Waters: ‘Disrespectful, Dishonorable’ to Claim Black Female SCOTUS Pick Is Affirmative Action

Waters: ‘Disrespectful, Dishonorable’ to Claim Black Female SCOTUS Pick Is Affirmative Action

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports” that Republicans claiming President Joe Biden’s promise to choose a black woman for the Supreme Court is an example of affirmative action is both disrespectful and dishonorable.

Waters said, “For a black woman to become a Supreme Court justice would be one of the most historic and important things this country can do and experience. It is just so exciting to think about it. I guess what is it? Over 260 years, we’ve never even had a black woman nominated. And there are only two black males on the Supreme Court. To have a black woman, there would be a game-changer.”

During The Gallo Radio Show, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) said, “The irony is the Supreme Court is at the very same time hearing cases about this sort of affirmative racial discrimination, and while adding someone who is the beneficiary of this sort of quota, the majority of the court may be saying at large, it’s unconstitutional. We’ll see how that irony works out.”

Waters said, “It’s so disrespectful. The way he’s coming out is outdated. Even the most conservative member of the Supreme Court and Republicans know that it is beyond time to diversify the Supreme Court of America. And the absence of a woman, a black woman, means that it is not diversified. You don’t have at the table the voices of everyone in this country that should be represented.”

She added, “It’s disrespectful, dishonorable, and we are going on get past that.”

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Maxine Waters Paid Her Daughter over $70,000 in Campaign Funds This Year

While Americans suffer through economic hardships generated by the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) paid her daughter over $74,000 in campaign funds so far this year.

According to campaign finance records reviewed by Fox News, the House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman “paid her daughter, Karen Waters, a cumulative $74,000 in donor cash through September.”

“The last quarter alone saw over $20,000 go to the younger Waters, which is nearly a third of the median American household income in 2020, according to the Census Bureau,” noted Fox News.

According to the New York Post, between October 2020 and June 2021, financial records indicate that Maxine Waters paid her daughter up to $81,000 in 12 installments for “slate mailer management” fees and “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) services.

During the last election cycle, between March 2019 and September 2020, Maxine Waters paid her daughter up to $250,000 through 26 installments for the same efforts.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., listens to an aide as she joins members of the Congressional Black Caucus to await the verdict in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 20, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., awaits the verdict in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 20, 2021. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

As Fox News noted, federal elections typically do not employ “slate-mailing,” wherein the campaign hires a consulting firm to “create a pamphlet of sorts that contains a list of candidates or policy measures, and advises voters how to cast their ballots.” Maxine Waters was reportedly the only federal candidate to employ this practice during the 2020 election cycle.

Maxine Waters has faced accusations of nepotism before. In 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported she paid over $1 million to family members in the course of eight years.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ family members have made more than $1 million in the last eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that the influential congresswoman has helped.

In varied ways, they have capitalized on clout she accumulated in a 28-year career as an elected official who built her power base among African Americans in South Los Angeles into a national platform.

Daughter Karen Waters has charged candidates for spots on her mother’s “slate mailer,” a sample ballot that many voters in South Los Angeles use to guide their choices.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) does not prohibit candidates from hiring family members so long as they are “providing bona fide services to the campaign” and their salaries are not “in excess of the fair market value of the services provided.”

“Salary payments to a member of the candidate’s family, unless the family member is providing bona fide services to the campaign,” FEC regulations stipulate. “If a family member provides bona fide services to the campaign, any salary payment in excess of the fair market value of the services provided is personal use.”


Rep. Waters says ‘we must not allow Trump to win’

By Jenny Goldsberry

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on CNN Sunday to give her comment on former President Trump’s speech during CPAC. In response to Trump joking that after two impeachments he didn’t “change” but “got worse,” Waters said “we must not allow Trump to win.”

The Jan. 6th story is being retold in the book “I Alone Can Fix It” by Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. In the book, they report that top generals anticipated that Trump would start a coup after losing the election. The book is not released yet. But Waters says that this final analysis should lead to Trump’s indictment.

“One way or the other, we’ve got to stop Trump and his allies,” the California lawmaker said. “It’s more than undermining our democracy. They’re dangerous and they’re out to do harm.”

