opted to make education the centerpiece issue of her campaign. In addition to putting forward proposals that would bar school districts from teaching children in kindergarten through third grade about sexual orientation or gender identity, Dixon has also voiced opposition to Proposal 3, an initiative set to appear on Michiganders’ ballots this November that seeks to enshrine unlimited abortion and Democrats’ “trans the kids” agenda into the state constitution.

By tying herself to Michigan parents and the well-being of children, Dixon is creating an unorthodox coalition of voters to take down incumbent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. And judging by the corporate media’s recent shift in narrative about Dixon’s chances of winning, such a strategy seems to be working. While the left-wing press all but deemed a guaranteed victory for Whitmer, more reliable pollsters have recently begun to show the race move in Dixon’s favor.

According to a just-released survey from The Trafalgar Group, Whitmer and Dixon are locked in a statistical tie at 48 percent each with two weeks until Election Day. The results represent a major electoral shift towards Dixon, who less than a month ago trailed Whitmer by six points in the same poll. News outlets such as RealClearPolitics also appear to have recognized the changing political winds in Michigan, with the firm’s election analysts now projecting the contest to be a “GOP Pick Up.”

Just as parental rights won conservatives Virginia, it can still very much win them Michigan next month. While voters will ultimately determine the fate of Dixon’s candidacy, her opposition to Democrats’ war on parents has allowed her to capitalize on Michigan’s ongoing culture war and turn what was once a longshot bid to unseat Whitmer into a potential Republican victory.

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


Nolte: RealClearPolitics Projects GOP Wins in MI, WI, OR, NV Governor Races

Nolte: RealClearPolitics Projects GOP Wins in MI, WI, OR, NV Governor Races

Based on recent polling, RealClearPolitics projects Republicans will win the hotly contested gubernatorial races in four states that were once seen as Democrat strongholds: Wisconsin, Oregon, Nevada, and, yes, Michigan.

One wonders how the latest polling out of Minnesota — polling that shows Republican Dr. Scott Jensen leading his Democrat opponent Tim Walz, 46.3 to 45.8 percent — will affect that RealClear projection.

Jensen appears to be surging in Minnesota, where Walz, the incumbent governor, did nothing in 2020 as the domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter burned down his cities and terrified his residents.

The Minnesota poll comes from Trafalgar, the most accurate pollster in America.

Momentum matters most when we are less than three weeks from Election Day. So, too, does the fact the incumbent is underwater. If you look at all the Minnesota polls, Walz has only hit 50 twice.

In part, RealClear is basing its projections with an eye on how poorly most pollsters underestimated GOP turnout in the last few election cycles.

In Nevada, in the RCP poll of polls, Republican Joe Lombardo beats Democrat Steve Sisolak 46.6 to 44.8 percent. That’s a nearly two-point advantage. Because polling in Nevada has been pretty accurate, no major adjustments are necessary to call this one.

The RCP poll of polls shows the Wisconsin governor’s race a tie. But polling out of Wisconsin has underestimated GOP turnout by a whopping 5.2 points, so RCP projects Republican Tim Michaels is beating incumbent Democrat Tony Evers by 5.2 points. Dairy Staters have not forgotten how Evers stood by and did nothing as the terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned Kenosha to the ground.

Oregon is an easy projection. Republican Christine Drazen has led in every poll against Democrat Tina Kotek and independent Betsy Johnson. Currently, the RCP poll of polls has Drazen up 2.8 points.

RCP’s most fascinating projection comes from Michigan, where the Democrat incumbent — the objectively hideous Gretchen Whitmer — was cruising to an easy reelection. But Republican Tudor Dixon has run a superb campaign, clearly won the debate earlier this month, and is surging. In the RCP poll of polls, Whitmer enjoyed a double-digit lead just a few weeks ago. Since the debate, Tudor has climbed within an average of three points. Because polling in Michigan has underestimated GOP turnout by 5.7 points, RCP projects Dixon will defeat the fascist Whitmer by 2.7 points.

Keep in mind that these numbers can and will change as more polling comes in.

But when you look at how the GOP is surging across the country and how Democrats and their media allies are sweating bullets, everything points to the political climate only improving for Republicans. Democrats have nothing to run on other than killing babies. Republicans are crushing Democrats on all the issues that matter: the economy, the border, and crime. There is also the underlying issue of how Democrats are grooming children through transsexual propaganda. The Democrat party is flooding schools with gay porn, exposing small children to sexually explicit drag queens, and encouraging children to mutilate themselves with irreversible sex change operations and puberty blockers.

On top of targeting children, Democrats have done an awful job governing their states and the country. The American people are ready to let their thoughts on these failures — as well as anti-science school closures and masking — be known.

There’s a reckoning coming.

Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC. Follow his Facebook Page here.


As Michigan Dems Plot To Take Over Elections And Trans The Kids, Grassroots Activists ‘Stand Up’ To Fight

As Michigan Dems Plot To Take Over Elections And Trans The Kids, Grassroots Activists ‘Stand Up’ To Fight

With Election Day rapidly approaching, the fight for the soul of one of the country’s most contested battleground states is just starting to heat up. In Michigan, where Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is facing a tough general election challenge from Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon, residents will be voting on two leftist-backed ballot amendments that carry serious ramifications — and one grassroots group is standing up to make sure they don’t pass.

