EU Caves Putin Wins, Transportation of Russian Goods to Kaliningrad Through Lithuania Will Resume

EU Caves Putin Wins, Transportation of Russian Goods to Kaliningrad Through Lithuania Will Resume

Two weeks ago, a NATO blockade of Kaliningrad, an outpost of Russia, was triggered when Lithuania blocked the transport of goods through Suwalki corridor.  According to the Lithuanian justification they were following through on NATO sanctions against Russian goods.  However, the escalation was very provocative toward Russia and discussions between Russia and NATO countries were tense.

Apparently, Germany was increasingly concerned the blockade was creating a scenario where Russian military were going to escort the transport of railroad goods to Kaliningrad, and that would lead to escalated military conflict with Russia. “German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is eager to avoid unnecessary provocations of Russia. He has repeatedly emphasized that he would do everything in his power to ensure that NATO does not become a party to the war between Russia and Ukraine. German soldiers are stationed in Lithuania and could become involved in a possible conflict.” {link}

The EU has now dropped the blockade and the transport of goods between Kaliningrad and Russia will resume.  The EU decision was made before the NATO meeting in Madrid concluded; however, it looks like NATO postponed the announcement until after Biden left in order to save face on the reversal of position.

GERMANY – The European Commission plans to issue a clarification that will allow Russia to resume sending supplies to the exclave of Kaliningrad via Lithuania. Berlin supports the idea, but some in Vilnius are not pleased.

[…] The move will put an end to a disagreement that had not only been a significant source of tension between Russia and Brussels – but also exposed deep rifts within the EU regarding the correct approach to Moscow.

[…] The European Commission clarification expressly applies to all EU member states, but it mostly only affects the situation in Kaliningrad. According to the document, Russia will be allowed to transport sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad, but only in amounts comparable to pre-invasion deliveries.

The policy that has been adopted by the Commission largely reflects the position of the German government. Berlin had been critical of the approach taken by Lithuania.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is eager to avoid unnecessary provocations of Russia. He has repeatedly emphasized that he would do everything in his power to ensure that NATO does not become a party to the war between Russia and Ukraine. German soldiers are stationed in Lithuania and could become involved in a possible conflict.

The rules for the transit of goods, Scholz said at the conclusion of recent NATO summit in Madrid, “must of course be established in light of the fact that this is about shipments between two parts of Russia.” The comment made it clear that Berlin has a different interpretation of the legal situation than the government in Lithuania. (read more)


Lithuania put on notice by Russian forces

Ukraine update 8

Cossack Colonel Yuri Kominyski, military correspondent

The fighting continues on multiple fronts, yesterday in Lisichansk 800 Ukrainian’s forming part of the terra-defense surrendered, prior to that 40 and 60 surrenders in the two days prior. No prompting was needed the Ukrainian forces dropped their weapons and crossed over, these are mostly civilians that were given guns and told to fight.

About 1500 mercenaries, that we refer to as wild geese, were destroyed through the use of long-range Hurricane missile systems armed with modified pay loads. This force comprised a mixture of Polacks, Argentinians and Americans. We found 2 huge holes, they contained many burnt bodies without identifiers, they appear to be of European origins (EU). We believe that the Ukrofascists killed off the surviving mercenaries and burnt the bodies, assuming they needed to be silenced.  Apparently foreigners are not permitted to surrender; this is how they cover their tracks.

The Ukrainians are now admitting that the US was correct when it stated that 360,000 Ukrofascists were killed in the Donbass Oblast. Currently the cauldron in the region has been divided into 3 sections and is now being systematically processed.  The cauldron has shrunk the groups, as they try to escape using armoured carriers they are taken out by airborne forces. We estimate that at least 8000 Polacks will never be leaving the Ukraine.

At the Azot industrial facility 800 Ukrainian troop have surrendered, a large group of Polish mercenaries clothed in Ukrainian colors have been eliminated. The residual militants comprising die hard Ukrofascists and western mercs, I expect will fight to the bitter end. I guess they don’t have much of an alternative as they will face firing squad when caught. I suspect that many of these were involved in war crimes such as that which occurred in Buche. All of the civilian hostages held by the Ukrainian’s there have been freed in the last 24 hours.

In the southern Donetsk region 1500 Ukrofascists are trapped in the newly established cauldron. Kiev sent 2 elite battalions to assist their fellow men, however they fell into the same trap and are now being decimated. Often the commanding officers dump the fighters on the front line and tell them to fight, then these commanders turn around and leave. The fighters have little or no training and hence no chance. Many of these militants are smart enough to lay down their guns and surrender. The Ukrainian’s are actually taking food crops and dumping them in the middle of paddocks so that the RF forces cannot have them. I feel sorry for the Ukrainians, many will not survive the coming winter, no gas, no food, no chance.