As a result, Waters would like to see Trump barred from winning another election. “And so, we’re in a bad time in this country, trying to manage all of this,” she said. “But we must manage it. We must protect our democracy. We must not allow Trump to win.”

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Maxine Waters Criticizes Declaration of Independence on Fourth of July

House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) criticized the Declaration of Independence in a tweet on July 4th, suggesting it is a racist document because it was written almost 250 years ago, when there was slavery in the United States.

She tweeted Sunday:

July 4th… & so, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men? Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!

While most of her Republican and Democrat colleagues in the House tweeted celebratory messages, she and several other African American Democrats tweeted messages that highlighted racism in the country’s history.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) said the 4th of July is about freedom “for white people.”

“When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people,” she tweeted. “This land is stolen land and Black people still aren’t free.”

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) also used the occasion to tweet about race.

“Let us reflect on the full story of America today. Black people were not freed in 1776. Despite a system stacked against us, we must continue to use our collective power to change that system,” he tweeted.

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Maxine Waters: ‘I’m Told’ Organizing for January 6 Riot Took Place in the Trump Campaign

Saturday, during an appearance on CNN, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) suggested the Trump campaign played a role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot.

Waters made those remarks when asked by CNN’s Jim Acosta to react to what he called Republicans blaming the FBI.

“They can say whatever they want to say,” Waters declared. “One of the things we know is we need a commission, and they are opposing a commission to find out who all was involved. Where did the money come from to send busloads of people in? Who supported them in all of this? Where was the organizing taking place? I’m told there was organizing taking place right in the Trump campaign. And so, if they are really concerned about why our Capitol was invaded and why there was an insurrection, they would support a commission to find out. But they don’t want to know because too many of them side with them and support what they have done, and they are not going to call them to task for it.”

“It is outrageous what happened to us, that the Capitol of the United States was invaded by domestic terrorists,” she continued. “And they don’t want to live up to it and admit what took place. They call themselves patriots, but that speech that you heard me give on the floor, I challenge their patriotism. And I told them that they were not really patriots. And they’re the ones who claim to be more patriotic than anybody else. But I’m going to keep challenging them because they have joined in supporting literally the fact that not only were we invaded, there was a noose that was hanging at opening of the Capitol grounds, threatening to hang even the vice president at that time of the United States.”

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Maxine Waters: Republicans ‘Don’t Seem to Care’ About Rogue Cops Targeting People of Color

Maxine Waters: Republicans ‘Don’t Seem to Care’ About Rogue Cops Targeting People of Color

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on Spectrum’s “News 1 Los Angeles” that Republicans didn’t seem to care about “rogue cops” who she alleged targeted people of color.

Waters said, “We have the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act that’s on the Senate side, and it is stalled. The negotiators are working to try and work out some kind of way the act will not be compromised. They haven’t gotten to the point they can agree on it yet.”

She continued, “There’s one issue as you know that is middle of the controversy, and that is qualified immunity. So I’m just hopeful our negotiators will be strong, and they will continue to try and make sure we have a good, sound piece of legislation would really benefit all of our communities and particularly our communities that have been so harmed by rogue cops who have basically targeted people of color and cause them to be harmed and their lives to be lost.”

Waters added, “What you have is a typical disagreement between Democrats and Republicans and how we view our responsibilities to all of the people. On one hand, the Republicans have law enforcement no matter what they do. They are the ones who support the police unions. Who basically support all of the police no matter what harm they cause. This is typical of the Republicans in the way that they don’t seem to care as much. They don’t seem to think police should be held accountable — that somehow, they should be able to do whatever they want to do. They join in ways in which to protect them. Philosophically we are on different ends on what we need to rein in rogue cops and what we need to do for police accountability.”

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Maxine Waters: GOP Criticizing Me to Distract from ‘Domestic Terrorist Insurrection Led by Trump’ 

Maxine Waters: GOP Criticizing Me to Distract from ‘Domestic Terrorist Insurrection Led by Trump’ 

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) once again defended her loaded rhetoric at a recent protest in Minnesota, describing the sharp criticism in response to her remarks as a Republican effort to “divert attention” from the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot, which she referred to as a “domestic terrorist insurrection” spearheaded by former President Donald Trump.