The amendments seek to overhaul the state’s election systems and codify unlimited access to abortion into Michigan’s constitution, with the latter amendment covertly including a right for transgender-identifying minors to undergo sterilization without parental consent.

Known as “Proposal 2,” the first of the two initiatives would essentially legalize Democrats’ election-takeover policies throughout the state. If passed, the amendment would allow for “state-funded ‘absentee ballot drop boxes’ and ‘postage for applications and ballots,’” as well as allowances for private “donations to fund elections,” such as the “Zuckbucks” that were used to alter operations in state and local government election offices during the 2020 contest. Moreover, Proposal 2 would also “provide voters with a ‘right’ to fill out a single absentee ballot application ‘to vote absentee in all [future] elections,’” which would “keep mass mail-in balloting, the least secure form of elections, in place after such measures caused a chaotic 2020 election.”

As part of the initiative, the state secretary of state would additionally be given unilateral authority in auditing election results, with a provision stating that no “officer or member of the governing body of a national, state, or local political party, and no political party precinct delegate” shall have “any role in the direction, supervision, or conduct of an election audit.”

Under Proposal 3, which leftists have deceptively dubbed the “Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative,” abortions in the state would be allowed with essentially no restrictions whatsoever, meaning that preborn babies as old as nine-months gestation could be killed in the womb if voters approve the amendment. In addition to not specifying an age limit for those receiving abortions, the initiative would also permit Democrats’ radical “trans the kids” agenda to become enshrined in the state constitution.

As The Federalist’s Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland reported, “The expansive and legalistically worded language of Prop 3, crafted by Planned Parenthood and left-wing backers … extends beyond abortion to create a constitutional right to several aspects of what transgender activists call ‘gender-affirming care,’ despite it being neither affirming nor caring.”

“In less than one month, if Proposal 3 passes, children will have a right under the Michigan constitution to walk into one of Planned Parenthood’s 12 so-called ‘gender affirming’ facilities in the state and, without parental knowledge or consent, obtain puberty blockers,” Cleveland wrote. “And with Planned Parenthood of Michigan promising ‘gender affirming’ care ‘via telehealth in the coming months,’ Michiganders’ kids won’t even need to leave their house to obtain these sterilizing drugs.”

Michiganders Take Action

In spite of leftist groups spending millions on ads to obfuscate the true nature of these proposals from voters, patriotic Michiganders aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. Known as Stand Up Michigan, the grassroots organization is launching a weeks-long bus tour, titled “Empowering Families and Protecting Children,” to inform voters about the radical elements of the two initiatives and encourage all Michiganders to get off the sidelines to defend their kids from the evils of leftism.

“This bus tour is an attempt to get information [out], to get signs out, to get … people [to] volunteer and be involved in texting campaigns … but most importantly, it is [about] activating people in each of these communities to be responsible,” Stand Up Michigan President Ron Armstrong told The Federalist in an interview. “[The people] are the solution. It isn’t going to come from government, and it isn’t going to come from Lansing or Washington.”

Armstrong emphasized that the proposals set to appear on the ballot this fall are just the latest examples of the left’s ongoing war against the “traditional family unit.” A failure to combat such open hostility will have disastrous consequences for America’s future generations, he noted.

“Yes, it’s our freedoms and liberties. But if we don’t protect … our children and our Constitution and these freedoms and liberties for the next generation, then we have utterly failed,” Armstrong said. “I think the important thing for people that are reading this article [to know] is that [having] rallies for rallies’ sake doesn’t accomplish anything. … These bus stop events are not meant to energize them for a two-hour period and make them say, ‘Oh, I got to meet the candidate,’ and go [home]. This is to activate them to be the solution. And if we don’t all get involved right now, the republic will not stand.”

Armstrong said attendees get information on how to become involved with the grassroots organization’s efforts to protect Michiganders’ constitutional liberties, as well as resources on how to encourage others to spread the word about the dangers of the two amendments. They also hear remarks from notable state and local figures, such as pastors and political candidates.

The tour’s numerous speakers so far have included GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon who, in addition to being a featured guest at past Stand Up Michigan events, has made parental rights a major focal point of her campaign. When asked about Dixon’s position on Proposal 2 and Proposal 3, Dixon’s campaign communications director Sara Broadwater told The Federalist Dixon will be “voting no” on both initiatives.

“[Tudor] believes in strong voter ID laws and that a valid photo ID should be required to cast a ballot. Over 81% of Americans agree with her — it’s simple and common sense,” Broadwater said. “Proposal 3 is far too extreme and Tudor will be voting no because it removes any limits on abortion, removes parental consent requirements for minors to get an abortion, eliminates any requirements that abortionists be medical doctors, and gives legal immunity to abortionists even if they botch the procedure.”

A schedule of Stand Up Michigan’s upcoming bus stops and events can be found here.