I believe there is concern within the NATO ranks as there is a chance that the RF could take the prebaltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There exists a historical agreement between Russia and Lithuania, that unrestricted access will always be provided to Kaliningrad. Europe signed an agreement in 2002 guaranteeing access for the transfer of freight between Russia and Kaliningrad. Patrushev (Russia’s minister of defense) stated that the EU has betrayed their word (written and spoken) we no longer have any faith in anything they say or do. The governor of Kaliningrad, an outlier country of Russia spoke to Moscow about the situation. The response was that Lithuania has 10 days to review its position on the matter, should they fail to honor their obligation to the people of Kaliningrad and Russia then the RF reserves the right to use force to resolve the matter. The supply of Russian electricity to Lithuania has been restricted.

Kiev continues to be shelled, their military facilities and weapons manufacturing centers are being targeted. Mykolaiv is also being shelled; I expect that we will take it in the coming days. When it falls Odessa will fall soon after. Both cities Odessa and Mykolaiv were built by the Russia people on behalf of Russia under the instruction of Elizabeth the Great. Potemkin one of her loyal servants and friend was assigned that task. The city of Kharkov in the north is being shelled continuously.  The acting Ukrainian governor Kim of the oblast is still issuing directives while hiding in a bunker. Mr Kim is Russian / Ukrainian speaker of Korean descent. 

I am unable to provide an update regarding the Australian mercenaries, they seem to have gone quiet, perhaps they have all fled. The French provisioned 180mm caliber howitzer’s have been destroyed. The RF had previously captured 2 such units and they were sent back to Russia for re-engineering however they were found wanting and are largely of no interest to the RF. 

I note that the American’s continue to lie, Biden said that they would not send long range howitzers. Instead, they sent 4 howitzers able to strike at a range of 170klm, these are considered to be long range. Not to worry we took out all of the known ammunition for them in the Chernigov region. The west is supplying harpoon weapons, two source, the American harpoon missiles range is approximately 170klm whereas the English harpoons range is 270klm. As such the RF will now target any airborne equipment considered a threat, regardless of where it might be located. These weapons targeting systems can be guided remotely by the planes.

Another attempt at capturing snake island was undertaken by the Ukrofascists. An additional 80 Ukrofascists are now dead one SU25 fighter plane was downed. Fighter planes are being imported into the Ukraine as parts through NATOs Poland. However, they are being shot down as quickly as they are able to fly. The military resources of Poland and Romania (both are NATO) are being rapidly drained. It’s my understanding that the US is complaining about whom will pay for all the gear should the Russians win, personally I have no doubt that we will win. It seems that the US has gifted all of its stingers to the Ukrofascists. These are yet to be replaced with the upgraded versions which have not yet been put into production. The US was kind enough to provide Zelensky with 4 mobile targeting stations. These are used to identify targets that can then be bombed into oblivion. All 4 were destroyed in one strike prior to deployment. These units are hideously expensive costing US tax payers between 16 & 20 million USD ea. The debt burden has now been passed onto the Ukrainian people. I can’t help but wonder if Zelensky will use some of that 850 million USD he has squirreled away to pay for his excesses. The RF forces encourage POWs to state “Honor to Ukraine as part of Russia”, I believe that this helps to raise the spirit of the Ukrainian man in arms.

The Russian Kazak fighting forces were heavily involved in the liberation of the Lisichansk region and are now considering it to be their base of operation into the next century.  The Lugansk and the Donetsk oblasts (states) are almost completely free of the Ukrofascists and their mercenary brethren. No one in Moscow takes Zelensky seriously, as such no one has any interest in discussing anything with Zelensky as it would be a waste of time. In 2021 if the Ukraine had accepted the autonomy of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics as well as Crimea’s status then chances are the special operation would not have eventuated, however in 2022 the previous parameters are no longer of interest. Particularly knowing what we know now. Personally, I believe we need to comb through all of the Ukraine and only them decide Ukraine’s future. Many are voicing that the entire Ukraine should be incorporated back into Russia.

Colonel Basurin of the DPR stated that we the RF know precisely what the LPR, DPR, Russia was being threatened with, we have irrefutable proof. I have no doubt that Putin acted correctly and in a timely manner.  Id like to note that the Russian people have been angered and the west and their Zelensky puppet are in for a rude awakening. Bismarck a German of note once stated that the Russians are difficult to rouse, but once roused they move very quickly.