Waters wrote in a Los Angeles Times op-ed published Thursday:

I attended a peaceful rally to demonstrate my support in this fight to get justice for people of color who are violated and killed day in and day out. While there, I was asked: Ms. Waters, what do we do if we don’t get a guilty verdict? What should protesters do? I responded: “We got to stay on the street. And we’ve got to get more active, we’ve got to get more confrontational.” Confronting injustice has been my life’s work.

Now, because of who I am, the right wing and members of Congress who subscribe to the views of groups like QAnon, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys and the KKK have targeted me. Those very people have done so to divert attention from the fact that they aided and abetted a violent, domestic terrorist insurrection led by Donald Trump.

To target me and say that I was violent or encouraging violence is a blatant distortion of the truth.

I am nonviolent.

On Sunday, Waters joined protests outside a police station in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where she urged demonstrators to remain in the streets unless former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin is convicted in the death of George Floyd. On Wednesday, Chauvin was found guilty on all three charges against him.

Waters attended the event in support of residents who were protesting the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, who died after he was shot by now-fired police officer Kim Potter as he resisted arrest and fled during a traffic stop.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” Waters said of Chauvin. “And we’re looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd, if nothing does not happen, then we know that we’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice. But I am very hopeful, and I hope we are going to get a verdict that says ‘guilty, guilty, guilty.’ If we don’t, we cannot go away.”

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) to introduced a resolution condemning Waters for her comments, though the measure was blocked by House Democrats on Tuesday.

A motion to table McCarthy’s resolution was approved along party lines; 216 Democrats voted to table the measure, while 210 Republicans voted to have the House consider the bill for a floor vote.

Following the vote, Waters dismissed the resolution as mere “politics” and said she did not regret her comments.


Judge in Chauvin Trial, ‘Waters Opened the Door for Appeal’, Then Biden Pushed it a Little Further

Judge in Chauvin Trial, ‘Waters Opened the Door for Appeal’, Then Biden Pushed it a Little Further

Derek Chauvin trial

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, slammed Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) during an interview following the guilty verdict against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all counts.

Derek Chauvin found guilty on all charges

“The irony of what Congresswoman Waters did. She borrowed the playbook of the Ku Klux Klan from the 1920s and 1930s. They would stand outside of courtrooms, and they would threaten violence,” Dershowitz told Newsmax.

“This violates the separation of powers. It insults the integrity of the independent judiciary, and Congresswoman Waters ought to be ashamed of herself. What she did was disgraceful.”

In a separate interview on Newsmax, Dershowitz said that Chauvin’s conviction should be overturned because the jury was tainted by outside influences.

“Well, first what was done to George Floyd by officer Chauvin was inexcusable morally, but the verdict is very questionable, because of the outside influences of people like Al Sharpton and people like Maxine Waters,” he said.

“Their threats and intimidation and hanging the Sword of Damocles over the jury and basically saying, if you don’t convict on the murder charge and all the charges, the cities will burn, the country will be destroyed—seeped into the jury room because the judge made a terrible mistake by not sequestering the jury.”

[embedded content]

Democrats incite mob violence against Whites

“So the judge himself said this case may be reversed on appeal. And I think it might be reversed on appeal, I think it should be reversed on appeal,” he continued.

“I think the American Civil Liberties Union, which would be all over this case if it weren’t a racially charged case, all Americans who care about due process and liberty should be concerned that the jury verdict may have been influenced by, if not the thumb, maybe even the elbow of the outside pressures, the fears, the threats.”

“Every juror in that room knew about these threats. And when they sit and deliberate, they have to be saying to themselves, consciously or unconsciously, if I would render a verdict other than a murder verdict, what the consequences will be for me, my family, my friends, my business,” he concluded.

“That should never, ever, be allowed to seep into a jury room. So I have no real confidence that this verdict, which may be correct in some ways, but I have no confidence that this verdict was produced by due process and the rule of law rather than the influence of the crowd.”

Dershowitz later said that “the whole judicial system has been corrupted by identity politics and by the weaponization of the criminal justice system toward particular agendas.”



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