Stand Up Michigan’s kickoff bus tour event on Oct. 11

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


Here’s A List Of Election Integrity Ballot Initiatives You Should Know

Here’s A List Of Election Integrity Ballot Initiatives You Should Know

In the wake of the chaos and confusion that plagued the 2020 presidential election, voters are rightly concerned about the integrity of state and local elections. As such, multiple state initiatives on the ballot this November are focused on increasing — or in some cases, decreasing — election safeguards. 

Voters in seven states will be deciding on voting-related measures on November 8, with many amending their state’s constitution to enact such changes. Some states are considering similar proposals. Both Arizona and Nebraska will consider ballot initiatives strengthening voter ID requirements. Louisiana and Ohio will vote on whether to ban noncitizens from participating in municipal elections. And Nevada will have to decide whether it wants to join Maine and Alaska in using ranked choice voting for its congressional contests.

Here’s a quick primer.


Arizona’s Proposition 309 strengthens the Apache State’s existing voter-ID laws. Voters casting a mail-in ballot would be required to add two new pieces of identification: their date of birth and a voter ID number (usually found on a driver’s license or government-issued ID number or the last four digits of social security number). Current law only requires the signature of the voter.

For voters casting a ballot in person, they can no longer present an alternative to a photo ID at the polls (a utility bill, voter registration card, etc.). A voter must present either a driver’s license or a government-issued ID. 


Photo ID is also on the ballot in Nebraska. Initiative 432 would amend the Nebraska Constitution to require voters to present a valid form of photo identification to vote. Nebraska currently does not require a photo ID to cast a ballot.


Massachusetts’ Question 4 is asking voters whether or not they approve of a law passed by the state’s Democratic-majority legislature — which overruled its Republican governor’s veto — that gives driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. It also “requires” state officials “to establish procedures and regulations” to ensure illegal aliens are not automatically registered to vote when given a license. A “yes” vote would keep the law. A “no” vote would repeal it.


In stark contrast to Massachusetts, Louisiana has a December ballot initiative that would make it illegal for non-U.S. citizens to vote. Louisiana Amendment 1, or the Citizen Requirement for Voting Measure, would amend the Louisiana Constitution to provide that “No person who is not a citizen of the United States shall be allowed to register and vote in this state.” 

Such legislation follows the controversial move by New York City to allow noncitizen residents the right to vote in municipal elections. The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit against the law for disenfranchising black New Yorkers. Multiple other cities across the U.S. have approved noncitizen voting, despite the issue being incredibly unpopular among the American public. 


Following in Louisiana’s footsteps, Ohio is also considering a ballot initiative to outlaw noncitizen voting in the Buckeye State. Ohio Issue 2, or the Citizen Voting Requirement Amendment, would prohibit local governments from allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. It would amend Article V, Section 1 of the Ohio Constitution to read “Only a citizen of the United States … is entitled to vote at all elections” instead of “Every citizen of the United States … is entitled to vote at all elections.”


Michigan’s Proposal 2 is the state version of congressional Democrats’ HR 1, which sought to institute a federal takeover of state and local elections. Proposal 2 would amend Michigan’s constitution to make radical changes to its election code. Such changes include state-funded absentee ballot drop boxes, allowance of private money to fund elections — aka, Zuckbucks 2. 0 — and giving voters the “right” to vote absentee in all future elections — enabling mass mail-in balloting to continue for the foreseeable future. The initiative would also divest local canvassing boards of their authority to conduct election audits. Instead, that power would be reserved for Michigan’s Secretary of State.

If such an amendment were to pass, Michigan would come under solid Democratic rule.


Connecticut is one of a handful of states that still adheres to the U.S. Constitution’s vote-on-voting-day prescription, unlike 46 states (and the District of Columbia) that have scrapped it. But that could change for Connecticut, too, if Question 1, the Allow for Early Voting Amendment, passes this November. The initiative would amend the state’s constitution authorizing the state legislature to enact a law allowing early in-person voting before election day.


The last election-related measure on the ballot this November is Nevada’s ranked-choice voting initiative (RCV). Nevada’s Question 3, or the Top-Five Ranked Choice Voting Initiative, would establish open top-five primaries and ranked-choice voting for general elections. This would apply to congressional, gubernatorial, state executive official, and state legislative elections. As previously reported, millions of dollars in outside funding has been poured into Nevada to get its citizens to adopt ranked-choice voting, mainly from the Democratic Party and leftist activists. This is because states that adopt RCV “turn blue” and become a “disaster electorally” for Republicans, not to mention that such an electoral system disenfranchises voters and violates the Constitution’s “one person, one vote” rule.

What This Means

While some states are finally addressing voters’ concerns by introducing ballot measures aimed at strengthening their elections, others states are intent on subverting them. Voters must continue supporting election integrity while holding state and local election officials accountable. After the maladministration of the 2020 election and the left’s targeted — and ongoing — infiltration of America’s election apparatus, the fight to ensure local, state, and federal elections are free and fair will be a challenge for years to come.

Victoria Marshall is a staff writer at The Federalist. Her writing has been featured in the New York Post, National Review, and Townhall. She graduated from Hillsdale College in May 2021 with a major in politics and a minor in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @vemrshll.



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