CDC Monkeypox Sex Guide, NWO Desperation, Trump-Putin Russia Collusion & Evidence There’s a Plan

CDC Monkeypox Sex Guide, NWO Desperation, Trump-Putin Russia Collusion & Evidence There’s a Plan

SonOfEnos – June 23rd, 2022

The New World Order is floundering and flailing like a drowning swimmer. Their plans are crumbling, they’re getting desperate and starting to crack. Best keep your head on a swivel because things may get squirrelly with Clown-World going off the charts.

Is there a “Plan” that involves an alliance between Trump and Putin to take down the Luciferian Deep State? Can’t say for certain, but here’s some evidence that certainly makes it seem that way.

The Center for Disease Control goes full-retard releasing a sex guide for people with monkeypox. You seriously couldn’t make this shit up.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

15,000 NATO Troops Start Drills Near Russia – What Could Go Wrong?

15,000 NATO Troops Start Drills Near Russia – What Could Go Wrong?

ER Editor: Notice below the laundry list of countries doing ‘exercises’ just kilometres from Russia’s western border. A reminder of geography:


15,000 NATO troops from 14 nations, including the US, Sweden, Finland and Ukraine, start drills near Russia


Large-scale NATO military drills started in Estonia on Monday. The exercise dubbed ‘Hedgehog 2022’ is one of the largest in the Baltic nation’s history, according to the military bloc. The drills will involve some 15,000 troops from 14 nations, including both military bloc members and their partners.

Soldiers from Finland, Sweden, Georgia and Ukraine are among those that will take part in the exercise, Finnish public broadcaster Yle reported. The drills will include all branches of the armed forces and will involve air, sea and land exercises, as well as cyber warfare training, according to the broadcaster.

According to a NATO statement, the drills will also see the US Navy Wasp-class landing ship ‘Kearsarge’ take part in the exercises. Both the military bloc and Estonian Defense Forces deputy commander, Major General Veiko-Vello Palm, have denied that the drills, just over 60km from the Russian border, have anything to do with Moscow’s ongoing military action in Ukraine.

The drills started just a day after Finland and Sweden officially announced their plans to join NATO, and were planned long before the conflict in Ukraine broke out, Western officials have said.

The exercises in Estonia are, however, just one part of NATO’s large-scale military activities near the Russian border. Another Baltic state, Lithuania, is hosting the ‘Iron Wolf’ exercise, which involves 3,000 NATO troops and 1,000 pieces of military equipment, including Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks.

Two of NATO’s biggest exercises – ‘Defender Europe’ and ‘Swift Response’ – are taking place in Poland and eight other countries, involving 18,000 troops from 20 nations, according to NATO’s statement on Friday.

“Exercises like these show that NATO stands strong and ready to protect our nations and defend against any threat,” the military bloc’s spokesperson, Oana Lungescu, said, adding that the drills “help to remove any room for miscalculation or misunderstanding about our resolve to protect and defend every inch of allied territory.”

The NATO Response Force is currently taking part in the 7,500-strong ‘Wettiner Heide’ drills in Germany. The Mediterranean Sea is about to witness ‘Neptune series’ naval drills involving the USS ‘Harry S. Truman’ carrier strike group that will be placed under NATO command. This will only be the second time since the end of the Cold War that a US carrier group has been transferred under the military bloc’s command, NATO has said.

In June, the Baltic States and Poland will host what NATO describes as “Europe’s largest integrated air and missile defense exercise,” which would involve 23 nations.

In late April, Finland hosted NATO naval drills. Now, it is also hosting a joint land exercise, in which troops from the US, the UK, Estonia and Latvia are participating.

The massive military wargames are taking place amid heightened tensions between Russia, NATO and some of the military bloc’s partners. Finland, which shares a long border with Russia, and Sweden decided to reconsider their long-standing policy of non-alignment following a major change in public opinion after the launch of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The development sparked a wave of criticism from Moscow, which warned that it would have to respond if Finland and Sweden join NATO. Moscow also maintains that it considers NATO’s expansion as a direct threat to its own security.



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The Three Baltic States Will Most Likely Participate in the Russo-Ukrainian War

The Three Baltic States Will Most Likely Participate in the Russo-Ukrainian War

Translator: Christine
Proofreader: Lish


In his recent Grand Broadcast, Mr. Miles Guo said that the “three Baltic states” (or refer to the region’s countries in general) would join the fight against Putin’s unjust war of aggression.

After the Communist Soviet Union collapse, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia formed the current three Baltic States. With a total area of about 175,000 square kilometers, the three countries are located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, on the frontier of the north-western corner of Russia. Like the five Central Asian countries and the three Caucasus countries, they are countries that emerged from the break-up of the former Soviet Union. From the 18th to the 20th century, this territory was ruled by the Tsarist Russian Empire and the Soviet Union for over 200 years respectively.

In 2004, the three Baltic states joined forces to join the European Union and NATO, becoming the front line of the Western democratic camp protruding on the western frontier of Russia dominated by Putin’s dictatorship. In terms of geopolitical interests, the three Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine, rely on each other due to their ideological affiliation.

After Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the three countries have supported and provided military and material assistance to Ukraine, based on a sense of crisis and the natural confrontation between the opposing camps.

Putin has publicly stated that he has the “right and duty” to be the protector of Russian-speaking people worldwide, not just in Russia. Even though these countries have been independent of the Soviet Union for more than 30 years, Moscow’s revenge-seekers still insist that they have the right to enter the Baltic states. Even more alarming is that a significant proportion of ethnic Russians are present in these countries for historical reasons. The Putin regime has taken advantage of these natural advantages to infiltrate.

Along with fellow NATO member Poland, the tiny Baltic states have been among the loudest advocates of strong sanctions against Moscow and NATO reinforcements on the alliance’s eastern flank.

Since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, the leaders of the Baltic governments have been shuttling between European countries to warn the West that Putin must pay for his attack on Ukraine or his tanks will continue to march on the rest of the former Soviet empire.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis had warned at a joint press conference with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin that “the battle for Ukraine is the battle for Europe, and if Putin not stopped there, he will go further.”

Putin has described the collapse of the Soviet Union as a tragedy. Based on the knowledge and hatred of dictatorships, the three countries have always feared being drawn back into Soviet-style tyranny one day.

At the moment, the Russian offensive is being effectively stalled by the Ukraine army, causing Putin to lose face. Once the dictator loses his “authority”, all will be lost for him. Therefore, Putin will increasingly likely resort to unconventional military tactics to break out of the Ukrainian quagmire.

If Putin conquers Ukraine by even more devastating means, he will follow up by extending his power to the three Baltic states and Europe. Faced with such a crisis, these three countries, including Poland, would undoubtedly be involved in the fight against the Russian army.


Published by: Lish

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EU Launches World Trade Organization Case Against Communist China over Lithuania Blockade

The European Union has launched a dispute with the World Trade Organization against Communist China over its “discriminatory trade practices” against Lithuania.

Following the bold move from Lithuania to open up a defacto Taiwanese embassy in Vilnius last summer, the Chinese Communist Party has attempted to use its considerable economic weight to punish the small Eastern European nation. China has not only blockaded all products made in Lithuania from its market but has also prevented imports from other EU member states if any components were produced in the Baltic state.

On Thursday, the EU Commission announced that it has filed a case with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the communist regime, claiming that its actions against Lithuania are unlawful and that they threatened the integrity of the bloc’s Single Market.

Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Trade, Valdis Dombrovskis, said: “Launching a WTO case is not a step we take lightly. However, after repeated failed attempts to resolve the issue bilaterally, we see no other way forward than to request WTO dispute settlement consultations with China.

“The EU is determined to act as one and act fast against measures in breach of WTO rules, which threaten the integrity of our Single Market. We are in parallel pursuing our diplomatic efforts to deescalate the situation.”

The Commission said that it had built up evidence against “various types of Chinese restrictions” since Beijing began imposing restrictions on Lithuanian goods in December — shortly after a delegation of Lithuanian and other Baltic politicians visited Taiwan.

Aside from launching the dispute with the WTO, the EU has put forward an “Anti-Coercion Instrument” which it says is aimed at alleviating economic pressure imposed by foreign actors such as China.

Responding to the move, Beijing’s chief ‘Wolf Warrior’ diplomat, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the dispute between Lithuania and China was a bilateral one and therefore should not affect EU-Sino relations, adding that the EU needs to “distinguish right from wrong and be alert to Lithuania’s attempt to kidnap China-EU relations.”

However, seemingly contradicting the official line, the state-run communist mouthpiece The Global Times claimed that German and Chinese companies are “abandoning Lithuania” in the wake of the “Baltic country’s mistake on the Taiwan question continues to spark tension with China and pose risks for global businesses.”

In an interview with Breitbart London conducted earlier this month, Lithuanian MP Matas Maldeikis said that while his country anticipated China to react with sanctions against Lithuania for opening the Taiwanese Representative Office, it was not expected that Beijing would target other nations, particularly Germany.

“It’s a very big challenge for us, I won’t lie, because German business is very important to us, but we hope that our stance on China won’t affect our business relationships within the European market,” he said.

German companies have reportedly begun pressuring Lithuania to back down from its support of democratic Taiwan, with the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce calling on the Baltic state to come to a “constructive solution” with the CCP.

It is believed that German car companies have been particularly impacted by the blockade against Lithuanian goods, which is said to have cost the industry hundreds of millions of euros in profits. High-profile car manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW are deeply integrated with the Chinese market, with both facing accusations of profiting off of slave labour in the concentration camp region of Xinjiang.

Ultimately, Maldeikis said that the “European Union has to move their production chains back to the European Union, and the United States should do the same.

“What Trump was talking about, he was right, you have to have to take back production to your country, it’s jobs but it is also a question of national security.

“Russia doesn’t work by itself, China doesn’t work by itself, we are feeding those guys and we are giving money to them to build tanks and build rockets to fight against us, I don’t understand this logic, it has to end.”

Mattas said that authoritarian regimes such as China are like “iron”, in that they may appear to be strong from the outside but are incapable of bending to meet challenges and therefore “just break”.

He argued that China’s actions against Lithuania were born out of fear rather than a position of strength, saying that the communist regime likely realises the precarious nature of its rule, in light of the looming disasters, such as an impending demographic collapse and the possibility of the real estate bubble finally bursting.

The move from the European Union on Thursday is just the first step in triggering a WTO dispute, calling for a “request for consultations” in which China will be asked to provide information on the restrictions it has imposed on Lithuanian products.

Should the CCP fail to come to a “satisfactory solution” to the dispute within sixty days, the EU said that it “may request” for the WTO to make a ruling on the matter.

Under the leadership of the Clinton and Bush administrations — and supported by then-Senator Joe Biden — China entered the WTO in December of 2001. It was argued at the time that by allowing the country to have full access to global markets, the influx of capitalism would liberalise the communist nation. However, some, including former President Donald Trump, have argued that China only used the West’s trading systems to enrich itself and had no intention of ever becoming a free nation.

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Broadcast|French Media Said the CCP Used Lithuania to Interfere in the EU Economy

Broadcast|French Media Said the CCP Used Lithuania to Interfere in the EU Economy

By: MOS Fitness Group — Jun

On January 6, the French media featured an article on Lithuania, saying that the Chinese Communist Party is using the economic blockade against Lithuania to test the EU’s reaction and to find a strategy to control Europe by means of an economic unrestricted war.

A researcher from the French Foundation for Strategic Studies said that EU member states should act in unison to support Lithuania against the unjustified bullying from the CCP. Although the US and the EU have issued written statements of support for Lithuania, the researcher said, the country needs more substantial support in its fight against the CCP. Therefore, the EU needs to take active and concerted action in order to completely defeat the economic unrestricted war that the CCP is trying to wage in Europe.

Article: French Media Said the CCP Used Lithuania to Interfere in the EU Economy

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Brinken: US will work together with Lithuania to resist the CCP’s coercion

Brinken: US will work together with Lithuania to resist the CCP’s coercion

Translated by: MOS Gospel Term-Happybird

On January 5, Anthony Brinken, U.S. Secretary of State, met with visiting German Foreign Minister Annalena Belbok in Washington. Brinken expressed his concern about the CCP’s intimidation of Lithuania for Taiwan and said the US would stand up with allies to resist the CCP. 

The US would continue to stand up against the CCP government’s blatant human rights violation and appeal for universal human rights worldwide.

Brinken held a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister in the US State Department after the meeting. Brinken said that Germany and the US unanimously agreed to conduct transatlantic coordination against the CCP and fully recognized the importance of such collaboration. The CCP poses a significant challenge to our shared values, laws, regulations, and agreements promoting world stability, prosperity, and freedom. The US and Germany will create a positive and beautiful blueprint.

Brinken went on to say that the US is deeply concerned with the CCP’s attempts to bully Lithuania, whose population is less than 3 million. The CCP is pressuring European and American companies to stop manufacturing products with Lithuanian-made components, risk losing the CCP’s market access just because Lithuania decided to expand their cooperation with Taiwan.

Brinken added that the US support is not just for Lithuania but for every country in the world to determine its foreign policy without coercion. The US will work with our allies and partners (including Germany) to stand up against this intimidation from the CCP. The way is to strengthen the resilience of our economy, diversify our supply chain and resist all forms of economic blackmail.

Brinken finally stated that the US would continue to stand up against the CCP government’s blatant human rights violation and appeal for universal human rights worldwide.

Proofread/Edited/Posted by: Wenfei


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